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Bye, Bye Baby Daddy! 30 

Bristol Palin has said goodbye to her baby daddy. According to a MSNBC story, here, Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston have broken up. The reason is unknown, but they have been broken up for a few weeks. An unnamed source says "I thought they would…

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FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 2009

Was Anna Nicole Smith's Death Really an Accident?

Two years after former Playboy Bunny and TV star Anna Nicole Smith was found dead from an accidental overdose, authorities have annnounced that her lover/lawyer Howard Stern and doctor Sandeep Kapoor were arrested today for supplying her with a cocktail of drugs, including Xanax, antidepressants,…

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Baby Think It Over (Mariah Hanley)

Baby Wilson 23 

A few weeks ago, I posted something about Baby Think It Over. It got some discussion. This weekend is my weekend to bring home the baby. It's a bit of an experience, and it's going to be a long weekend. A LONG weekend. I named…

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We've got Jeff's potential uniform here...

Welcome the Newbie!! 57 

So - we're adding to our ranks here at the Vox Blog! Give a warm and welcome 'Howdy' to our new blogger, Jeffrey! (He's stinkin' excited to be here! Love the enthusiasm!)So this kid LOVES to talk politics - he reads about em', watches tv…

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Last Recipes of the Week 11 

As I already mentioned on the Quotes of the Week post, I have decided that this will be my last Recipes of the Week post. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but ideas would be appreciated. What is your favorite thing to eat…

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The Last Quotes of the Week 

I've decided that this will be the last Quotes of the Week. I'm going to start something new next week, but my 2 weekly posts, this and Recipes of the Week are going to be ending. I want to try something else, and want things…

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Video of the Week"I'm Not Edward Cullen" (a song about "how hard it is to live up to the example of a perfectly beautiful, perpetually-seventeen, bodily-functionless, millionaire vampire")Question: Is there anyone, fictional or otherwise, who can compare to one such as Edward Cullen? *coughMr.Darcycough*

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"I live inside myself..." 

A Pennsylvania man was cited for DUI on Tuesday. However he claims that he himself is a sovereign nation, so the court cannot dictate what he does. Get a load of this: Scott Allan Witmer, who represented himself, said he believes police lack jurisdiction to…

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Another school shooting?

Yes. Another school shooting... Only this time, it took place in Germany. A 17-year old, identified as Tim Kretschmer, entered his high school in Winnenden, Germany, and open fired on his peers and teachers. It seems like it all happened rather quickly. Entering the high…

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What Would You Have Done? 

At Ferris High School there is a daily news broadcasting show called FIN: the Ferris Information Network. The show essentially broadcasts the Daily Bulletin, which includes everything from sports updates to senior class announcements, as a pseudo news station piece by Ferris students to the…

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Along with traditional celebrations of Green via St. Patrick’s Day, revelers are encouraged to think of the new Green – sustainable ways to minimize their impact on the planet. (The Spokesman-Review)

Global Warming: Science or Scare? 29 

Global warming is a hot debate topic in our country today, but is it actually in existence? Cliff Harris and Dr. Douglass attack the concept from an opposing stand point.In "The 'cold truth' from Dr. Douglass about global warming," Cliff Harris dissects the research performed…

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"Cry of an enfant sauvage..."

Dances (or Raised?...) with Wolves

Ok - this was an intersting story to come across. Remember the days when we used to crawl about on all fours, roll around, and pretend to drink water out of a bowl like our family pets? Good memories...yet for Ukrainian Oxana Malaya, this was…

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From the pages of The Inlander right to your hands...or...face... (Young Kwak)

Welcome to Opposite-land...

Here's a basic fact about myself : I love free papers. And The Inlander has definitely got to be one of my favorites. While flipping through the March 5 - 11 issue, (Vol. 16, No. 20), I came across a dynamite collabo' piece by Daniel…

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 (Chloe Rambo)

THE FIRST! - ...something 33 

Alright - so here's the first official 'Adventure of Chloe Rambo'...yet I still don't have the right name for's gotta be something dynamic (!), something catchy (!), something memorable (!). I'm lovin' all of your ideas! So I'm going for something like Anthony Bourdain's…

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A Worthy Cause

Many people don't know that March is MS Awareness Month. This is a disease that is affecting millions each year with devastating effects. Get involved and volunteer this month by emailing Even the smallest efforts help!

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Read Between The (New?) Lines 35 

I know one of my favorite things to do is sit in Barnes and Noble at a cafe table with a coffe and read all afternoon. My friend asked me yesterday, "What do you do in bookstores?" I told her "I read books." I don't…

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Video of the Week"Facebook Off"Two college students battle for the heart of a girl by hacking each other's Facebook accounts. With the heavy influence of Facebook these days, could this become a reality? Is it now a reality?

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The culture of Spokane is ours for the taking.....and blogging.

BRAND SPANKIN'-NEW! - ...something! 23 

Alllrighty - so here's a...(like I previously exclaimed..) BRAND SPANKIN'-NEW section that's going to be hitting the blog weekly. I'd like to call it the 'Venue of the Week', or 'The Hot Spot'...or 'Cool Places for Cool People Like Us'...(hmmm. Perhaps shorten that to 'CPFCPLU'??)…

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Quotes of the Week 

I'm leaving it open this week. I'm going for song lyrics, but feel free to add any you like. I'll put 2 or 3 in under 1 themeTheme 1:Finding Yourself Song 1:Amazing Grace by John NewtonAmazing Grace, how sweet the sound,That saved a wretch like…

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Excessive or Required? 15 

If fifteen-year-old Malika Calhoun thought being arrested was bad, she was in for a surprise. Calhoun and her friend "borrowed" her friend's mother's car without permission. After they were arrested, Calhoun claims the police officer was verbally abusive and that they exchanged words. Once she…

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He's celebrating Cat-style...

Another Birthday...More Cake? 

Well - I tried to be a clever blogger and think of a catchy rhyming title for this but I got nothin'. Dr. Seuss could think of a rhyme for anything, (or at least make one up...); especially as we celebrate The Cat in the…

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Gettin' Reele with Michael Steele

Coupled with the refusal to dismiss the partisan stubbornness of their waning party, the senseless, Pallinesque rise of Bobby Jindal from obscurity to clarion-calling Republican spokesperson, and the tendency towards mass-criticizing Obama with the exact same verbiage on fifty different channels from fifty different people,…

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In 2006, then-editor Steve Smith of The Spokesman-Review had the idea of starting a publication for an often forgotten audience: teenagers. The Vox Box was a continuation of the Vox, an all-student staffed newspaper published by The Spokesman-Review. High school student journalists who staffed the Vox made all content decisions as they learn about the trade of journalism. This blog's mission was to give students an opportunity to publish their voices. The Vox Box and the Vox wrapped up in June 2009, but you can follow former staffers' new blog at