The Slice: He eventually got over his initial reaction

FRIDAY, MARCH 14, 2014

Let’s talk about sex.

“Your Slice question of the day brought back memories of when I sat our youngest son, Justin, down to educate him on the birds and the bees,” wrote Robin Kropff. “He was around 8 years old at the time. He sat quietly until I was done and then broke out laughing and said, ‘You mean, they do that on purpose?’ ”

Sheesh. What will adults come up with next?

“Not quite the response I expected,” said Kropff. “He now is the father of three beautiful children.”

When Nancy Parker’s middle son was in fourth grade he responded to a “health” lecture at school by loudly declaring that, since he had two brothers, his parents must have engaged in a certain activity three times.

The teacher called Parker at home, and later the well-meaning mom shared with her son a few details he apparently had not grasped at school.

The next day, the teacher called again. She was laughing this time. She wanted to report to Parker that her son had corrected himself during class. It wasn’t three times, he told everyone. It was every night. And he just wanted all to know.

Today’s elevator story: When Dennis DeMattia worked for Kaiser in Oakland, Calif., his office was in a 28-story building.

“I knew slightly a much older engineer who traveled a lot on business. One day I saw him in the elevator, said ‘Hi’ and got totally snubbed.”

Oh well, DeMattia thought.

A month or so later he saw the same man on an elevator. This time, DeMattia said nothing.

“He taps me on the shoulder and asks why I am ignoring him. It was only later that I found out that the Angell brothers were identical twins.”

You make the call: “I read your tale about the truck that rolled onto 29th and automatically looked for the ‘like’ button,” wrote Peggy Dupper. “I find myself doing this often. I also find myself tapping words I don’t know in printed materials because my Kindle has a built-in dictionary. Am I spending too much time on my electronic devices?”

Today’s Slice question: How do you feel about using “Bloomsday” as a verb?

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