The Slice: A picture’s worth a thousand messages

TUESDAY, MAY 20, 2014

This email arrived after The Slice printed a lost family photo found downtown.

“Hello Paul,

“I you haven’t received any emails today about the found family photo in your section of the paper it’s because they’ve all been sent to me!” wrote Rosalie Sigler, a programs coordinator for the West Valley School District.

“What a day! I woke up to emails, texts, Facebook messages and even a call from my son’s preschool.”

She said the photo was taken a year ago, when her son turned 1.

“I called my sister to tell her about it and how confused I was because I haven’t carried that photo anywhere recently, and never downtown, and how could it end up in the paper? Before I could finish, she said ‘It was mom!’ Turns out I have the only mom in the world that still carries wallet size photos of her family in her purse to show off her kids and grandchildren.

“We called my mom, who lives near Moses Lake, to have her check her wallet for my family photo and sure enough, it was missing. She asked where it was, to which we replied, ‘In every newspaper in Spokane!’ ”

The best guess is that Sigler’s mom lost the picture in downtown Spokane this spring. Someone picked it up, took it in to O’Doherty’s Irish Grille and left it without saying anything. My friends there then passed it along to me. And I mailed it back to the family.

Sigler added a P.S. “My family, friends and co-workers all want to know if there is a reward for turning me in.”

What you would say to the inventors of the pause button on TV remotes: “My husband, Michael, would ask them if they could make it work on his wife,” wrote Kim Bush.

Bob Auvil would say, “You should be considered for sainthood, right after the person who invented the ‘mute’ function.”

Tasty lips: “My husband always seems to like kissing me when I am eating something cold like a popsicle or ice cream,” wrote Becca Osburn. “What is with that?”

Diana Lynn Rehn wrote, “Peanut butter lips.”

Today’s Slice question: What lurking insects are waiting for you to open the door to your home?

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