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Just wondering

Have “lucky” rabbit's feet fallen out of favor?

Dammit, Jim

You have to assume he's heard it all a million times.

I guess if I bumped into him while he's in Spokane, I would either leave him alone or offer a brief “Twilight Zone” reference.


The rare cat shark

I wonder if anyone got bitten while this costume was being put on.

If you were working in the lab late one…

…night and your eyes beheld an eerie sight, what do you suspect that sight would be?

Instead of sacrificing purported virgins

What should those of us living in 2014 do to note an eclipse?

“The Case of the Careless Kitten”

Click-bait designed to attract surfers who will look at anything that has something to do with cats? Maybe. A little. But I actually believe this list of Erle Stanley Gardner book titles is richly entertaining.

This is not a guy

Shawn Colvin performs a song that plays over the closing credits of a movie in which a character mistakenly refers to a ferret as a marmot. Can you name that movie?

What would you say?

…if your child was struggling to make a decision about whether to be in a school play or be on a sports team?

Remember “Johnny Cloud, Navajo ace”?

I vaguely recall that he could read messages in cloud formations.

Ever lived directly beneath an…

…airport flight path?

Did you get used to it? 

When is it OK to make a certain gesture?

No, not that gesture.

I'm talking about the one where you…well, why don't I start at the beginning.

So I am talking to this 8-year-old girl who is so cute it is ridiculous. We are in a room full of people.

I ask her how old she is.

She tells me she is 8.

“When do you turn 9?” I ask.

She gives me a look that is part “Hello?” and part “Well, Duh!”

Then she says, with a bit of a smirk, “Next year.”

I then cock my arm in such a position as to feign that I am about to give her the back of my hand. You know, the classic “Why I oughta” pose.

She seemed mildly amused. Though I know her parents, and I am quite confident that she has never seen that gesture in even a joking context. In any event, she never — not for one second — suspected she was actually going to be smacked.

I ask her to be more specific about her birthday.

It's in March.

So here's my question. The fake backhand thing — how horrible was that?

Obviously, I don't think it was all that awful. But I did have second thoughts about it.

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