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Did they find out who killed Lennon Sisters’ father?

Evelyn Green King Features Syndicate

Q: Thank you for the answers you gave about the old Lawrence Welk organization. I can tell you they are very much appreciated by people like me who grew up with the show. My question is, I remember when the Lennon Sisters’ father, Bill, was killed. Did they ever find the killer? I believe they did, but my cousin says they didn’t. — R. L.

A: William (Bill) Lennon, the father of the four Lennon Sisters (Kathy, Peggy, Janet and Dianne) and seven other children, was shot to death on Aug. 13, 1969 on the Los Angeles golf course where he worked as a pro. The killer was later identified as a mental patient who was obsessed with one of the sisters and believed she was his wife and that Bill Lennon was keeping them apart.


Q: Is it true that CBS will come after Janet Jackson to get her to pay any fines they get for her bosom-baring episode on the Super Bowl half-time show earlier this year? My cousin, who works for a network (not CBS), says that’s what she heard. — Michelle M.

A: CBS’ position is that since no one at the network knew about the stunt beforehand, it shouldn’t be penalized for it and plans to fight any attempt by the Federal Communications Commission to hit 20 of the CBS-owned stations with $550,000 in fines. At this point, there is no indication that should CBS fail to quash any fines, the network would try to collect from either Jackson or her partner in the half-time show, Justin Timberlake.


Q: How has the publicity about Lindsay Lohan’s (“Mean Girls”) father affected her career? — Alyce McM.

A: Sources close to the young actress say that her dad’s highly publicized run-ins with the law (prompted by an alleged drinking problem) have upset her personally. But professionally, she’s dong fine, having just signed to co-star with “Drumline’s” Nick Cannon in an as-yet-untitled big-budget feature.


Q: I read in a (European tabloid) that Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman will reconcile in Germany when he starts his new “Mission: Impossible” movie, and that she might be in it. What kind of details do you have on that? — Julietta L.

A: No details, since the report you cite is based on rumor — at least according to representatives for both Cruise and Kidman, But, we all know today’s denial is often tomorrow’s news break, so stay tuned.

In any event, Cruise and Kidman both say that they’re good friends who may no longer share a private life, but do share children in common: And that’s the extent of their relationship. Maybe so.

As for “Mission: Impossible 3,” that flick is scheduled to kick off in Berlin this month with Cruise hoping he’ll have found a new director by that time to replace Joe Carnahan (“Narc”), who dropped out because of “creative differences.”