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Annual shopping suggestion

Don't buy Northwest calendars that are actually West Side of the Northwest calendars.

Raking leaves with John Mraz

As mentioned in today's Slice column.


Coming Thursday in The Slice Blog

Photographic evidence that I made good on my pledge to help a reader rake leaves.

My first choice was the widow of one of my faithful correspondents, who died this year. But after an initial exchange of emails, she disappeared on me. Don't know what happened.

My second pick was a retired teacher over in Wilbur, Wash. But it turned out she is a snowbird and she left for Arizona before Halloween. Her leaves were still on the trees at that time.

At that point, I more or less muttered to myself, “Aw, to hell with it, I'm just going to pick someone I would like to meet.”

That's how I wound up at the home of a retired advertising executive with whom I have been exchanging emails for years.

I had a really nice time.

Maybe I should see if any Slice reader wants help shoveling snow.

Oh sure, it all starts out with smiles

But after Uncle Bob has pounded down half a dozen brewskis, things can take a turn.

Predicting the near future

When, on Monday, people ask how your time off went, how will you answer?

A) “Heaven and nature sang.” B) “Bird is the word.” C) “Stink, stank, stunk.” D) “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” E) “Whiskers on kittens.” F) “I have watched enough football to last me until 2019.” G) Other.

The Slice phone number: Spell it out

You know how Spokane Public Radio's phone number, 328-5729, can be expressed as EAT-KPBX?

Well, what words can you come up with to express my work phone number — 459-5470?

Might be impossible.

The children’s table

I have run this on the blog more than once. But I love this topic. So here it is again, from 11 years ago.

Should airline seats “recline”?

For decades, we have heard stories about the problems this causes.

So why do airlines even allow for this option?  Aren't they just asking for trouble on crowded flights?

Wouldn't it better to just give everyone a fraction of an inch more room?

The Wednesday Slice question

Can you remember the phone number your family had when you were a child?

We had the same number for all of my grade school years. And while I am not 100 percent certain about the last four digits, I know it started with TR8.

When store Santas grope

I know several adults who were pawed as kids by fake Santas.

Did that happen to anyone you know?

Sometimes Spokane feels urban

There's a little convenience store just west of the STA Plaza on Sprague.

Once, waiting in line there to buy a newspaper, I told the guy behind me that the store looked like a movie set that would be the scene of a holdup.

Anyway, just a bit ago, I was in line there again. And I noticed that black-and-white printouts of security cam photos were displayed above one of the two cash registers. The photos show people in the process of shoplifting. I think one of them featured a guy trying to stuff a family-size soft drink bottle down his pants.

Would have loved to see him try to walk out with what SNL's two “wild and crazy guys” referred to long ago as a prodigious bulge.

Discovering the ender line

A longtime reader just realized that I tack on a random sentence at the bottom of The Slice column, after the small-type contact info.

I would have sworn everyone knew that by now. Guess not.

Re: That sound in today’s Slice column

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Make sure your sound is on and turned up, then give this a listen.


Talk about savings

Kris Spelman's grocery receipt from yesterday shows that she saved “$1,143.63” on her frozen turkey.

“I am thinking this will be the best turkey I have ever had.”


One question about HBO’s “Newsroom”

Did Texas A&M even play Nebraska on an annual basis back when that Justice Department guy would have been a player?

Weren't they in difference conferences then?

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