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Spokane, Washington  Est. May 19, 1883
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Bracket, court name, map coordinates, bracket description
1Safeco Insurance #1J-14Female
2Action Sportswear #3K-14Male 6’ & Under
3Qwest #1J-14Male 6’ & Under
4Action Sportswear #2J-14Male 6’ & Under
5Bruchi’s #1J-14Male 6’ & Under
6Downtown Toyota #1J-14Male Over 6’
7Wells Fargo #1J-14Male Over 6’
8Yoke’s Fresh Markets #1J-14Male Over 6’
9Premera Blue Cross #1J-14Male Over 6’
Bracket, court name, map coordinates, bracket description
10WhiteRunkle #2 (Media)I-16Media
11WhiteRunkle #4C-16Family Co-ed
12 www.youthsynergy.netE-13Family Co-ed
13The Scherer CenterD-16Family Co-ed
14Kraft Foods/A1 Steak SauceL-15Family Co-ed
15FirstBank NorthwestD-16Family Co-ed
16Johnsonville SausagesL-14Family Male
17WhiteRunkle #3K-14Family Male
18KXLY News 4 #1K-14Family Male
19KXLY News 4 #1K-14Family Male
20Got MovedN-14Family Male
21Express Your Point GraphicsO-14Family Male
22City of SpokaneD-12Special Olympics
23Rothrock Company #1E-12Special Olympics
24Rothrock Company #1E-12Special Olympics
25Riverfront ParkE-12Unified
26Riverfront ParkE-12Unified
27City of SpokaneD-12Unified
28Spokane HotZone #1E-12Unified
29St. Luke’s Rehabilitation InstituteF-14Wheelchair
30St. Luke’s Rehabilitation InstituteF-14Wheelchair
31Rock City GrillE-14Wheelchair
32Ford Motor Credit Company #2I-22Youth Co-ed
33Kraft Foods/LunchablesL-14Youth Co-ed
34Children’s Museum of SpokaneG-24Youth Co-ed
35Spokane ImagingG-24Youth Co-ed
36Toyota #3G-23Youth Co-ed
37Bernardo-Wills Architects, PCH-21Youth Co-ed
38Rogers H.S. #1O-19Youth Co-ed
39Zip’sM-19Youth Co-ed
40Central ParkingN-18Youth Co-ed
41Rock 94 1/2 #2N-18Youth Co-ed
42Ford Motor Credit Company #2I-22Youth Female
43PIP Printing #1H-22Youth Female
44Horizon AirI-16Youth Female
45Moffitt Children’s DentistryJ-16Youth Female
46Tyson’s DeliI-22Youth Female
47Academy of Little BearsJ-16Youth Female
48U.S. Bank #5L-18Youth Female
49Franz CookiesH-22Youth Female
50Wild Waters Coeur d’Alene, IDI-22Youth Female
51Tall Tree of Eastern WashingtonG-23Youth Female
52The Inlander #1E-11Youth Female
53U.S. Bank #6L-18Youth Female
54Kiwanis Club of Downtown SpokaneE-11Youth Female
55Copy-Rite PrintingG-24Youth Female
56Sylvan Learning CenterH-19Youth Female
57Gonzaga PrepE-11Youth Female
58Buck & AffiliatesE-10Youth Female
59Safeco Insurance #3E-10Youth Female
60WSU Cougar Mania #1E-10Youth Female
61Damon & Damon OrthodonticsE-11Youth Female
62Spokane IndiansE-11Youth Female
63Leone & Keeble, Inc.E-19Youth Female
64Perfection TireF-21Youth Female
65Cyrus O’Leary’sK-16Youth Female
66GeoEngineersF-21Youth Female
67Lukins & Annis, P.S.I-14Youth Female
68Pizza Rita #2N-16Youth Female
69ItronF-21Youth Female
70AutoTrader.comE-21Youth Female
71Lydig ConstructionJ-15Youth Female
72Bank of WhitmanG-19Youth Female
73Amica Mutual InsuranceE-21Youth Female #3N-16Youth Female
75LeMaster & DanielsH-21Youth Female
76Central Pre-Mix Concrete CompanyN-16Youth Female
77Central Pre-Mix Concrete CompanyN-16Youth Female
78Ramey ConstructionN-16Youth Female
79KXLY News Radio 920 #2C-19Youth Female
80Windermere Real EstateM-16Youth Female
81The Inlander #2C-19Youth Female
82State National BankB-19Youth Female
83Papa Murphy’s PizzaE-19Youth Female
84Systems TransportB-19Youth Female
85Troy’s Tires & AutomotiveK-15Youth Female
86NBC CampsJ-16Youth Male
87Wells Fargo #2J-22Youth Male
88Silverwood #2J-22Youth Male
89Crunch PakK-22Youth Male
90U.S. Bank #4L-18Youth Male
91U.S. Bank #1L-18Youth Male
92Hoopfest Caution TapeG-22Youth Male
93U.S. Bank #2L-18Youth Male
94Silverwood #3I-16Youth Male
95Silverwood #4G-22Youth Male
96Europa Pizzeria & BakeryG-22Youth Male
97Power City ElectricG-22Youth Male
98Silverwood #5K-16Youth Male
99Dain Rauscher RBCG-23Youth Male
100Heinz Frozen/Ore IdaK-15Youth Male
101WestCoast Ridpath HotelJ-22Youth Male
102Baden SportsE-11Youth Male
103Vorpahl Wing SecuritiesG-19Youth Male
104Aquafina #2F-11Youth Male
105State Farm InsuranceF-10Youth Male
106Malt O MealK-15Youth Male
107Yoke’s Fresh Markets #5K-15Youth Male
108Pizza Rita #1G-20Youth Male
109Pace PicanteL-15Youth Male
110Meadow Gold DairiesL-15Youth Male
111Silverwood #1I-19Youth Male
112Dreyer’s Grand Ice CreamK-14Youth Male
113Pepsi/AquafinaL-16Youth Male
114Solo Cups & PlatesL-16Youth Male
115FreschettaL-16Youth Male
116Western Family FoodsK-14Youth Male
117Yoke’s Fresh Markets #8K-15Youth Male
118LEO’S PhotographyG-19Youth Male
119Diane’s Foods/Mission FoodsK-15Youth Male
120Yoke’s Fresh Markets #6L-14Youth Male
121Nike BullseyeH-19Youth Male
122Rock 94 1/2 #1E-19Youth Male
123Blue Bunny Ice CreamL-15Youth Male
124Spokane PackagingE-18Youth Male
125STAG-21Youth Male
126KXLY News Radio 920 #1G-21Youth Male
127Dr. Scott Ralph, OrthodontistK-15Youth Male
128Roller-AidG-19Youth Male
129SimplexGrinnellB-19Youth Male
130Itronix #1B-19Youth Male
131Kim HotstartE-12Youth Male
132‘99 Player ShirtP-19Youth Male
133‘97 Player ShirtP-19Youth Male
134Spokane Chiefs Hockey/Brett SportsE-18Youth Male
135Career Path ServicesE-18Youth Male
136Nike LightningI-16Youth Male
137Kimmel AthleticE-17Youth Male
138Lawton PrintingE-17Youth Male
139Inland Society-Optometric Physicians of WAE-17Youth Male
140KXLY News 4 #2E-16Youth Male
141Northwest Farm Credit ServicesH-21Youth Male
142Spokane Oral & Maxillofacial SurgeryE-16Youth Male
143Spokane HotZone #3O-19Youth Male
144McDonald’s #4J-19Youth Male
145McDonald’s #5J-19Youth Male
146McDonald’s #6J-19Youth Male
147Motion Auto SupplyM-19Youth Male
148Spokane Fireplace & PatioE-19Youth Male
149Bank of America #1I-21Youth Male
150WA Air National GuardF-21Youth Male
151Bank of America #2F-21Youth Male
152Vision MarketingF-16Youth Male
153AAA InsuranceE-21Youth Male
154Domino’s PizzaE-18Youth Male
155macy’sG-16Youth Male
156Nike #8O-16Youth Male
157Sterling Savings BankF-19Youth Male
158Valley Young People’s ClinicF-19H.S. Co-ed
159Special OlympicsF-19H.S. Co-ed
160 #2N-19H.S. Co-ed
161The Onion Family RestaurantO-19H.S. Co-ed
162Slack & Combs OrthodontistD-21H.S. Co-ed
163O’Doherty’s Irish GrilleI-14H.S. Co-ed
164AeroMech, IncorporatedC-21H.S. Co-ed
165David’s PizzaC-21H.S. Co-ed
166Pizza Hut #1C-21H.S. Co-ed
167Tobacco Free Spokane/SRHD #1B-21H.S. Co-ed
168Cricket CommunicationsB-21H.S. Co-ed
169Dix CorporationB-21H.S. Co-ed
170Columbia Paint & Coatings #1B-21H.S. Co-ed
171Battle in Seattle #1F-14H.S. Female
172Battle in Seattle #1F-14Elite H.S. Female Varsity
173Nike #7O-16H.S. Female
174Stonebraker McQuary InsuranceM-16H.S. Female
175Star @ 96.9 #1N-14H.S. Female
176Graphic ResultsN-14H.S. Female
177Unique BeverageM-14H.S. Female
178Oral Surgery PlusE-19H.S. Female
179Results Direct (PAML)F-19H.S. Female
180Holy Family HospitalM-16H.S. Female
181Banana Boat SuncareK-19H.S. Female
182MediaJoeA-22H.S. Female
183Safeco Insurance #2A-22H.S. Female
184Stonebraker McQuary InsuranceM-16H.S. Female
185Deaconess Medical CenterM-16H.S. Female
186Banana Boat SuncareK-19H.S. Female
187Del Taco #2A-21H.S. Female
188Glen Dow AcademyO-19H.S. Female
189Valley Hospital & Medical CenterL-16H.S. Female
190‘95 Player ShirtP-19H.S. Female
191Dairy Farmers of Washington #2D-21H.S. Female
192Wachovia Securities, LLCD-21H.S. Female
193‘96 Player ShirtO-19H.S. Female
194Catacombs PubA-21H.S. Female
195Numerica Credit UnionA-21H.S. Female
196U.S. Bank #8M-19H.S. Female #1F-14Elite H.S. Male Freshman #1F-14Elite H.S. Male Freshman
199Regional Telephone Directory #1G-14Elite H.S. Male Varsity
200Living Legacy FoundationF-19H.S. Male
201U.S. Bank #9M-19H.S. Male
202McDonald’s #9K-19H.S. Male
203Olympic Foods Citrus SunshineF-16H.S. Male
204McDonald’s #7J-19H.S. Male
205McDonald’s #3J-19H.S. Male
206McDonald’s #1I-19H.S. Male
207Dr. Steve GreggM-19H.S. Male
208McDonald’s #2I-19H.S. Male
209Downtown Toyota #2L-19H.S. Male
210Dayspring ConstructionE-19H.S. Male #4D-19H.S. Male
212Northern Technologies #2D-19H.S. Male
213The Davenport HotelD-21H.S. Male
214NorthWest Rehab AllianceL-16H.S. Male
215Henry Weinhard’s Root BeerL-19H.S. Male
216Missoula Street JamC-19H.S. Male
217Fidelity Associates InsuranceE-20H.S. Male
218Rapid Refill InkC-19H.S. Male Custom HeadbandsA-21H.S. Male
220Inland NorthWest TechnologiesA-21H.S. Male
221Spokane HotZone #4A-21H.S. Male
222Hoopfest: Thornton Murphy ParkA-21H.S. Male
223KXLY News 4 #4A-21H.S. Male
224Telect, Inc. #1A-20H.S. Male
225PepsiH-16H.S. Male
226PIP Printing #2A-20H.S. Male
227Proto Technologies, Inc.A-20H.S. Male
228Sir SpeedyL-19H.S. Male
229VivatoA-20H.S. Male
230Qwest #4A-19H.S. Male
231Bimbo Bakeries/OroweatK-14H.S. Male
232Cyrus O’Leary’s PiesA-19H.S. Male
233Acceptance Capital Mortgage CorpA-19H.S. Male
234S.L. StartA-19H.S. Male
235Qwest #3N-19H.S. Male
236McDonald’s #8K-19H.S. Male
237Northern Quest Casino #3A-18H.S. Male
238Qwest #2G-19H.S. Male
239Premera Blue Cross #3K-16H.S. Male
240Sunshine DairyN-19H.S. Male
241EWU Army ROTCA-18H.S. Male
242 #1J-15H.S. Male
24393 Zoo FM #2L-19H.S. Male
244Premera Blue Cross #4A-18H.S. Male
245Gatorade #2A-18H.S. Male
246Garco ConstructionA-17H.S. Male
247Instant Sign FactoryA-17H.S. Male
248Burgans Fine FurnitureD-16H.S. Male
249Blumenthal UniformsO-16H.S. Male
250Northern Quest Casino #2E-12Adult Co-ed
251Star @ 96.9 #2E-13Adult Co-ed
252Nike #1A-8Adult Co-ed
253U.S. Bank #7K-19Adult Co-ed
254Nike #2A-8Adult Co-ed
255AztecaO-14Adult Co-ed
256Mead #1A-8Adult Co-ed
257Ford Motor Credit Company #1E-4Adult Co-ed
258Mercer TruckingA-8Adult Co-ed
259Tim’s Cascade SnacksM-14Adult Co-ed
260Lord BackboardA-8Adult Co-ed
261BrickfestB-8Adult Co-ed
262Diamondz SalonE-14Adult Co-ed
263Park UniversityC-16Adult Co-ed
264Associates for Women’s HealthK-14Adult Co-ed
265Horizon Credit UnionB-8Adult Co-ed
266Sport CourtB-8Adult Co-ed
267Johnsonville SausagesL-14Adult Co-ed
268Frito-Lay/DoritosN-14Adult Co-ed
269Spokane TransferB-8Adult Female
270Two Rivers Casino & Resort #1C-21Adult Female
271Webster UniversityD-16Adult Female
272Dairy Farmers of Washington #1C-8Adult Female
273Outback SteakhouseC-8Adult Female
274Snyder’s BakeryM-14Adult Female
275Nike #9A-4Adult Female
276Spokane HotZone #2A-4Adult Female
277WhiteRunkle #4C-16Adult Female
278AAU BasketballB-4Adult Female
27993 Zoo FM #1B-4Adult Female
280Western FamilyK-16Adult Female
281Frito-Lay/DoritosN-14Adult Female
282Glen Dow AcademyO-19Adult Female
283Hoopfest ColorsB-4Adult Male
284Pizza Hut #2B-4Adult Male
285Habel ConsultingC-4Adult Male
286Frito-Lay #2C-4Adult Male
287Tobacco Free Spokane/SRHD #2D-4Adult Male
288Rogers H.S. #3A-6Adult Male
289Gonzaga UniversityA-6Adult Male
290Regional Telephone Directory #2E-2Adult Male
291WSU SpokaneF-16Adult Male
292Yoke’s Fresh Markets #4N-14Adult Male
293Premera Blue Cross #2F-16Adult Male
294Mead #6B-6Adult Male
295Yoke’s Fresh Markets #2M-14Adult Male
296Apria HealthcareL-16Adult Male
297Alaska AirlinesD-16Adult Male
298Hoopfest: Heath ParkB-6Adult Male
299ADPN-19Adult Male
300Hoopfest: Comstock ParkB-6Adult Male
301Del Taco #1E-16Adult Male
302Columbia LightingB-6Adult Male
303Land ExpressionsE-16Adult Male
304Cerium Networks #1C-6Adult Male
305Star @ 96.9 #3C-6Adult Male
306U.S. HealthworksC-4Adult Male
307U.S. Coast GuardC-4Adult Male
308Ambassador ProgramsD-4Adult Male
309Holiday Inn ExpressD-4Adult Male
310Chicken of the SeaL-14Adult Male
311Northern Quest Casino #4D-4Adult Male
312WhiteRunkle #1D-4Adult Male
313Fletcher’s Fine FoodsL-14Adult Male
314Goodrich CorporationE-4Adult Male
315Diamond ParkingE-4Adult Male
316First NightE-4Adult Male
317Classy 99.9 #1E-4Adult Male
318B & C TelephoneD-19Adult Male
319Sacred Heart Medical CenterL-16Adult Male
320Great FloorsE-4Adult Male
321Party PalaceE-3Adult Male
322Wells Fargo #4E-2Adult Male
323Bruchi’s #2E-2Adult Male
324Two Rivers Casino & Resort #2E-4Adult Male
325Silver HoopsE-3Adult Male
326Husky Trucks #1E-3Adult Male
327Regional Telephone Directory #3M-16Adult Male
328Onsite Corporate & Sports MassageN-14Adult Male
329AvistaE-2Adult Male
330KXLY News 4 #3E-2Adult Male
331Flour MillF-2Adult Male
332Gatorade #1F-3Adult Male
333Wildrose GraphicsF-3Adult Male
334Valence WirelessF-3Adult Male
335ContineoF-3Adult Male
336Yoke’s Fresh Markets #3F-4Adult Male
337Rollin JM ProductionsF-4Adult Male
338Check Into CashA-21Adult Male
339Midnight HoopsD-2Adult Male
340LCD ExpoE-2Adult Male
341General MillsL-14Adult Male
342Batteries PlusE-2Adult Male
343Seattle’s Historic Triangle PubE-2Adult Male
344BloomsdayF-2Adult Male
345Battle in Seattle #2F-2Adult Male
346Rockwood Clinic, P.S.L-16Adult Male
347Evergreen ParkingF-2Adult Male
348Yoke’s Fresh Markets #7L-14Adult Male
349Edward Jones InvestmentsF-2Adult Male
350Spokane Arena-NCAAF-1Adult Male
351WSU Cougar Mania #2F-1Adult Male
352‘92 Player ShirtF-1Adult Male
353Marsh, Inc.F-16Adult Male
354NabiscoM-14Adult Male
355‘91 Player ShirtF-1Adult Male
356USTA/Pacific NorthwestD-19Adult Male
357‘98 Player ShirtF-1Adult Male
358‘94 Player ShirtF-1Adult Male
359Inland Northwest BankK-19Adult Male
360Thomas Hammer CoffeeG-16Adult Male
361Langenhorst, Norwood, and HopkinsN-19Adult Male
362Penske Truck LeasingP-16Adult Male
363Frito-Lay #1P-16Adult Male
364Physician Hospital Community OrganizationE-19Adult Male
365Action Sportswear #1G-14Adult Male
366TechGroup, Inc.P-16Adult Male
367Qwest #5P-16Adult Male
368Madsen Mitchell Evenson & ConradQ-16Adult Male
369Fiber-Tech IndustriesQ-16Adult Male
370The Spokesman-ReviewI-16Adult Male
371Hospitality AssociatesE-16Adult Male
372Divine’s Auto ServiceQ-16Adult Male
373Northern Quest Casino #1N-14Adult Male
374Indian Trail Family MedicineQ-16Adult Male
375Northern Technologies #1H-16Adult Male
376Gonzaga Army ROTCR-16Adult Male
377Yakima Valley HotshotsQ-16Adult Male
378Best Western Peppertree Airport InnJ-15Adult Male
379Best Western Peppertree Airport InnJ-15Adult Male
380All Sport/King’s PublishingR-16Adult Male
381Columbia Paint & Coatings #2R-16Adult Male
382Rowand Machinery CompanyN-19Adult Male
383George Gee Pontiac/GMC/HummerR-16Adult Male
384Spokane BedlinerP-16Adult Male
385AltafreshP-16Adult Male
386Telect, Inc. #2P-16Adult Male
387Aquafina #1P-16Adult Male
388Network Design & ManagementE-13Adult Male
389Kraft Foods/Capri Sun & Capri Sun SportK-14Adult Male
390Itronix #2P-15Adult Male
391Cerium Networks #2P-15Adult Male
392Wells Fargo #3Q-15Adult Male
393Toyota #4P-19Adult Male
394Rothrock Company #2Q-15Adult Male
395U.S. Marine CorpsQ-15Adult Male
396Jones, Lang, LaSalleQ-16Adult Male
397Gatorade #3K-14Adult Male
398Husky Trucks #2Q-16Adult Male
399Classy 99.9 #2Q-15Adult Male #2Q-15Adult Male
401SportSaqQ-15Adult Male
402Enterprise Rent-A-CarR-16Adult Male
403American On-Site ServicesJ-14Adult Male
404Best BuyR-16Adult Male
405Spokane Occupational & Hand TherapyE-20Adult Male
406Chili’s Grill and BarR-15Adult Male
407Verizon WirelessE-20Adult Male
408Washington Trust BankE-20Adult Male
409Wheatland BankI-15Adult Male
410ZLB Plasma ServicesI-15Adult Male
411Moss Adams LLPI-15Adult Male
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