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Trick-or-treat headcounts still welcome

I usually invite readers to call or email on Halloween night, with the idea that I would pass along their reports the next-day.

This year, though, I will not see or hear headcount numbers until Monday morning. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't share your trick-or-treat tally anyway.

Thanks in advance.

No positive news in the SR?

That's wrong, of course.

And to make that point totally clear, my colleagues Jody Lawrence Turner and Dan Pelle have a story coming up that rings the happy bell.

Try not to get this stuck in your head

This particular transcription of the lyrics suggests you cannot believe everything you read on the Internet.

The key question

How much leftover trick-or-treat candy is going to get dumped in your workplace on Monday morning?

Costumes you decided against wearing

You have to assume that some people went to bed last night with a plan to wear some sort of costume to work today as a celebration of Halloween.

I know I did. Though my idea was pretty low-key. Nothing slutty or anything.

But then, in the cold light of morning, second thoughts creep in and you decide against it.

From today’s divorces list

A friend noted that one of the individuals in a marriage dissolution is named Ma'lady.

She wondered if that woman's mother considered the possibility that some might pronounce the name as “malady.”

Speaking of Ma'lady, do you recall the episode of “Frasier” in which Dr. Crane gets some grief for having uttered that during a moment of intimate social congress?

Just wondering

Did you like “NOVA” better back before PBS decided it had to have a reality show component to it?

I'm thinking of the recent episodes about the first balloons and WWI aircraft. Great topics. But the modern-day people trying to duplicate some of the long-ago feats? Meh.

What did he purchase in Spokane?

I haven't mentioned this in a few days, so perhaps the answer is not known to all.

Which is more likely?

Everyone will use good judgment tomorrow night or KREM's Frances Wang will stick around Spokane for a long time?

Hey, kids!

It's probably not a strong likelihood, for multiple reasons.

But If you ever find yourself working as a newspaper columnist and the deadline for your Friday column is Monday, don't ever write about something timely. A lot can happen between Monday and Friday and many of your readers are certain to conclude that your theme comes from something that already had been flogged to death in the media earlier in the week.

If you were born on this date in 1997

This is the Slice column that greeted you on the day you arrived.

(At the end of this column, I name three SR page designers. Can you identify the one still working here?)

When unfollowing people on Twitter

Do you ever build up such a head of steam that you find yourself later wondering if you unfollowed some people you had not intended to jettison?

If your daughter became a cheerleader

How would you react?

A) Pride. B) Embarrassment. C) At least it is some sort of organized activity that does not involve taking drugs and committing crimes with a bunch of loser friends. D) I would assume that this is her way of rejecting all of my values. E) I would support her and bite my tongue a lot. F) If her grades continued to be high, I would not object. G) Other.

This was one disturbing TV episode

OK, it has been more than 50 years since it first aired. But I suppose I still need to say it.

Spoiler alert.

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