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Reader pet photos

We know you love them — whether they’re dogs or cats, goats, birds or pot-bellied pigs. They’re your pets and they’re part of the family. We want to create a place for people to share their love for their pets. Please use this photo gallery as a place to share photos of your pets and to tell us about them. What do they do that’s adorable or infuriating? When do they leave you helpless with laughter? Thanks for participating. <p><b>NOTE:</b> Before photos show up on the reader photo gallery, they must be approved by an editor. If yours does not show up immediately, fear not. The only likely delay is that an editor has not had a chance to approve new photo submissions yet. Thanks!</p>

NOTE: Before photos show up in the reader photo gallery, they must be approved by an editor. If yours does not show up immediately, fear not. The only likely delay is that an editor has not had a chance to approve new photo submissions yet. Thanks for participating!

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Photos in This Album

  • Astro is a Border Terrier who is always on alert when anyone enters the kitchen

    Photographer: Dan Veliz

  • Tiger blends well into her adoptive parent's backyard after being raised in a laboratory, then adopted from a sanctuary in Wyoming.

    Photographer: M. Hatchel & S. Moyer

  • Photo was taken in Igor's adoptive parent's backyard in 2018 after growing up in a laboratory, then adopted from a sanctuary.

    Photographer: M. Hatchel & S. Moyer

  • Winnie Dog on a boat!

    Photographer: Jan Lambert

  • Winnie with favorite toy

    Photographer: Jan Lambert

  • Rainey, the sweetest cat ever.

    Photographer: Mike and Dorothy McMurtery

  • Our character, Mickey. He’s a handful but very loving.

    Photographer: Mike and Dorothy McMurtery

  • Our sweet Sunny.

    Photographer: Mike and Dorothy McMurtery

  • Our Stormie sitting in the weeds!

    Photographer: Gerlinde Montgomery

  • Fiona. Our little wonder dog of 18 years

    Photographer: Steve Bradasich

  • Cooper

    Photographer: Stephanie Bradasich

  • Sherman the Doberman

    Photographer: david lantis

  • Jax...home last month...on the couch

    Photographer: Tom Townsend

  • Squirty and Sweetie in Spokane Valley

    Photographer: Addie Maclay

  • This is one of my Cavapoo baby’s. I love my cavaliers and Cavapoo’s. I hope someone is blessed today when they see her cute little face.

    Photographer: Karen Bailey

  • "Ditto" the chicken. Outside cheney, wa, dressed up for Christmas 2018

    Photographer: Caprice Buck

  • My daughter Marybelle Buck, with one of her Flemish giant rabbits and her pet chicken "Ditto". Taken outside cheney, wa on her Christmas break from EWU.

    Photographer: Caprice Buck

  • Should last about 10 minutes

    Photographer: Travis Owens

  • Day 1 - Napping after being rescued in Marietta Ga on Jan 10, 2012

    Photographer: Rene' Gatson

  • At home in Georgia on 6/18/14

    Photographer: Rene' Gatson

  • Breezey is a Pembroke Welch Corgie that just arrived in Liberty Lake. She loves playing in the snow and chasing her many new toys. This image was taken at Christmas 2016.

    Photographer: Rick Fredericksen

  • Unique perspective of the Spokesman Review Building. I bet you've never seen your building from this angle before. :) I wanted to frame the the architecture of your building through the architecture of another building. I think it's truly unique and anyone familiar with this area on Riverside will instantly recognize it.

    Photographer: William Swanson

  • Bo likes to staying cool in the yard while "helping" Mamma weed.

    Photographer: Kuray Oman

  • Yay for the last day of Sophomore year at Gonzaga Prep!

    Photographer: Amy Balenzano

  • Scout, a 3 month old golden retriever, takes his favorite 5 year old for a hike at Antoine Peak.

    Photographer: Todd Dunfield

  • Mz. Bella loves the bucket of water that the wonderful people leave for the dogs after their walks in the field near Whitworth University! This was a rather hot day and she decided to dive into it!

    Photographer: Lisa

  • Cielo's spa

    Photographer: Debbi Ogle

  • Zuzu the corgi sunbathing on the dock at Loon Lake, Washington

    Photographer: Alyssa Santos

  • Clarence the corgi enjoys the backyard and flower crowns

    Photographer: Alyssa Santos

  • Dog days of summer

    Photographer: Lori Myers

  • Staying cool in the back yard, June 2016

    Photographer: Heather Moxcey

  • Zack Seramur, Clydesdale Ambassador, and April, one of the two dalmatians traveling with the horses, take a break from greeting visitors at the fairground’s stable area.

    Photographer: Sharon Lindsay

  • Cinnamon is my daughters cat and she loves to sit on my office chair, especially when I need to sit there. This is the look she gives me that is supposed to persuade me from removing her.

    Photographer: Eric Blauer

  • Lily is a great cuddle buddy

    Photographer: Jessica Hotchkiss

  • Lily is a great cuddle buddy

    Photographer: Jessica Hotchkiss

  • Reunited with my tanker (flower) after she was taken nearly 2 years later at the west valley animal shelter.. thanks to west valley animal shelter I got my baby back!! She was so excited to see me.. We've been reunited close to a year now.

    Photographer: Carolann Lopez

  • My tanker loving my bed on my blanket... She is so spoiled and so loved!! This was 2 1/2 years ago right before she was taken but, we were reunited after nearly 2 years later thanks to west valley animal shelter.

    Photographer: Carolann Lopez

  • The best kind of snuggles👧🏼❤️😺

    Photographer: Nicole Jacoby

  • Big "brother" Rosie (my daughter insisted he was a girl) snuggling with foster kittens

    Photographer: Nicole Jacoby

  • Our toy poodle Vinny overlooking the St Joe River by Calder Idaho. He's very photogenic.

    Photographer: Shane Davis

  • Hunter having fun at legions dog daycare

    Photographer: Tom mccraley

  • Loving me my nap and cuddles

    Photographer: Sherrie Holland

  • Cooper on hillside in backyard - 5/4/16

    Photographer: Laurie

  • Tali is in her little blue wagon. We had just bought it and she wanted to check it out.

    Photographer: Marlana McOmber

  • This is Hurley--our mutt. This was on the beach at Kalaloch on the Olympic peninsula.

    Photographer: Linda Johnson

  • My best friend Bane

    Photographer: Bethany campbell

  • Bella Rose enjoying her morning hike near Whitworth and always up for a pose - she loves the camera!

    Photographer: Lisa

  • Misty love to hang out with her humans. We rescued her from SCRAPS as an adult cat. She's the sweetest kitty ever!

    Photographer: Jill Strom

  • Ms. Bella begging for treats...

    Photographer: Ross Thompson

  • Early morning snuggles or now that you're awake, get up and feed very spoiled Figueroa!

    Photographer: Kathy Thompson

  • Our dog Denali helping one of our chickens find grasshoppers at our home last summer. She flushes them out and the hens eat them up.

    Photographer: Ben Baird

  • Our dog Mattie and her bed time buddy. We where getting a hint we are up to late.

    Photographer: William Hardin

  • We had just painted our chicken coop with red barn paint. I was doing work on the inside and Little Bear couldn't see me. He panicked and tried to chew his way in. We called him "Lipstick" till the paint wore off! He was not amused...

    Photographer: Terrah Hatch

  • Brie the Corgi looking regal at the High Bridge dog park.

    Photographer: Katherine

  • our stupid cat, Marmalade, being stupid.

    Photographer: Bob Salsbury

  • This is Willis when he was younger. We call him "Mr. B" most of the time. Photo taken by me here in our house around 2006.

    Photographer: Cecil Williams

  • This is Cosgrove, AKA Mr. Woo. He is 11 years-old, and was a rescue from show dog culture. When I got him he was just three years-old, and he reminded me of a Woozle from Winnie the Pooh. He has many nicknames, but the Woozle name finally morphed to Mr. Woo, and so it is his primary name now. He is a charmer.

    Photographer: Gwen Kelley

  • Although her official name is Bella Rose Mitt Von Warnerhaus - I also call her MZ. B!!! She is such a happy puppy and loving her first spring!

    Photographer: Lisa

  • This is Solo. He's a Pyrenees/Golden Retriever mix. I raised him from a puppy and even the potty training and chewing on everything stages could never make me love him any less. He's now 120 pounds, but that doesn't stop him from thinking he's a lap dog. He also likes to give hugs by resting his head on your shoulder and wrapping his neck around yours.

    Photographer: Anne Taylor

  • This is my seven year old Arabian mare, Khyssie. She is my constant companion, my joy, and my partner on the trails in the north Spokane area. This photo was taken April 22nd, 2016 at the barn where she is boarded in Colbert.

    Photographer: Dawn Richard

  • October,2015 Las Vegas

    Photographer: tom mccraley

  • Mr Gates takes a nap!! Again!!

    Photographer: Dana

  • This is Charlie (black/white) and Olive (brown/tan). Charlie helped take care of Olive when she came to us as a one week old foster puppy. They are best buddies but she is definitely the one in charge. Photo taken a few months ago - Liberty Lake

    Photographer: Cris Kaminskas

  • Our two holligans enjoying an outing in north Idaho. Gotta love Danes!

    Photographer: Sarah

  • This is Jupiter! She's a one-year-old Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd mix. As long as there's a stick, a ball, or a toy to fetch she's a happy pup. This picture was taken in the hills at our home north of Green Bluff.

    Photographer: Dawn Richard

  • Our pup is a Small Munsterlander. He loves sleeping in the craziest positions. We call this one "Munster pose gone wild!"

    Photographer: Brenda

  • This is Zoey in 2010 on a backpacking trip to heart lake...she even wore her own backpack on the 9 mile trek up into the mountains so a refreshing swim in this lake was well deserved!

    Photographer: Meagan Lepire

  • Bella - Bubbles Part 2! Pure Puppy Amazement!

    Photographer: Lisa Mittleider

  • My doggy Titan with Micky!

    Photographer: June Scott

  • This picture is of my doggy Bravo and Kitty smooch! They were best friends!

    Photographer: June Scott

  • Our dog Sam loves living by Manito Park!

    Photographer: Stephanie Splater

  • This is Little Otto. He's fourteen years old, toothless, and deaf, but he has plenty of spunk and keeps us smiling. The photo was taken in February of this year at our home north of Green Bluff.

    Photographer: Dawn Richard

  • This is my 10 year old girl Peanut helping me do yardwork last weekend. She loves living in Hauser, there's plenty of wildlife for her to watch.

    Photographer: Sandy Graf

  • Spring calves on the Palouse.

    Photographer: Becky Israel

  • Our beloved old Border Collie , Fly and our grand daughter Emma , enjoying the sun.

    Photographer: Becky israel

  • "The Princess and the Pea" Minky on her stack of pillows on the couch.

    Photographer: Travis King

  • Sonny & Satchmo Love Springtime Sunshine, too!

    Photographer: Alice Galeotti

  • Piggy out enjoying a nice day chasing bubbles Who says pit bulls can't enjoy getting bubble

    Photographer: Jazmin

  • This is Pocket. She is very limber and shares this pose when expressing her feelings about National Dog Day...she also enjoys sending this selfie to her human friends a birthday greetings. She also dances and plays fetch...she is one weird but perfect cat...

    Photographer: Andrea

  • Reyna is a black boxer we rescued four years her "lap" is her best friend and sister, Mocha, who we adopted just for Reyna. Coeur d'Alene

    Photographer: Jeanne Stone Helstrom

  • 4 month old Luna sees it snow for the first time.

    Photographer: Jill Strom

  • Bella and the bubbles! 7 months old GSD - discovering bubbles for the first time!

    Photographer: Lisa Mittleider

  • Stewie must help me every day when I am working out of my home.

    Photographer: Debbie I

  • Gunner is now a 2.5 year old ACD or blue heeler, depending on what you want to call the breed. He loves to run around in the woods and he loves to chase birds and rabbits. He's smart as a whip and full of personality. We love him!

    Photographer: Cyndi Holbert

  • Our sweet girl, Siren, fought valiantly against multiple cancerous tumors. But she died on February 28, 2016 right after turning 12 years old. She was an amazing member of our family and it's been odd to not have her be part of our every day life. We were so lucky to have her and we miss her something fierce.

    Photographer: Cyndi Holbert

  • Just about a year old, but Lucy still looks like a puppy. She was rolling around on her back before we took this photo.

    Photographer: Jason Schriver

  • I adopted our cat "Skates" from Scraps a month ago :) he has the best sence of humor,loves to greet you everytime you walk into a room he is in..he's such a sweetheart♡ photo was taken in our home :)

    Photographer: Flora Roth

  • Titan was abandoned here in town. No one claimed him, so now he's ours:) He had untreated health issues, but now he is healthy, happy, and absolutely the sweetest little guy ever!

    Photographer: Carly Gannon

  • This is Marbles - he sits and watches tv like this. This picture was taken January 2013 at home in Priest Lake, Idaho.

    Photographer: Kari Davis

  • This is Fritzy. He's a year old St. Bernard. He is the light of my life and is so loved. He is the epitamy of a gentle giant. He's such a playful sweet dog who absolutely loves people! This was taken last fall in our back yard.

    Photographer: Bethany Ellifritz

  • This is Filbert laughing at the "No Barking" sign. This is a stop we made during a California road trip last October at Pt Reyes Station. He is a 4 year old Great Pyrenees who weights 104 lbs and loves to eat dirt.

    Photographer: Paige Wright

  • This is K2, our rescued cat who loves to relax with us in the evenings! Colbert, WA

    Photographer: Kathy Hull

  • This is Pogo, rescued from a horrible, abusive situation a few years ago and now so joyful and the love of our lives! Colbert, WA

    Photographer: Janet Walker

  • Window seat

    Photographer: Mary Sue

  • This Harvey, I have had him since he was 1 year old and now he is going on 12 years! He is still handsome as ever. Photo taken March 28, 2016 - Spangle, WA

    Photographer: Zach Agman

  • Dobie got slickered up for Easter..

    Photographer: Traci Obrecht

  • Our precious pups Leon Henrik and Lil Bit right after their grooming. These two helped us get over the death of our first papillon Rodeo, at 9 years old, last May.

    Photographer: Janis Goings

  • Bruno is our 95 pound, 9 month old Newfoundland, and Gavin is his "big brother. Though Bruno loves all of our four boys, I'm fairly confident that our youngest is his favorite. Gavin is the only one that our wiggly puppy will sit still for, and the two are inseparable. Watching these two grow up this year has been really fun (and very hairy)!

    Photographer: Annie Craven

  • This is our Fat Amy , the bulldog and Luna , our newest fur sister ! Pic was taking March 12 , a week after we adopted Luna. Our fur kids love to go for car rides! Luna has her travel stuff animal .

    Photographer: Desirae roberts

  • Helga, our Bernese Mountain Dog puppy

    Photographer: Misty O'Brien

  • Here's my grandpuppy Ainslee thrilled that she was able to hunt down and cram all five of Quincy's (my other grandpuppy) toys in her mouth. Her plan was to retreat to a quiet corner and remove all the stuffing from her treasures. Of course, we crushed her dream moments after this photo was taken.

    Photographer: Al Gilson

  • This is our rescue pitbull Gabanna, She loves cuddling, snacks and trips to the dog park!

    Photographer: Desiree Crawford

  • I took this the first day I had Nawley when she was eight weeks old. She was so happy she had a home that she couldn't stop meowing and purring- at the same time!

    Photographer: Sarah McMaster

  • Mr. Paco all dressed up for the party

    Photographer: sharon peluso

  • Buddy and Lucky like taking naps together

    Photographer: Michael Peluso

  • Zoe went to the groomers and Lucky is letting her know how pretty she is.

    Photographer: sharon peluso

  • My cat crip trying to get my attention while doing dishes

    Photographer: James Roberts

  • This is Basil, a 221 lb., just turned 3yr. old English Mastiff. Photo taken on 3/18/2016 at the back door, and he wants back in.

    Photographer: James F Vroman

  • My beautiful Tri Cavalier King Charles. "How's this pose Mom!" Taken at 2 years old - Feb 2016.

    Photographer: Vicki Magee

  • Ms. Zoe went to the groomers and Mr. Lucky is let her know she is beautiful

    Photographer: Mike Peluso

  • Mr. Lucky loves to sleep next to someone or on top of Mr. Buddy

    Photographer: Sharon Peluso

  • I found a lump in our bed that squeaked. This jus what I found! We adopted Jade about 8 years ago. My husband said the caption should read, " Don't bother me, I'm going back to sleep."

    Photographer: Kim Coltrin

  • I found a lump in our bed that squeaked. This jus what I found! We adopted Jade about 8 years ago. My husband said the caption should read, " Don't bother me, I'm going back to sleep."

    Photographer: Kim Coltrin

  • We adopted Jade, named for her beautiful eyes, 8 years ago from the pound. My husband said the caption should read, "Cat from hell" even though she's a little angel.

    Photographer: Kim Coltrin

  • We adopted Jade, named for her beautiful eyes, 8 years ago from the pound. My husband said the caption should read, "Cat from hell" even though she's a little angel.

    Photographer: Kim Coltrin

  • Moe Chapin

    Photographer: Sue Chapin

  • Kiki in a box...until a real one comes along.

    Photographer: Steve Wilson

  • Hank arrived as a foster kitty from POSNA (Pawsitive Outreach Spay & Neuter Alliance). He has such serious kitty PTSD that he was not adoptable. He found his forever home here and is loved very, very much.

    Photographer: Derek Weiser

  • Simon is one of his more introspective moments. He generally spends his days giving kisses and being the juggernaut of love.

    Photographer: Ken Cameron-Weiser

  • This is Shadow, our 8-year old English Cocker Spaniel, enjoying his first-ever downtown walk on Saturday, March 19, posing on the corner of Post and Riverside.

    Photographer: Steve Helmbrecht

  • Chablis glued to Zags game! Loves them Zags

    Photographer: Denise Hanson

  • Chablis glued to Zags game! Loves them Zags

    Photographer: Denise Hanson

  • Puppy Love. This is Oliver & Roxi. While cooking dinner one night I turned around to see these two in the living room behind me watching. I had to scrabble quickly to find the camera and take a picture before they got excited from me running around. I captured it just in time.

    Photographer: Wanita (Nita) Clifton

  • "Bird Watching" My sister's three cats watching birds in Alaska.

    Photographer: Mae Greenwood

  • We all have bad hair days.

    Photographer: Randee Bybee

  • I am the king of this castle!

    Photographer: Patti Livingstone

  • Photobombed by a duck!

    Photographer: Patti Livingstone

  • My friend's dog Jasper, taken at a friend's place in Newman Lake March 13th

    Photographer: Les Radnor

  • Birthday party--enough said! Presents and pupcakes to follow in Waitsburg, WA, taken a week ago.

    Photographer: Anne Bickelhaupt

  • Salem Caren terrier mini poodle cross. Taken in the car around Christmas. Puppy.

    Photographer: John Pardee

  • Dooley enjoying the beach at Loon Lake

    Photographer: Fritz Hyatt

  • Lovely stroll on a spring morning.

    Photographer: Randee Bybee

  • Our daughter's 1 year old minnie aussie Oakley. You can't see this dog without knowing how happy it had made her.

    Photographer: Nick Hoffman

  • My foster girl Leia is super exited to be heading to the river!

    Photographer: Jenifer Silcock

  • Clover enjoying the sunshine at Loon Lake, WA

    Photographer: Jim Scott

  • Belly flopper, Mojave Desert.

    Photographer: Scott Morrison

  • It feels just like yesterday that I said goodbye to my sweet boy Duma. He was the first dog that I ever owned. We both grew up together and Duma was my constant companion through the ups and downs of life for 10 amazing years. I will always remember his love for yellow tennis balls, roast beef, car rides, his crooked smile, walks at the dog park and listening to Ella Fitzgerald. He loved and protected his "people" with a passion that I have never seen. Your family misses you Duma! A piece of our hearts went with you when you flew free to heaven.

    Photographer: Meaghan Cobb

  • I lost my sweet Gizmo last month to pancreatitis. It was so difficult to say goodbye to my little guy, but I was so blessed to have him for 10 years. I miss him everyday.

    Photographer: Christina Hull

  • I had to let my little buddy go this week. After several days, I'm still not sure I have adequate words to express how deeply I miss this sweet girl. This is Ziva, my constant companion for nearly a third of my life. She stayed by my side (and sleeping on my pillow) through a wedding, law school, three babies, a bar exam, a divorce, the addition of a cat and two more dogs, and at least half a dozen moves. Her resiliency and loyalty was matched only by her desire to protect "her" kids, and maybe her seismic snoring. Here's to her full life of hoarding shoes, barking at dogs ten times her size, and showing unconditional love without hesitation. You will always be in my heart.

    Photographer: Emily Arneson

  • This is Ketchum Hell. We call him Ketch. He is a Southhill border collie. How he got his name: I lived in Ketchum, ID for 20 years. The local saying was "Ketchum Hell...we can't even find them" and they were talking about us locals.

    Photographer: Larry Klavano

  • Even our cats are Cougars! That's Buccaneer.

    Photographer: Libby Forsyth

  • This is Duke. He was in a bad place when we found him he had been beaten and not taken care of his collar was so tight around his neck when I took it off him he had a horrible cut across his neck. He is doing amazing now a year later he's healthy and with his forever home. I love him more then words!

    Photographer: Catlyn Thurman

  • This is Loki, our Maremma livestock guardian dog, and one of his young Angora goat charges, Rey. Although, he is a working dog, he is very much a beloved member of the family and team at the Rusty Spur Ranch.

    Photographer: Susan Schroeder

  • Sandi was a rescue dog and now is my hiking partner and inspiration to explore.

    Photographer: Jesse Johnson

  • My daughter Emily and her show heifer Hazel. Emily has been halter training Hazel in preparation for the upcoming show season. Picture taken in our barn in Mica, WA a week or two ago.

    Photographer: Alondra Sheard

  • Junior turned 16 on Halloween he is our 2nd orange cat hence the name

    Photographer: Ron Owens

  • Junior turned 16 on Halloween he is our 2nd orange cat hence the name

    Photographer: Ron Owens

  • Mick loves his tennis balls.

    Photographer: Terry Duffy

  • This is Mick. We currently found 26 tennis balls hidden under the dining room cabinet. He loves his tennis balls.

    Photographer: Terry Duffy

  • My husband and son playing with our goats. Princess is on top and this is her favorite game. "King of the Human". Or in this case queen.

    Photographer: Alex Sills

  • 6 month old Bella GSD - first trip to the beach last week - Queen of the Sand Hill! She had a blast!

    Photographer: Lisa Mittleider

  • This blue-eyed boy was adopted in 2010! I can't take him anywhere without his beautiful eyes and warm, goofy personality stealing the show. This picture was taken Sunday March 6th at Fort Spokane!

    Photographer: Amber

  • My doggies Ozzie an Tucker. Are we spokanites or what?

    Photographer: Keri

  • Our son Liam and our fur baby Yoda taking a nap together

    Photographer: Samantha

  • Bernie rescued through WABR and Bear through foster and SCRAPS

    Photographer: Mary Knudsen

  • Happy trails with Miss Riley on North Chilco Peak in Idaho

    Photographer: Chris Shafer

  • These 2 sisters were dumped and left for dead in Newman Lake. I found them and took them in. After fighting parvo for a few months they both made a full recovery and now are crazy smart although very mischievous. Riley and Kona.

    Photographer: Gordy Dhatt

  • Brownie was a chained dog I rescued the summer of '06. He had no food or water, and God knows how long he'd been out there. I finally had the guts to confront the "owners," who simply said I could have them as they forget to feed him, nor wanted him. He was feral from his early days of neglect, but with lots of love and patience has turned into the best dog I've ever had. Brownie has had a good life. He's stayed at the Davenport several times, ran on the beach on the Pacific Ocean, swam countless times in my dad's pool, hiked with me all around the area, and was there looking over my daughter the day she was born. He continues to protect her, now 6, to this day. Brownie recently was diagnosed with a very aggressive bone cancer, and endured having his front left leg amputated as well as 5 rounds of chemo. He has been so tough through it all. He's still so happy, every day, just to be with his family. Here he is on February 1, 2016, after he completed chemo, in Spokane WA.

    Photographer: Lesley Johnson

  • Maci and jake, maci (shepherd) came from spokanimal a year ago and we love her to death. Jake my little jack I rescued from someone on Craigslist about 7 years ago. Both are our favorite puppies ever! This was today as I was home sick from work.

    Photographer: Michelle Flerchinger

  • I am Zoe's third home. Adopted from Julia's Jungle. She is somewhere between 12-15. This girl has my heart completely

    Photographer: Terri Ortiz

  • Waylon (Spokane Humane Society alum) and Hank (Spokanimal) are all smiles!

    Photographer: Arin Martinez

  • Smudge was a stray. I met him online. I adopted him from SpokAnimal CARE to play the part of "Sandy" in "Annie" at Spokane Civic Theatre. He has his own page on Facebook! Caption: Smudge looks to the future. (Spokane, WA)

    Photographer: Val Hughes

  • "...and on our farm we have a pig..." Our blondie, Jayla, enjoying a mud bath after a run with the tennis ball.

    Photographer: Diane Morrison

  • Our German Shepard, Major, always watching over our kids.

    Photographer: Colleen Yancey

  • Our two year old son Liam with our newly adopted fur baby Yoda, they're already best buddies! ❤️

    Photographer: Samantha Hodnett

  • My son Tanner & his "little brother" Joey Cash Ramone eating a healthy breakfast before school!

    Photographer: Mandy Mae Hansen

  • Our little Ramsey lives for car rides and walks.

    Photographer: Barb Goforth

  • The night I came home from doing N nation my babies were confuse and didn't know what to think

    Photographer: Christina ogle

  • She was part of the big animal hoarding rescue in Tonasket about 10 years ago and was born in the back of a rescue van on the way to Spokanimal :)

    Photographer: Mary Rua

  • Tucker and Michaelangelo Ninja Dude taking a nap :-) Mikey loves to snuggle. This picture was taken a year and a half ago but will always be one of my favorite pictures!

    Photographer: Nicole Klingele

  • Meet Jynx! Jynx was abandoned at a truck stop in California at three weeks old in October 2015. My husband, a truck driver, found her and took her in. They have been great traveling companions ever since. Jynx needed a strong protector, and he needed a little loving companion while out on the road.

    Photographer: Vanessa

  • Brady and his 4 legged best friend Cooper

    Photographer: Emerald Dewey

  • Barney is a 4 1/2-year-old Pekingese/Tibetan Spaniel mix rescue. He is sweet, friendly, active yet also mellow, stubborn--and a great companion. The photo was taken in June 2014 in my home in Huntington Woods, MI. He enjoys sitting on and sleeping on my bed.

    Photographer: Roslyn Schindler

  • Our cat, Ners, on our back fence in Liberty Lake. That's the Spokane River in the background, the mountains even farther back.

    Photographer: Kelly Burgess

  • "On the Road Again" I know Bailey can't wait until it's time to go huckleberry picking again.

    Photographer: Michelle (Mickey) Peterson

  • Gracie sunning herself on the front porch at Corbin Park.

    Photographer: Gene Brake

  • My daughter reading to her cat Stella. Stella doesn't cuddle with anyone but her master Ava!

    Photographer: Jenn

  • My son and his cat Muffin. She doesn't miss a family walk!

    Photographer: Jenn

  • Zoe enjoying the Spokanimal dog park at Highbridge. I rescued her from SCRAPS as a "senior" on February 8. She and I bonded instantly, and most people cannot believe we've only been together for a few weeks. She is an absolute joy.

    Photographer: Natalie

  • Meet Bella and Finn - sister and brother pure bred German Shepherds - Bella is my girl and Finn is my son's - they have play dates about every two weeks - here Bella is telling her brother Finn a joke and got him laughing!

    Photographer: Lisa Mittleider

  • Center of attention

    Photographer: Gloria Bible

  • Ready for the lake

    Photographer: Gloria Bible

  • The Red Baron, Frederick (also known as The Red Baron). As you can see he is ready to board his airplane. He has his goggles on, his hat, and red scarf. Frederick is a ham and loves to have his picture taken. The picture was taken on my bed, June 2015.

    Photographer: Arlene Luskin

  • Princess & Runt - sister kitties born in my closet 15 years ago. Runt was the runt of the litter and now weighs 14 lbs...

    Photographer: Liz

  • This is Carl enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon.

    Photographer: Dan price

  • This is Carl enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon.

    Photographer: Dan price

  • Yeti, Underhill Park, Dec 2015

    Photographer: Heidi Montez

  • Harrison is fairly young and picks on his cat brothers, the best way to capture him and keep him occupied is to trap him in a cat tunnel toy :)

    Photographer: Vanessa

  • Squirrel!! This is Emma, my giant schnauzer. Post Falls, ID.

    Photographer: Alison Koch

  • Two best friends! This is Orange and Clancy, a Tabby and Blue Point Balinese. Age difference is 7 years, but that doesn't matter!

    Photographer: Michelle Lombard

  • Bella - staying warm on Christmas Eve.

    Photographer: Brian Billingsley

  • Khaleesi is a feral I rescued/ trapped. She has been lnside for 8 months now. This is the first time she let me touch her :)

    Photographer: Tammy

  • Tiger is 18. Ernie (standing up) is 7. Tiger has outlived 3 of my cats and has loved each and every one :)

    Photographer: Tammy

  • Lola went missing for a whole month. One day she just reappeared and was asleep on my bed when I woke up.

    Photographer: Megan McCracken

  • Mr Gates just lives lounging on Dr VanTassel after a hard day hunting mice...... Jan 2016

    Photographer: Dana VanTassel

  • Morrisina was rescued from a cold barn and was dirty and sick. Now she lives in the lap of luxury in Liberty Lake.

    Photographer: Rick Fredericksen

  • Morrisina was rescued from a cold barn and was dirty and sick. Now she lives in the lap of luxury in Liberty Lake.

    Photographer: Rick Fredericksen

  • Toby (dog) and Oliver (cat) just hanging out at home

    Photographer: Breanna

  • Sweet Baby James rocks Mardi Gras.

    Photographer: Teresa McFaddden

  • Our schnoodle Molly, taken in 2010 in the living room. She just turned 10 years old.

    Photographer: Valerie Adams

  • Our cat, Kasey, taken 2008 in our family room. He will be 15 years old in May.

    Photographer: Valerie Adams

  • JULY, 2015 - Fluffy would sit on my lap in the morning and "help me read the paper". Sadly, he died in October at the age of 20, but I have many good memories.

    Photographer: Trudy Raymond

  • Meet Mr. Balan. He is a fantastic old gentleman with impeccable manners. 12 1/2 years young. Retired from obedience competition, he now lends me his gorgeous self as a model for my pet photography business.

    Photographer: Rachel Moore

  • Lexie & Koa - Our fur Babies Taken December 2010 in our home.

    Photographer: Connie Kekahuna

  • Ellie LOVES the NW snow!

    Photographer: Wendy

  • Daisy the Sheltie on the slide in the little dog play area at Paws and Claws Pet Resort.

    Photographer: Tudy Gilbert, Owner

  • Molly, the Chihuahua in the garden for little dogs at Paws & Claws Pet Resort Cda Id - late spring

    Photographer: Tudy Gilbert, Owner

  • Sammy Girl

    Photographer: Tom Tyson

  • Bella the Beagle lives in Liberty Lake and enjoys the trails adjoining the Saltese wetlands. This photo was taken in late January on a moody day.

    Photographer: Rick Fredericksen

  • Typically begging face of Charlie - rescued from the Kootenai Humane Society

    Photographer: Cris Kaminskas

  • Tired baby! He was outside most of Saturday enjoying the sunshine!

    Photographer: Kerri Schoolcraft

  • This is Henry. Adopted last spring of 2015. He came from CA. To spokanimal. He 1-1/2 years old. Poodle mix. He loves the sun, and loves to play with his many toys.

    Photographer: Mike, & Shirlee

  • Our kitten Glover trying to nurse off our Rot/Lab Wyle.

    Photographer: Caryn Resch

  • Willow Rose - Puppy to 1 1/2 years old. My family consists of a family of 8 Pomeranians, a Papillon and a Dachshund and two peeps. :)

    Photographer: Lori Lindquist

  • Best buds, Saucy and Pete. One tall & one small. Spokane, 2015.

    Photographer: mark momb

  • Winter time in Liberty Lake. Good thing Pete has his jacket.

    Photographer: Jenifer Silcock

  • Winter time in Liberty Lake. Good thing Pete has his jacket.

    Photographer: Jenifer Silcock

  • Harold Thomas the Wiener Extraordinaire. My first (of many) wiener dog.

    Photographer: Jenifer silcock

  • Miss Sophie at 10 weeks old. In her loving home.

    Photographer: Gerardo Garnica

  • My poodle and orange cat posing - they are the best of friends.

    Photographer: kena pratt

  • Misty is an adult cat rescued at SCRAPS. She's a great cat! We adore her.

    Photographer: Jill Strom

  • Toby and Tilly

    Photographer: Jerry Hynes

  • The cat likes to steal the dog's bed.

    Photographer: Heidi

  • My two border collies kind of love each other. Ted, 12 weeks old, and Ranger, 5 years old. Photo taken up in the mountains above the Wenatchee valley.

    Photographer: Katie Jourdan

  • This is Jimmy and his feet were cold so I bought him socks..the ones on sale so yes they are girly but work just fine he didn't seem to care!!

    Photographer: Laura

  • Mini Cooper the doxie. He will be 1 on 2/1/16!!

    Photographer: Darcy and Greg Lafrenz

  • Our minpin Zeus acting as a willing pillow for Zadie, the minpin-Chihuahua mix.

    Photographer: Katrina Weissig

  • Profesa decided to take this off the scarf hook. Miss fancy pants.

    Photographer: Katie M. Riley

  • Tressy and Sweeny after a 4 mile walk. 1/27/2015 in the car.

    Photographer: Katie M. Riley

  • "Please throw the ball!" This picture of Kyra was taken this in December.

    Photographer: Carrie Strauch

  • Kyra is my 9 year old lab. She loves water -doesn't matter if she is swimming in it or standing over. This was taken last summer.

    Photographer: Carrie Strauch

  • Kyra is my 9 year old lab. She loves water doesn't matter if she is swimming in it or standing over.

    Photographer: Carrie Strauch

  • My grandson has been sick with flu and a severe ear infection. Somehow Daisy always knows how to brighten his day. She has been his guardian since they day we brought him home.

    Photographer: Brook Cunningham

  • My grandson has been super sick with the flu and an ear infection, our cat Daisy however always brightens his day no matter what! She has been his guardian since they day he was born.

    Photographer: Brook Cunningham

  • This is our cat Andrew doing his garden gnome impersonation in our South Hill garden.

    Photographer: Tom Zysk

  • This is our cat Magellan enjoying his favorite TV programming - nature shows when he's not out in our South Hill yard.

    Photographer: Tom Zysk

  • Max just chillin

    Photographer: Pam chavira

  • My snow doodle Cooper (Chattaroy, Washington)

    Photographer: Judith Stark-Shaw

  • January 29, 2016 South Hill Boo Boo and her favorite toy.

    Photographer: Misti Pierceall

  • January 29, 2016 Packing for the weekend and I found my cat Milo hinting not so subtly that he should be going too!

    Photographer: Misti Pierceall

  • Meer cat always photogenic

    Photographer: Chris wolf

  • This dopey guy is another child to me, except he doesn't smart off to me :) I love him to the moon and back!

    Photographer: Brook Cunningham

  • Our newest member to the family, little Morgan.

    Photographer: Becky

  • My little guy. Sir Henry is 4 years old and is very sweet. When he is really happy, he drools. Lol.

    Photographer: Shawn

  • Morning already?

    Photographer: Jeanne Thompson

  • Who is gonna blink first?

    Photographer: Jeanne Thompson

  • Elizabeth says her bedtime prayers.

    Photographer: Jeanne Thompson

  • This is Bailey, He is a sooner, sooner be one kind as another. He is white with brown spots. He was adopted from Scraps, He has been in our home for a year now and has brought us so much joy and entertainment.

    Photographer: Carolyn Lewis

  • Love my husband, but this is my second favorite face to wake up to.

    Photographer: Melissa Smith

  • Nemo, Doxie/Yorkie

    Photographer: David Adams

  • "Guido and Ellie waiting for Santa" Taken at our house around Christmas, 2016

    Photographer: Ed and Glennda Simpson

  • THis is Eve our FB Boer doeling. She is the barn clown. Loves to jump off of anything she can. She is owned by Ashlynn Charles. Who visits Rosalia Every summer!

    Photographer: Tanya Borkholder

  • My daughter's green-eyed cat--Pamina.

    Photographer: Renae Meredith

  • Tucker our wonder dog waiting for his pool to be filled. Tucker is a rescue dog from Boise, when he was leaving his foster home he jumped out the drivers window and shattered his pelvic bone, My wife and I got a call from Power Of The Paws to meet us At liberty Lake Vet, after xrays we were told he needed surgrey and put a steel plate in and piece the bone back together. Power Of The Paw asked us if we still wanted him which we did and they paid for the surgrey, Tucker has come a long way, he can run like a bullet, catch a frisbee 6 feet in the air, swim like a fish and become the best dog I have ever had. Tucker our Wonder dog

    Photographer: Dan Sheldon

  • Penny, the Bernese Mountain Dog. Taken in Cove, Oregon, summer of 2015

    Photographer: Sharon Lowary

  • Tessa, the "American Shelter Dog". I worked with a rescue group for about 10 years, taking dogs from the local shelters and finding them homes. This one found a home with me and I have had her for 7 years. She packs a toy with her almost everywhere and always greets visitors with the current favorite. This was taken in the back yard, shortly after she (and I) realized she was staying here forever.

    Photographer: Sharon Lowary

  • Henry telling me he is ready for bed

    Photographer: Bridget Luby

  • Pearl doing what she does best!

    Photographer: Bridget Luby

  • Best buddies. Henry and Pearl

    Photographer: Bridget Luby

  • Tucker loves his sockmonkey bed! I was the lucky human who found him 5 years ago as an unclaimed stray at a shelter in Fairbanks AK. He likes to play soccer in his yard here in Spokane. He is such a happy and funny fellow...makes me smile all the time!!

    Photographer: Jeannine Senechal

  • My family yells at each other all day. I bark once and they tell me to "be quiet"! Taken at my home in December 2015.

    Photographer: Haidon Storro

  • Our 2 week old baby boer goats! Dog sweaters work great to keep them warm!! They are so fun!!

    Photographer: Sherry Burnham

  • Gabby and Maxx relaxing at home. Photo was taken 10 years ago. Gabby passed away this past year and is really missed.

    Photographer: Joel Umemoto

  • Minnie Me cleaning Miss Ashton's ear last night. 1/27/16...have a video of it too!!

    Photographer: Sherry Burnham

  • Minnie Me cleaning Miss Ashton's ear last night. 1/27/16...have a video of it too!!

    Photographer: Sherry Burnham

  • Stash, my beagle near Riverside State Park, on the lookout for coyotes. Photo taken just before all the snow melted.

    Photographer: charles wisowaty

  • Sadie the sweet Golden Retriever - Relaxing on Mom's and Dad's bed.

    Photographer: Roni Clayton

  • I call this Kitty, "Minksie" --she is one of the strays I feed outside. She allows me to pet her and as you can see, becomes a ball of fur during the winter. She has no tail, born that way, and walks with a bit of a limp.

    Photographer: Lorraine Krank

  • Kert likes to join me in the morning while I have my coffee and read the paper.

    Photographer: Steven Baumann

  • Reilly and Devon sporting their Seahawks vests - January 2015.

    Photographer: Linda Murphy

  • Thor loves taking selfies with his sissy

    Photographer: Cari Garrison

  • Our two "pocket rockets," Chancey & Jeffrey. They look like they are from the Sam litter, but Chauncey is a chihuahua and Jeffrey is a rat terrier. They live to play hide and seek and wrestle. Chauncey is the alpha.

    Photographer: Sara Ferris

  • "Mom, I can't keep my glasses on my face!" Where: Cheney, WA When: August 2013

    Photographer: Suzanne Jennings

  • Georgie relaxing during November 2015 Power Outage

    Photographer: Shelly Stevens

  • Never, Spokane rescue dog, at Stinson Beach, California August 2015

    Photographer: Piper Peterson

  • Model for Devon & Drew dog apparel taken in Bangkok, Thailand 12/2015

    Photographer: Piper Peterson

  • Tucker and Looloo hanging out in the backyard.

    Photographer: Jeff Robinson

  • Gus and Finnegan waiting patiently for their hike.

    Photographer: Martha Fleming

  • Mica loves being at Schweitzer!

    Photographer: Stu and Laurel Randall

  • Duke wishing for pizza.

    Photographer: The Rauer Family

  • Chasing deer from inside. 0tis Orchards, fall 2015

    Photographer: Val

  • Duke daydreaming July 2014 Our deaf pitbull cross

    Photographer: Errin Nelson

  • Angus, Chesapeake Bay Retriever August 2015

    Photographer: Errin Nelson

  • Barclay takes 5 to smell the balsam root last spring in the woods next door.

    Photographer: Stacey Cowles

  • Jan 26th, 8:12pm Thor and Summer taking a selfie together

    Photographer: Cari Jennen Garrison

  • That PNW bus

    Photographer: Sam seay

  • Kato explores the Palouse

    Photographer: Sam seay

  • Little monster

    Photographer: Erica Blair

  • Diggory's wedding to the mio pup

    Photographer: Erica Blair

  • A late fall afternoon, it was cool outside but too sunny for her to want to come in

    Photographer: Erica Blair

  • We got her from the humane society. We're told she was abandoned at a landfill as a kitten and suffered severe malnutrition causing eye issues and deformed growth- she is so long and small! We love her just the way she is

    Photographer: Erica Blair

  • BFFs

    Photographer: Erica Blair

  • Deep thoughts with Lieutenant Dan.

    Photographer: Caroline Smaldon

  • Lieutenant Dan

    Photographer: Caroline Smaldon

  • Our Gracie loves to sit and watch the fire.

    Photographer: Donna

  • This is our baby Lola who has just stole all the pillows and is now smelling her feet.

    Photographer: Katie Yetter

  • Lucy, the guardian, watching the morning sunrise. Valleyford, Wa

    Photographer: Cathy Dietrich

  • Marley on the left, Kush on the right

    Photographer: Robbie Smith

  • My parents older black lab, Bode, with my new beagle, Cleo. Just two pups watching the snow fall.

    Photographer: Amanda Kologi

  • Our lazy chocolate, Violet. Whenever we can't find her, we check the couch. There she is, snoring!

    Photographer: Joe and Marci Gannon

  • This is my little girl. Never more than arms' length away. Sits in my laps while I'm doing my makeup for work every morning. Lays her head on my chest when she wants loves and belly rubs.

    Photographer: Lori

  • This is our dog, Juno. He is our friend and protector! Summer 2015, at home in Loon Lake

    Photographer: Clara Wilson

  • Every time I have ice cream my Oreo kitty has to have some.

    Photographer: Rebecca Cox

  • The business end of my bird crazy calico

    Photographer: Travis Owens

  • Cassie always has to be laying on her brother Roscoe.

    Photographer: Rebecca Cox

  • This is Cody enjoying the sunshine.

    Photographer: Terri Fossum

  • Marco James. Photo taken spring 2013.

    Photographer: Amanda Strebeck

  • My first boy with our loving pit spike!! Such a gentle giant!!

    Photographer: Rabecca

  • Custer, our Akita/Sheppard mix, just chilling in the sun with his hedgehog

    Photographer: Cat House

  • Newt, our shelter rescue cattle dog mix, LOVES the snow!!!

    Photographer: Cat House

  • Sadie, my daughter's Jack Russell Terrier on her soft throne.

    Photographer: Becky Israel

  • Our Boxer boy, Beau.

    Photographer: Tim Colquhoun

  • Rylee and her old puppy as she called him. October 2015

    Photographer: Marci read

  • Just relaxing with one eye open with my favorite sweater!

    Photographer: Shawnna

  • This is the way we take a nap at our house everybody has a spot.

    Photographer: Grace&Brenda

  • My Kricket enjoying the snow for the first time in 2010 Knoxville TN

    Photographer: Grace & Brenda

  • My dog Chevy and my hubby napping together, Chevy has since passed this was taken last year.

    Photographer: linda Fifield

  • Satchmo (goldendoodle 10 yrs) & Sonny (Havanese 9 mos)

    Photographer: Alice Galeotti

  • After disappearing for over 24 hours my two dogs came home, pictured is our Boxer and my youngest daughter and our cat Grey. The curled up with each other for a few hours and all 3 fell asleep.

    Photographer: Karri Newman

  • 7week old Hank waiting for Mom to get home from the store

    Photographer: Melissa Ehrmantraut

  • Nap time!

    Photographer: Melissa Ehrmantraut

  • Everyday, this 2 year old goofy lab sits here watching squirrels, posing as if his portrait was being painted on a canvas, while ensconced in velvet.

    Photographer: Laurie Morrison

  • This sweet girl was adopted at 4 years old. She now find herself "Queen of the Castle", center of the fire, the room and our attention.

    Photographer: Laurie Morrison

  • "My cat, Odin, enjoys trying to smuggle his way out of my tiny apartment in any way possible. This has been, to date, his most elaborate ruse."

    Photographer: Kip Hill

  • This is Lola, taken recently. When I first saw her back in March, she was a crying, terrified, clearly indoor cat who had been tossed outside and abandoned by my neighbors and was crying day and night to get back in. After a week of coaxing this heartbroken, shy creature, she finally came running to me and has been warm, loved and fed ever since. It's been a fairly slow process for her to learn to trust completely, but she's become part of our family and converted two cat "dislikers" into her slaves... I mean family.

    Photographer: Erika Deasy

  • My daughter and her 90lb labradoodle.

    Photographer: Kera Knudsen

  • Taking an afternoon nap with my best friend! This is my son Gabriel and his furry best friend Maestro. Maestro loves his human and follows him everywhere. This cat is a true gem and this picture shows exactly why. We love our Persian! ♡♡ Picture taken 2 years ago in our home during nap time.

    Photographer: Sarah Easley

  • This is my buddy Einstein. He rescued me 11 years ago from the animal shelter. Love this guy. This photo was taken in brownes addition in Spokane, WA.

    Photographer: Teresa Marie Johnson

  • Nap time for Sophia and tyson.

    Photographer: Sue Joy

  • Luna, a Siamese/Persian mix who turns a year old next month.

    Photographer: Caroline Pate

  • 'Mommy, can we have a sleep over?' Back in July, our 9mo old son Weston and our gentle giant, an American Lab names Nash, who just turnes 2! These two have been inseparable since we brought Weston home and are the best of friends today.

    Photographer: Lynn Buhl

  • This is Max. He is a 3 year old Miniature Schnauzer

    Photographer: Sarah Beal

  • Nap time.

    Photographer: Anya

  • Our Maine Coon, Smokey was not happy...this is our kitchen window, and he wanted in!

    Photographer: Sue Riener

  • A pig (goliath)and his stuffed bunny

    Photographer: Stephani

  • Stella enjoying the view while on a hike in North Idaho.

    Photographer: Jonquil Henderson

  • This one left me laughing...Herman the cat and Stella the dog snuggling!

    Photographer: Jonquil Henderson

  • This is Dusty with my husband Roger. We are on the Bremerton Ferry in early December, after visiting our children and grandchildren in Port Angeles. He's ten pounds of fearless mutt. He's a rescue dog from the Spokanimal and experiencing all the delights of a northwest winter. At just over a year old he has learned to 'sit', 'shake', and 'down' (on his belly)... INSIDE the house. Outside the house he becomes deaf and turns into a traveling man. Thunder and lightning intrigue him, all other dogs must want to be his friend, because he thinks he's brilliant.

    Photographer: Nina Rudd

  • This is Biscuit. He loves everything from walks to naps and will literally eat anything that gets close enough to his mouth, even if its in your hand. He is the cutest pit-bull corgi I have ever known.

    Photographer: marlee and erich herrbach

  • Athena snuggled up with her brother, Cayden on the way back from Papas house. She is a five year old Boxer/Mastiff mix

    Photographer: Jenny

  • Our "Munster" loves to go camping in the Black Hills of South Dakota!

    Photographer: Brenda Velasco

  • Lucy is my absolute best canine friend. She loves the outdoors and snow especially.

    Photographer: Chris Magera

  • Guen and Kamp, our 6yo cousins turned siblings

    Photographer: Staci Brown

  • Guen and Kamp, our 6yo cousins turned siblings

    Photographer: Staci Brown

  • Duke at our house recently. Resting after taking care of his ranch duties.

    Photographer: Joanne Paul

  • Duke at our house recently. Resting after taking care of his ranch duties.

    Photographer: Joanne Paul

  • Rosie has some separation anxiety issues but we've learned to keep the remote and any candy that might be around out of reach. She lays on her bed in our bedroom with the TV on while we're gone. This seems to keep her out of trouble. She is a rescue from the Humane Society on Flora, terribly skinny when we got her she has filled out nicely now. This photo was taken after I got home from work

    Photographer: Ron Owens

  • Rosie has some separation anxiety issues but we've learned to keep the remote and any candy that might be around out of reach. She lays on her bed in our bedroom with the TV on while we're gone. This seems to keep her out of trouble. She is a rescue from the Humane Society on Flora, terribly skinny when we got her she has filled out nicely now. This photo was taken after I got home from work

    Photographer: Ron Owens

  • The adult cat, Bubba, came to Spokane with us when we moved from Chicago. The baby, Scout, a 10-week-old rescue from SCRAPS is Bubba's new companion. Here are the two waiting for the "ghost" to emerge from the heating grate in the kitchen.

    Photographer: Marilee

  • Cosmo, the adopted dog of steel. SCRAPS found him running in the street near Shadle - no one ever came and looked for him at the pound. The perfect gentleman, he's never put a paw wrong, and just around Christmas time he finally learned how to fetch a ball.

    Photographer: Chris Lang

  • Luke is a California dog who loves the snow! He's adapting well to Idaho living!

    Photographer: Staci Michaels

  • BellaRose = 13 weeks young - sable German Shepard - the love of my life - this is her Edible Nylabone "hangover" morning.

    Photographer: Lisa Mittleider

  • Skipper left us on Dec. 1. He wasn't what you'd call a good dog - he stole food, ignored calls to heel or come and was generally pretty grouchy. But he was loved.

    Photographer: Addy Hanley

  • Bandit (orange tabby) and Jumble (calico) relaxing on their couch at home.

    Photographer: Kat Smith

  • Mister and his little sister Curly Sue getting used to their new home.

    Photographer: Alison Boggs

  • Polly on the lookout for birds and squirrels at Heyburn State Park over the July 4 holiday last summer.

    Photographer: Kimberly Lusk

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