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Why do women look so happy…

…in commercials for cleaning products?

People Who Used to Work Here Dept.

To name just a few.

Considering the “Simpsons” marathon

The idea of 12 days of 24/7 episodes is rather amazing.

It shows how expenditures of leisure time can add up.

If someone had read every print Slice column since August of 1992, I wonder how much of an investment of time that would have been.

I tried to do the math in the summer of 2002, but I knew it was impossible to be precise.

I mean, how do you account for variable reading speeds or, say, the subscriber who looks at the headline, sighs “Marmots…again” and then, to borrow a phrase, moves on.

Does everyone in Spokane…

…who works at a good sized business have one co-worker who sounds like a Julia Sweeney character?

I'm not necessarily thinking of Pat.

It could be, for instance, the voice of the nutcake she played in “Frasier.” 

Best-ever air-drumming song?

U2's “New Year's Day” has to be a finalist.

Headlines That Still Bug Me Department

Yes, we all know that's where he was born. But in the matter of where he was from, well, that's a different story.

The day my relative made history

I'm related to the fellow described in the first link below.

A case could be made that he drilled the first workable oil well on this date in 1859. He was not much of a businessman, though, so his descendants had to work for a living.

But even if he was a bit of a screw-up, I have always been proud to be related to the guy who stuck a dagger in the heart of the New England whaling industry.

And no, I don't blame him for climate change. That one's not on him.

Are there those in the EWU community…

…who are not thrilled about Eastern's rise to prominence in FCS football?

Speaking of high school mascots

Got an email from a West Side reader who graduated from Everett High School.

I think Seagulls is a good mascot. Hawks and Eagles are a dime a dozen, but how many schools field teams called the Seagulls?

The Wednesday Slice question

How do you feel about the name of the street or road where you live?

Do you remember when…

…Auntie's bookstore was on Riverside?

…Partners restaurant was still open?

…Milt Priggee produced editorial cartoons for the S-R?

No. 1 album on this date in 1979

Yes, the one with “My Sharona.”

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