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Honor roll of long-ago PCL opponents

And I noted the other day that the player whose minor league stats are below pitched against the Spokane Indians (in a mid-season exhibition game) as a member of the American League's Seattle Pilots. But he also had a couple of stints as a player on PCL teams.

Back when broadsheets were broad

In this movie scene, the character played by Donna Reed is…

A) Just closing up the library. B) Waiting for the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor. C) Looking for news about the police investigation after her boyfriend killed Quinton McHale in a knife fight. D) Looking in the classifieds for deals on labradoodle pups. E) Waiting for Sam Wainwright to call. F) Wondering if she will have a daughter who will have a hit song with a recording of “Johnny Angel.” G) About to say “Hee-Haw! How about going easy on the sauce!” H) Other.

A reason why someone seems rattled

He or she turns into his or her driveway from a busy street and, despite switching on the turn-signal a block away, has to deal with almost being rear-ended by inattentive speeders several times a week.

If Abba had played Spokane 40 years ago

What would you have been willing to pay for a ticket?

2014 Pulitzer finalist I danced with in 1981

As I recall, Cynthia Hubert, now of the Sacramento Bee, was an intern who was so good she got hired fulltime by my paper in Arizona.

I didn't know her well, but I remember her as a good person.

Check this out.

Thinking about sex at church

I was thinking about Easter.

That got me thinking about how people used to dress up for church.

That reminded me of a column I wrote long ago and far away about how women tended to look quite fetching in their Sunday finery.

And that made me wonder if I could go online and find a piece from the Chicago Tribune spun from that column.

After George Bailey died unexpectedly

Mary left Bedford Falls and took up with Don Drysdale in Los Angeles. What do you suppose the Dodgers hurler is thinking at the moment this picture was taken?

When “B” stood for “Spokane”

As in, “He has little chance of making the big club.”

In the wake of the news

So how many other Spokane cyclists are carrying shotguns?

When people in EW make fun of Idaho

Do they ever stop and think that, without Western Washington's domination of state politics, Eastern Washington might give the Gem State a run for its money when it comes to a certain brand of political high jinks and arguably blind antipathy for government? 

Guaranteed* conversation starter

What was your dad's opinion about white-wall car tires?


* For listening audiences made up of individuals born before 1965 who grew up in a quasi-“Wonder Years” setting.

Slice Blog back to normal tomorrow

Normal, of course, being a relative concept.

Thanks for putting up with today's Easter basket of reruns.

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