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The Slice: Check reruns to see if your stars align

Thu., March 28, 2013, midnight

Today’s Slice Horoscope is a departure from the usual format.

Instead of identifying with real and imagined signs of the Zodiac, your task will be to find the character from an ancient TV show you most resemble. Good luck.

Rob Petrie: Be bold but proceed with caution.

Laura Petrie: Today’s the day to speak up.

Buddy Sorrell: Reach out to a friend.

Sally Rogers: Your confidence is contagious.

Mel Cooley: Rethink your plan to lie on your tax form.

Millie Helper: Maybe a breakfast meal for dinner?

Cliff Huxtable: Don’t be afraid to ride a winning streak.

Clair Huxtable: Keep things to yourself today.

Theo Huxtable: Show up, do your work, go home.

Denise Huxtable: Listen to your inner marmot.

Lt. Sulu: Check your zipper.

Tonto: Do not trust men wearing masks.

Chin Ho: Be careful about confiding in co-workers.

Samantha Stephens: Greet a neighbor you don’t know.

Darrin Stephens: Your day to soar.

Endora: Turn your son-in-law into a chimp.

Larry Tate: Speak truth to power.

Gladys Kravitz: Look people in the eye.

Aunt Clara: A four-star day.

Uncle Arthur: Read the fine print.

Herman Munster: Resist impulse purchases.

Andy Taylor: See: Curiosity and the cat.

Barney Fife: Avoid hard candy.

Aunt Bee: Good day to make a pie.

Otis Campbell: Be nice to the new person.

Captain Picard: Some are offended by your language.

Counselor Troi: Discretion is vital today.

Lt. Worf: No angry emails.

Archie Bunker: Make sure of your facts.

Lou Grant: Good day to pilfer office supplies.

Ted Baxter: They might not be laughing with you.

Matt Dillon: Today is a good day to ask for a raise.

Miss Kitty: Get to the point.

Festus: Tell six people you love them.

Hoss Cartwright: Go back to bed.

Today’s Slice question: If you live on a street that gets its name from a number between one and 31, do you ever notice anything unusual when the day of the month corresponds with the name of your street?

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