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The Slice: When time is of the essence, buttons just don’t fly

Old button-fly jeans with soft, frayed button holes aren’t just pants, they’re an adventure.

Let’s move on.

Just wondering 1: How do parents who have to help little kids get dressed in the morning find time to get dressed themselves? Do people getting ready for work spend more time selecting attire on Mondays than on other days?

Just wondering 2: If you live in Washington, to what extent do you care about Idaho news? If you live in Idaho, how much do you care about Washington news? If you live in one state but work in the other, do you feel like you need to keep up with all of it?

Slice answers: “Just want to nominate (in memoriam) Jack and Bev Rich as the best in-laws,” wrote Ken Stout. “Both my parents passed away before I was 40 and J&B became my second parents.”

Stout said the time he and his wife, Kathy, spent with Jack and Bev unforgettably enriched his life.

“Jack, a truck driver also, was my mentor.”

And Pat O’Doherty said her daughters-in-law are all wonderful, caring women.

The adventures of baby boomers: “My husband, Gary, got carded last year at a Chiefs game,” wrote Carol Nelson, who noted that he was buying beer. “Then the woman said he looked like Mitch Miller.”

Last but not least: A couple of readers wrote to say they hope firefighters realize that people do not take it for granted when they go the extra mile and rescue pets. One speculated that reading about such incidents creates community-wide ripples of admiration and appreciation. “Thank you,” said Jeri Hershberger.

Warm-up question: Who is the nicest person in the Inland Northwest?

Today’s Slice question (prompted by observing litter in local recreation areas): Which park name would sound the best as a brand of condoms? A) Manito. B) Finch. C) Riverfront. D) Audubon. E) Cannon Hill. F) Corbin. G) Liberty. H) High Bridge. I) Minnehaha. J) Dishman Hills Natural Area. K) Comstock. L) Friendship. M) Mission. N) Cliff. O) Fish Lake Trail Head. P) Northwoods. Q) Glover. R) Cherry Hill. S) Landings. T) Tubbs Hill. U) Other.

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