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Herman Cain quits his Presidential run…

Davd Horsey,,
Davd Horsey,,

Good afternoon, Netizens...


Although this David Horsey cartoon of Herman Cain does not truly apply to a perceived conspiracy of the liberal news media, perhaps the truth of the bra over his eyes is more accurate than one can imagine. However, at some point, Cain must have taken the bra off his eyes and, realizing the truth of where he was heading (perhaps his wife spoke to him) decided that politics and infidelity were not a good mix. As JeanieSpokane noted just a short time ago, Cain is quitting his run for the Republican Candidate for the Presidency.


Rather than haul off and buy into any kind of a conspiracy theory regarding Cain and his various love interests, purportedly sponsored by some cabal of the leftist news media, let us simply state he might have been as horny as a bachelor goat in a herd of ewes. This brings us to a number of moral lessons every politician should know and obey.


Lesson one: No man should ever run for public office when his zipper is prone to flying open at the first possible licentious opportunity. Outside of marriage, if one cannot keep their zipper firmly closed, the chances are that sooner or later everyone else will know about it and probably tell everything they know.


Lesson two: The grass does not grow greener on the other side, despite what it might appear. Serving divorce papers on an ex-wife laying in a hospital bed with cancer to marry with unconscionable haste to his present wife made Newt Gingrich a pariah in some political spheres, including his own Republican Party. He should stay that way, a castaway in his own Conservative Republican Party, rather than attempt to sweep the past beneath the rug.


Lesson three: Do not tell the members of the news media to ignore ones private sexual life if you are running for the Presidency. Once they will know a candidate has skeletons in his closet they will begin pounding on the closet door until they find out what the skeletons are.


Lesson four: Sexual harassment is illegal, whether or not you are a political candidate,


It doesn't make a bit of difference which political party one hails from.



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