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Health care issues

Here's a reader topic:

Health Savings Accounts are one way to bend the cost curve in a downward direction. This would lead to lower health insurance rates. The Obamacare plans will get rid of HSAs. What is the Democrat plan to actually lower costs?

And another:

Once upon a time an irresponsible parent caused an accident that sent their child to the hospital – first the Emergency Room and then Intensive Care and then long term rehabilitation. The responsible parent had to take out loans in order to pay the exorbitant hospital and doctor bills.

Soon the short sighted relatives of the first parent started blaming the responsible one for paying so many bills that the family’s finances were practically bankrupt. The responsible one tried to explain that he was not to blame. They would hear none of it. You are responsible for the family’s finances and you’re ruining them, they would chant.

“You are piling up debts right and left. When are you going to start recognizing that the financial health of the family is your responsibility and stop blaming your spouse for all the bills?”

The responsible one responded: “If our child is in the hospital or rehabilitation longer than he needs to be, I will start taking responsibility for those expenses, otherwise, never.”

The child in this story is our economy, the responsible parent is President Obama. I will leave it to the reader to determine who the short sighted relatives are.

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