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The Slice: Birds of a feather nest together

OK, where were we.

Oh, yeah. Bird nests in surprising places.

One reader told about feathered friends nesting in front porch vines at a Boise veterinary clinic/boarding facility specializing in felines.

Which raises a question. What did the birds say to the cats being brought into that place in pet carriers?

I’ll send coveted reporter’s notebooks to a few readers suggesting answers.

Fishing and the call of nature: “My late wife, Susan, worked for a medical supply company,” wrote Glen Jones. “She said fisherman would come in and purchase external catheters. They would tape a pop bottle to their ankle then run the tube to the bottle. Problem solved.”

Once, when Kathy Large was working as a self-employed seamstress, a fisherman arrived with his waders. He asked her to install a fly in them.

“I told him I couldn’t waterproof around the zipper, but he didn’t care.”

Then there was this from Shellie Peterson.

“My husband and I were fishing on a crowded Silver Lake on opening day with our two young children.”

Peterson’s husband had to go. He didn’t want to head back to shore.

“So he put a blanket over himself, kneeled down and went off the side of the boat.”

One problem. The blanket didn’t really cover everything he thought it covered.

“We’ve laughed about that for the past 30 years.”

Slice answers: “The store where I bought my comics is now the north half of Jack and Dan’s Tavern,” wrote Kevin Martin.

John Harbuck and others said, yes, there are those in our area who make a point of hiking to the highest point in area counties.

And Hayley Murdock said her Second Half of the Year’s resolution is the same as her New Year’s version. “No resolution,” she wrote.

Today’s Slice question: When it gets hot, do Spokane lawyers have to fend off the calculated advances of astonishingly sexy schemers (along the lines of the 1981 movie “Body Heat”) looking for a perspiring attorney they can manipulate as part of a nefarious plot?

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