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Seeking informative, up-to-date sources

Jill Wagner Correspondent

I have a request. It’s related to something I’d like to practice more diligently in the new year. When you get a free moment, send me the names of newspapers, magazines, newsletters, books or Web sites that you read to keep up on LGBTQ issues. The number of places to look for news and opinions is overwhelming, and part of me wants to shrink from the desire to read, but then I succumb to the hope to be more aware and seek up-to-date reporting and perspectives.

The thing is, I know there are good sources that I have yet to discover. And, I know there are publications bent toward political positions to the right of mine that could be extremely useful in expanding my understanding of what and how my fellow citizens think. So, bring it on. Feed me some titles and Web addresses.

I’ll start by offering some here.

The Advocate calls itself the “national gay and lesbian newsmagazine,” and since my subscription began six months ago, I’ve found it most compelling for movie and book reviews. The news is useful but sometimes falls short of what the teasers on the cover promise. I enjoy the magazine’s Web site much more thoroughly. The site’s coverage of breaking and daily news is quite good and has included ongoing coverage of the Mayor Jim West story.

A refreshing, recent find was, a Web site maintained by Ontario (Canada) Consultants on Religious Tolerance. The site mandate is: “To promote religious tolerance and freedom. To describe religious faiths in all their diversity. To describe controversial topics from all points of view.” The topics include marriage equality and equal rights for all people.

Regional gay and lesbian publications are fun to pick up when traveling, and many include national news. Leaving Spokane, though, isn’t required to access some of these magazines. New York City’s Gay City News can be found at

A medium that I have recently dared to peruse is blogs. The blogosphere (as writers of these online journals call their virtual collection of diaries) is vast and wacky and full of references I don’t understand. Yet, some blogs are good bits of news analysis and do a synthesis of the day’s stories that I wouldn’t have the resources to do on my own. One of these blogs, www.choiceofthepeople., is written by a local man who says his national readership is increasing steadily. Despite interest from across the country, the blogger keeps close to home, tackling Spokane-related issues and promoting area events.

And finally, well for now, until I hear from you and have titles to pass along, the Human Rights Campaign ( Web site is a resource for all sorts of progressive news, projects and advocacy opportunities. My favorite section on the site is “Buying for Equality,” a guide to companies and products that support LGBTQ rights. This Santa will be making a list and checking it twice before loading up her sleigh at area stores.

As for this list of publications, help me add to it. Two perspectives, after all, are better than one.