u 2013 Nov. 5 Washington General Election

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Last updated: Nov. 6, 5:33 p.m. Spokane City Council District 2, City of Spokane

Jon Snyder 9,456 64.39%
John Ahern 5,229 35.61%
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Last updated: Nov. 6, 5:33 p.m. Spokane Valley City Council pos. 4, City of Spokane Valley

Ed Pace 7,120 50.65%
Gary Schimmels 6,938 49.35%
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Last updated: Nov. 6, 8:34 p.m. Initiative 522
Initiative Measure No. 522 concerns labeling of genetically-engineered foods.

No 623,756 54.32%
Yes 524,525 45.68%
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* These percentages are calculated with data from the Secretary of State's Office, which omits write-in votes from its calculations when there are too few to affect the outcome. The Spokane County Auditor's Office may have slightly different percentages than are reflected here because its figures include any write-in votes.

u Complete 2013 Nov. 5 Washington General Election results
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Doug Clark: John Ahern’s recount strategy compounds big loss

Nobility sometimes rises out of a crushing defeat. It’s our way of romanticizing lost causes like Gen. Custer’s futile last stand at Little Big Horn, say, or those brave Alamo holdouts, so outnumbered and outgunned. Read more

Spokane County elections could see recount

With about 500 ballots left to count countywide from the Nov. 5 election, one race appears headed to a mandatory recount. For position 1 on the Latah City Council, incumbent Patricia Neumann and challenger Melanie Meagher, who currently holds a different seat on the council, both have 40 votes. Read more

Sunday Spin2: New definition of victory?

In elections, victory is usually well-defined. You got the most votes. Period. So it was a bit odd Thursday to get a post-election email from initiative guru Tim Eyman describing the results of the election as “7 measures, 7 votes, 7 victories”… To… Read more

Sunday Spin: Ignore the undervotes at your peril

Spokane County’s effort to raise property taxes failed on Tuesday, but it could have won. John Smith could have beat Brian Dansel in Northeast Washington’s 7th Legislative District, Linda Thompson could have beat Rod Higgins for a seat on the Spokane Valley City Council and… Read more

Spin Control: Undervotes could have brought win to ballot losers

Spokane County’s effort to raise property taxes failed on Tuesday, but it could have won. John Smith could have beat Brian Dansel in Northeast Washington’s 7th Legislative District, Linda Thompson could have beat Rod Higgins for a seat on the Spokane Valley City Council and all three losers in the contested Liberty Lake council races could have been winners. All of this could have happened without any special tricks to get more voters in key precincts to the polls. The votes were there, the campaigns just didn’t close the deal. Read more

Spokane County rural voters deny Proposition 1

Efforts to raise property taxes to buy homes and land around Fairchild Air Force Base dimmed Wednesday as “no” votes piled up – especially in rural and poorer areas of the county. “They just couldn’t afford to do it,” Airway Heights Mayor Patrick Rushing said of voters in two lower-income neighborhoods near the base, which rejected the measure. Read more

Spokane City Council power shifts post-election

To the victors go the committee assignments. It may not sound exciting, but the first likely change in the new Spokane City Council as a result of Candace Mumm’s victory Tuesday is the power to decide who sits on what committee. Read more

Sen. Ed Murray wrests seat from Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn

SEATTLE – The leader of Washington’s successful effort to legalize gay marriage is now set to become Seattle’s next mayor. Updated election results Wednesday night showed state Sen. Ed Murray winning the race with 56 percent of the vote. Read more

Front Porch: Initiative confusion reigns again

As America’s accidental sage Yogi Berra once said, “It’s like déjà vu all over again.” Of course, he was talking baseball, watching Yankee greats Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris repeatedly hitting back-to-back home runs in the 1960s. For me, it’s about the Washington state initiative process. Read more

Schimmels, Pace among Spokane Valley races to go to wire

Voters in Spokane Valley will not know for at least several days, perhaps longer, whether City Council incumbent Gary Schimmels will keep his seat or if challenger Ed Pace will take over. On election night Schimmels, who has served on the council since the city incorporated 10 years ago, led by only three votes. (This section went to press before Spokane County released a second round of results on Wednesday.) Read more

Mapping the Vote: Latest on County Prop 1

Gap got a bit wider on Spokane County Proposition 1 in Wednesday vote count, with 44,485 Yes and 46,758 No. Here’s the latest precinct-by-precinct breakdown. For a closer look, click on the document below. Read more

Fairchild encroachment tax, Valley incumbent Schimmels slide in new vote counts

A tax to relocate residents in a Fairchild Air Force Base’s accident potential zone appears to have failed based on updated vote counts in Tuesday’s election. Read more

Mapping the Vote: NW City Council race

This map shows why Candace Mumm leads Michael Cannon in the race for the open seat in Spokane’s Northwest City Council District. She won more precincts than he did, some of them with bigger margins. For a more detailed look at the map, click on… Read more

14 Spokane City Council votes that would have been different under new majority

So the Spokane City Council will soon have a new, more liberal majority. And while some big issues haven’t been decided along easily identified party lines, there likely will be a noticeable change. To get a sense of the kind of policies that could be… Read more

Mumm and Snyder take commanding leads in Spokane City Council races

The balance of the Spokane City Council will shift to the left after a season of record-breaking campaign spending. The first results from Tuesday’s election showed incumbent Councilman Jon Snyder easily holding on to his seat representing south Spokane with 64 percent of the vote over former Republican state Rep. John Ahern. In the other competitive Spokane council race, former Plan Commission Chairwoman Candace Mumm was beating Michael Cannon, chairman of the city’s Community, Housing and Human Services Board, with 54 percent of the vote. Read more

Fairchild Air Force Base tax outcome uncertain

A tax measure to protect Fairchild Air Force Base from civilian encroachment was trailing in Tuesday night’s count, but the race was too close to call. Spokane County Proposition 1 received a 51 percent “no” vote out of nearly 80,000 ballots counted so far. Read more

Shawn Vestal: Politics makes us dumb

Two questions for the morning after: Who’d you vote against yesterday? And are you feeling smarter yet, now that the fog of politics is lifting? The day after Election Day is, perhaps, not the most opportune time to point this out, but despite our lionization of citizenship and participatory democracy, politics often brings out the worst in us. I don’t mean politics can be a dirty business, though it can. What I’m referring to now is the fact that political battle very literally makes us worse at being people – it makes us less rational creatures. Read more

GMO labeling initiative appears headed for failure; Eyman’s I-517 rejected

Washington voters signaled they are leery of requiring labels on genetically modified foods, satisfied with their century-old initiative process and have mixed advice for the Legislature on taxes. Initiative 522, which would have required many foods and beverages that contain genetically modified ingredients sold in Washington to carry labels, was trailing Tuesday night by more than 95,000 votes and appeared headed for defeat. Read more

Mapping the Vote: Spo Co. Prop 1 revised

Here’s a revised map of the breakdown of the precinct vote for Spokane County Proposition 1, a tax measure to buy property near Fairchild Air Force Base, which shows the proposal did well in some parts of the cities of Cheney, Deer Park, Spokane and… Read more

Conservatives lose control of Spokane City Council; voters oust state senator

Progressives appear poised to regain control of the Spokane City Council. Read more

Democrat McAuliffe wins Virginia governor’s race

TYSONS CORNER, Va. (AP) — Democrat Terry McAuliffe has been elected Virginia’s next governor, defeating Republican Ken Cuccinelli after pledging to expand the state’s Medicaid rolls and portraying his rival as someone who would turn back years of progress. Read more

Washington elections draw big out-of-state donations

SEATTLE – Initiative 522 would change the law only in Washington state, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the lists of campaign donors. Of the $22 million raised to oppose the proposal to label genetically engineered food, exactly $550 has come from individuals and companies based in Washington, according to the Public Disclosure Commission. Read more

Editorial: The Spokesman-Review’s choices for Tuesday’s election

The Spokesman-Review editorial board has wrapped up endorsements for the 2013 election season, which comes to an end on Tuesday. To read the full text of the editorials online, go to http://www.spokesman.com/ tags/election-endorsement-2013. To summarize: Spokane City Council District 2: The contestants are John Ahern and incumbent Jon Snyder. We endorse Snyder, an energetic leader who has demonstrated the ability to work with all council members. Though labor-backed, he says the city might have to test arbitration to push the case that employee compensation outweighs the community’s ability to pay. Read more

Tax advisory votes: How much effect?

Voters seeking extensive information from the usual sources on five statewide advisory measures before casting their ballots may be out of luck. There are no high-powered campaigns for or against Advisory Votes 3 through 7. No statements pro or con in the state Voters Pamphlet…. Read more

Spokane Valley Council candidates benefit from PACs contributions

Recent donations from PACs and associations have inflated the coffers of some Spokane Valley City Council candidates in time for a last-minute advertising push before Election Day. The Washington Association of Realtors has given $900 each to appointed incumbent Rod Higgins, incumbent Chuck Hafner and Fred Beaulac, who is going up against Bill Bates for the seat being vacated by Mayor Tom Towey. Beaulac and Linda Thompson, who is challenging Higgins, have received $500 each from the Washington State Council of County and City Employees. Read more

PAC backing Snyder, Mumm missed filing deadlines

The flood of money into Spokane City Council races is accompanied by campaign accusations flowing to the state agency that oversees election spending. In the last week at least four complaints have been filed with the state Public Disclosure Commission about Spokane races. In the… Read more

1 in 5 Spokane ballots in

About one of every five Spokane voters has returned a ballot for Tuesday’s election. The Spokane County Elections Office said it has slightly more than 59,000 ballots as of this morning’s count, both from mail delivery and collections at the drop boxes around the county…. Read more

City Council campaign ads contain false claims

Beware. With money pouring into two Spokane City Council races at a frenzied pace, the campaign material arriving by mail, on the radio, on TV and on the Internet may be misleading or plain wrong. Read more

Fire District safe from Ahern

In the KSPS debate that aired earlier this month on KSPS City Council candidate John Ahern spoke in confusing terms about the area served by the city’s Fire Station No. 9 on the South Hill. So confusing, apparently, that Spokane County Fire District No. 9… Read more

Last call to register to vote

Today is the last day for Washington residents who aren’t registered to vote to do something to fix that if they want to cast a ballot in next week’s general election. The easy way to register, online or by mail, closed weeks ago. But Washington… Read more

GMO labeling measure losing steam?

The onslaught of commercials castigating Initiative 522, the genetically engineered food labeling measure on the November ballot, may be taking their toll. A new survey by The Elway Poll shows support for I-522 has dropped precipitously in the last month. In September, about two-thirds of… Read more

City Council candidates show similarities at forum

The lack of controversy in the races for Spokane Valley City Council was evident in the candidate forum held Wednesday by the Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce. At one point moderator John Guarisco noted that the candidates were agreeing on most issues and it was “a little kumbayah-ish.” Read more

Spokane City Council races escalating with PAC money

Two independent political action committees seeking to influence the outcome of Spokane City Council races this fall have raised more than $100,000 combined in what could be the most expensive council campaign in city history. Reports filed with the Washington Public Disclosure Commission show an escalation in the fundraising competition between the two PACs in recent weeks. Read more

County sees plenty of races

It’s an unusual state of affairs this year in small town Spokane County politics: Nearly every open position is contested. Often it’s tough to find one person interested in filling a seat. But information on some of the candidates is scarce, as several did not respond to requests for comment and also failed to submit information to the Spokane County Elections Office for its voter’s guide. Here’s a look at some of the races: Read more

Hafner states views in Valley council race

The race for Position 5 on the Spokane Valley City Council pits longtime Spokane Valley resident Chuck Hafner against newcomer Donald Morgan Jr. Hafner, the incumbent, headed up the Positive Change Committee that helped usher five council members to wins in the 2009 election. He is well known in the community thanks to his decades as a school teacher, principal and superintendent. He has raised more than $4,600 in campaign contributions while Morgan has collected $167. Read more