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If you were an employer…

…which would you regard as a firing offense?

A) Idiocy/astonishingly poor judgment on social media.

B) Parking in a prime space that a customer might have used.

C) Conduct similar to that of the marijuana guy.

D) Never shutting up about vacation plans.

“Superpussycat” (formerly Superman)

See the kryptonite cage. A dead giveaway that it's not an Earth cat.


Is Lois about to throw a hook or will she turn that punch into a straight right?

How do you get high?

Please answer in the form of a question.

Good-looking people gardening

Well, pretending to garden anyway. Ever seen the movie “Greenfingers”?

The Wednesday Slice question

Ever see a TV commercial so forehead-slappingly offputting that you were actually disappointed that you don't use the product or eat that brand of fast-food, thus depriving you of the pleasure of launching a one-person boycott at that very moment?

What’s the lesson here?

A) Don't believe everything you read. B) You are what you eat. C) The Donner Party probably could have used a copy of “To Serve Man.” D) Other.

It’s fun to have beers with (No. 16)

Newspaper photographers.

Some of the best, most surprising behind-the-scenes stories in this business are told as answers to “How did you get that shot?”

Just wondering

So just how much discussion does hot weather in July actually merit?

Don't get me wrong. I'm not suggesting temperatures such as today's should be ignored. That would be strange.

But after you have noted the obvious and swapped a weather-related anecdote or two, what's left to say?

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