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The Slice: Today’s forecast? Warm and fuzzy

Mon., Oct. 28, 2013

Jim Malm was inattentively watching the news when he saw a KXLY “Coats 4 Kids” promo graphic.

For a split-second, he thought it said “Cats 4 Kids.”

Malm couldn’t help but wonder if that might make for another good program.

Channel 4’s Kris Crocker, the face of “Coats 4 Kids,” is a longtime dog person, if memory serves. But maybe she would be willing to tackle “Cats 4 Kids,” too. She could do the weather while holding an animal shelter feline. And children could email suggestions about what to name the pet waiting to be adopted.

Stormy? Snowflake? Graupel? Bermy? Chainup? Mr. Plow? Furcast? Isobar?

Just a thought.

What you say vs. what they hear: Liz Hively was telling her 5-year-old granddaughter, Laila, about baseball’s World Series. But the little girl must have been skeptical because she wanted to know what was so all-fired “serious” about it.

(The Slice had a similar item in October 1996. The kid who confused “Series” and “serious” back then is now old enough to vote.)

The Candy Man can: “If you ever ask your readers to submit their life’s simple joys, please add mine,” wrote Steve Cromwell. “Finding one last M&M tucked away in the corner of the bag when I think I’ve eaten them all.”

Halloween costume ideas: 1. The bald guy with a fussy beard and glasses who has insights. 2. Marmot Girl. 3. The part-time actor who doesn’t understand why Hollywood hasn’t called. 4. The guy who refuses to say “Zags.” 5. The woman who knows her neighbors. 6. The guy who won’t admit to the real reason he is angry. 7. The guy who mentions his volunteering. 8. The guy who doesn’t use his real name. 9. The woman who wants you to know she used to be hot. 10. Spokane’s best parent.

Spokane fatigue: Steve Heaps knew he had a case when he became “desensitized” to letters to the editor from a certain S-R reader with a keen interest in gun rights.

Today’s Slice question: What was the name of the long-gone dog you think of when accidentally flipping a scoop of ice cream onto the kitchen floor?

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