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The Slice: Your first logical step is avoiding the shiny trail

Earlier sundowns set the stage for interpretive dance.

At least that’s how it appears as we observe neighbors high-stepping in the gloaming.

In reality, these people are simply trying to avoid squashing slugs.

In July or August evenings, when the light lasts longer, you can spot slugs pretty easily when taking out some trash or checking on a sprinkler. You don’t have to hop and skip.

But now that dusk is coming earlier, dodging the last of the season’s slithering slimers can require more than fancy footwork. You almost need night-vision goggles.

OK, most people don’t fret about taking the lives of these alleged garden pests. The prevailing attitude might be summarized “They are bad news and we are well rid of them.”

But here’s the thing. If you step on one without knowing it, there is a good chance you will then track in slug puree.

You can take it from me, that is not how to win friends and influence people.

Discoveries of slug mush on the carpet or kitchen floor tend to threaten domestic tranquility.

So, a word to the wise: Watch your step.

And maybe start carrying a flashlight.

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Today’s Slice question: Which kind of person are you?

When you go to Seattle, you always stay in the same hotel or inn.

When you go to Seattle, you stay in a different place every time.

When you go to Seattle, you always stay with friends or relatives.

You don’t go to Seattle.

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