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A test of American progress

Barack Obama appears extraordinarily intelligent, creative, innovative, charming and sincere: a man of tremendous leadership potential and American vision, sound in ideals and realistic in implementation. He is formed from a unique perspective fundamental to the American experience of hope, opportunity and diversity. Despite these potential presidential assets, Sen. Obama is limited. He has the impediment of inexperience, a dissuading factor of some merit, although I would point out, experience is overrated in an age of specialized advisers.

I would pose the greater obstacle may not be Sen. Obama's leadership credentials or his moderate political beliefs, but whether the voting public and the media who inform us refer to Sen. Obama as "a leading contender for the presidency" or as Sen. Obama, "the black candidate." This raw distinction is really a question of our collective maturity as a nation. Have we crested the mountain? Have we realized the dream of Martin Luther King Jr.?
David S. Loebach
(AP Photo)

This writer appears to believe race-only labeling could be a significant problem for the American "media" in the 2008 campaign. Have you seen evidence for or against this belief? Please let us know.

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