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Who says you can't have fun with elections?

The candidates may be trying to carve each up in little pieces, but folks on the Internet can still have fun.Case in point, the USARPS League -- which stands for the United States of America Rock, Paper, Scissors League, in case you're wondering.Rock, Paper, Scissors,…

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Wednesday's quickie political briefing

Here are the presidential campaign headlines for Wednesday at lunchtime from The Associated Press:Obama beats Clinton in racially polarized Mississippi Democratic primary; Pennsylvania is nextAFL-CIO calls McCain ’Bush 3,’ targets his record on labor, economic issuesObama accuses Ferraro of ’slice and dice’ politicsFrom April to…

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State Democrats daring McCain to visit

Washington state Democrats are practically licking their chops at the prospect of John McCain campaigning in the state any time soon.They pretend otherwise. In a press release Tuesday, State Chairman Dwight Pelz suggested McCain "steer clear" of Washington because of questions about ties that members…

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Trash talk on the campaign trail

By ANN SANNERAssociated Press WriterHillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday she disagrees with Geraldine Ferraro, one of her fundraisers and the 1984 vice presidential candidate, for suggesting that Barack Obama only achieved his status in the presidential race because he’s black.In a brief interview with The…

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MONDAY, MARCH 10, 2008

Monday evening quickie political briefing

Here are this evening's presidential campaign headlines from The Associated Press:Obama ridicules idea of second spot on a Clinton ticketMcCain aims to ignite campaign with money, bio and issues toursBush backs into acknowledging a Democrat could win the White House this yearNew Philadelphia mayor, who…

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Today's discussion: Ongoing tanker dispute

Lou Dobbs weighed in this weekend on the new air refueling tanker contract.With typical Dobbsian diplomacy, he labelled it idiotic, and questioned the intelligence of Air Force officials who made it.The controversy apparently has "legs", which is to say, it'll be around for a while…

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Mid-morning quickie political briefing

Here's Friday's mid morning quick look at what's going on in politics, courtesy of The Associated Press.The HeadlinesObama adviser resigns after telling UK newspaper Clinton is “a monster”Clinton, in Mississippi, again raises possibility of ticket with ObamaMcCain calls for tax cuts, job training to lift…

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Money update for Democrats

The mid-morning report had Hillary Clinton's fund-raising total. The Associated Press afternoon update has numbers for Barack Obama, too:WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrat Barack Obama raised a record $55 million in February for his presidential campaign, eclipsing rival Hillary Rodham Clinton’s own substantial fundraising for the…

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Mid-morning quickie political briefing

There are no big primaries, caucuses or prima-caucuses on today's agenda, but here's a quick look at what's going on in the political world from the Associated Press.Clinton raises $4 million online after Ohio, Texas, RI wins ... McCain, campaigning with Florida governor, is noncommittal…

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Afternoon discussion topic: The race goes on

With all the hand-wringing taking place on national news networks today, you'd think that the continuation of the Democratic primaries, without a clear winner, is the worst thing since1. Bubonic PlagueB) Polyester leisure suitsThird: A new baby for Britney SpearsLastly, another round of The Bachelor.Not…

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How Clinton won Ohio

Hillary Clinton won big in Ohio.The exit polling available on the CNN campaign site shows just exactly how.She beat him among women voters 58 percent to 40 percent, and among men, 51 percent to 47 percent.She won among most reliegions denominations, and she did better…

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What about Ron Paul?

Ron Paul supporters may not be as numerous as they once were, but they are no less vocal. So all this news about John McCain clinching the GOP nomination and Mike Huckabee dropping out probably has them asking:What about Ron? Why are you folks in…

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Clinton ahead in Ohio, Obama in Texas

Hillary Clinton snapped Barack Obama's winning streak by winning the Rhode Island primary, and maintains a commanding lead in Ohio, where she currently has 57 percent of the vote with about 750,000 ballots counted.That's about 35 percent of the precincts.Obama remains ahead in Texas, but…

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Clinton wins R.I.

Hillary Clinton picked up her first campaign victory in weeks, beating rival Barack Obama in Rhode Island, the Associated Press says.CNN -- which has not yet called the race for Clinton -- is reporting she's ahead of Obama with 53 percent of the vote to…

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McCain has nomination in bag -- AP, CNN

Arizona Sen. John McCain has all the delegates he needs to secure the Republican nomination, the Associated Press and CNN say.The AP's count of delegates says McCain picked up enough delegates from wins tonight in Vermont, Ohio and Texas. He's expected to win Rhode Island,…

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The numbers as we get 'em

Depending on what source you use, numbers can be a bit different on election night.Right now, Spin Control is using the Associated Press, and here's what they tell us about the Democratic races:Ohio5 of 11,238 precincts - 0 percentHillary Clinton 9,974 - 60 percentBarack Obama…

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Obama moves ahead in Texas

Barack Obama moved into the lead in the Texas Democratic primary, partly on a strong showing in early returns from Dallas County.With about 850,000 votes counted, CNN was reporting Obama had 56 percent of the vote compared to431 percent for Hillary Clinton. Clinton was reported…

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McCain way ahead in Texas, too

Early counting in Texas has John McCain way ahead of the field there, as he has been in other contests tonight.In Texas, were only about 3,000 votes have been counted, he has 60 percent, to Mike Huckabee's 31 percent.In Ohio, McCain has 66 percent to…

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Clinton takes early lead in Ohio

Hillary Clinton took an early lead in the Ohio presidential primary in her bid to end a string of victories by Democratic rival Barack Obama.With only a few thousand votes counted, Clinton was polling 56 percent and Obama 42 percent. Chlinton was also ahead of…

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McCain, Obama win Vermont

Barack Obama and John McCain won the primaries in Vermont, the Associated Press, CNN, NBC, and practically everyone else said as soon as the polls closed.There are no results yet. Exit polling says Obama beat Hillary Clinton pretty much across the board, winning among white…

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Whose ad is whose?

Two television commercials started airing over the weekend in Ohio. They represent an interesting punch-counterpunch in the race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama over who has the most -- or the right -- experience.Here's the opening gambit, from Clinton: Here's the Obama response: Today's…

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FRIDAY, FEB. 29, 2008

Is Obama getting off easy?

Sen. Hillary Clinton alluded to it in Tuesday's debate.Saturday Night Live spoofed it in their opening skit last week.The question, as asked in this video clip from Reuters (via YouTube) is a good one, however. Is Obama getting favorable treatment from a media that's usually…

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