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Gonzaga Basketball

Talkin’ trash with a ‘stache: Gonzaga’s Drew Timme shines with new facial hair in series against Northwestern State

By Justin Reed The Spokesman-Review

It’s now time to Fear the Stache … Take 2.

Almost 15 years later, Gonzaga has found a worthy heir to the mustache throne.

The first king was Adam Morrison, who now calls Zag games on the radio alongside Tom Hudson.

Drew Timme’s upper-lip style Monday was sure to put a smile on the face of GU’s career No. 3 scorer and make Larry Bird blush.

But their styles are completely different. Morrison’s ’stache was almost an intimidation ploy. It distracted teams, fans and the media as he scored 28.1 points per game on his foes. No one wanted to face ‘The Stache’ during the 2006 season. He singlehandedly laid ruin to opposing fans’ hopes and dreams on the way to a national co-player of the year award.

Timme differs from Morrison in that he has a celebration specifically for the look. He sweeps his two index fingers from the middle of his mustache outward, then points toward the sky.

If Timme’s appearance was meant to intimidate, the intended message did not quite land Tuesday. Instead, Northwestern State’s Larry Owens wanted to imitate Timme’s celebration because he thought it was cool. He even approached Timme before the game to ask for permission to perform it.

“It has been fun playing each other the past couple of days,” Timme said of Owens. “We were just chomping it up on the court and he comes up to me (to ask).

“I am like, ‘Go ahead,’ because imitation is the best form of flattery.”

If the furry-lipped Timme had a chance to rock his new look in front of rabid fans in the Kennel, they would likely mimic the look with stick-on mustaches and signs referencing the new style.

It wouldn’t be to mock Timme. Fans in this day and age are more likely to drool over his facial hair. Facial hair is in, no matter the fullness or shape. Even opposing fans would hide their true feelings just to attempt to make a joke out of his mustache.

Again, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Just check Twitter for confirmation. Hundreds of tweets went wild over the new ’stache, including creative photoshops. But for all the positive hoopla over the caterpillar on his face, there was at least one detractor who made sure her opinion – and it is an important one for that matter – was well known.

Timme’s mom posted a photo on Twitter of two items on her Christmas list for Santa – even if it might be too little, too late – a Gillette razor with a bottle of shaving gel. She made sure to tag her son for good measure.

“There are a lot of factors going into that (decision to shave), you know?” Timme said.

“I had a solid game today … my mom started getting pretty public with it now. She has been trying to keep me in check, but I wasn’t doing it, so she went to Twitter and I’ll just leave it at I don’t know.”

While a Christmas miracle for the maternal Timme surely is possible, the ’stache and Timme are now intertwined.

After Monday’s game against the Demons, GU’s official basketball Twitter tweeted a video of the famed mustache celebration and Timme responded with, “Might have to keep it.”

Teammate Corey Kispert also played well over the two games Timme rocked his new look.

Correlation or causation? Surely the latter.

“There is nothing I can do to control that man. He is a different breed when it comes to his facial hair,” Kispert said. “He told me yesterday he was going to do it and I didn’t believe him.”

But the Bulldogs are undefeated with a mustached Timme.

The past two wins were by a combined 55 points to take GU to 6-0, sparked by two strong games from the ’stache man himself.