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Neo-Nazi goes kaput; he was 666

Doug Clark The Spokesman-Review

Richard Butler, der Fuehrer of North Idaho’s neo-Nazi Aryan Nations, has gone kaput, putting white supremacists in the awkward position of having to wear black.

He was 86.

Or 666, depending on your value system.

Following a service of Wagner music and a eulogy from David Duke, Butler will be lowered into a bunker somewhere on Jackboot Hill.

Note from a reliable Jewish source:

“The Children of Israel will NOT be sitting shivas.”

In life, Richard Butler was a fascist’s fascist, openly expressing his affection for Hitler, the Third Reich and Wiener schnitzel.

Chances are he was partial to Mussolini, too.

Butler believed the Holocaust was a hoax. He wanted to ship black people back to Africa.

He always treated his German shepherd guard dogs with respect, but that’s a given.

Butler was the unofficial Col. Klink of the Potato State before losing his 20-acre Hayden headquarters – Stalag Dummkopf – in a court battle.

Butler’s many years at his small cult in the pines were happy ones, where he enjoyed pure air and purer bloodlines.

As the Rev. Butler, he encouraged a small, but fiercely psychotic, band of worshippers to give their hearts to Jesus and commit major felonies.

Despite his controversial nature, Butler always thought of himself as a people person. He once noted with pride that he limited his enemies to only Jews, people of color, Mexicans, liberals, the media, conservatives, moderates, Republicans, Democrats, Rotarians, Shriners, veterinarians and the sane.

Butler was a familiar fixture at the Aryan Nations store, where he often enjoyed puttering amid the racist bumper stickers, hate pamphlets and Nazi souvenirs.

In its heyday, Butler’s compound was the site of a number of World Aryan Conferences. The event attracted some of America’s foremost nonincarcerated skinheads and Ku Klux Klan members. These dignitaries came to study the finer points of advanced cross burning, swastika folding and assault rifle repair.

It wasn’t all work and no play. There was plenty of time for participants to compete in spirited games of “Guess Who’s Under the Sheet” and “Open Fire on the Mongrel Races.”

Summer was also the time for Butler’s annual Aryan parade.

Unfortunately for Coeur d’Alene merchants and Chamber of Commerce officials, Butler stubbornly insisted on conducting it through the middle of town.

Ignoring jeers from the rational, Butler rode proudly as the parade’s Grand Martian while his goose-stepping faithful and FBI moles followed him like lap dogs down Sherman Avenue.

A renaissance racist, Butler also dabbled in politics.

Running for mayor of Hayden on the GOB (Grand Old Bigot) party, candidate Butler campaigned on a platform of teaching “Mein Kampf” in the schools, ransacking Rathdrum and an extended January white sale.

Though never elected, Butler did manage to once sweep the toothless hill folk vote.

Proving the good die young, Butler managed to hang on for years before he finally succumbed to too much bile and a chronic black heart.

Informed of his departure Wednesday, North Idaho residents were spotted bracing themselves for a tourism boom, rising real estate values and an end to childhood night terrors.

A simple man, Butler managed a number of profound accomplishments, some of which include:

“ Inspiring The Order, which robbed armored cars and murdered a Jewish radio talk show host.

“ Being tried and acquitted for trying to overthrow the government.

“ Always remembering Adolf Hitler’s birthday.

Oh, Dickie, we hardly knew ye.

And now you’re gone.

There lies Richard Butler – as always.