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The Slice: Let’s ask your Dad when he gets home

Thu., March 7, 2013, midnight

What’s the most impotent parental threat?

Let’s open the nominations with “… and I’m not kidding!”

Local angle: Robert Fairfax was watching “The Mentalist” on CBS when he was surprised to see the old Washington Water Power building in downtown Spokane playing the part of an art gallery in California.

A leading indicator or lingering result of layoffs: Barry Bauchwitz can only assume business is booming. It seems that no matter what company he calls with a customer service question, he hears a recorded voice say “Due to unusually heavy call volume …”

Batter up: When Kentucky’s largest city wants to honor a native son or daughter, a commemorative Louisville Slugger baseball bat is one option. Such a salute was recently produced for Louisville-born actress Jennifer Lawrence.

So, what would be the Spokane equivalent?

Slice answers: Several readers reported discovering that they are claustrophobic upon getting an MRI exam.

“I was really shocked to find myself screaming,” wrote Julie Sanborn.

“I was in full panic mode by the time they finally got me out,” wrote Collin Galloway.

And so on. But remember, an MRI could save your life. So if you fear it would be an ordeal, talk to your doctor. There are ways it can be made tolerable.

See additional tales of claustrophobia on The Slice Blog at

He wonders if this is a record: “We have 21 bottles of shampoo and stuff in our shower,” wrote Mark Slater of Spokane Valley.

What first-graders like: “My first-grader likes being upside down, hanging (by her hands), cartwheeling, standing on her hands …,” wrote Peter Scott. “The kid skips and flips everywhere.”

Today’s Slice question: Some neighbors are selling their house. These are people with whom you have zero relationship. You would like to check out one of the fliers in the box attached to the “For Sale” sign. But you aren’t eager to be seen taking one. What do you do?

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