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Just wondering

Are there any situations where flipping off another driver in traffic is not just pointless, immature, low-class, potentially road-rage inciting and possibly a gross misinterpretation of events but is, in fact, a socially corrective expression of mild frontier justice saying “I clearly saw what you did and here is what I think of the choice you made”? 

Coveting another person’s lunch

Is that covered by the “wife” commandment or are we free to regard thy neighbor's midday meal with naked longing?

Do you plan to watch this?

This year's series starts a week from today on HBO.

I would argue that this show is 10 times more entertaining than an actual NFL game.

I got hooked a few years ago when the New York Jets head coach was watching a drill and said something like “No. 74 is terrible. He's just awful.”

No. 74, undoubtedly a star in college,  was soon asked to hand in his play book.

The NFL likes to present itself as a happiness factory populated by model citizens. But even if it can be a bit too impressed, “Hard Knocks” offers a glimpse of the cutthroat competition at training camp.

You don't have to love football to enjoy watching people compete in a realm where lawyers, spin doctors or PR specialists can't help them if they don't make it on the field.

Ever read this?

There is still time.

Punting situation

My older sister graduated from high school eight years before I did.

Our lives moved in different orbits. But one time there was an odd crossover.

My seventh grade football coach had been a classmate of hers. When he discovered that I was her brother, he wanted to know all about where she was, what she was doing, et cetera.

It was a little weird.

Anyway, he instructed me to tell her that he had said hello.

At some point, I must have done that. Because I still remember how amused my sister was that this guy was now a teacher and a coach. Apparently she had not been overly impressed with him as a teenager.

I cannot remember how I relayed this to my football coach. But I assume I was smart enough to lie.

Or maybe I just never said a thing.

Would it be too subjective if the S-R…

…had a daily briefs roundup headed “Local Losers in Action”?

Well, how about “Alleged Local Losers in Action”?

I wonder how many times a week…

…Mark Rypien gets asked what he thinks about the Washington Redskins name controversy.

The key to a successful handshake

Most of us know how to do it when the other person is also an adult.

You know, firm but not too firm. One pump and you're out. Et cetera.

But what if the person wanting to shake with you is about four years old and has tiny hands?

Do you envelop the child's whole hand? Do you extend a couple of fingers for the youth to grasp? Switch to a fist-bump?

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