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League of Women Voters: We want people to be confident as they vote

Lunell Haught

A clear picture about voting

Voting is a cornerstone of our democracy. It is the voice of the people exercised at the ballot box that establishes our laws, determines our leadership and sets the path of our opportunities and future.

Recognizing that heated political environments can make it difficult at times to distinguish between fact and mis- and disinformation about the voting process, the League of Women Voters of Washington set out earlier this year to set the record straight on some common misbeliefs. Given the League’s reputation for nonpartisanship and commitment to democracy, it was a fitting task for the 101-year-old organization to undertake.

To begin, League members sought to learn as much as they could about the common misinformation people were hearing – and repeating – about voting. Some of the stories were unbelievable. Some, despite being untrue, were a little more believable, leading some of us to understand why several might be mistaken for fact.

The Secretary of State’s office has been working to help voters better understand what is true and not true when it comes to the voting process. In addition to providing thorough reports and data on its website about voting, officials have launched social media campaigns to make the picture clearer for voters.

What follows are more than 30 responses to statements made by people who do not understand how the election process works. The information was derived from the agencies responsible for elections and certified citizen election observers.

It is important that all eligible voters exercise their rights at the ballot box. That participation is what makes a true democracy.

We want people to be confident as they vote. We want them to be confident they have the right information they need to make informed choices as well as to be confident that their votes are safe and secure.

Over several months, League members investigated claims about how ballots are transferred, how they are counted, which ballots are counted and verified, and other topics related to security.

We share what we found here because your vote is important.

Your vote is your voice. Your vote is power.

Lunell Haught

President of the League of Women Voters of Washington