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Molly Wisor, S-R high school intern

Spokesman-Review high school intern Molly Wisor (Lewis and Clark)  (COLIN MULVANY/THE SPOKESMAN-REVI)

Q: What experience this summer meant the most to you?

A: For me, there’s nothing more meaningful than sitting down and writing. Of course, being in the Gonzaga men’s basketball locker room was awesome, and talking to Mayor Nadine Woodward and Rep. Cathy McMorris-Rodgers was quite interesting, but writing my own stories was the best of all.

Q: Who did you meet this summer who made the biggest impression on you and why?

A: Not to be a kiss-up, but the most impressive people I met this year were my editors. It takes immense skill to turn good writing into great writing.

Q: What was your favorite story that you wrote this summer?

A: My favorite story to write this year was my first story. It was about boxing at Brick West brewery. Those were probably the best bar fights I’ll ever witness.

Q: What do you wish others who are your age understood better (or appreciated more) about local news? And after a summer in a newsroom, what misconceptions do you think others your age might have?

A: If you like talking to interesting people about interesting stuff, this might just be the job for you. And remember, anything can be interesting if you see it through the right lens, even something as mundane as a quarter.

Q: What surprised you about working for a newspaper?

A: The most surprising thing about working at The S-R is the number of T-shirts you get just for showing up. A good portion of my wardrobe now has “The Spokesman-Review” written on it.

Q: And did you learn skills that you believe will help you in the future? What are they?

A: The biggest skill I learned this summer was the ability to talk to random people without being completely awkward. Well, I tried to learn that skill, but I only got about halfway there.

Q: And what are your plans this autumn?

A: Now that I’m headed into my senior year, I’m focused on getting into college. I hope to keep writing for The Spokesman-Review during the school year, but I also plan on editing my school’s journal, playing violin in the Spokane Youth Symphony, competing with my knowledge bowl team and doing all sorts of other nerdy activities.