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FRIDAY, JUNE 14, 2013, 10:45 A.M.

Editorial comment

Noticed this morning that some free-speech vandal had written a two-word vulgarism on an S-R vending box downtown.

You've heard this expression before. It's the one that starts with "No" and ends with a familiar four-letter synonym for excrement.

The author, who used a black magic marker and wrote with pretty big letters, added an exclamation point. I would have thought that punctuation might be implicit, but I quibble.

So, anyway, what was his or her point?

Was he saying that the news content of the S-R tilts toward recitations of the obvious?

Or was he suggesting that the newspaper is a metaphorically fecal-free reading delight?

Perhaps the message was actually a slightly more inscrutable existential cry, an expression of alienation and angst. As politicians know, you can't go wrong blaming the media for almost anything.

But please feel free to offer your own theory.   

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