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The Slice: Game’s on when snow stops falling

Please pick a date.

In the Spokane area, when is the unofficial start of “Get off my lawn!” season?

Or perhaps it varies from year to year.

Slice answers: Bill Mahaney saw the question about a locally popular theme for a bar and grill. “I’d suggest: Grub and Guns. Combine the bar/grill with an all purpose indoor shooting range. Various sections could be labeled Handgun Hall, Shotgun Station, Rifle Retreat, etc.”

Gary Polser suggested that a Spokane area bar could feature lessons in both chainsaw art and fly fishing techniques.

The 21st century development that helped convince you that there are a lot of idiots out there: “Social media,” said Ann Echegoyen.

More than a few readers responding to that question submitted politically polarized answers along the lines of “people voting for Obama,” “people voting for Obama twice,” “Fox News” (actually launched in 1996), “Spokane Valley election results,” “the Tea Party,” “the birthers,” et cetera.

I hadn’t specified that such answers were out of bounds. So that’s fine. And I believe those answers were sincere. But there are a few million other forums for such observations.

Cigarette smoke wasn’t the worst: Jack McGrath, Polly Carlson and others recalled when a fair number of men thought nothing of smoking cigars in public buildings.

Against the odds: Spokane’s Roger Gow has had the same bicycle stolen twice. It was recovered and returned to him each time.

Cue Al Michaels at Lake Placid in 1980. “Do you believe in miracles?”

Warm-up question: Besides Walla Walla, what other Washington city or town would sound good if it doubled up on its name?

My pick? Tekoa Tekoa.

Today’s Slice question: Based on your weekend tendencies, which would be the best nickname for you? A) “The Sprain.” B) “Grass Seed.” C) “Designated Driver.” D) “Mr. Potato Butt.” E) “Dog Walker.” F) “Errand Boy.” G) “Chauffeur.” H) “Sunburn Girl.” I) “Angry Mutterer.” J) Other.

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