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Midday burglary on Eight Avenue on Friday

A house on Eight was broken into Friday just a bit after noon. A neighbor saw what was happening and called police who responded quickly but not in time to apprehend the thieves. The same neighbor did take a picture of the suspect's truck [F-150 pick up, light blue, older model, tinted windows, Idaho License Plate] and saw two males, one with a red beard, taking things from the house.
The burglars fled the scene in a hurry, leaving behind a pile of things at the front door they obviously had intended to take. They did a fair amount of damage and got away with computers, electronic equipment and personal I.D. documents. The intruders gained access by breaking the glass in the front door.
I have noticed several reports of attempted access or actual theft by kicking in front doors/windows in our larger community area over the past few months.

It reminds me to take some precautions that are easy to overlook:
Take pictures of everything in your home and all personal documents. Give one copy of the pictures to a trusted friend or relative to keep for you.
If possible, keep S.S. Cards and passports in a safe or safe deposit box.
Get to know your immediate neighbors and DO LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER. More active Block Watch groups are always needed.
It is never your fault if you are robbed, and none of us can be totally secured these days, but let's join together as a community to increase safety and prevent crime whenever and wherever possible

Via e-mail from neighborhood crime watcher Sue Hill.

Box tops for Grant Elementary

Grant is having a March Madness for Box Tops competition. Anyone who would like to contribute to our box tops collection, please drop your box tops off at Grant and label them with the grade level or the name of a teacher you'd like to support. The top two classes win an ice cream party.
Grant Elementary School gets 10 cents  per box top, so it adds up.
Also, on March 15  at 6:30p.m.  we are hosting our second Book Bingo Night.
Free Bingo Cards, free family fun, snacks and prizes. Just bring a gently used or new book and come join the fun. 
via e-mail from Heidi Hash, TEAM Grant President

The photo is from last year's Mother's Day tree planting in Grant Park.

Some are excited for the snow

Saw this group of kids crossing Perry Street, headed toward sledding in Grant Park. Looks like they are going to have a really good time on this snow day off.

South Perry Farmers Market canceled

This just in: the farmers market on South Perry is canceled today, Thursday Feb. 24. Too much snow for vendors and shoppers to get here safely - it will be open again next week.

South Perry is open for business

So it wasn't the best day to have a blog party here at the Perry Street Cafe, but I totally understand why my planned visitors chose to stay home.
The good news is that everyone here is open for business - they are all out shoveling and clearing snow and the parking lots are clear. Wrapping up for the day here on South Perry.

It’s more like a foot of snow up here

This morning's blog effort is brought to you by UGG boots and Barbour outer-wear, which got the blog mistress safely down to the Perry Street Cafe. Am now writing fueled by bacon and eggs…
It is, however, not brought to you by my little Toyota Scion which lacks the feature of automatically turning off the cabin light. Yes, I turned it on, but wouldn't a modern car turn it off after, say, a few hours? Moving right along.
Walking the few blogs, um, I mean, blocks down here it was really nice to see all the snowblowers out there. Neighbors really are helping neighbors clearing and shoveling. I've seen at least two different guys make the rounds up and down my little hill, blowing snow here and there. Thanks to all you who do that.

Art walk, music in the park, oh my

Judging by the activity level, spring has already sprung in the South Perry neighborhood. In short order, there's an art walk scheduled for St. Patrick's Day, March 17. The plan is for this to be the first “Third Thursday” art walk on South Perry.
A group is gathering to put together a couple of concerts in Grant Park this summer - more details forthcoming.
And on Monday, 2/28, the Perry Street Fair committee is meeting at the Perry Street Cafe at 4 p.m. - please join this meeting. The annual fair and parade needs as many volunteers as we can stuff into the Perry Street Cafe.
Finally - don't forget to stop by the South Perry Farmers Market. The snow shouldn't discourage you, the market is cozy indoors just next to the Buddhist Temple. Open from 3-6 p.m. Thursday afternoon.
(The photo is from last summer's fair and parade - to remind you that it may be snowing right now, but summer is on the way)

Let’s have a blog party

The South Perry Blog will be at the Perry Street Cafe Thursday morning from 8 to 11 a.m. - it's time to reconnect and get the blog ready for spring. Please come by - I'd love to hear what's going on in your part of the neighborhood.
The blog is still looking for people who'd like to submit little bits and pieces of writing and photos here and there. If that's something for you, stop by on Thursday and let's chat.

SustainableWorks covering South Hill

SustainableWorks’ South Hill Energy Efficiency Kick-off event is at the Sacajawea Middle School cafeteria on Feb. 23 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. SustainableWorks is a grant-funded program that will do a complete energy audit of private and small business dwellings for $95 – then advice homeowners on improvements that can reduce their energy use and bills. Some may save as much as 40 percent on their energy bill, after retrofits are completed. The goal is for the retrofit (new furnace, better insulation, new water heater, just to mention a few examples) to pay for itself by the energy savings.

Here's a link to a story about retrofits in the South Perry area.

Some financing options are available. The program has already completed 100 retrofits first on the east side of the South Hill and then in the Shadle-area. This time around, the program covers the entire South Hill. Go to www.sustainableworks.comor call (509) 532-1688 to learn more about the program.

SustainableWorks is partnering with Washington State University Extension, Avista Utilities, the City of Spokane Environmental Programs, the Spokane Alliance and others.

Apply for Street Fair dollars now

Every year the South Perry Street Fair and Parade gives its proceeds to non-profits in the neighborhood. If your non-profit organization would like to apply for a donation, you've got to get your application in by March 1. Please e-mail it to and be ready to come in and do a three minute presentation at the South Perry Business and Neighhorhood Association meeting on March 8 at 6 p.m. at the Perry Street Cafe.

Liberty Park Florist highlight

Valentine's Day is busier for some than for others. Check out colleague Kevin Graman's story on this South Perry florist here.

Community garden workshop Saturday

The Grant Park Community Garden project is holding a workshop on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Grant Elementary School (1300 E. Ninth Avenue). Everyone is welcome.
The workshop will feature a facilitated planning process, a presentation about garden programs and activities, as well as a conversation about garden management and governance.
If you have input on where the proposed community garden should be located in Grant Park, please come. Child care is available on-site and a light lunch is provided.
Questions should go to Brian Estes at (509) 521-0606 or via e-mail to:

Big turnout for crime prevention summit

This blog was a twittering and facebooking fool last night at City Hall's crime prevention summit. On stage were Mayor Mary Verner, Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick and Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich. Colleague Jonathan Brunt had this story in today's paper.

It was interesting that only a handful of people stood up in support of Ivan Bush, long-time civil rights leader, when he talked about how Spokane has a race problem.
The crowd was more supportive of speakers who talked about preventing domestic violence, not that the two issues can be compared.
Interesting statistic from Chief Kirkpatrick: the Spokane Police Department made contact with people 132,000 times last year, made 4,516 arrests and visited 2,649 people on warrants.

The NAACP is hosting a community meeting at East Central Community Center (500 S. Stone) on Feb. 21 at 7:30 p.m. to continue the conversation about the bomb found prior to the Martin Luther King Day March, race relations and policing.

Perry business meeting tonight

The South Perry Business and Neighborhood Association is meeting tonight at the Perry Street Cafe. The meeting opens at 6 p.m. and is expected to run through 7:30 p.m. On the agenda - among many things - are:
organizational issues including a discussion of voting rights; committee reports, inlcuding updates from promotion, design, outreach/organizing and economic development committees. The last two need a chair - please join if you have the time to volunteer.
There will also be an update on the proposed community garden in Grant Park.

To be added to the SPBNA mailing list send a note to Heidi Hash at

Crime prevention summit at City Hall

Mayor Mary Verner, Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick and Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich are hosting a community conversation on how to prevent violence tonight from 6 to 8 p.m. in the city council chambers, lower level at City Hall. The meeting will be moderated by Steve Becker, Eastern Washington representative for Governor Chris Gregoire's office. The audience may ask questions and share opinions on crime and violence related issues.
The event is co-sponsored by a long list of community organizations and expected to draw business and community leaders from all over town - this blog is going.

East Side Library amnesty?

Neighborhoods Matter is working with Spokane Public Library to find a way of paying for library fines or extend amnesty to blocked library cards at the East Central library. Read the story here.

It’s dark, people, and you are wearing all black


When I was getting ready to drive home last night, I happily noticed that a slender line of daylight was still visible on the western horizon. I am a little tired of the dark – any light is very welcome these days. Soon after, it was pitch black and I was headed South on Perry Street minding my own business. That's when it happened: a person wearing nothing but black came running off the curb, probably in a hurry to cross the street without getting too cold. I'm sure this man saw me – but I surely didn't see him until he was right at the passenger side of my car. I swerved, I stood on the brakes, and the man trotted behind my car on his way over to the gas station. At no point was I close to hitting him, but the whole thing scared the crap out of me. And no, I was not on my cell phone.

So I have a simple plea to all you morning joggers and evening walkers: please wear some bright clothes – a white hat – a yellow scarf or something reflective. Or get your pooch a reflective collar. I know you run in the street because the sidewalks are full of cracks and holes, but please do some little thing to make yourself more visible. And don't do what this guy did. If someone had been tailgating me I surely would have been rear-ended. Wait? Tailgating in Spokane? That's a different blog post.

Perry art walk meeting Tuesday

“A group of business owners and friends of the South Perry district have been chatting about the possibility of putting together something similar to downtown's “First Friday” art event. We have decided to meet today, Feb. 1, at 6:00pm at South Perry Pizza, to discuss the idea further. Please come if you are interested in talking about this project! (No purchase is required.)”
Via e-mail from
MaryAnn Delaney

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