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LIVE CHAT: EWU football 9/6

srchat (Ryan Collingwood): Hey, everyone. Not the biggest group of chatters today, buy hey, I prefer small parties over ragers, anyway. Sep 6, 12:01 PM Guest7994 (Guest): Welcome! Sep 6, 12:02 PM srchat (Admin): So what are some of the big questions y’all have heading into Saturday? Sep 6, 12:03 PM Guest7994 (Guest): Do you know why Keith Moore isn’t suiting up? We’re a bit small on the DL Sep 6, 12:04 PM Guest7994 (Guest): Seemed like Central was pushing them around the first couple of quarters Sep 6, 12:04 PM Guest133 (Guest): Welcome Ryan thanks taking the time Sep 6, 12:06 PM srchat (Admin): I, too, would like to know. Inquired about it last week. Still don’t know (In today’s social media age, teams are being less open about players who are out). He would have helped. Sep 6, 12:07 PM Guest8770 (Guest): Is NAU that good or is UTEP that bad? Sep 6, 12:08 PM Guest133 (Guest): I understand you have a great background. Jim was a Duck. What about you Sep 6, 12:08 PM srchat (Admin): Both. The Lumberjacks are an explosive, experienced and confident group. UTEP is bad FBS. Think of the some of those bad Idaho teams from a few years ago. Sep 6, 12:09 PM Guest133 (Guest): Maybe current Idaho haha Sep 6, 12:09 PM srchat (Admin): I’m a St. Maries-born, Coeur d’Alene-raised guy who has been in the print news industry for 10 years. Sep 6, 12:10 PM Guest8770 (Guest): IMHO this is EWU’s toughest road FCS test this year. Win Sat, and a Top #4 seed is a definite possibility. Sep 6, 12:10 PM Guest8770 (Guest): Still not sold on either of Mont schools Sep 6, 12:11 PM srchat (Admin): I attended a major powerhouse in the world sports and academia: Montana State-Northern (scout team wide receiver!) Then I transferred to Eastern Oregon. Sep 6, 12:12 PM srchat (Admin): Yes, this one of their two toughest road tests. They’ll face Weber State in Ogden on Oct. 13. That won’t be a walk in the park, either. I still think Weber defense will be good. Offense? We’ll see. Sep 6, 12:13 PM Guest7994 (Guest): UC Davis will be a tough out. Looks like they can score Sep 6, 12:14 PM srchat (Admin): We’ll know this weekend if that trip to Montana State on Sept. 29 will be tougher than a $2 steak. Sep 6, 12:14 PM srchat (Admin): Yes, they’re very explosive. UC Davis faces a San Diego team that has been in the last three FCS playoffs. Sep 6, 12:14 PM srchat (Admin): A nice barometer game for the Aggies. Sep 6, 12:15 PM Guest7994 (Guest): So. who do you see as the top 3 teams in the sky? Sep 6, 12:15 PM Guest133 (Guest): I thought we did what we needed to do Sat. No injuries. Becaused concern is D as always. We can score but can we stop anyone. This Saturday will be a good test. Other than the receiver an QB who else should we look for from NAU Sep 6, 12:16 PM Guest133 (Guest): EWU, , NAU or Davis Sep 6, 12:17 PM srchat (Admin): Great question. EWU is the deepest team in the conference and has the best quarterback. That is huge, and worthy of a top 3 nod. NAU and Weber State, too. I need to see more of UC Davis and Montana. Sep 6, 12:17 PM Guest8770 (Guest): Weber doesn’t have a QB….. Sep 6, 12:18 PM Guest8770 (Guest): Is Custer a go for Saturday? Sep 6, 12:18 PM Guest133 (Guest): Weber always has 7th year seniors (haHa) on the O-line so seem to always give us trouble. Sep 6, 12:19 PM srchat (Admin): EWU did what it needed to do, yes. CWU is solid, but it was very green in some areas and was missing some players. That said, I am very curious to see what this offense — namely the receivers — do against a better group of defenders. Sep 6, 12:19 PM Guest7994 (Guest): Hard to say about Weber, they played much better competition than EWU or NAU….I think Utah would shut down both EWU and NAU Sep 6, 12:21 PM srchat (Admin): I’ll give that Weber St. QB a mulligan. Utah is tough as nails and the last game that kid started was at the Washington 1A level (Royal High). If he can be a decent game manager and ride that defense and a decent game, the Wildcats could be trouble again. We’ll see! Sep 6, 12:21 PM Guest133 (Guest): Agreed with 7994. Utah is a top tier Pac 12 school. Sep 6, 12:21 PM Guest7994 (Guest): EWU played really well offensively against CWU but I’m a bit worried NAU will push our DL around. Sep 6, 12:22 PM Guest133 (Guest): Didnt know the WA connection. Sep 6, 12:22 PM srchat (Admin): CWU’s offensive front is as good as many FCS schools. Sep 6, 12:22 PM Guest8770 (Guest): Not to change the subject but…Tiger is -8 through 16 holes today. Sep 6, 12:22 PM Guest7994 (Guest): That is true, their OL was impressive Sep 6, 12:22 PM srchat (Admin): It doesn’t have the depth up front, but those 4-5 guys they had Saturday were solid. Sep 6, 12:23 PM Guest8770 (Guest): I seem to remember a current EWU QB torch WSU’s defense a couple years ago. That team played in a bowl game. Just sayin Sep 6, 12:23 PM srchat (Admin): Jay-Tee Tuili was double-teamed A LOT on Saturday. Sep 6, 12:23 PM Guest7994 (Guest): It’s hard to gauge EWU’s offense. CWU was woofully small up front and their LB’s. NAU much bigger and athletic Sep 6, 12:24 PM srchat (Admin): Yeah, Gage was great that day. Weber State doesn’t have a Kupp, Bourne or Hill, either. Sep 6, 12:24 PM Guest8770 (Guest): Exactly. Sep 6, 12:25 PM Guest133 (Guest): Speaking of receiving core. I thought EWU’s played great Sat. Really liked Webster @ slot. Also TE’s were great Sep 6, 12:26 PM Guest8770 (Guest): Weber is very good on defense but EWU will have to lose the game vs Weber winning it. Play a clean game and they should win by 2-3 scores. Sep 6, 12:26 PM srchat (Admin): I agree. Tough to gauge. Saturday will answer a lot of questions. Sep 6, 12:27 PM Guest7994 (Guest): I was watching JT and he was holding his ground but I thought CWU guards/center were able to control him. I thought Mitch Johnson is the real deal and Davis the backup DT played very well when he was in there. Sep 6, 12:27 PM srchat (Admin): Also, back to your Custer question. I’d be surprised if he plays Saturday. Sep 6, 12:27 PM Guest8770 (Guest): Tuili should be double teamed all year which will free up the LB’s. Sep 6, 12:29 PM Guest8770 (Guest): If EWU defense can be average, Eags will be win a game or two in playoffs Sep 6, 12:29 PM Guest7994 (Guest): I have a feeling the offense will score a lot of points this year and unfortunately that means our defense will be out there a lot. Sep 6, 12:30 PM Guest329 (Guest): Thanks for running this! Any score estimates for Saturday’s game? Sep 6, 12:31 PM srchat (Admin): I have yet to see Custer take a handoff in a live, team portion of practice. Only non-contact drills. But I am only out there a couple times a week, so take that for what it’s worth. For all I know he’s tearing it up on Thursdays out there. Sep 6, 12:31 PM Guest133 (Guest): NAU? I think is this weeks game. Any thoughts on NAU D Sep 6, 12:33 PM Guest329 (Guest): NAU is a very slightly above average team year in and year out, carried by an exceptional quarterback. Their defense has had issues with our WR’s (but so does every other team we face). Generally speaking if we can not make mistakes (drops & turnovers) we should be able to score at will and hope our defense gets 1 more stop than theirs. Sep 6, 12:33 PM srchat (Admin): I was impressed with the Eagles’ speed, defensively. Sep 6, 12:33 PM Guest8770 (Guest): EWU 48 NAU 41 Sep 6, 12:34 PM srchat (Admin): Both of these teams will get their points. Gage’s decision making and time behind a solid, very experienced offensive line is big. Sep 6, 12:35 PM Guest329 (Guest): I’m inclined to lean 52-35 with EWU pulling away in the last 5 minutes of the 4th. Expect a heart attack the first 3 quarters. Sep 6, 12:36 PM Guest329 (Guest): 1000 yards total offense Sep 6, 12:36 PM srchat (Admin): What we’ll find out is if guys like Webster, Grady, etc, can get over the top of a FCS-level secondary on a consistent basis or not. Sep 6, 12:37 PM Guest133 (Guest): Seems like many drop downs in FCS this year. Any on NAU. Not something we do, but both mont schools seem to get a few. Sep 6, 12:39 PM Guest7994 (Guest): Any idea if any other freshman made the traveling squad besides Weed? Sep 6, 12:39 PM srchat (Admin): Emmanuel Butler LOOKs like a drop down lol Sep 6, 12:39 PM Guest7994 (Guest): Wish they would post the full depth chart not just the 2 deep Sep 6, 12:40 PM srchat (Admin): True freshman? Weed is the only player on the two-deep, and that’s essentially the travel roster. Sep 6, 12:40 PM Guest133 (Guest): Probable Boston Sep 6, 12:40 PM Guest7994 (Guest): I wonder if Matt Meyer is hurt again or if Musser passed him on the depth chart Sep 6, 12:41 PM Guest7994 (Guest): Musser looks solid Sep 6, 12:41 PM Guest133 (Guest): might be the DUI Sep 6, 12:41 PM Guest7994 (Guest): Good point Sep 6, 12:42 PM srchat (Admin): Meyer has been battling injury, but he also got into some trouble. Best wouldn’t comment on punishment. Sep 6, 12:43 PM Guest7994 (Guest): Really like the look of our OL kinda wish they would move Ryan Nilles to the DL. I watched him give JT all he could handle with their one on one drills. He is one big dude Sep 6, 12:43 PM Guest133 (Guest): Our O line looks bigger all the way around this year. Hope it wasn’t just Hops and water haha Sep 6, 12:43 PM srchat (Admin): He was listed as a starter in the summer depth chart. He’s a big boy with a ton of experience. Sep 6, 12:45 PM srchat (Admin): Yeah, Eastern’s line is big. And deep. A trusty position group. Sep 6, 12:45 PM Guest7994 (Guest): Coaches may want to play Eric B a bit. Might be a rough start to the year next year with a new QB Sep 6, 12:46 PM Guest7994 (Guest): Should have played Eric more in the Central game. They had that well in hand and CWU would not have stopped him Sep 6, 12:46 PM srchat (Admin): Yeah, I thought starters were going to sit midway through the third. Sep 6, 12:47 PM Guest7994 (Guest): They should have sat. CWU was getting beat up and there was no reason for them to be out there early in the 4th Sep 6, 12:47 PM srchat (Admin): I guess they wanted to “leave no doubt”? Sep 6, 12:48 PM Guest7994 (Guest): That they did Sep 6, 12:48 PM Guest7994 (Guest): We lose a lot of players after this year so they need to get the underclassman some reps Sep 6, 12:48 PM srchat (Admin): FCS Playoff Committee might have to consider a major blowout of a DII team in November. Sep 6, 12:49 PM Guest7994 (Guest): Not sure that will count much unless CWU runs the table. Sep 6, 12:50 PM Guest329 (Guest): Playoff Committee continues to prove that record matters more than strength of schedule. Sep 6, 12:50 PM Guest7994 (Guest): Sure did last year. Couldn’t believe Monmouth got in there Sep 6, 12:50 PM srchat (Admin): I have about 10 more minutes. Any other questions? Sep 6, 12:50 PM Guest133 (Guest): The Big Sky needs to care about representation on the committee to fight for the conference. I glad Commissioner of the Big Sky left her jump to a bigger things. Hopefully new commissioner cares about the memebers Sep 6, 12:50 PM Guest8770 (Guest): Hard for AD to get FCS teams to travel to the Red…..long trip for non-Big Sky in terms of travel/costs/etc. Sep 6, 12:51 PM Guest8770 (Guest): Fact of the matter is Big Sky isn’t as deep as other leagues the Missouri Valley so you can’t lose 4 games and leave it in the committees hands. EWU goes 8-3 or better and their in. Sep 6, 12:52 PM srchat (Admin): Eight wins is the magic number. Sep 6, 12:52 PM Guest8770 (Guest): Copy that Sep 6, 12:52 PM Guest133 (Guest): No Doubt Sep 6, 12:52 PM srchat (Admin): I’l be surprised if there’s an outright Big Sky champ. Sep 6, 12:53 PM Guest7994 (Guest): NAU, WSU and Davis will be their biggest test. ( They will handle Weber) Sep 6, 12:53 PM Guest133 (Guest): Great job Ryan. Looking forward to Thursday’s. Sep 6, 12:53 PM Guest133 (Guest): 48-23 Sep 6, 12:53 PM srchat (Admin): The Griz won one of their toughest games on their schedule, considering it doesn’t play EWU, NAU or Weber. Sep 6, 12:54 PM Guest7994 (Guest): True, Montana will be in the playoffs Sep 6, 12:54 PM srchat (Admin): EWU should hope for that. Sep 6, 12:54 PM Guest7994 (Guest): Agreed, would lo9ve to play Montana in the playoffs Sep 6, 12:54 PM srchat (Admin): Get that rivalry game in there on a more significant stage. Sep 6, 12:55 PM Guest7994 (Guest): Hopefully on the red turf Sep 6, 12:55 PM Guest133 (Guest): mont fans think we will play them in the playoffs FTG Sep 6, 12:55 PM srchat (Admin): Was it a couple years ago EWU faced the Griz in the playoffs? Sep 6, 12:55 PM srchat (Admin): 2014? Sep 6, 12:58 PM srchat (Admin): So we all agree that UC Davis the Big Sky Conference darkhorse. Sep 6, 12:58 PM Guest7994 (Guest): It was 2014 37-20 Sep 6, 12:58 PM Guest329 (Guest): 2014 Big Play VA helped beat Montana 2 times in 4 weeks if I recall. That was pretty fun. Sep 6, 12:58 PM Guest7994 (Guest): UC Davis will be the darkhorse, really good Offense Sep 6, 12:58 PM srchat (Admin): Southern Utah might be 0-5 by the first week of October. Sep 6, 12:58 PM Guest133 (Guest): yes UC Davis is the wildcard. We have them @ home Sep 6, 12:59 PM Guest329 (Guest): Davis has the best coach and WR in the league. Their QB seems alright too Sep 6, 12:59 PM Guest329 (Guest): I’d be happy to see them have a couple good years Sep 6, 12:59 PM Guest7994 (Guest): They have several good receivers Sep 6, 12:59 PM srchat (Admin): Yeah, passed for about 400 hundo in a half last week. Sep 6, 1:00 PM srchat (Admin): I am intrigued by Montana State for some reason. That defense looked GOOD. Sep 6, 1:00 PM Guest133 (Guest): Gregorak Sep 6, 1:00 PM srchat (Admin): I don’t think they’ll win tomorrow. But if it’s close, look out./ Sep 6, 1:00 PM Guest7994 (Guest): MSU offense is shakey Sep 6, 1:00 PM srchat (Admin): It can’t go to the air. Old school. Sep 6, 1:00 PM srchat (Admin): When your ex-RB/LB is your QB…lol Sep 6, 1:01 PM srchat (Admin): But he beat out the Oregon transfer. Sep 6, 1:01 PM Guest329 (Guest): Going back, you don’t think UC Davis will beat San Diego? Sep 6, 1:02 PM srchat (Admin): Yes, and put the Big Sky on notice, crack the Top 25 next week. Sep 6, 1:02 PM srchat (Admin): Pioneer League isn’t the toughest league I’ve ever seen, but SD is solid. Sep 6, 1:03 PM Guest7994 (Guest): SD is a nice school use to live close to their. Easy to see why they can get some decent players there Sep 6, 1:03 PM srchat (Admin): I’ll post my Big Sky predictions blog in a bit Sep 6, 1:04 PM Guest7994 (Guest): Thanks Ryan, great chat today! Sep 6, 1:04 PM srchat (Admin): Well, folks, thanks for joining in. I am still a lil’ green, but hopefully, as the season goes on, I can give a lil’ more insight. Sep 6, 1:04 PM Guest133 (Guest): We will get better attendance going forward Sep 6, 1:05 PM srchat (Admin): Expect a seesaw game on Saturday. A lot of points. A fun, early season game that will tell us a lot about EWU. Sep 6, 1:06 PM srchat (Admin): I head to Arizona in the morning. Have a great weekend!
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