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THURSDAY, MAY 21, 2015

An encounter with David Letterman 

Fellow Ball State University graduate David Letterman and I crossed paths once. Just once. I was a freshman in 1968 and Dave was a senior. I lived in Waggoner Hall, which at that time was a dorm for men only and was often referred to...

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THURSDAY, JAN. 8, 2015

Charlie to publish again

The Charlie staff is determined to keep publishing. The weekly normally prints 30,000 copes. With support from other French newspapers and a Google-funded entity, plans are for 1 million copies next week.

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TUESDAY, DEC. 23, 2014

Favorite books of S-R staffers 

Perusing the variety of lists of favorite books this time of year is a great way to whet your appetite for reading. I asked my newsroom colleagues to list a favorite book or two that they read in 2014. Not all of their choices were...

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MONDAY, SEPT. 8, 2014

S-R front page of 40 years ago

Sept. 8, 1974 was a dramatic day for news in the U.S. Richard Nixon was pardoned by Gerald Ford. Nixon, of course, was the first president ever to resign from office. Oddly enough, it was the same day that Evel Knievel attempted his much anticipated...

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SUNDAY, SEPT. 7, 2014

Photographers, correspondents put their lives on the line

Readers may be interested in my Sunday column on photographers and reporters who work overseas, covering conflict and its ramifications. Former Spokesman-Review colleague Holly Pickett shares her views on why their work is so vital to keeping the world informed on what's happening. http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2014/sep/07/journalist-takes-risks-to-witness-and-inform/

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TUESDAY, AUG. 5, 2014

HBO readers respond to comment policy

Colleague Dave Oliveria asked his Huckleberries followers how they feel about our new online comment policy that we launched on Monday. Granted, while the poll he posted is not a scientific one and should be considered as such, the results are interesting. See DFO's item...

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MONDAY, AUG. 4, 2014

Our new commenting system 11 

I have read 301 comments posted in response to my Sunday column about our new commenting system. And the number keeps rising, which I consider a good sign. Reader engagement remains a key ingredient for any newspaper and its website. Many of the comments are...

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MONDAY, JULY 28, 2014

Editors concerned about online comments 

Associated Press Media Editors recently conducted a survey of newspaper and online editors to ask them how they manage public comments on newspaper websites. I am an APME board member and in that role I wrote a story summarizing the survey results for APME. The...

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Huge story in 1976: The U.S. Bicentennial

Thirty-eight years ago, the United States experienced a wave of patriotism as it celebrated the nation's bicentennial. There were countless events and special observances throughout the year of 1976, focusing on our history, momentous events and the iconic individuals involved. Today, in looking at the...

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