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Wed., Sept. 19, 2007, 12:34 p.m.

Letter: No reason to lie

How many of us would gladly and freely compromise our integrity? I think the answer would be "very few." This is why I am appalled at the response from the Democratic Congress (and a few Republicans) regarding the accusation that Gen. Petraeus is lying when he says the "surge" is working and offers his recommendations.

Why would a four-star general lie about his recommendations to our president? It took the general many years to reach the level and the expertise expected of a four-star general. I do not believe he would lie or compromise his integrity to anyone, especially not our president. Furthermore, I do not believe for one minute that our president, George Bush, would have asked or even wanted the general to lie. President Bush is looking for answers to the situation in Iraq.

People who actually believe there is a lie involved here are suspect to be liars themselves. They must be people with no integrity of their own and therefore assume a person would/could give up their integrity. (...)

Joan Jans Haupt

Question: Is "it takes one to know one" the force at work in the response to Petraeus?

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