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The Slice: Surely your cat is better than the rest

Sat., Nov. 16, 2013, midnight

Everybody around here thinks their cats are super-smart.

Can everyone be right?

Probably not.

But you should feel free to tell The Slice exactly why your feline is, in fact, one smart cat.

I will share these reports next week.

Crime and punishment: After The Slice wondered about local incarnations of England’s Guy Fawkes, who was involved in a plot to blow up the House of Lords long ago, North Idaho’s Bruce Werner posed another question. See if you can answer it.

“Is there anything in Spokane that would be worth being drawn and quartered over?”

Small World Department: “While I was in the Navy, the aircraft carrier I was aboard (USS Hornet CV12) visited Hong Kong,” wrote Vic Franklin. “While on liberty there I ran into a guy that had been in my freshman homeroom at Rogers High School. Seems he was aboard a destroyer escorting us. This was in 1960, five years later.”

In the matter of whether the newspaper is a mess after you are done with it: “Since I read the ‘paper’ on my Android tablet every morning while eating breakfast, and I always have half a grapefruit, I usually have to clean the screen,” wrote Barbara Lee. “The juice squirts a lot, and swiping the screen to turn pages leaves smears.”

Warm-up question: With five weeks until the official start of winter, are you ready to tell childhood sledding stories?

Today’s Slice question: What’s your policy on your spouse keeping photos and videos featuring his or her ex? A) Don’t care. B) Well, are we talking about sex tapes? C) Depends on how their relationship ended. If his or her ex passed away, I’m OK with keeping them. D) Just so long as it’s not part of some secret shrine to lost love. E) Everything must go. F) It is not fair, because the person in the photos will never age. G) It depends. If the collection includes photos of dozens of people from his or her past, I guess it is fine. But if the only pictures he/she still has are of Miss/Mr. Wonderful, that would be a little strange. H) Other.

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