November 8, 2013 in Features

The Slice: It’s better to boo give than to boo receive

By The Spokesman-Review

When was the last time you were moved to boo a live performance?

Was anyone else booing?

Were you sober?

What was the goal of your booing?

Did you view it as constructive criticism?

Did you also shout specific observations?

Ever boo during a standing ovation?

Did others in the audience heckle you because you were booing?

Do you enjoy booing?

Ever boo at a children’s Christmas pageant?

How would you rate Spokane as a booing town?

Ever been on the other end of booing?

Let’s move on.

Little kids’ instructions on preparing a Thanksgiving dinner: As you might recall, that has been a Slice staple for years. I personally savor every “Get all the blood off the turkey” and “Cook it on 14.”

Cannot get enough.

But there is a downside. Some parents have gotten angry at the teachers who shared the children’s papers with me.

I know. Crazy. And since I use only first names, how would anybody even know what specific K8L’uhn it is in the paper?

Still, all you have to do is ask a teacher. The potential for at least a few parents to get angry about something exists 100 percent of the time.

So I’m torn. I have no wish to make life more difficult for teachers. They already are expected to erase all of society’s ills and guarantee happy outcomes for all kids. They probably don’t need calls from deranged parents complaining that “You let that guy in the paper make fun of my Bocephus!”

But if a teacher wants to ask his or her pupils to write down instructions for preparing a Thanksgiving dinner and then send the results to The Slice, I won’t stand in the way. After all, I’m not sure how else this newspaper’s readers are going to learn that a key step in cooking a turkey is to “roast its legs off.”

Warm-up question: Compared to the early days of your courtship, how willing is your spouse or significant other to check out a movie that you have selected?

Today’s Slice question: What Spokane-area married couple has been observing a regularly scheduled “date night” for the longest time?

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