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Regional FBLA Winners 2022

Feb. 14, 2022 Updated Wed., Feb. 16, 2022 at 11:38 a.m.

Winners from the Feb. 3 Future Business Leaders of America Winter Conference, held at Valley Assembly of God Church in Spokane Valley, have been announced. More than 300 students from the northeast region competed in various business-related tasks. The top six competitors from each category are qualified to attend the state competition, which will be held in Spokane in April. Top finishers from the state competition will have the opportunity to compete at the National FBLA Conference in Chicago in June.

The following area high school students finished in first, second and third place in their respective categories:

Individual events

Accounting I – 1, Tiffany Altermatt, East Valley; 2, Parker Cagle, Cheney; 3, Serenity Vinyard, East Valley.

Accounting II – 1, Pyper Cagle, Cheney; 2, Katelyn Bell, Davenport; 3, Alexandra Cormier, Davenport.

Advertising – 1, Kyle Gilbert, Northwest Christian; 2, Barrett Poulsen, Freeman; 3, Kaylee Wodtka, Almira/Coulee-Hartline.

Agriculture business – 1, Reece Isaak, Almira/Coulee-Hartline; 2, Alyssa Williams, Lind-Ritzville; 3, Taylor Galbreath, Lind-Ritzville.

Business calculations – 1, Srikar Surapeneni, Ridgeline; 2, Nolan Holt, Freeman; 3, Hunter Cameron, Lind-Ritzville.

Business communications – 1, Jason Hatfield, Cheney; 2, Jackson Redder, Cheney; 3, Ashley Boswell, Freeman.

Business law – 1, Katie Slade, Northwest Christian; 2, Aiden McArdle, Ridgeline; 3, Phutsady Pham, East Valley.

Client service – 1, Maddy Phillips, Freeman; 2, Dakota Steward, Odessa; 3, Kate Schneider, Freeman.

Computer applications – 1, Jason Hatfield, Cheney; 2, Jackson Redder, Cheney; 3, Parker Cagle, Cheney.

Computer problem solving – 1, Jason Hatfield, Cheney; 2, Cameron Teresi, Cheney; 3, Aaron Johnson, Central Valley.

Cyber security – 1, Aaron Johnson, Central Valley; 2, Joaquin Mendoza, Cheney; 3, Cameron Teresi, Cheney.

Database design – 1, Emme Murray, Cheney; 2, Jackson Redder, Cheney.

Economics – 1, Finn Syre, Cheney; 2, Brian Zhang, Central Valley; 3, Dylan Thornburg, Cheney.

Healthcare administration – 1, Kaylee Wodtka, Almira/Coulee-Hartline; 2, Caroline Slack, Harrington; 3, Cody Jenkins, Davenport.

Help desk – 1, Aaron Johnson, Central Valley; 2, Cameron Teresi, Cheney; 3, Nia Guest, Cheney.

Human resource – 1, Mika Cornell, Cheney; 2, Charlie Rajewski, Cheney; 3, Zackary Bruce, Davenport.

Insurance and risk management – 1, Garrett Baumgartner, Freeman; 2, Toby Schmauder, Almira/Coulee-Hartline; 3, Grayson Danekas, Davenport.

Impromptu speaking – 1, Sarthak Shrestha, Central Valley; 2, Jack Schneider, Freeman; 3, Gabe Black, Asotin.

Introduction to business concepts – 1, Teagan McGee, Cheney; 2, Matthew Cordis, Northwest Christian; 3, Davian Adams, Wilbur.

Introduction to business communications – 1, Beth Okamoto, Almira/Coulee-Hartline; 2, Kate Schneider, Freeman; 3, Emma Cormier, Davenport.

Introduction to business procedures – 1, Teagan McGee, Cheney; 2, Emme Murray, Cheney; 3, Chase Zellmer, Davenport.

Introduction to financial math – 1, Aiden McArdle, Ridgeline; 2, Dallin Cotton, Freeman; 3, Zachary Zarecor, Ridgeline.

Introduction to FBLA principles and procedures – 1, Dory Doty, Colfax; 2, William Adamson, Central Valley; 3, Selah Hupp, Davenport.

Introduction to information technology – 1, William Adamson, Central Valley; 2, Spencer Sheffler, East Valley; 3, Toby Schmauder, Almira/Coulee-Hartline.

Introduction to parliamentary procedures – 1, Jacob Furman, Davenport; 2, Samantha Odenrider, Davenport; 3, Matthew Cordis, Northwest Christian.

Introduction to public speaking – 1, Shawn Stinberger, Ritzville; 2, Austin Read, Odessa; 3, Samantha Odenrider, Davenport.

Job interview – 1, Sydney McLean, Freeman; 2, Emily Scrupps, Odessa; 3, Grayson Danekas, Davenport.

Journalism – 1, Nia Guest, Cheney; 2, Athena Lyons-Huss, East Valley; 3, Jackson Redder, Cheney.

Networking infrastructure – 1, Aaron Johnson, Central Valley; 2, Micah Richardson, Cheney; 3, Draven Carter, Cheney.

Organizational leadership – 1, Emily Scrupps, Odessa; 2, Aaron Johnson, Central Valley; 3, Alexandra Cormier, Davenport.

Personal finance – 1, Cody Jenkins, Davenport; 2, Parker Cagle, Cheney; 3, Finn Syrie, Cheney.

Political science – 1, Jason Hatfield, Cheney; 2, Cody Jenkins, Davenport; 3, Timothy Manuel, East Valley.

Public speaking – 1, Jack Schneider, Freeman; 2, Gabe Black, Asotin; 3, Sarthak Shrestha, Central Valley.

Sales presentation – 1, Finn Syrie, Cheney; 2, Shawn Steinberger, Ritzville; 3, Olivia Amen, East Valley.

Securities and investments – 1, Brian Zhang, Central Valley; 2, Grayson Danekas, Davenport; 3, Jose Freoso, Cheney.

Spreadsheet – 1, Parker Cagle, Cheney; 2, Helen Locke, Freeman; 3, Jackson Redder, Cheney.

Supply chain – 1, Luke Hurd, Cheney; 2, Jackson Redder, Cheney; 3, Kolton Russell, East Valley.

UX design – 1, Ben Schreiber, Cheney; 2, Hailey Bronec, Ridgeline; 3, Shaina Beal, Almira/Coulee-Hartline.

Word processing – 1, Ashley Boswell, Freeman; 2, Parker Cagle, Cheney; 3, Jack Schneider, Freeman.

Team events

Banking and finance – 1, Brian Zhang and Sarthak Shretha, Central Valley; 2, MacKinzie Bennett, East Valley.

Broadcast journalism – 1, Taylor Denenny, Jack Schneider, and Braidyn Teague, Freeman; 2, Mackenzie Lutz, Dakota Steward and Sean Widger, Odessa; 3, Logan McElyea and Carley Johnson, Wilbur.

Business ethics – 1, Nia Guest, Tenaya Belsby and Mika Cornell, Cheney; 2, Gage Starkel, Nathan Carstensen and Hayden Miller, Odessa; 3, Kora Eckman, Asotin.

Business management – 1, Desiree Schmauder and Mimi Isaak, Almira/Coulee-Hartline; 2, Parker Cagle and Pyper Cagle, Cheney; 3, Ethan Sheffler and Serenity Vinyard, East Valley.

Data analysis – 1, Zach Brice, Davenport; 2, Zach Claasen, Viet Tran and Chloe Winkler, Odessa; 3, Srikar Surapaneni, Ridgeline.

Digital video production – 1, Lily Starkel, Bo Walter and Carsen Watson, Odessa; 2, Isabel Brink, Almira/Coulee-Hartline; 3, Amelia Ross, Anna Ross and Ellen Young, Wilbur.

E-business – 1, Ryan Utley, Davenport; 2, Kayen Bury, Asotin; 3, Gabe Dietz, Freeman.

Entrepreneurship – 1, Charley Palm and Ramona Robinson, Ridgeline; 2, Andres Aquilera, Zachary McGiveran and Marcos marroquin, East Valley; 3, Jayden Lentz, Gracie Conley and Trent Hlookoff, Freeman.

Graphic design – 1, Reegan Carstens, Melloney Deife and Collin Martin, Odessa; 2, laela Hardung, Ashlyn Neilsen and Grace Neilsen, Odessa; 3, Elizabeth Swiger and Cady Zellmer, Davenport.

Hospitality management – 1, Sydney Kinch and Taylor Galbreath, NA; 2, Reece Isaak and Mimi Isaak, Almira/Coulee-Hartline; 3, Victoria Devleming and Tiffany Altermatt, East Valley.

International business – 1, Dory Doty, Sunni Ng and Chloe Hall, Colfax; 2, Victoria Woo, Northwest Christian.

Introduction to business presentation – 1, Hayden Schuh, Chad Strebeck and Jared Valverde, Odessa; 2, Dory Doty, Colfax.

Introduction to event planning – 1, Chloe Hall and Sunni Ng, Colfax; 2, Zachary Zarecor and Kyle Dickeson, Ridgeline; 3, Howard Hull, Lauren Heinrich and Brynlee Frost, Northwest Christian.

Introduction to social media strategies – 1, Xavier Hicks, Corbyn Neilson and Jacob Scrupps, Odessa; 2, Emmerson Myhre and Lorelai Taylor, West Valley; 3, Ava Swan and Gabriella Rabaiotti, Colfax.

Management information systems – 1, Charlie Rajewski, Jason Hatfield and Emme Murray, Cheney; 2, Jonathan Ramsey and Luke Hurd, Cheney; 3, Joaquin Mendoza and Keenan Hahn, Cheney.

Marketing – 1, Teagan McGee and Charlie Rajewski, Cheney; 2, Pyper Cagle and Parker Cagle, Cheney; 3, Mika Cornell, Cheney.

Network design – 1, Aaron Johnson, Central Valley; 2, Luke Hurd and Keenan Hahn, Cheney; 3, Luke Lisonbee, Draven Carter and Connor Gall, Cheney.

Parliamentary procedures – 1, Zach Lenocker, Cody Jenkins, Chase Zellmer and Elizabeth Swiger, Davenport; 2, Jayce Kelly, Zach Klein, Addy Colbert, Alyssa Williams and Brody Boness, Lind-Ritzville; 3, Bronc Hutsell, Cooper Miller, Owen Telecky and Hunter Dinkins, Lind-Ritzville.

Publication design – 1, Megan Melcher and Lance Williamson, Ritzville; 2, Lily Jones, Cameron LaMotte and Kate Schneider, Freeman.

Public service announcement – 1, Tessa Cormier and Selah Hupp, Davenport; 2, Dakota Killian and Sydney Kinch, Ritzville; 3, Timothy Manuel and Eva Sheffler, East Valley.

Social media campaign – 1, Gavin Chaffee, Medical Lake.

Sports and entertainment management – 1, Matthew Cordis and Titus Spuler, Northwest Christian; 2, Andres Aquilera, Zachary McGiveran and Marcos Marroquin, East Valley; 3, Lance Williamson, Lind-Ritzville.

Website design – 1, Ben Schreiber, Cheney; 2, Spencer Sheffler, East Valley; 3, Ryan Utley, Davenport.

Middle school

The following area middle school students finished in first, second and third place in their respective categories:

Individual events

Business etiquette – 1, Jillian Hoover, Westwood; 2, Laralyn Akins, Westwood; 3, Kennady Slater, Westwood.

Business math and finance – 1, Kennady Slater, Westwood.

Career exploration – 1, Garrett Miller, Westwood; 2, Jillian Hoover, Westwood; 3, Vincent Duong, Westwood.

Digital citizenship – 1, Laralyn Akins, Westwood; 2, Jillian Hoover, Westwood; 3, Logan Walker, Westwood.

Elevator speech – 1, Logan Walker, Westwood; 2, Keanne Valliant, Westwood; 3, Vincent Duong, Westwood.

Exploring computer science – 1, Vincent Duong, Westwood; 2, Laralyn Akins, Westwood; 3, Kennedy McGrew, Westwood.

Exploring economics – 1, Keanne Valliant, Westwood; 2, Kiyana Torres, Westwood.

Exploring technology – 1, Garrett Miller, Westwood.

FBLA concepts – 1, Jillian Hoover, Westwood; 2, Keanne Valliant, Westwood; 3, Allie Burton, Westwood.

Leadership – 1, Kennady Slater, Westwood.

Running an effective meeting – 1, Jillian Hoover, Westwood; 2, Kennedy McGrew, Westwood; 3, Allie Burton, Westwood.

Team events

Critical thinking – 1, Kennady Slater, Westwood; 2, Vincent Duong and Kennedy McGrew, Westwood; 3, Garrett Miller, Keanne Valliant and Logan Walker, Westwood.

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