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MONDAY, JULY 20, 2009, 12:30 A.M.

Vintage Modifieds Thrill Ephrata Raceway Park fans

Vintage Modified's are a rare treat at any racetrack with their throwback look racecars and last weekend's Ephrata Raceway Park got the chance to take in the traveling series show.

Courtesy: Keith Danson, Ephrata Raceway Park

Vintage Modifieds are a rare class of race cars that I had yet to watch, so what a treat it was to see them up close and announce them racing!  Those all steel bodies seem to valuable to bolt to a race car, but at least they aren't rusting away somewhere else!  A fairly easy evening at ERP compared to last week, with our Pioneer Muffler 2 Adult Hornets, Pepsi Cola Street Stocks, Jerry's Auto Supply Hobbys to go along with the Vintage Modifieds sponsered by Nutread Tires.  Here's who had fast times and the winners of the Trophy Dashes:

Fast Times:
Hobby- Richy Micus-16.63
Street- Randy Pugh- 16.11
Modified- Jim Jones- 15.32
Trophy Dash winners:
Hornets- Dallas White 
Hobby- Russ Kain
B Street- Bill Rutherford
A Street- John Cook
B Mods- Ike Hoskinson
A Mods- Mike Clother
Now that we are into the second half of the season, points chasers are paying attention and Heat races count.  For the Hornets it was Tom Veenstra's chance to gain ground on the leader Dallas White since second in points Lance White took the night off.  Tom won his heat and the main, way to go!
Here's the Heat race results:
#11 Tom Veenstra, Royal City
#09 Dallas White, RC
#90 Patrick Aga, Olympia
#37 Derrick Kapalo, Ephrata
#9 Michael White
#1 Brandy Larr
#34 Josh McKenzie, Wen
#6 Russ Kain, Wen
#1x Richy Micus, Renton
#29 Tanner Halley, Ephrata
#18 Jason Ray, Ephrata
#84 Dustin Kapalo, Ephrata
#64 Bill Rutherford, ML
#12 Rick Bretches, Quincy
#9 Randy Pugh, ML
#18 John Cook, ML
#21 Skyler Lessman, Ephrata
#41 Sam Todd, Odessa
#92 Mike Bise, Warden
Vintage Modified
#22 Bob Wheeler
#32 Ike Hoskinson
#26 John Mustered
#03 Jim Jones
#7 Mike Clother
#23 Chuck Peterson
#88 Robert Rux
#33 Pete Tice Jr.
With the two top points getters for both the Streets and Hobby's on site for the main events, smart racing took the place of last weeks demo derby's!  With the 34 and the 6 on top for the Hobby's, the 64 and the 9 in a good race for first place in the Streets, the stage was set!  Here's how they finished:
#11 Tom Veenstra
#09 Dallas White
#90 Patrick Aga
#9 Michael White
#37 Derrick Kapalo- DNF
#1 Brandy Larr- DNS
#34 Josh McKenzie
#29 Tanner Halley
#18 Jason Ray
#1x Richy Micus
#6 Russ Kain
#21 Skyler Lessman
#12 Rick Bretches
#84 Dustin Kapalo
#9 Randy Pugh
#64 Bill Rutherford
#92 Mike Bise
#41 Sam Todd
#18 John Cook
Vintage Modified-
#22 Bob Wheeler
#26 John Mustered
#7 Mike Clother
#23 Chuck Peterson
#32 Ike Hoskinson
#03 Jim Jones
#88 Robert Rux
A big thanks to the Modifieds for bringing their show to us, love those cars!  You can check out what happened within the points chases at  Looking forward to Saturday evenings fun we will be running the NW Outlaw Street Stocks, Youth Hornets and Mini Stocks!  Gates open at 5, racing at 6!

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