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Ever lived directly beneath an…

…airport flight path?

Did you get used to it? 

When is it OK to make a certain gesture?

No, not that gesture.

I'm talking about the one where you…well, why don't I start at the beginning.

So I am talking to this 8-year-old girl who is so cute it is ridiculous. We are in a room full of people.

I ask her how old she is.

She tells me she is 8.

“When do you turn 9?” I ask.

She gives me a look that is part “Hello?” and part “Well, Duh!”

Then she says, with a bit of a smirk, “Next year.”

I then cock my arm in such a position as to feign that I am about to give her the back of my hand. You know, the classic “Why I oughta” pose.

She seemed mildly amused. Though I know her parents, and I am quite confident that she has never seen that gesture in even a joking context. In any event, she never — not for one second — suspected she was actually going to be smacked.

I ask her to be more specific about her birthday.

It's in March.

So here's my question. The fake backhand thing — how horrible was that?

Obviously, I don't think it was all that awful. But I did have second thoughts about it.

Are you happy with your street’s name?

Do you wish you lived on one of those Civil War-themed streets?

Do you wish your street had been named after the developer's obnoxious daughter?

Are you jealous of those who reside on streets named after presidents?

Does your address practically shout “Old Money Spokane”? Or does it seem to say “Parole violations”?

Reader outreach update

Readers of my actual column might recall that I said I would rake someone's leaves this fall.

Still plan to do so. Am in the selection process right now.

Anyway, one reader who expressed interest in having me come rake her leaves sent me an email last night that made me chuckle.

I had notified this woman, a retired teacher, that she was a finalist. I inquired about the potential timing of my visit.

She wrote back to report that, sadly, she would be leaving for Arizona before the leaves would be ready to rake. What's more, she said she had told the editor of the community newspaper in her little town that I might be coming and that her friend said her paper would cover the big event.

Now I can only imagine how that story would have turned out.

Patrice Munsel on “What’s My Line?”

Skip ahead to about 17:20.

You might get a kick out of the fact she brought a dog with her.

Bing, Bob Hope and the Babe

Sometimes Spokesman-Review delivery boys went on to rub shoulders with famous people.

The Wednesday Slice question

In what year will downtown Spokane get a new tallest building?

Or is the answer to that “Never” ?

No. 1 album this week in 1985

MK produced a lot of good stuff, but I think the “Local Hero” soundtrack might be my favorite.

Shouldn’t he be wearing a helmet?

Though admittedly the cowboy hat works as a metaphor. And yes, I realize even an excellent helmet would not make much difference in this scenario.

There are a fair number of men in the Spokane area who once spent time near nuclear weapons.

Speaking of the Cuban Missile Crisis

It's a grim business. There's no denying that.

Still, it's an almost irresistible Spokane “What if…” topic.

If World War III had started this month in 1962, would being far from Cuba have protected our area? Or would the military presence here have made us a high-profile target for Soviet ICBMs launched from Siberia?

A trivia question you can’t answer

Name the Washington city mentioned in this song.

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