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Doing the whole 'Green thing' can really become the 'Cute thing'... (The Spokesman-Review)

Earth Day - The Vox Way 

The day to celebrate our Mother Earth really is right around the corner: April 22! Mark your calendars! As for now, the April edition of THE VOX has taken on the vast world of green are some tips author of front-pager 'Earth Day Inspires…

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Week 4: Obama, Japan 

I remember earlier in the year, around election time, there were stories of Obama, Japan. It's a Japanese village located about 4 hours by train from Tokyo. Obama means little beach in Japanese. I found the town interesting not only for it's name, but for…

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Deodorant body spray, often applied too liberally, is one extreme in the adolescent boy body fragrance range. Rancid locker room is the other extreme.  (Associated Press / The Spokesman-Review)

Eau De Guy 25 

In yesterday's paper, there was a story about Axe- you know, the stuff 10-15 year old boys slather all over themselves? It was written by an adult; however, I figured it might be interesting to get teenager's opinions on this product. Even the makers of…

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Disney: Selling Sex? 19 

Disney has been around for what seems like forever. Disney is often thought of as a family entertainment industry with good moral values. Most parents and people are comfortable with their children watching anything that is Disney because the majority of the content is free…

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Feed the Hungry! 13 

I recently discovered this awesome website called Free Rice. Its pretty straightforward really. On the home page, you will see what looks like a quiz box. It will have a word, and then you have to pick the definition for that word from the four…

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 (The Spokesman-Review)

Metallica and Run-DMC: The Big Dogs 

"Dream big and dare to fail, because this is living proof that it is possible to make a dream come true." - James Hetfield, frontman-guitarist of Metallica. Cleveland got an earful April 4 as old-school musicians Metallica and Run-DMC worked their induction into the Rock…

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One Day Without Shoes 

On April 16th, 2009, don't wear shoes. April 16th is the second annual One Day Without Shoes. This event, sponsored by Toms Shoes, is meant to raise awareness about the issue that millions of people in developing countries do not have shoes to wear, and…

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Toothpaste?! Why Toothpaste? 

(Sheesh. What is it with Germany lately?...) A thief in Germany almost got out of a supermarket with 68 tubes of toothpaste, before a female employee noticed him, and grabbed him in an attempt to stop him. The guy hit her across the face, and…

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Road-smart Pigs 

A farmer living in Taiwan stumbled across a dozen piglets several months ago, and has kept them and trained them. The pigs, all less than a year old, fall into line whenever Lee Tung-cheng lets them out of his rural Pingtung county yard and starts…

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Guys: Take Heed 

Alright gentleman. This one's for you. When you are married, DO NOT overly clean your house... or really just don't mess wit your wives things period. Here's why: A german woman divorced her husband because he cleaned too much. They were married for 15 years,…

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Man attacks neighbor with crossbow 

Nebraska resident Carlos Lupercio has been sentenced to 2-4 years in prison after firing a crossbow at a neighbor following an argument between the two men. Why, you might ask? Lupercio insisted his neighbor's dog was a labrador, while the neighbor said it was a…

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Poipu Beach on Kauai, Hawaii (Mariah Hanley)

Week 3: Hawaiian Islands 15 

Aloha! For this week's travels, we are heading to a place without snow. A place where it's currently 72 degrees and partly cloudy. We're heading to the Hawaiian Islands! Hawaii was made a US State in 1959 after being annexed in 1898. Hawaii was ruled…

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Snow covered pansies are seen in St. Martin, in the Austrian province of Salzburg, on Wednesday March 25, 2009. After the official start of spring last week, winter returned to most parts of Austria.  (Kerstin Joensson / Associated Press)

Spring is in the Air (Well, Kinda) 21 

Despite the Inland Northwest's notorious tempermental weather, spring break has arrived, and it's about time! Local schools have let out for a chilly, frosty spring break that officially started Monday for some school districts, including those from Northern Idaho.So my question is this: How will…

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An Unknown Population...(of 6,000?!?)  

Scientists stumbled upon a surprise lurking in the waters of Bangladesh, but according to National Geographic's Christine Dell'Amore, the surprise certainly wasn't little. Researchers discovered a group of nearly "6,000 Irrawaddy dolphins [living] in the country's Sundarbans mangrove forests and nearby waters of the Bay…

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April Fool! 

Today's the day. That entertaining, love-it-or-hate-it "holiday" is here once more. So, who got pranked and who pulled a prank? Anything worth sharing?My Japanese teacher scared one girl half to death with the typical, "Oh my gosh! A cockroach!" gag. Funny thing is, this was…

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Motorized barstool belonging to Kile Wygle of Newark, Ohio. (The Spokesman-Review)

Oh, sweet irony 

A 28-year-old Ohio man was charged with drunken driving after crashing his motorized bar stool earlier this month. After responding to reports of the crash, police said "they found a man who had wrecked a bar stool powered by a deconstructed lawn mower." The driver,…

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SUNDAY, MARCH 29, 2009

The 101 on Regional Art... (Chloe Rambo)

The Glow: Spokane (high)Lights 

Here's Episode 3 of The Glow! So we know that Spokane's youth is pretty dang talented...(we ARE Spokane's youth, after all...:D) Here we'll check out the best of the best of teen art coming straight out of Spokane.My school took an "art-exploration" field trip to…

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FRIDAY, MARCH 27, 2009

The Best Dam Letter Ever!

In the spirit of spring break, I'm going to leave you with two dam letters that have gained a sort of celebrity at Mead High School. Every senior taking AP Government has read the dam letters, and enjoyed them to boot. I managed to find…

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Oh Deer, Matt Lauer! 

On Monday, Matt Lauer was absent from the Today Show for the first time in... well... very, very long. And why? Well... he hit a deer. On his bike. Wear your helmets, kids! Like Matt Lauer! Sources say he "Was cycling on Long Island and…

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SOM: Save Our Malls 10 

It's an oddity if you haven't 'cut back' in the last few months. You can't open a newspaper without another analysis of how something is affected by the economy. Zoos. Camps. And, today's article on MSN, malls. It's an absolute disaster," said Howard Davidowitz, the…

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 (The Spokesman-Review)

Telling the truth at gunpoint... 

"I never thought I'd tell my Muslim parents that I'm gay. Then a terrifying encounter gave me no choice."First published in Newsweek, this is the story of Shariq Mahbub and his upbringing in Karachi, Pakistan. Mahbub felt forced to take every oppotunity to hide his…

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Please no more cupcakes... 34 

With prom season rolling around in Spokane, prom dress shopping is limited as I found out the hard way. I went to all the big prom stores, and I felt like I was shoved into giant cupcake dresses that didn't fit me and given not…

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In 2006, then-editor Steve Smith of The Spokesman-Review had the idea of starting a publication for an often forgotten audience: teenagers. The Vox Box was a continuation of the Vox, an all-student staffed newspaper published by The Spokesman-Review. High school student journalists who staffed the Vox made all content decisions as they learn about the trade of journalism. This blog's mission was to give students an opportunity to publish their voices. The Vox Box and the Vox wrapped up in June 2009, but you can follow former staffers' new blog at