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John Carmack

A candidate for U.S. Representative, Congressional District 2 in the 2010 Washington Primary Election

Party: Republican

On this race:

Elected Experience: None

Other Professional Experience: Structural-Mechanical designer and contractor; commercial pilot; asbestos abatement contractor; I designed numerous offshore production platform structural repairs in the post Katrina Gulf of Mexico; I worked on the design of numerous ethanol plants in the Midwest and refineries in Louisiana and Washington; I prepared designs for precision loading of coal train hopper cars in Wyoming, Alabama and numerous projects in Australia.

Education: University of Houston Mechanical engineering curriculum with approximately 100 semester hours total credit; I was in the top 10% of the 69th Officer Candidate Class; Quantico, Va. 1970.

Community Service: USMC 69-71

Statement: "It's the economy........" Only, now it's fear of economic collapse, and I fear that it is worse than most people realize. There is an impending perfect storm of historic public and private debt, deficits combined with declining revenues, increasing taxes and a natural economic down cycle. 

Add to this an administration apparently intent on radical revolutionary transformation through a "crisis and collapse" strategy and we have a world stage set for change. 

I propose that we take the opportunity to unwind 100 years of progressive legislation starting with the creation of the IRS in 1913 and ending in the current crisis of bankrupt health care and carbon trade policies.

There is a universal truth that government does not create or produce anything. Usually we find that our legislation creates more problems. We knew that Fanny and Freddie were going bankrupt in 2002 when banks were required to make sub-prime mortgages by act of congress. Now they are repackaged in US bonds and threaten to debase our currency. 

We are at the point of no return. The interest on the national debt will overwhelm the GDP. How do we increase revenue and / or reduce expenses?  No legislator has the courage to be specific about proposals when we have historical examples of the Regan and Harding / Coolidge administrations.  Reduce or eliminate income tax withholdings and capital gains. Eliminate regulations that not necessary for public safety and environmental protection. I would further eliminate whole cabinet level departments starting with the Patriot Act, Homeland Security, the Department of Education, The Department of Commerce and Drug Enforcement Administration for starters.

I believe that the American workers can produce our way out of this problem without the restraints of excessive taxes and regulation.

Election results

Candidate Votes Pct
John Koster (R) 74,032 42.18 %
Rick Larsen (D) 73,734 42.01 %
Diana McGinness (D) 10,548 6.01 %
John Carmack (R) 9,566 5.45 %
Larry Kalb (D) 7,627 4.35 %

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Rick Larsen


Diana McGinness


Larry Kalb