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On this race:

Elected Experience: Chapter President, Young Americans for Freedom, Founder and President of the Republican Student’s League at SBVUC, Republican Precinct Committee Officer.

Other Professional Experience: Ten years U.S. Government service, four active USAF, six civilian, rising to GS11 with the FAA. Radio and TV Announcer, Restaurant Owner, Real Estate Broker/Developer, Computer and storage business owner.

Education: Over 255 Semester units (a Master’s Degree is only 180), ten years a student, two years an instructor, 4 years straight on the National Dean’s List 4.0 GPA with an English/Astrophysics dual major.

Community Service: Fourteen years an Advocate for the Coalition of People with Disabilities, providing free services.

Statement: To almost any political question…the answer is liberty.

Thomas Jefferson said that he would much rather suffer the consequences of too much liberty than the reverse, and he also said that "When Injustice Becomes Law, Resistance Becomes Duty." We Americans find ourselves in that situation today. To regain our freedoms, we must:

Audit, then end, the Federal Reserve; Restore sound money (gold and silver); Reverse Roe vs. Wade.; End the personal income tax; End the “War on Drugs.”; End the unconstitutional wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; Stop prosecuting victimless crimes; Eliminate the unconstitutional “alphabet soup” federal agencies (IRS, BATFE, DOE, etc.); Eliminate corporate “personhood,” and replace the restrictions on corporations that served this country so well for the first century of her existence ;Drastically reduce Federal spending; Reduce the Federal Government to its proper, constitutional sphere; Keep our doors open for Legal immigrants (legal immigrants are the ones who made this country great), but stop spending tax dollars on welfare benefits for Illegal ones (whenever you subsidize something, you always get more of it…and we have far too many illegal immigrants already); Return this country to the rule of Common Law, as the Constitution requires (Common Law only has two precepts: “Do all you have agreed to do,” the basis of all contracts, and “Do not diminish the life, liberty, or property of another.” Following those two simple rules would eliminate the need for more than 90% of the often unconstitutional statutes currently encumbering our law books to the point of insanity).

To these ends, my wonderful wife and I have dedicated our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor.

The framers of our Constitution were incredibly wise… we need to start listening to them again.

Vote as if your country depended on it… because it does!

Election results

Candidate Votes Pct
Doc Hastings (R) 82,909 58.74 %
Jay Clough (D) 31,782 22.52 %
Rex A. Brocki (T) 9,826 6.96 %
Shane Fast (R) 9,214 6.53 %
Mary Ruth Edwards (C) 4,270 3.03 %
Leland Yialelis () 3,136 2.22 %

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Doc Hastings


Jay Clough


Shane Fast


Mary Ruth Edwards