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Your Guide to Super Tuesday

By Charles Apple
The Spokesman-Review


After smaller primaries and caucuses in a handful of states, a whopping 1,357 delegates are up for grabs in Super Tuesday primaries across 14 states and territories. Just to make things more interesting, two candidates — Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar — have dropped out of the race.

Pete ButtigiegNeeded to nominateon first ballot:1,991Elizabeth WarrenAmy Klobuchar2587Bernie Sanders 60Joe Biden 54YES, SOME STATES ARE HOLDINGREPUBLICAN PRIMARIES, TOODELEGATE TOTALS, AS OF 03/02/2020:
ALABAMAGOPARKANSASCALIFORNIACOLORADOMAINEMASSACHUSETTSMINNESOTAN. CAROLINAOKLAHOMATENNESSEETEXASUTAHVERMONTVIRGINIAAMERICAN SAMOADELEGATES:415DELEGATES:31DELEGATES:52UNPLEDGED: 5DELEGATES:67UNPLEDGED: 13DELEGATES:24UNPLEDGED: 8DELEGATES:75UNPLEDGED: 16UNPLEDGED: 9UNPLEDGED:79TYPE: Open primaryDELEGATESAT STAKE: 17ON THE BALLOT:Donald TrumpBill WeldRocky De La FuenteGOPTYPE: Open primaryDELEGATESAT STAKE: 40ON THE BALLOT:Donald TrumpBill WeldGOPTYPE: Closed primaryDELEGATESAT STAKE: 172ON THE BALLOT:Donald TrumpBill WeldJoe Walsh4 othersGOPTYPE: Modified primaryDELEGATESAT STAKE: 37ON THE BALLOT:Donald TrumpBill WeldJoe Walsh3 othersGOPTYPE: Closed primaryDELEGATESAT STAKE: 22ON THE BALLOT:Donald TrumpGOPTYPE:Modified primaryDELEGATESAT STAKE: 41ON THE BALLOT:Donald TrumpBill WeldJoe WalshRocky De La FuenteGOPTYPE: Closed primaryDELEGATESAT STAKE: 39ON THE BALLOT:Donald TrumpGOPTYPE: Modified primaryDELEGATESAT STAKE: 71ON THE BALLOT:Donald TrumpBill WeldJoe Walsh GOPTYPE: Closed primaryDELEGATESAT STAKE: 43ON THE BALLOT:Donald TrumpJoe WalshRocky De La Fuente3 othersGOPTYPE: Open primaryDELEGATESAT STAKE: 58ON THE BALLOT:Donald TrumpBill WeldJoe WalshGOPTYPE: Open primaryDELEGATESAT STAKE: 155ON THE BALLOT:Donald TrumpBill WeldJoe Walsh4 othersGOPTYPE: Closed primaryDELEGATESAT STAKE: 40ON THE BALLOT:Donald TrumpBill WeldJoe Walsh3 othersGOPTYPE: Open primaryDELEGATESAT STAKE: 17ON THE BALLOT:Donald TrumpBill WeldRocky De La FuenteGOPGOPSanders31%Biden19%Warren18%BloombergCBS News/YouGovFeb. 27-291,411 likely votersMOE: ±4%12%Bloomberg20%Biden19%Sanders16%ButtigiegHendrix CollegeFeb. 6-7496 likely votersMOE: ±4.3%16%Sanders25%Buttigieg16%Bloomberg14%BidenColby CollegeFeb. 10-13350 likely votersMOE: ±3.21%12%Sanders34%Warren20%Biden14%ButtigiegData for ProgressFeb. 23-25471 likely votersMOE: ±4.7%14%Klobuchar29%Sanders23%Warren11%BidenStar Tribune/Mason-DixonFeb. 17-20500 likely votersMOE: ±4.5%8%Sanders24%Warren22%Bloomberg13%ButtigiegBoston Globe/SuffolkFeb. 26-29500 likely votersMOE: ±4.4%12%Biden21%Bloomberg20%Sanders13%ButtigiegSooner PollFeb. 17-21409 likely votersMOE: ±4.84%10%Biden23%Sanders25%Bloomberg14%WarrenEast CarolinaUniversityFeb. 27-28499 likely votersMOE: ±5.1%11%Sanders28%Bloomberg19%Buttigieg18%WarrenDeseret News/HinckleyFeb. 22-26298 likely votersMOE: ±5.7%15%Sanders29%Bloomberg21%Biden19%WarrenDallas MorningNews/UT TylerFeb. 17-26586 likely votersMOE: ±4.05%10%Biden22%Sanders17%Bloomberg13%ButtigiegChristopherNewport Univ.Feb. 3-24866 likely votersMOE: ±3.5%8%Warren8%Sanders51%Buttigieg13%Warren9%BloombergVermont Public RadioFeb. 4-10332 likely votersMOE: ±4%7%WHAT POLLS SAYWHAT’S AT STAKEYES, SOME STATES ARE HOLDINGREPUBLICAN PRIMARIES, TOODELEGATES:91UNPLEDGED: 23DELEGATES:110UNPLEDGED: 12DELEGATES:64UNPLEDGED: 9DELEGATES:64UNPLEDGED: 8DELEGATES:37UNPLEDGED: 5DELEGATES:29UNPLEDGED: 6DELEGATES:99UNPLEDGED: 25DELEGATES: 6UNPLEDGED: 5DELEGATES:228UNPLEDGED: 33NOPOLLINGDATANOPOLLINGDATANO POLLINGDATARepublicans will hold a caucusin American Samoa on March 24.Republicans will select delegatesat the state convention on June 22.

UNPLEDGED DELEGATES: Each state sends a certain number of party officials — often governors, legislators, congresspeople, members of the national party and so on — to the national convention. They’re not pledged to any candidate and can vote any way they wish... but they will no longer be called upon to cast votes for a presidential nomination until after the first ballot — that’s a change since 2016. Another switch: the Democratic party no longer uses the term “superdelegates” — they now call them “automatic delegates.” Republicans never did call their unpledged delegates “superdelegates.” And with President Trump having no strong primary opponents, unpledged Republican delegates are irrelevant anyway.

MOE: Margin of error in public opinion polls, determined by the relationship of the size of polling sample. An MOE of 4 percent means that 95 percent of the time, results will be within 4 percent of the poll number.

All times are Pacific Standard

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