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TUESDAY, OCT. 16, 2007

Leslie's Movie Review!

After FINALLY coming out...Across the Universe was AMAZING.Even for those who may not be a fan of musicals, this is Beatles music! Come on!I highly recommend you all go out and see it. Right now.It is playing at Northtown and Downtown.On the top three favorite…

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Dare not to swear

Members of Madonna Hanna’s Advanced Fashion Marketing class lead the Dare Not To Swear pep rally Wednesday. Photo by James Mange From the Bremerton Patriot, By James Mange... full article...Speaking of potty mouths..."Music, cheers, a skit and a powerpoint presentation greeted the student body at…

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Texting and driving

Here is a pretty grim reminder about texting and driving, something the Vox columnist Jennifer Helton of Mead High School wrote about in our current issue: Click here for file(video below.)Driving under the influence of a keyboardQUESTION: Do you text and drive? How do you…

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MONDAY, OCT. 15, 2007

Report recounts horrors of youth boot camps

This New York Times article describes "reports of abuse of troubled young people in privately run boot camps and other residential treatment centers" as widespread, with examples numbering in the thousands, according to a federal report released last Wednesday. The report is about the "bad…

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Gang problem in Spokane?

"The blog gang sign" from Today the Spokesman reported in an article by Jody Lawrence-Turner that results of a recent gang sweep in the Spokane area was "greatly exaggerated" and that officials took weeks to set the record straight. The news that 77 "violent…

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SUNDAY, OCT. 14, 2007

Andrea's YouTube of the evening...

Ok, I'm sorry... but Durf's YouTube pic below just bites compared to this one... ;)Meet the Latvian band Cosmos as they beatbox "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson. This is perfect if you are tired of homework and need slapped awake.

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SATURDAY, OCT. 13, 2007

FRIDAY, OCT. 12, 2007

Brothers In Arms: The Farewell

I thought some of you would find this good viewing. These young men are barely older than some of you. SReporter Jim Hagengruber will tell you all about Matt Shipp's deployment to Iraq in a 60-inch front-page story in Sunday's SRGet the Flash Player to…

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The Worst Invention

KIDS ON LEASHES!This is not ok in my book.Anytime I see this I want to knock the parents upside the head.Kids aren't your pets people!Hold their freakin' hands.That's what the poor boy in the picture wants, "Daddy, show me love!" :(What do you think about…

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THURSDAY, OCT. 11, 2007

Oh, Grandmother, what big chutzpah you have!

This msnbc story was just sent to me by alert student journalist Corrine:Full story here...Watch the video. You gotta watch the video. (Click on full story to see.)UPPER DARBY, Pa. - A woman had her 4-year-old granddaughter help her shoplift at a department store, police…

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School safety a hot issue this week

First, on Wednesday, a 14 year-old boy shot two students and two teacher and then shot himself at a school in Cleveland.Now, CNN is reporting the arrest of another 14 year-old boy in Pennsylvania suspected of planning a "Columbine type event" at a high school.…

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WEDNESDAY, OCT. 10, 2007

TUESDAY, OCT. 9, 2007

MONDAY, OCT. 8, 2007

Should teachers be allowed to carry guns?

A Medford, Oregon high school teacher has caused quite a stir recently as she fights to be allowed to carry a concealed pistol while she works.High school English teacher Shirley Katz insists she needs to take her pistol with her to work because she fears…

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Fortune cookies offer pessimistic advice

Tony Cenicola/The New York Times Wonton Food in Queens, NY, has created a line of fortune cookies that are not as full of the optimism and vague advice most are used to.“We wanted our fortune cookies to be a little bit more value-added,” marketing director…

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The paintball gun crusader...

Ann Johansson for The New York TimesI had no idea that this happens with paintball guns: By Michael Parrisha/NYT 14-year-old player inadvertently detached a valve, launching his gun’s carbon-dioxide-filled cylinder as an unguided missile. It struck Ms. Contois, who was watching from a picnic area…

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SUNDAY, OCT. 7, 2007

Please be dumber

Attatched is a picture of a message I got in my email. It is my email service letting me know that they finally blocked a piece of spam mail.Can you be dumber? Not only is this only the third time in 5 years of using…

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SATURDAY, OCT. 6, 2007

Appendix discovery

Doctors finally believe they have found the use of the appendix! The theory is that the Appendix stores and produces good germs for the stomach. Read the Article.This is supposed to be a fairly recent, somewhat major discovery. Today is October 6, 2007. After doing…

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FRIDAY, OCT. 5, 2007

In 2006, then-editor Steve Smith of The Spokesman-Review had the idea of starting a publication for an often forgotten audience: teenagers. The Vox Box was a continuation of the Vox, an all-student staffed newspaper published by The Spokesman-Review. High school student journalists who staffed the Vox made all content decisions as they learn about the trade of journalism. This blog's mission was to give students an opportunity to publish their voices. The Vox Box and the Vox wrapped up in June 2009, but you can follow former staffers' new blog at