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Mayor Quits, Says Hauser’s Reaction To Suit Indefensible

The mayor of Hauser resigned Monday, saying he can’t serve the city in the midst of a sexual harassment complaint because he believes the city’s actions were indefensible. It’s a moral and ethical issue,” said Don Werst, mayor since January after winning a write-in campaign. “I can’t say that the city has no blame and remain in that position if that’s not the way I believe.” Earlier this year, a former clerk for the 670-person lakeside town filed a complaint with the Idaho Human Rights Commission, accusing City Councilwoman Carmen Miller of retaliating against her after she declined sexual advances. Janet Crapo, who resigned as city clerk in March after 15 months on the job, said she took her concerns to then-mayor Ed Peone and Werst, who was City Council president at the time. State law requires complainants file with the commission before filing a discrimination suit/Meghann M. Cuniff, Spokesman-Review. More here.

Question: Did Mayor Don Werst compromise Hauser’s position in the sexual harassment complaint by quitting? Or did he do a noble thing by claiming the city handled the situation improperly?

Parting Shot — 6/30/08

Ross D. Franklin/AP Photo
National Transportation Safety Board and Federal Aviation Administration workers survey the damage left by the crash of two medical helicopters Monday in Flagstaff, Ariz. A total of six persons died and one victim is still critical from the mid-air collision on Sunday as one helicopter ferrying a patient with a medical emergency from the Grand Canyon collided into another chopper carrying a patient, Sunday east of Flagstaff Medical Center, but officials said they were unable to provide an account of what preceded the crash. For Andrew Zahler’s SR Today In Pictures, click here.

Top Thread: $146.5M: KootCo Jail Expansion Tag

Originally posted @ 1:34 p.m.
Kootenai County voters may decide in November whether to approve a nearly $147 million jail expansion that includes improvements to the entire Sheriff’s Department complex and 911 center. The Kootenai County Commission just released the recommendation by Olympia consultant KMB Design Groups that calls for a $109.95 million jail expansion with about 495 additional cells to satisfy the need for jail space through 2020, when the county’s population is projected to hit up to 243,668 people. The county population in 2007 totaled 134,442/Erica Curless, SR. More here.

Scanner Traffic — 6/30/08

^:05 p.m. A 12-year-old girl is complaining of a neck injury after colliding with another person in the wade pool at Silverwood.
5:03 p.m. Individual injured in a fall at Jordon’s quick stop on 15th
4:17 p.m. 17-year-old teen verbally abusing his mother on Crestline.
4:14 p.m. Motorist reports possible child endangerment involving a silver Saturn. A 4-month-old doesn’t appear to be in his car seat.
3:21 p.m. A man is seeking a medical evaluation following a vehicle-motorcycle accident at 41 & Prairie.

APhoto of the Day w/Top Cutlines — 6/30/08

Aaron Harris/Canadian Press, AP
An unidentified man pokes at a blowup doll as he marches down Yonge Street in the gay pride parade in Toronto, Sunday. You write the cutline.

Top Cutlines:

1. Step back! Im not in the mood.. tights are killing me, I lost my tampon and the Noxema did not wash off — Pecky.
2. TUBOB cutline here.
3. Red Hot Mammas boy reject — Aliasjax.

HM: Joan Harman

EOB: Is Dover Bridge Work Off? Or On?

This was as puzzling as could be. Just a week after the Idaho Transportation Board received a report on the Dover Bridge on Highway 2 in North Idaho, declared the 71-year-old bridge safe but still sorely in need of replacement, and bemoaned the fact that there’s no money to do it – the project isn’t in the ITD’s five-year plan at this point – I received a press release from the state DEQ calling for public comments on permits for wetlands filling “to construct a replacement bridge on U.S. Highway 2 near Dover.” Comments are due by July 25/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here.

Hatfill Suit Settled By US For $5.8M

Item: Hatfill to get $5.8M in anthrax lawsuit/Washington Times

Steven J. Hatfill in 2002 AP File Photo

Which FBI gumshoe
was in charge of this show?
Was it Barney P. Fife
or Inspector Clouseau?

The Bard of Sherman Avenue

Local Blogs — Rural Roadside Resting Spot

Inland Empire Girl/Gathering Around The Table
“When you leave Uniontown and head north toward Pullman, Washington it is easy to notice The Barn,” posts Inland Empire Girl/Gathering Around The Table. “The fence around this old dairy barn is the first thing that catches the eye. The Dahmen Barn is a dairy barn which was built in 1935 by Jack Dahmen.” More here.

*WACs, WAVEs getting whacked/Dogwalk Musings
*3BT: Red Robin shakes, friendly LaGrande, clean sheets & towels/Kellogg Bloggin’
*All along the Godtower/TUBOB
*Happy birthday, WDF/Notes On A Napkin
*US Supreme Court rewrote 2nd Amendment/Arch Druid
*Saturday’s work/From A Simple Mind
*Oy!/JeanC’s Cat House & Shooting Gallery

HBO Numbers (for week of June 22-28): 45,609 page-views/26720 unique views

Question: Do you have a favorite place to visit on the Palouse?

Souza Back On LCDC Attack In CDA Press

It’s an odd title for a test. Yet this simple two-word qualifier should be a required mantra for all urban renewal officials. “But for” should be embroidered on their shirts, emblazoned on their letterheads and engraved on their office walls — and officials should have to stand and repeat the “but for” test aloud at the beginning of every meeting. “But for” is a quick way to evaluate whether the public dollars used by urban renewal agencies are being approved correctly. Here’s the short and simple test: “But for urban renewal, would this project happen?” The correct answer is no. If an area will develop on its own, in a reasonable amount of time, urban renewal should not be used. So the “but for” test is downright basic but surprisingly powerful/Mary Souza, Coeur d’Alene Press guest editorial. More here.

DFO: Looks like Duane Hagadone is pulling out all the stops as he fights to block the expansion of higher education opportunities on the waterfront. Mary Souza has appeared on the op-ed pages of his newspaper two weeks in a row, with the same-o rants about community progress. I’ll predict that this may be the nastiest election year in CDA city history. Hagadone already has Reps. Bob Nonini and Frank Henderson dancing to his tune. Mary’s back in the fold. Now, he needs to find a coupla ultraconservative wannabes to take out Mic Armon and Judy Meyer on the NIC trustee board. Fasten your seatbelts.

HBO @ Noon — Alaska Dreamin’

Matt Hage/AP
Musician Al Levy, of Anchorage, performs in Peratrovich Park during a downtown street fair celebration for fifty years of Alaska statehood on Saturday in Anchorage, Alaska. Levy took the stage under a mock-up of the historic Anchorage Times front page from June 30, 1958 announcing Alaska’s successful bid for statehood.

Question: When did you last visit our 49th state? And why did you go there?

2 Kellogg Women Hurt in Highway 95 Crash

Repeat: Motorcycle crash kills Hauser auctioneer Black/AP

Sheryl A. Reagan, 53, and a passenger, Rae Jean Gearhart, 61, both of Kellogg, were injured in a two-car crash on Highway 95, near Silverwood at 3:48 p.m. Saturday. They were transported to Kootenai Medical Center when their 2003 Kia was struck by a Nissan pickup driven by Dalton M. Whitehead, 21, of Spokane. According to Idaho State Patrol reports, Whitehead caused the crash by failing to yield the right of way. The crash tied up southbound traffic for an hour. Full ISP report in the extended entry section.

*Alcohol involved in I-90 crash that injures 2/ISP report
*2 injured when motorcycle hits deer on Highway 2/ISP report
*Vehicle-motorcyle crash sends NJ driver to hospital/ISP report

Update: Huckleberries Hears …

… That Demo congressional wannabe Walt Minnick met privately last week with two groups of KootCo Repubs who were looking for an alternative to conservative Bill Sali. About 35 Repub muckety-mucks met with Minnick in the gated community of Forest Hills Tuesday. Another 10 or so Repub women met with Minnick at former Demo CChairwoman Bev Moss’s home Thursday. A Repub Berry Picker reports on the second meeting: “Walt spoke for a few minutes and came across as very normal and informed rather than the usual far-right rhetoric you get from local republicans. I was very impressed with his praise of Idaho legislators and that he hopes to work with Simpson, and Crapo and Craig. He vowed to put aside partisan politics and work across the aisle to effect change for Idaho. I was impressed with how moderate he is. In order to beat Sali he will need the moderate republican vote. I think he can get it.” Some of the R’s have OK’d their name being put on Republicans for Minnick campaign ads.

Idaho Blogs: Editorialists Going Way Of DoDo

Across the country over the past couple weeks, too many editorial writers are leaving this profession we love to practice. They’re either layoff victims or unwilling participants in budget-driven newsroom reassignments. On the National Conference of Editorial Writers’ e-mail listserv — the ongoing online chat that connects a skeptical and curmudgeonly editorialist community — there is no consensus about whether to mourn or vent or question what’s going on. So people are doing a little bit of everything, with a heavy dose of industry-bashing/Kevin Richert, Idaho Statesman. More here.

*How will you hang/Adam’s Blog
*Strange juxtaposition for Jim Risch/IdaBlue
*If you let O’Reilly run wild/Randy Stapilus
*Idahoans may play role in solar moratorium on public lands/Rocky Barker

Question: How much influence do newspapers editorialists carry today?

Washington Cell Phone Law Starts Tuesday

Item: Hands-free cell phone law starts Tuesday: Violators face $124 fine/Thomas Clouse, SR

More Info: Drivers in Washington state will face a new hands-free cell phone law Tuesday that could add $124 to any other traffic infraction. The law bans drivers from holding cell phones to their ears. But the infraction is only a secondary offense. That means drivers must be speeding, make an improper lane change or break some other rule of the road before they can be ticketed for cell phone usage.

Coeur d’Alene Press editorial

Question: Should Idaho ban talking on cell phones while driving, too?

Local AM Headlines — 6/30/08

Kaitlin Hunt, 11, of Athol, Idaho concentrates on Celtic fiddle music being played by a guest Thursday at Coeur d’Alene Fiddle Camp in Rathdrum. This is the first of two week-long fiddle camps being held at the Harmony Ranch this summer.

*Idaho Records/Sherry Adkins, SR
*Damaging thunderstorms predicted/SR
*Heat-fest winners: Victors travel long, hot road/Jessica Brown, SR
*Huckleberries: Kellogg graduate has come a long ways/DFO, SR Handle Extra
*Promenade up for sale: Development includes a two- and three-story office, residential condos/Rick Thomas, Coeur d’Alene Press
*10-day forecasts difficult to predict accurately/Michelle Boss, SR Handle Extra

Truly: South Fork Keeps Rolling Along

Was on the South Fork of the river yesterday - nirvana. We did go last weekend too, but the weather was perfect this one. Cost us $85.00 for gas - heavy heavy sigh, but cannot do the lake where it seems to be all about being seen and seeing. The river is changed from the flooding, but still ‘my river’ it was breathtaking and the lakes were warm and our ‘beaches’ were all still there/Truly.

Heller: Longest Night of the Year

Joe Heller/Hellertoons

Wild Card/Saturday — 6/28/08

I haven’t decided whether to go for a canoe ride with my brother-in-law Tom on Lake Coeur d’Alene today. Or to wait a week. It all depends when I wake up in the morning. With the temperatures expected to hit into the 90s, it might be a good idea to go for the ride early. I’ve never been in a canoe before. So it’ll be an adventure, whether it happens today or next Saturday. While I catch a coupla Zzzz and try to decide, you can play this Wild Card Saturday morning and throughout the day …

Search Called Off For Woman In Spokane River

Rajah Bose/SR
Rescue worker Bob Trautmann pulls out his rescue boat on the Spokane River after the search was called off for a woman who was spotted near Bowl and Pitcher in Riverside State Park Friday afternoon. Story here.

Science: Women In Bikinis Impair Men’s Thoughts

David Horsey, the Pulitzer Prize winning political cartoonist of the Seattle PI, had fun with a wacky science fact published in the Journal of Consumer Research that men’s cognitive processes are impaired by the sight of women in bikinis. Horsey’s cartoon here.

Question: Anecdotally, have you found this wacky science premises to be true?

Rosdahl: 3 New Shops Coming To Riverstone

Three new retail shops will be coming into The Village at Riverstone this summer and fall, and more leases are expected to be signed soon. The Village is a 25-acre central area of combined residences, retail, dining and entertainment into the total 160-acre, mixed-use Riverstone development along the Spokane River on the west side of Coeur d’Alene. The newly announced stores are Zumiez, The Buckle and Boardwalk Boutique. They’ll join the earlier announced but delayed Barnes & Noble bookstore and the Sangria Grill. The Buckle and Zumiez both may open in August in Main Street’s Building B near the entrance to Regal Cinemas/Nils Rosdahl, SR Handle Extra. (More in extended entry)

Question: Is there something you’d like to see at Riverstone that isn’t there now or planned for the development?

Group: Gay Men Are Targets In Downtown Spokane

Item: Group warns of beatings targeting gay men near downtown Spokane/Meghann M. Cuniff, SR

More Info: E-mail reports of recent beatings near downtown Spokane targeting gay men prompted a victims advocate group to post fliers warning of attacks and reminding residents of available resources. Police say they don’t know anything about the attacks, and those responsible for the fliers say there’s a reason for that: The victims are often ashamed. “It’s people who don’t want to be identified openly as being gay,” said Fred Swink, publisher of Stonewall News. “It’s kind of like the perfect victim, honestly, because it’s almost a given that they won’t talk.” More here.

Question: Do you consider downtown Spokane to be a safe place after dark?

WND Poll: Is Obama A Christian?

Question: Do you believe Barack Obama when he claims he’s a Christian?/WorldNetDaily

1. Yes, he’s more Christian than any candidate I’ve seen in a long time
2. Yes, I might not agree with everything he says, but he’s as Christian as any other candidate who claims to be one
3. Yes, he’s against the war and for the poor — what could be more Christian than that?
4. Yes, his Sermon-on-the-Mount style is refreshing compared to the bigoted pronouncements of right-wing religious zealots
5. He’s a liberal Christian who embraces Jesus’ inclusion of the powerless, such as ‘gays’ and women
6. In our society, if you self-identify as a Christian, you are one
7. I don’t care what his religion is — it won’t influence my vote
8. Only God knows for sure
9. No, my pet duck is more Christian than Obama
10. No. If he’s a Christian, why does he attract supporters so hostile to proven Christian leaders like James Dobson?
11. No. I don’t care what he calls himself — anyone that radically committed to abortion and ‘gay’ rights has rejected the God of the Bible
12. No — he said there are many ways to God and he doesn’t know if he’s going to heaven. That’s not Christian

For the WorldNetDaily news report, click here.

Parting Shot — 6/27/08

Eric Hylden/Grand Forks Herald, AP Photo
Grand Forks City Attorney Howard Swanson reacts to the makeover of his Mini Cooper, decorated with 2,400 stucky notes, for his 50th birthday, outside of City Hall Thursday in Grand Forks, N.D. For Andrew Zahler’s SR Today In Pictures, click here.

Question (for those who have celebrated a 5-0 birthday): Were you traumatized by your 50th birthday? (for those who are under 5-0) Do you consider 50 really old?

Gates Hands Over Microsoft Reins

Item: Gates’ big-picture memos shaped Microsoft, changed tech world/Seattle Times

More Info: He made a career, a company and an industry by looking over the horizon and charting a course. Bill Gates, who today ends his full-time involvement with the company he and Paul Allen cofounded 33 years ago, was often right. The Microsoft empire of 91,200 employees, billions in profit and ubiquitous products stands as testament. Now, Seattle’s most famous son points his full intellect and attention to the world’s poor, giving them a voice in a global market that responds disproportionately to the rich.

Question: How did Bill Gates change your life?

APhoto of the Day w/Top Cutlines — 6/27/08

Alex Brandon/AP Photo
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., bumps his head as he boards the plane with Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., Friday at Washington’s Ronald Reagan National Airport. You write the cutline.

Top Cutlines:

1. Obama said Hillary “kept making funny bird noises” but some who heard more clearly swore she wasn’t saying “cheep, cheep” but instead “veep, veep” — TnTopHat.
2. “Inexperienced? Did I say inexperienced? Well, what I meant was that you’re not part of the jaded establishment that only thinks about lining up pork projects to ensure their reelection. That’s all I meant” — A Token D.
3. Not the first, nor will it be the last bump Obama will experience while getting taken for a ride by Clinton — Cabbage Boy.

HM: John Duh

Dan Mitchinson/SRadio Talks w/Larry Craig …

… about the U.S. Supreme Court decision on the Second Amendment. Click on the SRadio bug in the right rail to here to sound bite.

TXT: Boston Wireless Firm Locating You

A Boston company recently hired drivers to tour Kootenai and Spokane counties collecting the location of nearly every Wi-Fi signal in public spaces. The purpose: building a database that Apple and other customers use to enhance GPS systems in locating a device and its surroundings/Tom Sowa, TXT. More here.

Huckleberries Interviews Hazel Bauman

Jesse Tinsley/SR File Photo
In this 2002 SR file photo, Hazel Bauman, then assistant superintendent for the Coeur d’Alene School District, explains the complexities of teaching reading to state representative John Goedde during a legislative tour of Coeur d’Alene schools. Behind her is then superintendent David Rawls. Bauman, who will become the superintendent on Tuesday, married Rawls this winter.


DFO: Have you ever read “Snow Falling on Cedars”?
HB: I have.


DFO: It is, of course, one of the books that have been challenged as far as required reading goes. Do you think it and the others are appropriate reading material?
HB: The critical word is “required.” The threshold or level of controversy has to go down when you have a captive audience. A required novel where whole class is reading the book has to have less controversy and be of a different standard than a self-selected book.


Complete interview

Local Blogs: Oh Lord, Stuck In LaGrande

Kerri Thoreson/OnLocation North Idaho
“As the temperatures head for the 90s for the first time this year, I’m eager to join the throngs for lazy summer floats down the North Fork of the Coeur d’Alene River,’ posts Kerri Thoreson/OnLocation North Idaho. “But alas, late spring floods might delay prudent floating for a few weeks. I have “people” scouting the river conditions and will keep you posted for when we can safely enjoy my favorite North Idaho pastime.”

Stuck In LaGrande: I stopped for gas in La Grande. After my fill up, my 1993 Honda Civic with 178,000 miles stuttered as I left the Shell station. I drove down Adams Street and the car felt better, but my car fear was in high gear. I returned to I-84 and suddenly my temperature gauge leaped to the red zone. I started having morningmares of steam and smoke billowing from under the hood. I exited right away at the Flying J Travel Plaza. I inquired about help at the Flying J, drove to a Les Schwab shop in La Grande, and a trotting tire man sent me to All Foreign Auto. “Yeah, we can look at but it’ll be a bit before we can get to it”/Raymond Pert, Kellogg Bloggin’. More here.

*Memories can’t wait/A Family Runs Through It
*US Constitution saved once more/Bay Views
*Big Rathdrum housing project planned/North Idaho Real Estate
*Miss Jane Green, singer/Atmospheric Ruminations
*I found a new blogger/From A Simple Mind
*And the verdict is … surgery/Jean C’s Cat House
*A guiltless phase/Slight Detour
*Picnic Point Park/TUBOB

HBO Numbers (for June 26): 7385 page-views/4268 unique views

Question: Where is the worst place a vehicle of yours has broken down?

SR Blogs: Life In The Fast Lane

Dan Pelle/Spokesman-Review
Randy and Jeneanne Koch operate a stock car race driving school for amateurs at Stateline Speedway.

KootCo Home Sales: Panhandle home sales and prices for the six months ending in May remained down from a year ago, but showed little change from the same period a month earlier. The Coeur d’Alene Multiple Listing Service recorded 685 sales of homes on less than an acre in Kootenai County, down about 20 percent from a year earlier. Countywide, the average price decreased about 5 percent, to $226,824. The median dropped four percent, to $197,000/Parker Howell, Here’s The Dirt. More here.

*Amazing technicolor institutional memory/Daily Briefing
*‘60 Minutes’ reporter makes news of her own/On The Air
*Friday’s quickie political briefing/Spin Control 2.0
*Splitting domestic duties/Parents Council Blog

Question: Have you ever driven a vehicle more than 100 mph?

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 6/27/08

Dan Bates/Tri-City Herald, AP
Dr. Keith Leonard, left, Andrea Izester, and Shelli Churchill lead the staff of a dental office on horse back down Smokey Point Blvd. in Arlington, Wash., Wednesday. Since more than half of the dental assistants and office staff own horses the crew saddled up and rode in to work. “We decided that when gas got to $4 a gallon, we would all ride in,” Leonard said.

Ha-huge Grizzly: There better be a big back door to the Lincoln Community Center, because the town’s newest resident is going to have trouble getting out the way he came in. He is the third-biggest grizzly bear ever recorded in Montana, and he’s almost 9 feet long. A team of six taxidermists are taking three days to mount the bruin for display, using a urethane frame that’s typically intended for Alaskan brown bears. And they still had to saw it in pieces so they could widen the hips and belly with extra material to properly fill out the 830-pound grizzly’s hide/Missoulian. Story here.

*Man wounds himself while trying to shoot rattler/Lewiston Tribune
*St. Maries couple could face more abuse charges/KXLY
*10 Commandments activists owe Boise $10,000+/IStatesman
*Parents of sexually abused Boy Scouts meet with parole board/KCBI
*2nd teacher resigns after Mexican Flag controversy/Twin Falls Times-News
*Astronaut Barbara Morgan officially retires from NASA/KTVB
*Mother/daughter thwart Perrine Bridge suicide/Twin Falls Times-News

Orbusmax Special: Washington assisted-suicide supporters turn in petitions here.

HBO @ Noon: Bad Neighbors

AP Photo
David Adams and his daughter Carly, 5, hold the sign they posted earlier this year between their home and that of their neighbor, whose two dogs they allege bark at all hours of the night in Magnolia, Miss. Adams posted a video of the dogs barking on the Web site, which received several thousands of hits and comments.

Question: Describe a bad neighbor in your ‘hood?

When Bikers Touch @ High Speeds

Shawn Gust/Coeur d’Alene Press
Emergency workers from Coeur d’Alene Fire Department and Kootenai County Fire and Rescue haul a man up from an embankment Thursday, June 26, 2008 near the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho where he was went over the guard rail along I-90 after his motorcycle collided with another. Story here.

Now Otter’s Pushing Canoe Registration, Too

Item: Paddlers may face new price to pay/Betsy Russell, SR

More Info: Only seven states – none of them in the West – require registration of nonmotorized boats such as canoes and kayaks. Yet Idaho Gov. Butch Otter is pushing for a registration requirement in his state.

Question: If Idahoans are eventually required to register nonmotorized vehicles, will you be more or less likely to vote for Otter if he seeks re-election?

TUBOB: Execute Truly Bad Dudes

Now, my one big exception to not supporting the death penalty is when the killer has done something so heinous, so egregious, so monstrous that he has damaged society by the enormity or evilness of his act. Then I say execute him out of vengeance and for a justice where the punishment fits the crime. Some bugs can be kept in bottles and some bugs need to be squashed/TUBOB. More here.

Question: Has Tubob come up with a good rule of thumb for capital punishment — execute only those whose crime achieves a level of notoriety that inflames society — for example, Joseph Edward Duncan? Or will the anti-capital punishment lawyers find problems with this, too?

Duffer: How About Segways On Bike Trail?

RE: CDA births a new bike trail
I have a question for MikeK or Mr. Gridley: Does the City of Coeur d’Alene allow the use of Segway Personal Transporters for either disabled or non-disabled individuals on bike paths? Would a motorized wheelchair be allowed? Since we’re getting more pathways and the increasing cost of fuel, I think it’s timely to address this issue/Duffer.

JeanneH: I Saw Pet Being Dumped

I have just witnessed a very abhorrent act this morning as I was walking my dogs near the Cd’A High School … about 6 a.m. I was walking south on Fourth Street and I noticed a white car (Chrysler product of some kind) purposefully pulling into the CHS parking lot, an older couple (maybe 70s) and I was a little curious what they were doing there … because usually parents will drop students off for an event or something, and I kept walking as they pulled to the back of the lot, behind some bushes, and got out and opened their TRUNK. I was really curious now and stood and watched as a yellow cat ran from the car, across the parking lot, across busy Fourth Street, and into the church yard across the street. They had DUMPED their cat in the high school parking lot!

Heller: A License To Wound

Joe Heller/Hellertoons

Huckleberries Interviews Hazel Bauman

DFO: Aren’t you a Canadian?
Hazel Bauman: I’m a naturalized U.S. citizen, but I was born in England and raised until I was 13. Then, I lived in Canada from 13 to 21. I came to the states when I married an American at age 21. I came right to Coeur d’Alene. This is where I’ve been since 1974.

DFO: You joined the school district in 1979? Can you list the superintendents that you’ve worked for since then?
HB: Barry Stein hired me as consulting teacher in special education in 1979. He left in 1983. Warren Bakes was the next superintendent before I took a leave of absence for five years to raise small children. When I came back in 1989, the infamous Merlin Ludwig was the superintendent. Then came Doug Cresswell, Keith Tolzin, Doug Cresswell again, David Rawls, and then Harry Amend.

DFO: Speaking of David Rawls, you’re officially now Mrs. David Rawls, correct?
HB: Yes. But I plan to keep the Bauman name for a little while. Mebbe a year or two.

DFO: How did the romance with David begin?
HB: Not only was he the superintendent, but my ex-husband and I and the Rawls did things socially. We kept in touch even after he retired to Walla Walla in 2002. When Sandy passed away, I sent him a card and invited him to drop by for coffee. He did. I had gone through a divorce by then. It started off as a friendship and it ended up as a romance.

DFO: How was it like to be the wife of a would-be legislator (David ran unsuccessfully for the House District 3 seat still held by Phil Hart)?
HB: It was exciting. Dvid ran a thorough and strenuous campaign. That’s how he lives life. He had a lot of support. He worked it hard. We were like ships that passed in the night for awhile. We were disappointed when he lost. The telling sign that he might not be finished is that he didn’t throw his signs away.

2nd Amendment Wild Card — 6/26/08

It’s time to pull the plug on another interesting day at HBO Central. Again, I want to draw your attention to the new SRadio bug on the right rail that gives you the latest bottom-of-the-hour news from Dan Mitchinson and Dick Haugen. Also, I moved up the post about the Huckleberries Gone Wireless interview with schools super Hazel Bauman Friday morning. If you have questions you’d like me to ask, please submit them there. Now, I’ll continue playing the day’s Wild Card …

Questions — For Super Hazel Bauman?

I plan to interview CDA schools superintendent Hazel Bauman online live at 10:30 Friday morning, using the old Huckleberries Gone Wireless format. I’ll probably compile the interview for a Handle Extra Q-and-A in a week. I’ve put together some questions for the interview already. Do you have any to suggest? Please make them concise.

CindyH: Bathing In Front Of GI Joe & All

It’s disconcerting to shower under armed guard. I reached for the shampoo and found myself staring down the barrel of an assault rifle. I tried to ignore the row of uniformed soldiers who silently watched my morning ablutions, but I couldn’t. Their eyes stared stoically off into the distance, but I thought I caught an amused grin on one fellow’s face when I reached for my cranberry-apricot body scrub. The fact the soldiers were only three inches tall and made of plastic didn’t ease my discomfort. With a soapy hand I turned each one of Sam’s G.I. Joes to face the wall. Someday, I’d like to shower alone/Cindy Hval (aka CindyH), Front Porch. More here.

DFO: Thought you might like to read HBO’s CindyH when she’s writing for SR $$$ and not doing battle with TUBOB, chair and whip in hand.

Headlines @ 5 — 6/26/08

AP File Photo
After toying with the idea of dropping in the first round, the Sonics took UCLA guard Russell Westbrook (being congratulated by NBA Commissioner David Stern) with the fourth overall pick in the NBA draft Thursday night/Seattle PI. Story here.

Near Drowning: Lifeguards resuscitated a 6-year-old boy after an apparent drowning at Triple Play Family Fun Park in Hayden Thursday afternoon. Witnesses say the boy was underwater in an indoor wading pool for several minutes. The boy was taken to Kootenai Medical Center. Paramedics say he will be okay/KREM2. More here.

*Pullman Wal*Mart opponents won’t appeal court decision/Here’s The Dirt
*Judge OKs Raceway Park sale/SR
*WSU, UW footballers picked for bottom of PAC-10/KHQ
*Idaho delegation hails gun ruling/KTVB
*Idaho inmate dies in Oklahoma prison/IStatesman
*Avista to close Post Falls dam/KXLY

Scanner Traffic — 6/26/08

4:32 p.m. Two bicyclists have crashed on the Veterans Memorial Bridge on I-90 @ MP 18.5.
4:22 p.m. 3 cars parked along North Military Drive in the Fortgrounds area without proper permits.
3:20 p.m. ER units are responding to Triple Play where an individual was pulled unconscious out of the water area. CPR was performed. And the individual is now conscious.
12:41 p.m. A male involved in a custodial dispute has taken a child without permission from Loving Care Children’s Center on North Ironwood Center.
12:25 p.m. Police are looking for a sixtysomething woman who drove over the lawn of a local church.
8:57 p.m. Motorist in maroon Chevy Suburban reports a deer has been hit and is still alive at MP 10 (west of CDA) and I90.

Local Blogs: Kendramama Nearly Free

Kathy Plonka/SR File Photo
Kendramama during an Q-and-A interview with DFO in the SR’s Coeur d’Alene office Sept. 13, 2007. You can read the interview here.

The great news, however, was that Judge Mitchell went even further- he recommended me for early discharge from probation. All I have to do is complete this year under supervision, which will be up in August. Then, apparently, he intends to sign off on my case completely. According to my probation officer, he thinks it’s a waste of the taxpayers’ money to continue to have me on their caseload. My sentiments exactly!/Kendramama, Soul Doubt. More here.

*On being the death of you/TUBOB
*An American original saved from extinction/Dogwalk Musings
*Undistorting faith/Wayward Episcopalian
*Bayview Daze update/Bay Views
*Worst day of week/PDX Pup
*Frames & horses/Slight Detour
*Niroviruses & you/Synaptic Disunion

HBO Numbers (for June 25, 2008): 7821 page-views/4508 unique views

Question: Anyone have happy thoughts to pass along to Kendramama?

SR Blogs: LCHS Names New Girls’ BB Cage

Royce Johnston has been named head girls basketball coach at Lake City High School. Johnston, 36, takes over for Darren Taylor, who resigned to become LC’s head baseball coach. Johnston has spent his entire coaching career at the lower levels. A Plains, Mont., native, Johnston has taught the last 10 years at Woodland Middle School where he has coached eighth grade girls. He’s also coached the LC freshmen boys for six years before moving up to the LC girls junior varsity position last year/Greg Lee, Sportslink. More here.

*Thursday’s quickie political briefing/Spin Control 2.0
*Thin Slices: 5 grand pianos, sprint boat racing/Daily Briefing
*Guns and Darwin/News Is A Conversation
*Most malware comes from China/TXT
*Sprint boat racing/Video Journal

Question: Do high schools generally seek the best applicant for head coaching positions? Or do they promote from within or pick individuals friendly with the AD or principal?

Check Out SRadio Bug On Right Rail …

… the latest news from Dan Mitchinson and Dick Haugen at the bottom of each hour is now available at Huckleberries Online by click the button in the right rail and then hitting the arrow in the audio feed. Let me know what you think.

HBO @ Noon: Will CDA Embrace ‘La Cage’ Too?

Dan Pelle/SR
Jerry Christakos as “Zaza” is shown in a scene of Coeur d’Alene Summer Theater’s “La Cage Aux Folles” (which was remade in 1996 as a movie starring Robin Williams, “The Birdcage.” The play features a pair of gay lovers who run a nightclub where the stars and chorus line are mainly men in drag. Jim Kershner’s story here.

Question: Coeur d’Alene Summer Theatre audiences responded well to “The Full Monty” last summer. Will they embrace “La Cage Aux Folles” when it opens this week?

Idaho Blogs: Let’s Move On From Gun Debate

Guns for me have always been about hunting, target practice and culture. The only time I had an intruder in my house I couldn’t find my glasses nor my gun in time to have made a difference. I have never seen the debate as “I will need to have a gun to protect democracy.” By the time the United States gets to a place in the modern world where we need to own guns to protect our rights I have always thought it would be too late/Rocky Barker, Idaho Statesman. More here.

*People still buying important staples, like booze/Unequivocal Notion
*Secret corporate deals/IdaBlue
*That moment just before pain begins/Right Mind
*US Supreme Court usurps again/Adam’s Blog
*Kennedy versus Louisiana/Clayton Cramer
*Idaho needs more Big Eddie/Red State Rebels

Question: Do you own a gun?

Statesman: Wasden, AG, Back Open Government

Idaho’s Lawrence Wasden - a proven advocate for open government - has joined 40 other state attorneys general to stand up for working journalists. On Monday, they wrote a letter to key senators, urging them to get moving on a federal “shield law” to allow reporters to protect the anonymity of unnamed sources. The attorneys general are right. Shield laws “advance a public policy favoring the free flow of information to the public.” Idaho and 48 other states already have such laws, but a federal law is needed, as well/Idaho Statesman. More here.

*Another way health care mess abuses all/Jim Fisher, Lewiston Tribune
*Cartoon: What’s the difference?/David Horsey, PI
*Local newspapers tie into community/Vicki Rishling, Moscow-Pullman Daily News
*Watchdog applicants: Leave teeth at door/Doug Clark, SR

Question: How important are “shield laws” in an era when newspapers are going the way of the dinosaur?

Online Poll: Exxon Valdez Ruling

Do you think Exxon Mobil got off too easily in the Supreme Court ruling on the 1989 Exxon Valdez case?/Idaho Statesman

*No opinion

Bonners Ferry Embraces Yoga

Item: Bonners Ferry yoga instructor builds following/R.J. Cohn,

More Info: For a former Nike World Headquarters fitness instructor who disliked yoga so much at first she didn’t try it again for two years, Sharon Allured’s passion for teaching hatha yoga is boundless. For the last four years, Allured - who owned her own fitness studio and taught conditioning classes for Kaiser Permanente and Blue Cross in the Portland, Ore. area - has shown hundreds of Boundary County residents’ postures and techniques designed to improve flexibility, strength and relaxation.

Question: Have you tried yoga?

Hump Day Wild Card — 6/25/08

If you’re wondering where all the CAVErs went, you might check out the comments under this Coeur d’Alene Press post. “University Place North” offers this bit of drivel: ” Sat behind Thilo at that meeting where Businessmen Wheeler and Potter stated that the idea was unsound and not thought out enough. Thilo was busy scribbling notes and made faces like she’d swallowed a skunk turd. With gas going to $5, a crashing Real Estate market and with an economy going in the tank, it’s imprudent to burden the taxpayer with this white elephant.” Aren’t you glad HBO is monitored? Now, for your Wild Card …

EOB: Tax Officials Dispute Whistleblower Claim

Item: Idaho tax commissioners dispute whistleblowers report/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise

More Info: Idaho’s four state tax commissioners have issued a formal response disputing a whistleblower’s report that accused them of cutting secret tax deals to excuse multistate corporations from paying millions in state taxes. “The Commission, and the individuals involved, reject as completely untrue any allegation that cases are illegally or inappropriately compromised,” the commissioners wrote.

Question: In your gut, which side do you believe?

Headlines @ 5 — 6/25/08

Julie Jacobson/AP Photo
New York Mets’ Jose Reyes reacts as he rounds first base after hitting a three-run home run against the Seattle Mariners during the third inning of a baseball game on Wednesday at Shea Stadium in New York. The Mariners are trailing 8-2 in the 6th here.

*Idaho tax commission rejects whistleblowers claim/SR
*Idaho city clerk sentenced to 1 year in jail for embezzling/Moscow-Pullman Daily News
*Teen rescues toddlers from burning Spokane apartment/KREM2
*Mr. Irrelevant Vobora living large/Sportslink
*Love triangle woman back in jail/SR

Scanner Traffic — 6/25/08

5:10 p.m. Older man in a black pickup at the I90 overpass on Ramsey reportedly drinking a Coors beer while driving.
4:59 p.m. Injury accident at Kathleen Avenue & Building Center Road. Two pickups T-boned.
4:56 p.m. 18-year-old female in front of CDA’s Payless, dressed in black, is screaming that she wants to commit suicide.
4:32 p.m. Neighbor overhears someone in a house in the 1200 block of Mullan Avenue shout: “If you move, I’ll kill you.” CPD bike units are on the scene.
3:52 p.m. An FBI agent in the parking lot of Toro Viejo downtown has called for backup after detaining 2 suspects for brandishing fake guns at passing motorists.

Idaho, Washington Taxes Below Average

a state report released Tuesday suggests that total state and local taxes in Washington are actually a bit below average nationwide. When taxes are weighed against personal income, Washington came in 28th highest among the states. Idaho came in 29th. (All the numbers are from 2006 data.)/Rich Roesler, Eye On Olympia. More here.

Question: What? You thought the overall taxes in Idaho and Washington were out of control? Pshaw.

Local Blogs: TUBOB Outs Obamacon Phenomenon

Remember The Roxy Photo
At Remember The Roxy, Orange TV offers this postcard of boomtown Sandpoint 1908.

I was choking down a crapburger with extra crap yesterday at Denny’s. Taking a late lunch because I had a busy morning. The table next to me looked like something out of central casting for a new TV show about blue collar Joe Halfracks salt of the earth white guys sitting around bullshitting. The apparent alpha dog was this deep voiced (sounded like Sam Elliot but deeper and more resonant) dude in his late 50s. The omega dog was a young guy with a shaved head. These guys were relatives or coworkers couldn’t tell. Anyhow, they are gabbing about the presidential race/TUBOB. More here.

*George Carlin, 1937-2008/Bay Views
*9 Silly Questions: Jenny McLeod/Get Out! North Idaho
*New boyfriend named Ed … I think it’s love/Marmitetoasty
*America’s hidden history/A Family Runs Through It
*Commercial dinosaur/Atmospheric Ruminations
*My lottery money/From A Simple Mind

HBO Numbers (for June 24): 8878 pageviews/5021 unique views

Question: How would you describe your interest in Barack Obama? Enthralled? Piqued? Skeptical? No thanks?

SR Blogs: SR To Launch Rebecca Mack Show

Beginning Aug. 4, The Spokesman-Review will launch a new one-hour, weekday radio show on KJRB, the station that laready hosts our hourly newscasts. The new show will be called “The Review Today with Rebecca Mack,” and will air from 11 a.m. to noon. As the name makes clear, the host will be long-time radio talker Rebecca Mack. But the show won’t be a talk show in the usual style/Steve Smith, News Is A Conversation. More here.

*Short meeting, Victor Borge, thick slices, Plonkavision/Thuy Nugyen, Daily Briefing
*Wednesday’s Quickie Political Briefing/Jim Camden, Spin Control 2.0
*We’re getting a lot of hmmms/Eye On Boise
*Web, widget sites to save you gas/Tom Sowa, TXT
*When the freezer quits/Lori Hutson, Fresh Sheet

Question: Are you interested in a SRadio show featuring Rebecca Mack, Hard 7 columnist and former talk-show sidekick to Mark Fuhrman?

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 6/25/08

Katherine Jones/AP
A Federal Aviation Administration investigator inspects the S2C fixed-wing single engine plane that struck the ground while crop dusting near Glenns Ferry, killing its pilot, James Howard Nau, 21, of Melba, according to authorities. Story here.

A Blaine County 5th District Court judge has barred further arbitration claims by Hollywood couple Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson against a construction contractor that built their $10 million home north of Ketchum in 2002/Terry Smith, Idaho Mountain Express. More here.

*Spokane woman in Lehi shooting sought new life in Utah/Deseret News
*Newly married ironworker dies in fall from building/KTVB
*Why Boise parents loaned baby son to reality TV show/KTVB
*Lewiston city manager’s home egged/Lewiston Tribune
*Montana abortion ban attempt falls short/Billings Gazette
*Thief steals elderly Kellogg woman’s life savings/KXLY

Orbusmax Special: Alaska sot clipped for DUI on riding lawnmower here.

Slight Detour: Glad Darcy Didn’t Survive Show

I’m glad Darcy Sletager did not survive the Japanese game show last night. I love Darcy, but I found myself working hard to survive watching the show. The format was every bit as bad as that one show Donny Osmond hosted a couple of years ago. His show never lasted past the first night. I wonder how long a television audience will follow this one. Anyway, Darcy looked and sounded great on the show. I’m sure it was a lark for her. Her mom told me she was looking for something off the wall to do. Well, she found it, and I’m sure the experience will remain memorable much longer than the show itself/Marianne Love, Slight Detour.

Question: Did anyone else see “I Survived A Japanese Game Show” last night?

Darcy Sletagar Falls Short In Reality Game Show

Photo: “I Survived A Japanese Game Show”/ABC
Darcy Sletagar’s 15 minutes of television fame ended a bit early Tuesday night when she was the first of 10 contestants booted from the new reality series, “I Survived A Japanese Game Show.” Unfortunately, the 31-year-old Sandpoint woman was probably to blame for her “Yellow Penguin” team losing its first 5-on-5 competition with the “Green Monkey” team. She fell three times during a game show on Japanese TV in which contestants ran along a threadmill with a tray on their head to deliver a mochi ball for a teammate to eat. Her team lost 10 mochi balls to 9. Then, she was selected by her team to be one of two players to compete in an elimination round. Dressed as a red-and-black bug, she lost that contest (in which participants splatted on a “windshield” bulls-eye to score points) in overtime 24-23. More below.

Review: “I Survived A Japanese Game Show”
Slight Detour’s take on Darcy’s performance (second item)

Alaska Guv: ‘Start Drilling In ANWR’

Item: Alaska guv to Sen. Reid: Start drilling in ANWR! Sarah Palin confronts Dem majority leader, asks, ‘What will it take’ for Congress to act?/WorldNetDaily

Gov. Palin: “In my opinion, the debate about energy policy is no longer theoretical and abstract. Our failure to enact an energy policy is having real consequences for every American in their daily lives and has begun to affect America’s place in the world.”

Question: Agree? Disagree?

Local Headlines — Milfoil Fights Moves To Hayden

Shawn Gust/Coeur d’Alene Press
Dave Klutz, owner of Lakeland Restoration Services, drives a boat Tuesday in Hayden Lake while Doug Kimball loads triclopyr, a systematic herbicide, into the boat’s system for dispensing. The company is contracted through the Inland Empire Cooperative Weed Management Area to apply herbicides to aid in eradicating the Eurasian milfoil growing in Hayden Lake.

*Idaho Records/Sherry Adkins, SR
*Christie Wood to resign as CDA schools trustee/Maureen Dolan, Coeur d’Alene Press
*Deaconess nurses vote to dump union/SR
*170-pound Rottweiler takes orphaned sheep under its paw/Linda Ball, Coeur d’Alene Press
*Questions persist in Bonner County juvie/detention center construction/Keith Kinnaird/Bonner County Daily Bee

DEQ, Tribe Unveil Lake CDA Draft Plan

Item: Plan aims to keep metals at the bottom of Lake Coeur d’Alene/Becky Kramer, SR

More Info: On Tuesday, the DEQ and the Coeur d’Alene Tribe unveiled a draft plan for protecting the lake’s water quality. The plan is a long-term effort that will require support from local governments, developers and residents, officials said. “It’s a forever plan,” said Phil Cernera, the tribe’s lake management director. “We’ll need it as long as the lake is here, as long as people are here and as long as the metals are here.”

Question: What more could local governments do to keep Lake Coeur d’Alene pollution in check?

Stantis: Can’t Get Dirty Word In Edgewise

Scott Stantis/Birmingham News

Parting Shot — 6/24/08

Matt Rourke/AP Photo
Carah Rowley, 4, embraces her farther Sgt. Maj. Jay Rowley with the U.S. Army Reserve 11th Military Police Brigade after a departure ceremony in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., Monday. Members of the U.S. Army Reserve 11th Military Police Brigade are scheduled to be deployed to South West Asia. For Andrew Zahler’s SR Today In Pictures, click here.

Wild Card/Tuesday — 6/24/08

I enjoy the unpredictability of Huckleberries Online. When I get here in the morning, I know that I have certain things to post — the cartoon, Local Headlines, a coupla local stories for comment and the APhoto of the Day. But I never know what’s going to emerge as a surprise talk-point story. Christie Wood’s decision to resign from the Coeur d’Alene School Board certainly was a surprise today. Breaking news often takes us in new directions. Then, there’s the surprise reposts that can launch long threads. As well as the material you provide. That’s why Huckleberries Online remains fresh to me more than 4 years after its start. And why I enjoy coming to work in the morning. With that, I’ll play the Wild Card …

Headlines @ 5 — 6/24/08

Julie Jacobson/AP
Seattle Mariners’ Willie Bloomquist, left, avoids the tag from New York Mets catcher Brian Schneider as he slides home to score during the second inning in Major League Baseball game Tuesday at Shea Stadium in New York. Bloomquist and Kenji Johjima were able to score on a fielding error by Mets second baseman Luis Castillo on a ball hit by Mariners’ Jose Lopez. Seattle’s ahead of the Mets 6-0 in the fifth. ESPN box score here.

*Idaho turns down federal money for abstinence education/IStatesman
*Summer brings hot temperatures/SR
*Idaho firefighters head to California to fight blazes/IStatesman
*Alabaman indicted for driving Boise teen to Tri-Cities/IStatesman
*Idaho owes ACLU $66,000 in legal fees over faulty abortion legislation/IStatesman
*Woman injured in effort to repossess pickup/SR

Scanner Traffic — 6/24/08

4:03 p.m. Single-wide trailer is on fire at 11525 Peppercorn Road/Hauser.
1 p.m. T-bone crash at Strahorn Road & Hayden Avenue in Hayden slightly injures two drivers.
12:04 p.m. A young skateboarder injures his arm when he crashes near Mullan Avenue.

George Carlin, RIP

AP File Photo

A potty mouth
but shining wit;
I heard the news
and said, “ Oh, s***!”

The Bard of Sherman Avenue

Tom Gannon, 62, Idaho Senator, RIP

Sen. Tom Gannon, R-Buhl, died Tuesday. He was 62. The three-term senator had battled an ailment throughout this year’s legislative session and died at Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise, according to a death notice. Gannon, a retired Naval officer, was the chairman of the Senate Agricultural Affairs Committee and served on the Senate Education Committee/IStatesman. More here.

Kellogg Grad Now Writing Harlequin Romances

Silver Valley Girl tells of classmate Lisa Ruff and Lisa’s first Harlequin Romance novel here.

Advertising executive Samantha James is looking for a ballplayer who can turn the city’s losing team into a winning package. From the moment she sees pitcher Jarrett Corliss in that steamy locker room, she knows she’s found her star candidate. She also knows she needs to steer clear of the arrogant player outside the boardroom. Jarrett agrees to be Samantha’s poster boy on one condition-that she goes out with him — Author Lisa Ruff, Harlequin Romance novel, “Man of the Year.” More about Lisa here.

Question: Have you read a Harlequin Romance novel?

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 6/24/08

Stuart Johnson/Deseret News, AP
A police official picks up what appears to be the gun belt from a Lehi police officer who was shot by a woman pulled over during a traffic stop in Lehi, Utah on Monday. See story below.

Kelly Wark, 34, of Spokane is dead after a shootout with police in Lehi, Utah. Lehi police Capt. Harold Terry early Monday stopped a driver who, police said, drew a pistol and shot him twice in the head. Terry survived and is expected to recover, police said. Other officers arrived and shot and killed the woman moments after she wounded Terry, creating a bloody scene on one of the town’s busiest streets/Salt Lake Tribune. More here.

*Ex-UI linebacker Vobora feted as “Mr. Irrelevant”/SR Sportslink
*Injured high school rodeo rider in “stable” condition/Lewiston Tribune
*Toxic dump near Cataldo raising concerns/KREM2
*Spokane man arrested in Arizona with $600K/KREM2
*I-90 sign to honor Montana rodeo great Mortensen/Billings Gazette
*WSU, UI work to improve domestic caviar/AP

Orbusmax Special: Noose display removed from Sammamash hardware store here.

My 2 Cents: Christie Wood

We were speculating in the newsroom what kind of elected position Christie Wood could land, if she decided to seek higher office. She’d make a terrific city councilwoman (although I don’t think she could remain as a CPD Blue cop, too). County commissioner? Mebbe. Legislator? She’d certainly add a pro-higher education bent to counteract the scheming anti-education corridor pols from the Post Falls district. She’s already kicked state Sen. Jim Hammond’s tail in a mano-a-mano test to win her current North Idaho College trustee seat. She could handle Nonini and Henderson with one hand tied behind her back. I concur with those who commented on the thread below that she’s accomplished much as an elected official. In fact, I’ve been surprised that she’s worn hats on both the Coeur d’Alene School Board and the NIC board for a few years now. She deserves a break. With Nonini, Henderson and Duane Hagadone working overtime to scuttle the education corridor, she also needs to concentrate on her NIC duties. The community is lucky to have her still engaged at the elected official level.

HBO Scoop: Christie Wood To Step Down

I just wanted to let you know that I am retiring my position on the school board on July 7th. I have had an amazing 8 years and have enjoyed it immensely. But I have a lot of things I wish to do in my personal life (such as see my family!) so it is time to say goodbye. I will remain on the college board and focus my energies there. I believe Hazel and the current board will guide our district well and our patrons will be well served/Christie Wood, Coeur d’Alene School Board trustee.

Idaho Blogs: Idaho More Religious Than Neighbors

The Pew study found that nationally, 71% of Americans believe in God (or “universal spirit,” which may open a door for some non-traditionalists) with absolute certainty, and another 17% are “fairly certain”; the small remainder are less so. Washington and Oregon score almost identically on those two categories at 64% WA/63% OR and 19%/both. Idaho, interestingly, scores higher than both (no suprise) but almost almost exactly at the national average - 71%/14%/Randy Stapilus, Ridenbaugh Press. More here.

*Wasden, other AGs stand up for reporters/Kevin Richert
*Bell’s comments, audience add to bigotry/Political Game
*Republicans, Democrats differ on creationism/Right Mind
*No free lunch for energy independence/Rocky Barker

Question (from Idaho Statesman): According to a poll, more than 90 percent of Americans believe in God or a universal power. What do you believe in? God? Universal power? Neither?

Local Headlines — The Last Triathlete Standing

Jerome A. Pollos/Coeur d’Alene Press
Kathryn Curl, from Idaho Falls, crosses the finish line Sunday as the last triathlete to complete the Ford Ironman Coeur d’Alene before the 17-hour cutoff time. Curl, 64, finished with a time of 16:57:24 and was the 1,942nd person to complete the 2008 Ford Ironman Coeur d’Alene.

*Idaho Record/Sherry Adkins, SR
*Silver Valley seeks distinction: Residents champion effort to designate region National Heritage Area/Taryn Hecker, Spokesman-Review
*Car thief could spend 5 years in prison/Erica Curless, SR
*Sandpoint’s Sletagar to compete in reality show/Conor Christofferson, Bonner County Bee
*Long range planning committee hears public’s levy concerns: Next community forum is Thursday from noon-1:30 p.m./Maureen Dolan, Coeur d’Alene Press
*Gas robbery suspect arrested: Jeffrey A. Denny also allegedly stole Jeep in Hayden, caused collisions/Brian Walker, Coeur d’Alene Press

Question: Which is the greater accomplishment? The pro triathlete who wins 2008 Ironman Coeur d’Alene? Or the amateur athlete like Kathryn Curl who perseveres and finishes the race before the stroke of midnight?

Spirit Lake Councilwoman Runs Afoul Of Law

Item: Domestic charge dropped on Spirit Lake councilwoman: Tschida was booked into jail on misdemeanor/Brian Walker, Coeur d’Alene Press

More Info: According to the police report, Tschida hit the male victim across his left arm and back. Tschida told police that she became upset when she saw a cooler filled with ice and fish water spilled on the kitchen floor. Police said they saw a red mark resembling a hand print on the victim’s back.

Question: Is there some kind of lesson here?

Wild Card/Monday — 6/23/08

Ironman 2008 and Car d’Lane are in the books. A mild summer finally appears to have arrived (although my bride of 33 years pointed out that the days are now getting shorter). My garden is as finished as it ever is this time of the year (thanks to brother-in-law Tom who came through with some crook-neck and butternut squash to replace the squash I’d planted with little success weeks ago). And the blog is clicking along in good shape for this time of the year. Not much left to do but to post today’s Wild Card …

Controversial Reality Show Shot In Eagle To Air

Item: Controversial reality show shot in Eagle airs this week/KTVB

More Info: Baby Borrowers is set to debut on NBC at 8 p.m. (MDT) this Wednesday, wedged between episodes of Deal or No Deal and Celebrity Circus. The show gives teen couples their own house, and heaps on responsibility by giving them real children to take care of.

Question: Which reality show would you like to participate in?

Headlines @ 5 — Going-to-the-Sun Road Turns 75

Michael Jamison/Missoulian, AP
Crews clear drifts on the Glacier National Park’s Going-to-the- Sun Road on Thursday in West Glacier, Mont. A 75th anniversary celebration of Going-to-the-Sun Road is scheduled Friday here. The Daily Inter Lake published an editorial about the famous road here.

*Love triangle shooting leaves Spokane City Hall custodian dead/SR
*High gas prices push Idahoans toward scooters/IStatesman
*Businessman to turn over Blue Towels to BSU/IStatesman
*Ex-Boy Scout counselor who molested at least 2 dozen boys now lives in Boise/KTVB
*Montana sheriff arrested/Billings Gazette
*Supreme Court rejects W.R. Grace appeal/KXLY

Question: What’s your most memorable experience in Glacier National Park?

Extra! Mormons To Fight California Gay Marriage

Mormon church leaders will ask California members to join the effort to amend that state’s constitution to define marriage as being between a man and a woman. A June 20 letter sent to Mormon congregation bishops and signed by church president Thomas S. Monson and his two top counselors calls upon Mormons to donate “means and time” to the ballot measure/KTVB. More here.

My 2 Cents: Cell Phones, Can’t Live w/o ‘Em?

If it wasn’t for Amy Dearest, I still wouldn’t own a cell phone. I don’t like talking on any phone let alone a tiny one that doesn’t fit in the crook of your neck. And I don’t like to be interrupted by a caller whenever I’m out and about. However, Amy Dearest and her mother finally persuaded me last fall to sign up for the family plan — their thinking being that we could call one another whenever we wanted to do so for one, ahem, low price. Initially, that low price was $75 per month, with a 10 percent SR discount figured into the price. But the number hit $100 last month b/c Amy Dearest now enjoys text-messaging. Which means that we now have signed up for the $5-all-the-text-messaging-you-want plan monthly. So we’re paying for cell phones and a home phone because I need it for my wi-fi computer — $150 on a bad month. Just. For. Phone. Service. Fuhcryinoutloud. Throw in the fact that I occasionally misplace my cell phone — and I regularly ask myself if the convenience of being annoyed at any time at someone else’s whim is worth the price of living in the modern age.

Question: Do you find cell phones indespensible? Or an expensive annoyance?

HBO Poll: Best Ironman Story

Which of the following Ironman Coeur d’Alene 2008 stories did you enjoy most:

*Blind Ironman Robert Plaskon complete course/OnLocation North Idaho
*Ironman finisher offers marriage proposal/KXLY
*Leonore Rupert sucks it up/MamaJD
*Ironclad vows/OnLocation North Idaho
*Inspirational Ironman Chris Houde/MamaJD

Zimo: Non-Motorized Boat Registration Near

Item: Zimo: Fee proposal for non-motorized boats in Idaho is not popular: Non-motorized boaters like canoeists may have to pay a state registration fee if the idea gains momentum/Pete Zimowsky, IStatesman. More here.

Pete Zimowsky: My gut reaction is that you are going to see proposed legislation to register non-motorized boats in time for the next session of the Idaho Legislature. I hope I’m wrong.

Question: Should owners of rafts, kayaks, canoes or drift boats be required to register them in Idaho?

HBO @ Noon: New England Pregnancy Pact

Lisa Poole/AP Photo
Carolyn Kirk, mayor of Gloucester, Mass., speaks to members of the media before a meeting earlier today at city hall in Gloucester, Mass. Principal Joseph Sullivan, who first claimed that some of the 17 pregnant girls in his school had made a pact to raise their babies together did not attend the Monday meeting of city leaders on the subject. Video here. Pact called into question.

Question: What do you think of this oddball story?

Idaho Blogs: What Sali Really Meant — RSR

In case you missed it (and if you blinked, you might have), Bill Sali held a press conference last week regarding gas prices. Among other things, he called for more ‘bipartisanship’ in Washington, D.C. Makes you wonder about his quote last week in the Bonner County Daily Bee: Speaking about the possibility of a Democratically controlled White House and Congress, Sali said, “The America that we know, that the founding fathers envisioned, will cease to exist.” Washington is broken. There is too much partisan bickering. And Bill Sali is part of the problem/Julie Fanselow, Red State Rebels.

*Big business of booze/Kevin Richert
*Blogiversary: Palousitics turns 3/Palousitics
*Double quote/Randy Stapilus
*Proof that we are not a color-blind society yet/Clayton Cramer
*Time for Jessica’s Law in Idaho/Idaho Values Alliance
*Let Wal*Mart fix US health care/Right Mind
*Summer comes late to Stanley/Rocky Barker
*Tim Russert’s death coverage/Scott Picken

CDA Man Killed In Sunday AM Rollover

Antony Heinig, 46, of Coeur d’Alene was killed in a single-car rollover Sunday morning on Interstate 90, 15 miles east of Coeur d’Alene. Heinig was the passenger in an eastbound car driven by Anthony J. Cardwell, 26, of Coeur d’Alene. The car left the road for an unknown reason, rolled and ended up on its top. Both men were thrown from the vehicle. Cardwell was taken to Kootenai Medical Center. ISP report here.

*Kingston man drops cigarette, crashes on I90/ISP report
*Passenger injured when motorcycle hits deer/ISP report
*6 sent to hospital in 2-car crash @ Lancaster & Highway 41/ISP report

OTV Review: Tomato Street

The experience can border on sensory overload. It’s like Halloween and Christmas rolled into one and served with a side of Carnivale. It’s like Disney bought the entire nation of Italy and somehow managed to condense it into an Americanized theme park that fits inside one modestly sized building. It’s enjoyably chaotic, like what one might imagine a trip to the Alberto Zoppè Family Circus might be like under the influence of mild hallucinogens, but with attractive young waitresses and waiters in silly hats instead of clowns and lion tamers. It’s a visit to Coeur d’Alene’s perennially popular family Italian eatery Tomato Street, a long-time local favorite which sits amidst the glut of drive-through joints on Appleway’s fast food row/OrangeTV, Get Out! North Idaho. More here.

Question: Which Italian food place in North Idaho is your favorite? Do you go to Tomato Street often?

George Carlin, 71, Comedian, RIP

AP File Photo
In this Aug. 20, 1992, file photo, comedian George Carlin performs his routine during a benefit at The Bitter End in New York. Carlin, 71, whose staunch defense of free speech in his most famous routine “Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television” led to a key Supreme Court ruling on obscenity, died Sunday. Story here.

Question: Were you a George Carlin fan?

OnLocationNI: Tying The Knot @ Ironman

Kerri Thoreson/OnLocation North Idaho
On the morning of the eve of Ironman Coeur d’Alene 2008 (bottom photo), writes Kerri Thoerson/OnLocation North Idaho, love was in the air for a San Antonio, Texas couple. Dr. Pete Valdez is running his first Ironman on Sunday but he crossed the finish line with his sweetheart, Carrie, when they were married on the front lawn of the historic Roosevelt Inn Saturday. The wedding party consisted of the good doctor’s three teammates from San Antonio. You can see more of Kerri’s photography at Ironman 2008 here. MamaJD offers her Ironman photos here.

Question: Where did you get married?

OnLocationNI, ThomG Provide Ironman Photos …

… as they’re happening here. Story here.

ThomG Photo
A couple of Iron men and Iron women gear up.

ThomG Photo
ThomG’ll be manning the intersection of Lakeside Avenue and 2nd Street, during the run portion, from 12 until 2 pm.

Anniversary Wild Card — 6/21/08

Thirty-three years today and counting, HBO Gang. As I mentioned in my evening Wild Card last night, Mrs. O and I have been married 33 years today. I’ve been married longer than my parents were (as a result of my father’s untimely death in a car accident in 1976) and longer than all but one of my siblings. At this point, the Big 5-0 in 17 years would seem reasonable. Mebbe she’ll finally throw me under the bus when we celebrate the golden anniversary in the year 2025. After all, she’s six years younger — and probably’ll be tired of this old fart. We’ll see. Meanwhile, I’ll play this Wild Card …

Good Citizen Didn’t Know He Was Aiding Shoplifter

Item: When good intentions go bad: Liberty Lake man awaits charges after accidentally helping shoplifter get away/Meghann M. Cuniff, SR

More Info: It’s been two weeks since a Liberty Lake father of three spent the night in jail after police say he shoved a plainclothed security guard attempting to apprehend a shoplifter. Scott E. Hughes, 33, describes his interference as a mistake. He thought the shoplifter was an assault victim. But he disputes Spokane Valley police’s account of the scuffle and plans to fight criminal charges.

Question: Would you file charges against this guy, if you were in the authorities’ shoes?

MamaJD: Why Publish Kyra Wine’s Photo?

MamaJD: I am curious about the SR’s decision to publish photos of the girl. She is an underage victim in the absence of an Amber Alert. What are the factors, if you know, that helped guide the SR in deciding whether to publish the photos?

Question: I don’t know the answer to this question. But I plan to forward it to Editor Steve Smith. We generally don’t publish photos of crime victims. What do you think? Should we publish photos of young abuse victims or not?

Online Poll: Rules of the Road

Idaho drivers rank No. 4 in the nation in knowing the rules of the road. How well do you know the rules?/Idaho Statesman

*Really well
*Not well
*Not at all

Survey Sez: Idaho Has Room For Improvement

Item: Surveys say Idaho’s nice, but there’s room for improvement/Idaho Statesman

More Info: If you believe all the recent surveys comparing Idaho with other states, our women handle stress well, and we know the rules of the road better than almost anyone. But more of our men ought to use their driving skills to go straight to the doctor for a prostate screening before they go sight-seeing.

Question: How would you like to see Idaho improve?

Lame Duck

AP Photo

As he limps from the stage
attention is lacking
and nobody listens
while he keeps on quacking.

The Bard of Sherman Avenue

Parting Shot — 6/20/08

Michael Sohn/Associated Press
Berlin police employees, wearing uniforms similar to officers’, take to the water during a protest in support of a salary increase. The catchphrase of the event, which took place at a public swimming pool was “the water is up to our neck.” For the rest of Andrew Zahler’s SR Today In Pictures, click here.

Stateline Speedway To Run Spokane Raceway

A selection committee has chosen (former Post Falls councilman Joe Doellefeld’s) Stateline Speedway to be the interim operator of Spokane Raceway Park if Spokane County eventually obtains ownership of the racing complex, The Spokesman-Review just learned. The five-member selection committee interviewed four prospective operators on Thursday and will forward its list of recommendations to the Spokane County commissioners. The board is expected to select an interim operator next Tuesday but not sign a formal contract until a court-delay moves forward/Bill Morlin, SR. Details re: operator’s decision. Related: Raceway sale postponed indefinitely/SR

Question: Do you spend time at the local race tracks?

APhoto of the Day — 6/20/08

Julie Jacobson/AP Photo
A fake shark’s fin, set afloat by a local businessman who’s store basement was flooding, drifts along a flooded Front Street as Burlington city employees discuss sand bagging efforts Monday in Burlington, Iowa. You write the cutline.

Top Cutlines

1. Boats rescued shopkeepers, doctors, and teachers, but the city’s lawyers were able to just swim to safety — Family Phil.
2. The locals were stunned, the flood waters hadn’t started receding yet and the politicians were already showing up — Cabbage Boy.
3. There’s a joke in there somewhere about how many city employees it takes to officially declare a flood, but as a fellow government worker I’m going to keep my mouth shut — StacyL.

HM: A Token D

INKster: As Parent, Craig Rivals Britney Spears

The INKster found a Father’s Day piece from Idaho Sen. Larry Craig about as moving as a message on parenting skills from pop star Britney Spears. Since Hallmark obviously doesn’t produce a card tailored for politicians caught in gay sex-sting operations, the Idaho Republican put his own spin on the special day by issuing a message on June 12 in the form of a press release with a twist/INKster Vera White, Moscow-Pullman Daily News. More here.

2 North Idahoans Win Preservation Honors

Dorothy Dahlgren, long-time chief cook & bottle washer at the North Idaho Museum, was one of two North Idahoans honored with an “orchid” as Preservation Idaho handed out its 31st Annual Orchids & Onions Awards. She was the only one to win acclaim in the Distinguished Preservationist category. Also honored was Brian Runberg, in the Excellence in Historic Preservation category, for the restoration of the Beardmore Block in Priest River. Excellence in Historic Preservation. The only Onion Award was given to the Buhl School District for the unnecessary and shortsighted demolition of the historic 1920 Buhl High School Building in Buhl.

Local Blogs: Betcher Grass, I Can Do It Myself

Photo: The Skinny On North Idaho

It’s too much house and yard for a woman without a husband. And that was before you planted that damn fruit orchard. That’s what Grandpa stopped by to tell me on the day I’d set aside to shop for a lawnmower. I had the money saved up and knew just what I wanted: A riding mower with a beer holder and a plow blade, too, for the winter months when the grass isn’t long, but the snow is. I already have the straw hat. Just need me some Big Boy overalls. Maybe I’d even enter the Big Back-In lawnmower drag races come Father’s Day/Taryn Hecker (pictured above), Skinny On North Idaho. More here.

*Family Phil’s second podcast/A Family Runs Through It
*What killed the video star?/Rants, Rave & Random Thoughts
*Summer arrives at 3:59 PM Priest Lake Time/As The Lake Churns
*New Idaho law: Allergic students can self-inject/Eye On Boise
*When a village helps put out/From A Simple Mind
*Stickin’ around/TUBOB
*Summer Scenes/Slight Detour
*Real MRIs aren’t like they have on ‘House’/JeanC’s Cat House
*3BT: Perfect look, broomstick, Tiger surgery/Kellogg Bloggin’

HBO Numbers (for June 19): 8950 page-views/4659 unique views

Question: Who cuts the lawn at your house?

Faith-healing Teen Refuses Treatment, Dies

Item: Teen-ager from faith-healing family dies in Oregon/Associated Press

More Info: Authorities say a teenager from a faith-healing family died from an illness that could have been easily treated, just a few months after a toddler cousin of his died in a case that has led to criminal charges. Tuesday’s death of 16-year-old Neil Beagley, however, may not be a crime because Oregon law allows minors 14 and older to decide for themselves whether to accept medical treatment.

Question: Do you believe in faith healing?

Hat Tip: Binkyboy/43rd State Blues

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 6/20/08

Jerome A. Pollos/Coeur d’Alene Press, AP
Yvonne Hall searches through hundreds of forms during the registration process Thursday for the Ford Ironman Coeur d’Alene in Coeur d’Alene. Story here.

If anyone has seen a 7-foot-tall green and angry statue with purple pants in town — Boise comic store Outpost 12 wants their Hulk back. A pair of vandals stole Outpost 12’s Hulk paper Mache and foam statue from the parking lot of their store at 3890 W. State St. Thursday night/IStatesman. More here.

News Roundup:
*Blaine County commissioner quitting, heading for Himalayas/KTVB
*Roundup nets 96 fugitives, including violent ones, sex offenders/Bill Morlin, SR
*Idaho one of only 4 states w/personal income drop/KTVB
*Accused Boy Scout molester back in Latah County Jail/Lewiston Tribune
*Roark: Flag charges won’t stick: Attorney says teacher’s act was political expression/Twin Falls Times-News
*Burley tables proposed pitbull ban/Twin Falls Times-News

Scott Reed: Tubbs Hill Book Signing ‘Incredible’

It was incredible. They sold 310 books. People were lined up in the hall. I signed books for 2 hours. It wasn’t me. It was the hill. Everyone seemed to have a story about their experience with the hill. One guy told me that he moved here from Spokane. He didn’t like Coeur d’Alene when he first moved here. Until he saw Tubbs Hill. I was hoping to sell 50 books.

DFO: Copies of “The Treasure Called Tubbs Hill” are available for $10 at library/City Hall, Hastings and the North Idaho Museum. Scott told me he’d gladly autograph a copy for anyone.

In The ‘Better Late Than Never’ Dept …

Cis/From A Simple Mind

… the Bonner County Bee finally reported on that deer-caused Sandpoint plane crash that Cis told us about Tuesday morning here. You can read the AP report here. Cis e-mails: “Let’s see … it happen Monday night … I took the pictures Tuesday morning … and this is Friday. Guess that isn’t too bad in the land of the Bee … 4 days.”

Idaho Blogs: Adam Denounces Racist Button … Sorta

I denounce the maker of this stupid racist button. It is utterly offensive and completely repulsive, and it is unequivocally wrong. Rarely has a stronger case been made for registration of button-o-matic machines. You know who else I denounce, though? The National Education Association, which would rather trap black kids in inner cities in failing schools than allow them the chance to attend a private or parochial school that works. I denounce their Washington State Branch for denying black kids and all kids the right to attend a charter school, as they have consistently opposed the legislation/Adam Graham, Adam’s Blog. More here.

*Why Zeb Bell matters/MountainGoat Report
*A community in chaos/Political Game
*Rammell the spoiler/IdaBlue
*The fall of the fall ISAT/Kevin Richert
*Sending a message against hate/Red State Rebels
*Yay! You go Idaho/Unequivocal Notion

Question: The button above was sold by someone at the GOP state convention in Texas. IdaBlue writes of it: “This is vile, despicable and loathsome. And unfortunately, brace yourselves, because this is just the start.” Do you think, as IdaBlue does, that racism will surface, big time in the 2008 prez campaign?

Clark: Mortified By Porn Model Case Outcome

The larger ramification is that prosecutors have decided to drop all six charges of extortion and theft against 27-year-old gay porn model Cody Michael Castagna. These charges stemmed from Castagna’s bizarre boink-fest last October with Richard Curtis, a right-wing state lawmaker, in his hotel room at the Davenport Hotel Tower. After Curtis dozed off, Castagna allegedly made off with the Republican’s wallet, credit cards and legislative ID. They don’t call it the Grand Old PARTY for nothing. The best you can say about Curtis is that he possesses about a billion more functioning brain cells than Idaho Sen. Larry Craig. Curtis proved that by resigning office shortly after news of the scandal had the nation doubling over in a fit of convulsive laughter/Doug Clark, SR. More here.

Question: Who came through his scandal in better shape: Larry Craig or Richard Curtis?

UI Lease Agreement Delayed Until September

Item: Board delays decision on CdA education corridor/Erica F. Curless, SR

More Info: Henderson and Nonini said that other than running a full-page commentary in the Coeur d’Alene Press and talking to board member Hall, they didn’t lobby against the project. Henderson and Nonini maintain they support the corridor concept but worry that NIC hasn’t proved it won’t exhaust its financial resources on the corridor and not fully fund professional-technical education such as carpentry, auto shop and medical technicians. Both lawmakers reject the accusation that they are trying to torpedo the plan.

Question: What would you say to education board members if you could?

Online Poll: Are You A Math Whiz?

How good are you at math?/Idaho Statesman.

*I’m a math genius
*I’m OK with a calculator
*I can balance a checkbook
*I’m horrible

LCHS09: Today’s Kids Going Downhill Fast

As an upcoming senior at LCHS, i dont care what you all say about (the 2008 yearbook) not being a big deal, it is huge. It is a perfect representation of what students are becoming. Students, especially the class of 09, are going downhill fast. High dropout rate, unbelievable amount of alcohol use, and a rapidly rising drug use (cocaine, ex, acid). Some say this is normal for teenagers, but why does it have to be normal? What happened to discipline, rules, and consequences?? My parents have kept a tight rein on me my whole life, and you dont see me trying hardcore drugs. There is a reason, good parenting/LCHS09. More here.

Question: As a 2008-09 LCHS student, LCHS09 is closer to his/her generation than most of us are. What do you think of his/her analysis about today’s high schoolers tanking it?

Wild Card/Thursday — 6/19/08

The Idaho Board of Education will vote today or Friday on the proposed 99-year lease for 7-acre Harbor Center and rights on another 2.5 acres in the proposed education corridor. The city of Coeur d’Alene approved its side of the deal Tuesday. Unanimously. We’ll see if all the huffing and puffing by Duane Hagadone, his newspaper, Bob Nonini and Frank Henderson has had any effect on the education board. If the Ed Board OKs the deal, the CAVErs have nothing left to do except try to take over the NIC board. Which’ll provide some fun fireworks here this fall. Now, for your Wild Card …

Ed Board Postpones Action On UI Lease

Huckleberries has just learned that the Idaho State Board of Education has postponed action until September on the proposed $1.3M, 99-year lease for the seven-acre Harbor Center and rights for another 2.5 acres, adjacent to North Idaho College. The move will give the city of Coeur d’Alene time to complete a study that shows the property would provide substantial more benefit as a center for higher education than as private property on the tax rolls.

APhoto of the Day w/Top Cutlines — 6/18/08

AP Photo
Chinese diners enjoy their food at a restaurant with a toilet theme in Hangzhou, eastern China’s Zhejiang province earlier today. You write the cutline.

Top Cutlines:

1. The Minneapolis airport has eliminated restrooms. “This cuts down on people having - er - congress in our facilities,” said a spokesman — Brent Andrews.
2. (tie) I love Chinese food, but I’m always still hungry - it just runs right through me — JeanieSpokane; and: The first Japanese franchise of In-N-Out Burger — Family Phil.
3. Who ordered the Baby Ruth? — Cabbage Boy.

HM: Fat Lady Sings

Scott’s Tubbs Hill Book Signing Begins @ 5

Spokesman-Review File Photo
Coeur d’Alene attorney Scott Reed will be signing his new local history, “The Treasure Called Tubbs Hill,” from 5 to 7 this evening at the Coeur d’Alene Library. Above, Scott applauds from the audience during the dedication ceremony for the new Human Rights Education Institute in December 2005 in Coeur d’Alene.

3YO Girl Badly Hurt By Horse Kick

A 3-year-old was badly injured when she was kicked by a horse in the Rathdrum area Wednesday afternoon. The child suffered apparent broken bones and severe lacerations when she was kicked about 10 feet in a pasture at 4708 W. Diagonal Road (& Sturgeon Road) at 6:16 p.m. Apparently, the girl had run back to say goodbye to a horse after helping feed the animals. She was standing behind a horse, which kicked when the girl’s mother yelled at her to come to supper. Jacqueline Jones and Amee Llamas witnessed the incident. MedStar transported the unconscious girl to Sacred Heart.

Illinois Sheriff: Smith ‘A Piece of (Expletive)’

A 3-year-old St. Maries girl has a 50 percent chance of survival after suffering extensive abuse, allegedly at the hands of her mother (Christina Haynes, 26) and a boyfriend (Charles William Smith, 29), according to court documents. Story here. Update: Girl has ‘life-saving’ surgery/KREM2. And: Editors struggle with story placement/Daily Briefing

“He’s a piece of (expletive)” — Perry County (Ill.) Sheriff Keith Kellerman to KREM2 re: St. Maries child abuse suspect Charles William Smith, 29, a former resident of Cutler, Ill., population 543. Story here.

Police report

*Charles William Smith’s MySpace page
*Christina Haynes’ MySpace page

Twin Falls Paulers Cry Foul RE: GOPfest

Item: Paul backers claim discrimination after being prevented from attending GOP convention/Jared S. Hopkins, Twin Falls Times-News

More Info: At a June 5 meeting, the nearly dozen Paul supporters on the 45-member committee couldn’t get enough votes to secure any of the 16 delegate positions. Divisions emerged and during the nomination process Paul supporters unsuccessfully tried to split votes from the sitting committee members. But Rick Martin, who lost a Buhl precinct race as well as contests for committee chairman and state delegate, said the fact that (7 of 16) delegates didn’t attend the convention when Paul supporters were ready and willing was clear discrimination.

Question: Is this bellyaching by also-ran Paulers? Or do they have a legit beef?

HBO @ Noon: Yearly Physical Exams

Today I go for my yearly visit to the doctor. I’m worried the beautiful, young, skinny thing is going to wonder why I’ve gained so much weight. Maybe she won’t say anything. Maybe all my tests will still be fine. Yikes, I’m feeling like a sneaky little kid about to get caught. You see she didn’t know I smoked so I really don’t want to tell her that I’ve gained weight because I quit. I didn’t exactly lie when I filled out the health form during my first visit when I checked the box that I didn’t smoke. I always quit smoking the morning I go to the doctor. Maybe if she says anything I’ll just tell her that I’m pregnant/Frum Helen Back, Hauser Thoughts.

Question: What do you dread most about a physical medical exam: getting weighed, getting naked, blood tests, rubber-glove exams, admonishments by the doc when your blood pressure/cholesterol readings come back, other?

Update: Rape Suspect Is Registered Offender

Preliminary information provided by the victim is that she and suspect Gary Allen Srery, 65, of Plummer left the bar at closing and he drove her to her residence. Once inside the residence she was allegedly attacked by Srery. The victim said the attack lasted for several hours during which time she allegedly was raped, beaten and strangled. The victim stated she screamed for help several times during the attack. A few minutes prior to 5:11 am, a friend arrived at the residence and heard her pleas for help. He confronted the suspect and the suspect fled out the door where he was immediately apprehended by police/Sgt. Christie Wood. Complete Coeur d’Alene Police Department news release here. And: Srery sex offender profile and photo here.

Sex offender map

Hat Tip: MamaJD

Idaho Blogs: Not All Independents Alike

Wild variations and inconsistencies characterize Idaho independent voters. Conservative independents tend to be fiscally frugal, anti-tax and anti-status quo citizens who are suspicious of all government, especially federal. They may be loggers, miners, ranchers and farmers who grew up in Idaho and don’t want to see things change. They may have an environmental streak because of their connection to the land, yet they oppose plans that would hurt jobs or regulate their businesses/Jill Kuraitis, New West Boise. More here.

*Citizen hands out fliers, bumps bellies, arrested/Sisyphus, 43rd State Blues
*Kids say the darndest things/Fort Boise
*Idaho court orders resentencing for callous killer/Bryan Fischer, Idaho Values Alliance
*Sali is blustering again/MountainGoat Report
*Meridian Library purging its catalogue?/Unequivocal Notion

Question: Do you consider yourself to be an Idaho Independent?

Ferry System Proposed For Harrison

Item: Harrison ferry gets look: $21 million price tag less than cost of improving Highway 97/Ralph Bartholdt, St. Maries Gazette-Record

More Info: Minor improvements such as adding guardrails and building slow-vehicle turnouts on the narrow, winding section of highway are estimated to cost close to $35 million, said Staci Lehman of the Kootenai Metropolitan Planning Organization, which was directed by the county to develop an improvement plan.

Question: Would you like to see a ferry system between Harrison and Coeur d’Alene?

Online Poll: Offshore Drilling

President Bush has made a last-ditch effort to convince Congress to end the 27-year moratorium on most offshore oil drilling. Is drilling the answer to America’s energy needs?/Idaho Statesman.

*Yes, will lower gas prices
*No, conserve resources

PFPD Blue Cleared Of ‘Excessive Force’

Item: PF police cleared of excessive force: Jury decides one case, judge dismisses other/Brian Walker, Coeur d’Alene Press

More Info: Two separate cases in which men alleged that a former Post Falls Police officer used excessive force during two arrests have concluded in the city’s favor. A jury on Tuesday unanimously decided in district court that the city was not liable when Bradley Platt, 38, of Post Falls, suffered facial injuries when he was arrested by Officer Erik Andersen during a traffic stop following a short pursuit in January 2005.

Question: Do these verdicts increase your trust in local authorities?

Hump Day Wild Card — 6/18/08

My wife reports from City Park that the triathletes are doing what triathletes do to prepare for Sunday’s Ironman CDA race — swimming, jogging, and biking. One swimmer simply shivered when Mrs. O asked her how cold the water was. Also, Mrs. O observed that there may be “good naked” and “bad naked” (according to Seinfeld) but there is no “bad triathlete.” Seems it may be time for her to go home and quit looking at the eye candy. Now, for your Hump Day Wild Card …

KerriT: A Sunburned Driver’s License Mug

Remember how excited I was to have a new photo on my renewed driver’s license last month? Well the celebration was a bit premature. When a burglar broke into my locked car and made off with personal possessions including my wallet, the license was taken. So back I went Monday morning to the DMV to get a duplicate which involved having a new photo taken. This one shows my sunburned nose and an expression you can visualize as frustrated to have to replace identification and a cell phone and a complete set of keys and locks/Kerri Thoreson, Coeur d’Alene Press. More here.

Question: Do you like your driver’s license photo?

Local Blogs: Gas Theft Growing

As The Lake Churns Photo
Pecky Cox, who received her U.S. citizenship status Tuesday, is shown with “Ferris Bueller” actor Ben Stein at Hill’s Resort in Priest Lake.

My neighbor, who is foreman for a local construction firm, told me that he showed up for work the other day only to find that all the fuel had been siphoned out of their equipment. He said by the time he had refueled all of the equipment it cost him over $1,000, not including the cost of paying six employees to sit around until they could refuel/Kootenai MPO Blog. More here.

HBO Numbers (for June 17, 2008): 8514 page-views/4826 unique views

Roundup (A-N):
*The Green Police/Notes on a Napkin
*Friends & soulmates/Nuts & Nonsense
*Get Out! mailbox: deluxe June edition/Get Out! North Idaho
*Crimpleness has its advantages/Marmitetoasty
*Celts, grades, pizza/Kellogg Bloggin’
*Kids/A Butterfly Moment
*David Iglesias wrote a book/Arch Druid
*Of sunsets, ships and seagulls/Atmospheric Ruminations
*Alas, over hamburgers/Chronic Discontent

Question: Have you taken any steps to prevent yourself from being the victim of gasoline theft?

MamaJD: Some Ironmen Bolder Than Others

MamaJD offers this photo from 2007 Ironman CDA to debunk Mrs. O’s theory that there may be “good naked” and “bad naked” (according to “Seinfeld”), but there’s no such thing as “bad triathlete.” E-mails MamaJD: “I believe there are some triathletes that are “braver” than others.” What do you think?

Update: From Iraq With Love

Destiney Turner of King Pizza on 4th received an unusual call just before opening time this morning, around 9:45 a.m. Seems the caller wanted to send a medium pepperoni pizza and a Pepsi to his True Love at the U.S. Bank call center. She’d forgotten her lunch. Destiney explained that the pizza shop wasn’t open yet. But the caller responded with a plea she couldn’t refuse: He had already called other pizza places without success. And, oh yeah, he was a sergeant in Iraq, where, he said, the temperature was 130 degrees. At that point, Destiney couldn’t take the order fast enough and was glad to include the serviceman’s dictated note: “I love you, Sugar Drop. I hope you’re having a wonderful day.” He wanted to add a $10 tip. But Destiney refused the tip and payment for the pizza. After she hung up, Destiny said she cried: “He’s other there and concerned about her. Amazing.” Indeed.

Hat Tip: Erica Curless

Fireman Charged In Torch Lounge/Boise Brawl

At least one Boise firefighter is facing felony criminal charges in connection with a bar brawl at a Boise bikini bar last fall where a firefighter with the Bureau of Land Management and some acquaintances were injured. Three men told Ada County Sheriff’s deputies they were jumped by a group of Boise firefighters in the early morning hours of Sept. 7 in the parking lot of the Torch 2, 610 South Vista Ave. The men said the Boise firefighters left before police could arrive to investigate/Idaho Statesman. More here.

Question: Anyone out there willing to admit that you’ve visited CDA’s Torch Lounge bikini bar?

Scanner Traffic — 6/18/08

3:16 p.m. A man reportedly is passed out with beer cans around him in the alley behind the laundry mat at 1914 Sherman Ave.
1:24 p.m. A 40ish woman is passed out in the bathroom of an oral surgeon’s office on Ironwood Drive, possibly as a result of drugs. She was discovered unconscious with syringes around her.
8:30ish: First Voice: I hear that parcel is worth $3.8 million. Second Voice: Want to go in on thirds?

Popkey: Will Obama, Paul Delegates Stick Around?

The balance of power at the Republican and Democratic state conventions over the weekend was held by newcomers loyal to Ron Paul and Barack Obama. Republicans ousted their two-term chairman, and Democrats passed over the old guard in naming delegates to their national convention. Now the question is whether the new blood will stick. I have my doubts, but young leaders of the Paul and Obama forces say they’re in for the long run/Dan Popkey, Idaho Statesman. More here.

Question: Will Idaho delegates for Ron Paul and Barack Obama stay engaged in the Gem State political process? Or fade away?

HBO @ Noon: AP Trying To Limit Blog Copy Posts

Item: AP to set guidelines for using its articles in blogs/Saul Hansell, New York Times

More Info: The Associated Press, one of the nation’s largest news organizations, said that it will, for the first time, attempt to define clear standards as to how much of its articles and broadcasts bloggers and Web sites can excerpt without infringing on The A.P.’s copyright.

TVW warns Eye On Olympia re: content use

Question: Do you know enough about copyright use of online material to stay out of trouble?

Update: Dems Refuse To Meet w/Bell

Item: Dems refuse to meet with controversial talk show host: Bell’s guest makes ‘minimal’ apology/Cassidy Friedman, Twin Falls Times-News

More Info: Local conservative AM talk show host Zeb Bell, who for a week has faced accusations of pushing racism on his show, didn’t get the chance to confront his accusers. And he is furious. Bell said Idaho Democrats - his accusers - declined to meet with him on Tuesday’s show, as planned, to mull over their differences. Local Democrats say they don’t have time.

Blogs: Bell wants to face accusers/Political Game; and Hate: Not in our state, not on our airwaves/Julie Fanselow, Red State Rebels.

Question: Should Twin Falls County Dems accepted Bell’s invitation to meet?

Three Texans Ready For Ironman CDA

Item: Local triathletes say hard part is done before Sunday’s ironman event/Eric Ransom, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

More Info: Three (Fort Worth, Texas) athletes have been preparing for a trip to beautiful, breezy Idaho for almost six months now. Once they get there, some work will be in order. Shawna Gibson, Chuck Burr and Brian Miller are among 30 local triathletes who will brave the Ironman at Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, on Sunday. As with all Ironman-distance triathlons, competitors face a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride and 26.2-mile run.

Question: Have you ever volunteered to help with Ironman Coeur d’Alene?

WSJ: Rex Rammell’s Improbable Campaign

The launch of Rex Rammell’s Senate bid didn’t go as planned. The mud pit and the monster trucks were an insurmountable distraction. The would-be supporters were too drunk to think about the election. He quickly gave up hope of even delivering a speech. Before long, the candidate — a Mormon veterinarian who hopes to succeed incumbent Larry Craig, arrested in an airport men’s room as part of a sex-sting operation — gave up on winning votes at the Moyie Mud Bog, a semiannual event that draws motor heads eager to drive through a field of man-made mud. He soon returned to his 39-foot RV for a nap/T.W. Farnam, Wall Street Journal. More here.

Quotable Quote: “As an independent, it’s yet to be determined if he (Rex Rammell) can gain traction,” Sen. Craig said of Dr. Rammell, who he thinks may become a spoiler for Mr. Risch. “A lot of Republicans are worried about that, as am I” — U.S. Sen. Larry Craig.

Question: Can Rammell attract enough votes away from Repub Lt. Gov. Jim Risch to allow Dem Larry LaRocco win the Idaho U.S. Senate race?

Online Poll: Bottled Water

Water from the tap — and not a plastic bottle — is becoming the preferred method of liquid refreshment for some consumers as they try to save money amid a sluggish economy. Are you among them?/Idaho Statesman.

*Yes, waste of money
*No, it’s healthier
*Don’t drink water

CDA Council Votes 6-0 For UI Lease

Item: Cd’A council favors UI lease: Votes unanimously to enter into Harbor Center deal/Maureen Dolan, Coeur d’Alene Press

More Info: City Council members voted unanimously Tuesday in favor of entering into an agreement to lease the Harbor Center property to the university for a one-time payment of $1.3 million with an option for a second 99-year lease at no additional cost. The agreement also gives the university rights to property adjacent to North Idaho College — 2.5 acres that are now part of the 17-acre DeArmond Mill site being vacated by Stimson Lumber Company.

DFO: The Idaho Board of Education will discuss this same lease when it meets Thursday and Friday in Idaho Falls. Are you ready for an expanded UIdaho presence in Coeur d’Alene?

Wild Card/Tuesday — 6/17/08

I see that Repub conservatives are beating the drums for a closed primary despite the tight GOP convention vote in favor of opening the primary. Rod Beck, the odd man out in the chairmanship sweepstakes, is still pushing for a closed primary as is Bryan Fischer of the Idaho Values Alliance. New Chairman Norm Semanko will need the wisdom of Solomon to do the right thing (change the party platform to keep the primaries open) and still keep the Rod Beck wing of the party in tow. Now, for your Wild Card …

Online Poll: Idaho Sez Illegals Are Residents

Item: Court rules illegal immigrants are residents: Idaho justices say county cannot deny medical aid/Associated Press

Question: Do you think undocumented immigrants should qualify for medical indigency assistance from counties? Yes. No. Not sure.

Headlines @ 5 — Blind Comic

Get the Flash Player to see this video.

“The best part about being a photographer is being able to spend time with people like Jimmy Green,” writes colleague Kathy Plonka, who produced the video above, “Blind Comic.” Kathy continues: “He made me laugh so much that it was hard to keep the cameras still. Spokesman-Review photographer Dan Pelle was patient enough to help me put this piece together. I’m still afraid to take the training wheels off.” Story here.

*Lake City transforms into Ironman village/KXLY
*UI to report on law school plans/AP
*Bonners Ferry police chief Kramer to retire/
*Banner stolen from Sandpoint chamber/Conor Christofferson, Bonner County Bee
*ISU dental program focus of criminal probe/KTVB

APhoto of the Day w/Top Cutlines — 6/17/08

Mary Baker/AP Photo
Visitors to the Museum of Contemporary Art look at artwork by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan titled Novecento, a taxidermic horse suspended from the ceiling by leather slings, on the opening day of the 2008 Biennale of Sydney in Sydney, Australia, Tuesday. You write the cutline.

Top Cutlines:

1. Bob & John Austin.
2.If it means you’re pregnant when the rabbit dies, it must be a sign of the apocolypse when a dead horse is hung from the ceiling — Staci.
3. Beating a dead horse just became a little more difficult down under — Cabbage Boy.

HM: Charlie & everyone else. Superb cutlines today.

Zelda: Don’t Feed The Deer

After 12 years of enjoying sweet, succulent home-grown raspberries, I will go without this year. Why? The deer came through last night and ate every flower bud on the canes. They also destroyed $200+ of flowers. This kind of damage has never happened this early in the year. The deer population is out of control in my neck of the suburban woods and a big contributor is transplated-to-Spokane neighbors who put out troughs of feed year-round just so they can see the fawns. If you’ve lost a friend or relative on the highway in a deer collision or if you’ve damaged your vehicle hitting a deer, it’s no laughing matter. Yeah, I know — “they were here first” — but not in the 1,000s like they are now. So save your money, folks. Stop feeding the deer and make a donation to a food bank instead/Zelda.

Question: Do you consider deer to be cute or an annoyance?

OTV’s Roxy — Coeur d’Alene Drive-In

OrangeTV/Remember The Roxy

OrangeTV has posted a bunch of new photos of old times in this area on his Remember The Roxy blog, including a 1976 message from then mayor Ron Edinger and an advertisement re: Coeur d’Alene’s only disco dance place.

Question: What was the last movie you watched at a drive-in — and where?

Cyd Charisse, 86, ‘Singing In Rain’ Actress, RIP

AP File Photo
In this Sept. 5, 2002, file photo, cast members of the film “Singin’ in the Rain,” from left, Donald O’Connor, Rita Moreno, Cyd Charisse, and Debbie Reynolds, strike a pose from a musical number at a 50th Anniversary screening of the film in Beverly Hills, Calif. Charisse, the long-legged Texas beauty who danced with the Ballet Russe as a teenager and starred in MGM musicals with Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly died Tuesday. She was 86. Story here.

Question: Which old-time musical is your favorite?

Spirit Lake Lawnmower Races

Ralph Bartholdt/OnLocation North Idaho

At The Big Back-In Lawnmower races in Spirit Lake last weekend, Ralph Bartholdt/The Skinny On North Idaho snapped one of the entries blazing along at a lickety-split 6 mph. You can see more of Ralph’s lawnmower race photography here.

Strange: Brothel Offers Gas Cards, Too

Item: Brothel to offer gasoline gift cards/Las Vegas Review-Journal

More Info: Brothel owner Bobbi Davis has a plan to “stimulate the economy,” and she means that exactly the way you think she does. Starting July 1, her Shady Lady Ranch will hand out gasoline gift cards to paying customers who make the drive to the bordello on U.S. Highway 95 north of Beatty. Spend $300 on you know what and get a $50 gas card. Spend $500 and get a $100 gas card. Davis hopes the promotion will bring back some of the business they have lost to record-high fuel prices.

Question: Any thoughts on this story?

City Hall: 3rd Street Trailer Lot Shuts Wednesday

The 3rd Street boat trailer parking area will be closed early Wednesday morning for the Ford Ironman Triathlon competition. It will re-open Thursday, June 26. Alternate boat trailer parking is available in the main lot or south of City Hall during this closure. The Independence Point parking lot will be closed on Thursday and will remain closed until Tuesday, June 24.

Noon Headlines — ‘The Treasure Called Tubbs Hill’

Jesse Tinsley/SR file photo
In this 2005 SR file photo, attorney Scott Reed applauds from the audience during the dedication ceremony for the new Human Rights Education Institute Saturday in Coeur d’Alene. As mentioned last week at HBO, Scott has written the definitive history book on Tubbs Hill here.

*Canyon County commissioner will fight airport gun charge/IStatesman
*Castagna to speak today on sex scandal that brought down GOP politician/KREM2
*Baucus’ aide tapped as Obama’s campaign chief of staff/Missoulian
*Fishing guide killed in Bitterroot River accident/Missoulian
*Seahawks’ Tatupu pleads innocent to DUI/Seattle Times

DFO: Scott Reed will be signing his book, “The Treasure Called Tubbs Hill,” from 5 to 7 p.m. Thursday at the Coeur d’Alene Library.

MPO Blog: Is Turnabout Fair Play?

Spokesman-Review Letters to the editor
Price turnabout is fair play

OPEC sells oil for $136 a barrel.
OPEC nations buy U.S. grain at $7 a bushel.
Solution: Sell grain for $136 a bushel.
Can’t buy it? Tough! Eat oil!

Lloyd Zimmerman

Question (from MPO Blog): Do you agree with Mr. Zimmerman, that we should we play hardball?

Eye On Bonner County: Beware Of The Deer

Cis/From A Simple Mind

“This happen last night,” e-mails Cis/From A Simple Mind. “I am downloading pictures on my blog for today … with the story … but the long and short of it … deer on landing strips are just as bad as ones on the road … Luckily the pilot Jan, and his wife survived without injuries. It happen at 9:30ish last night. Still slightly light … Cis provides rest of the story here.

Statesman: R’s Right To Keep Primaries Open

Idaho Republicans made the right vote Saturday on the behalf of the 60 percent of Idaho voters who don’t consider themselves Republicans. By a narrow 199-192 margin, GOP convention delegates rejected a bid to close their primary to Republican voters only. It wasn’t a ringing mandate, but they upheld a process that acknowledges and honors the independent nature of Idahoans/IStatesman.

IMHO roundup:
*Idaho Statesman’s joint printing agreement/Randy Stapilus. Ridenbaugh Press
*Too many cookies or phone calls and your are banned with smokers/Bill Hall, Lewiston Tribune
*Direct, destructive recreation down a dead end/Jim Fisher, Lewiston Tribune

Question: Do you identify yourself as a Republican, a Democrat, an Independent, or something else?

AM Headlines — 6/17/08

Kerri Thoreson/OnLocation North Idaho
“Our daughter and son-in-law went on location to the Trail of the Coeur d’Alene’s during a visit home last summer,” Kerri Thoreson/OnLocation North Idaho. “They’re among the estimated 100,000 users of the 72-mile asphalt trail that runs from Plummer on the Coeur d’Alene Indian Reservation to the Idaho/Montana border town of Mullan. The flooding last month took a toll on the trail, washing out a large section and closing nearly 20 miles near Harrison. The hope is to have the entire trail operational in July but this link will give you updates on the progress.”

*Idaho Records/Sherry Adkins, SR
*Post Falls official Ikefuna out: Unclear if urban renewal shakeups related to move/Brian Walker, Coeur d’Alene Press
*Ironman rule change due to freezing water/KREM2
*DeArmond auction today: All equipment will be sold beginning at 9 a.m./Rick Thomas, Coeur d’Alene Press
*Ironman a boon for hospitality: Event estimated to contribute $7 million to regional economy/Rick Thomas, Coeur d’Alene Press

Hayden Canyon: P&Z OKs Subdivision

Item: P&Z votes in favor of Hayden Canyon: City Council will make final decision on whether property will be annexed/Tom Greene, Coeur d’Alene Press

More Info: The Planning and Zoning Commission voted 5-1 to recommend the city annex 616 acres proposed for a Hayden Canyon development — including a condition that would reduce the project’s density.

Question: Do you support the Hayden P&Z vote to annex the Hayden Canyon subdivision?

Parting Shot 6-16-08

Pecky Cox/As The Lake Churns
Pecky Cox/As The Lake Churns captured this weird — her word, not mine — sunset over Priest Lake recently.

Local Blogs: Honor Thy Father’s Sweet Tooth

Family Phil/A Family Runs Through It

How was your Father’s Day? I got a plate of cookies. They were special because my son, without asking for help from anyone or even telling anyone what he was doing, got up and made double-chocolate chocolate chip cookies. He looked up the recipe in a cookbook, found all the ingredients in the pantry and cupboards, preheated the oven, and followed the instructions precisely/The cookies were delicious/Family Phil, A Family Runs Through it. More here.

HBO Numbers (for week of June 8-14): 53,839 page-views/30,752 unique views

*Father’s Day sports gift/Kellogg Bloggin’
*The last game/MamaJD
*One person can make a difference/Dogwalk Musings
*Sometimes, we forget to look around/From A Simple Mind
*Water: cold and clean/Gathering Around The Table
*Nothing like a nice Sunday morning with …/Jean C’s Cat House

Question: What did you get/give for Father’s Day?

APhoto of the Day w/Top Cutlines — 6/16/08

Bill Schaefer/Idaho State Journal, AP
Richard Parks takes his bearded dragons, Ghost, left, and Jak-Jak for a neighborhood walk on the west-side of Pocatello on Sunday. You write the cutline.

Top Cutline:

1. “Dick? Hey man, what’s up?”
“Say again, my cell isn’t picking up well”
“I said, what’s up Dick!”
“I’m taking my bearded dragon for a walk”
“Jak Jak!”
“Oh crap! sorry man, I’ll call ya back” — Bob.

2. Pocatello?! that means we crossed the border!! - lets get off Jak Jak — Pecky.
3. You might be from Pocatello if … you walk your lizards and your rat tail at the same time — MamaJD.

HM: Toadman

McClatchy Orders Layoffs, 16 To Go @ Statesman

The McClatchy Co., owner of The Idaho Statesman in Boise, has announced 10 percent company-wide cuts in its workforce, which means the company is shedding 1,400 employees through a combination of layoffs, buyouts and attrition. The cuts are having varying impact at different McClatchy papers, with the Statesman announcing layoffs today of 16 employees, less than 5 percent of its workforce. At the chain’s flagship, the Sacramento Bee, 86 jobs were cut, 8.1 percent of the workforce, 46 of those by layoffs; at the Tacoma News Tribune, 84 jobs were cut, or 13 percent of the workforce/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here.

Question: How do you think this will affect Idaho political news coverage?

It’s My 2 Cents — LCSC & UI Lease

I’m not bothered, as my counterparts at the Coeur d’Alene Press are, that UIdaho is in line to get a sweet lease deal on Spokane River front property this week. Under a proposed agreement with the city of Coeur d’Alene, UI would gain a lease for at least 99 years to the 7 acres where Harbor Center now sits, plus 2.5 other acres adjacent to NIC — for $1.3 million. The lease fee probably is well below market value. But the expanded presence of UI in CDA is worth it. However, I wonder what will become of the third partner in the education corridor future — Lewis-Clark State College. LCSC provides more bachelor’s degrees than UI in CDA. Yet, there’s no mention of the small-college-that-could in the lease agreement scheduled for approval by the City Council and Idaho Board of Education this week. LCSC should have some guarantee of classroom and office space under UI’s umbrella. I can see a scenario where UIdaho might be tempted to squeeze LCSC out if UI expands as predicted in Coeur d’Alene. LCSC has scrambled for space as it tries to keep up with higher education demands in North Idaho. Its interests should be protected in the lease agreement.

Kegger Patrols Nab 200

Item: Party Patrol” catches nearly 200 revelers over 2 weekends/Seattle Times.

More Info: This past weekend, deputies working with police from across the region arrested 40 people as part of the “Party Patrol” they coordinate at the end of every school year. The previous weekend deputies arrested or cited 143 people, said sheriff’s spokesman John Urquhart.

Question: Did you ever take part in a kegger as a teen-ager?

HBO @ Noon: Pargo Stays, Bavasi Goes

Tom Bauer/Missoulian, AP
A burned helicopter that crashed in a field west of Missoula, Mont., is seen on Saturday. Both pilots suffered only minor injuries, authorities said. Missoula County Sheriff’s Sgt. Mike Dominick said the helicopter was on its side and engulfed in flames when he arrived at the scene shortly after 11:45 a.m. on Saturday. Story here.

Presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s new campaign chief of staff, Jim Messina, has deep Idaho roots. … Messina, 38, grew up in Boise and graduated from Boise High in 1988, according to his mom, Jan Heller here/IStatesman.

*GU’s prayers answered: Pargo’s coming back/SR
*Mariners boot GM Bill Bavasi/Seattle PI
*High school rodeo contestant injured critically/KTVB
*Sun will stick around/SR

Question: Are you happy to see Jeremy Pargo return to Gonzaga?

Q: Is Cyberbullying A Major Problem

Sarah Conard/AP File Photo
Tina Meier, mother of Megan Meier, who committed suicide on October 16, 2007, after being victimized by cyber bullies, now works to teach others about the harmful effect of internet harassment. She has created the Megan Meier foundation, speaks at schools, and is working with to raise awareness about the issue. The woman accused of sending tyhe messages is scheduled to appear in federal court in Los Angeles today.

Question: Do you think this country has a major problem with cyberbullying?

Clark Man Dies From Accident Injuries

Jacob S. Day, 20, of Clark Fork died Saturday from injuries suffered in a single-car rollover on State Highway 200 (Mile Post 57.5) June 6. Day was eastbound on Highway 200 when his 1990 Chevrolet left the roadway for an unknown reason and rolled before coming to a stop on its top. Day wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. Day died Saturday at Kootenai Medical Center. Report below.

Q: Should GOP Leaders Now OK Open Primaries

Republicans at their state convention voted to recommend keeping the GOP primary open to all voters, a reversal of efforts the last two years to close the party primary. The narrow 199 to 192 vote prompted advocates of the closed primary to cry foul, saying delegates to the convention had been manipulated to stack the deck in favor of open primary supporters. The vote is only a recommendation to the state central committee. Changing the party rule to support an open primary still would require a vote of those party leaders/Associated Press. More here.

Question: Should GOP party leaders go along with the vote from convention delegates to change the party platform and, once again, embrace open primaries?

UI, CDA Lease Closer To Reality

Item: Pieces shifting in corridor puzzle: New UI Harbor Center lease goes before council Tuesday/Maureen Dolan, Coeur d’Alene Press

More Info: UI’s part of the deal involves two parcels including 2.5 acres — most recently appraised at $1.9 million according to the State Board of Education’s June meeting documents — that are now part of the 17-acre DeArmond Mill site property. The second piece is the 7-acre Harbor Center property already leased to the university by the City of Coeur d’Alene since 2002.

Question: Duane Hagadone finally is dropping all pretense of playing neutral as the education corridor moves closer to reality. He’s against it and apparently plans to train his media popguns on the progressive plan. However, I’m more interested re: where you stand on the UI lease.

While R’s Talk Weed, D’s Too Mad To Challenge

I’d love to see the Dems seriously challenge the GOP in this state. But with all that anger and rhetoric, it’s just not going to happen. I must admit that the GOP is taking a serious step forward by actually debating the issues. I’m floored that they debated weed. That blows me away. Those GOP geezers must have had their heads swimming!/Shoestring.

WND Poll: Russert’s Replacement

Alex Wong/Meet The Press, AP
Democratic strategist James Carville and his wife Republican strategist Mary Matalin burst into tears during a taping of “Meet the Press” in memory of the late moderator Tim Russert Sunday at the NBC studios in Washington.

Question: Whom would you like to see replace Tim Russert as host of ‘Meet the Press’?/WorldNetDaily

*Tom Brokaw
*Katie Couric
*Matt Lauer
*Chris Matthews
*Andrea Mitchell
*Keith Olbermann
*Joe Scarborough
*Brian Williams
*Pat Buchanan
*Laura Ingraham
*Rush Limbaugh
*Regis Philbin

For the WorldNetDaily news report, click here.

Father’s Day Wild Card — 6/15/08

Both my kids told me Saturday that they had cards and/or gifts for me at their homes in Denver and Portland. Which, of course, means that I won’t receive them by today. But it doesn’t matter. They’ve already gifted me many times over by growing up to be very good young adults. The gifts, cards, phone calls are icing on the cake. Hug your father today, if you have one. Borrow one to hug, if you don’t. Now, for your Father’s Day Wild Card …

Idaho D’s See R’s Chair Vote As ‘Cannibalism’

Sullivan is Governot Butch Otter’s political cabana boy, but lunatic-fringe leader Semanko (playing proxy for less-than-lovable loser Rod Beck) gathered enough votes from the party’s mouth-foaming base and Ron Paul acolytes to throw Sullivan over the cliff and onto the sharp rocks below. This will not make Otter a happy boy, and it will be interesting to see how he and his cronies handle working with the howling masses. My guess? Butchy and his buddies ain’t gonna cotton to sharing political power with the plebes. Expect hilarity to ensue/Serephin, 43rd State Blues. More here.

Question: Idaho D’s have been optimistic in the past re: their chances in the fall elections, only to have their hearts broken when the numbers came in election. Do you think the same thing is going to happen this year?

APhoto of the Day —6/15/08

Andre Penner/AP Photo
A policemen kicks a man before detaining him during the World Naked Bike Ride in Sao Paulo, Saturday. Although the event was authorized, police detained the man for alleged lewd behavior since total nudity is prohibited in public areas in Brazil. You write the cutline.

Helen: Too Much Coverage Of Russert’s Death?

I understand the grief shared by the media because he was their colleague and they respected him but I think they are misreading their belief that their intense grief is shared by the entire country. No doubt many are touched by the fact that he was so young - but people experience that feeling every day when they pick up the paper and see the obituaries of people who have not yet reached their 80’s or 90’s. I wonder if even 50% of the nation’s population had ever heard of Mr. Russert or could “place” him by name. His death is certainly premature and a loss to the short list of commentators and journalists who deserve a label of integrity, but I wonder if hours of uninterupted televsion coverage (and we haven’t had television in our home for many, many years)isn’t coverage that in the past has been reserved for presidents/Helen.

Car d’Lane 2008

Shawn Gust/Coeur d’Alene Press
Bryden Dodson, 6, gestures toward the crown as he rides in the back of a Chevrolet pick up Friday during the Car D’Lane classic car cruise. About 300 classic cars and hot rods will be on display over the weekend in downtown Coeur d’Alene.

Question: What have you liked best about Car d’Lane 2008?

Idaho GOP: Party finally gives vote

Initially Sen. Bart Davis of Idaho Falls, who was elected to run the convention, refused to reveal the vote count Saturday night in the party chairman race. State Secretary Kitty Kuntz told one reporter that the results were destroyed.
But after complaints from the media, Davis called ousted Chairman Kirk Sullivan and asked him if he wanted him to “eat the numbers.”
Sullivan said he had no problem releasing the vote, which was 227 votes for Norm Semanko and 169 votes for Sullivan.

Idaho GOP: Semanko pushes conservatism values

In an upset and reverse of direction for the state GOP, Norm Semanko was elected party chairman.
He’s currenlty telling the delegation that they must uphold conservative Republican principles and elect Republicans and get seats back to the U.S. House.
Semanko thanked Kirk Sullivan for his years of service and added that he “likes Kirk” and it was about rallying and building a relationship with the grassroots Republicans, not just the establishment.

Idaho Dems Wrap Up ‘Love Fest’

As the Idaho state Democratic Party convention drew to a close, state party chairman Keith Roark said, “This is as close to a love-fest as it ever gets for Democrats.” Though some delegates came to the convention supporting Hillary Clinton, the vast majority were backing Barack Obama, the winning nominee, and the two sides got along through raucous delegate elections and heartfelt platform debates. “Even though we have the Clinton-Obama split, people were incredibly cordial,” Roark said. “We’ve been known to have our scrapes and scraps, but this was absolutely without hitch”/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here.

Related: Brady, Bray win national committee posts

Idaho GOP: Still no chairman vote

Yet with the trend of the other party offices holds, he likely will win because the old GOP establishment so far has captured every office.

Idaho GOP: Hall re-elected national committeeman

Current National Committeeman Blake Hall, a member of the state Education Board was re-elected as national comitteeman. He beat challenger former Senate Majority Leader Rod Beck.
Ada Delegate Elizabeth Hodge, a Ron Pauler national delegate running for state represenative, challenged the vote, which was taken by having the delegates stand.
Vice Chairman Bart Davis disagreed, now they delegates are appealing his decision. That means they have to revote and count every individual standing.

Idaho GOP: Kitty Kunz re-elected party secretary

Party Secretary Kitty Kunz defeated a challenge by Sharon Goltry, a Ron Paul alternate to the national convention.

Idaho GOP: Keith Johnson wins party treasurer

Former state Controller Keith Johnson beat out Richard Phenneger, who ran for the U.S. Senate for Sen. Larry Craig’s seat.

Idaho GOP: Ballots back open

The vote counting in the chairman race is still ongoing, but meanwhile the delegation decided to return to open ballots because it takes less time.

While the counting continues, the nomination speeches for 1st Vice Chairman have started: Mike Mathews of Twin Falls and a Sen. Larry Craig staffer vs. Ryan Davidson, a Ron Pauler from Garden City.
Clarification, the CORE group is running Ron Vieselmeyer for 2nd Vice Chairman, not 1st as initially reported.
Davidson also is on the CORE slate.

Idaho GOP: Secret ballot wins

The body overruled Vice Chairman Bart Davis, meaning the delegation will vote for GOP party officers by secret ballot.
The nominating speeches just began after the flip of a coin, which Kirk Sullivan won.
Sen. Robert Geddes talked up Sullivan now Kootenai County’s Ruthie Johnson is doing the same.

Idaho GOP: Secret ballots?

The delegation is arguing about whether to have a secret vote for the election of GOP officers, including Chairman Kirk Sullivan.
Vice Chairman Bart Davis denied a motion by Rep. Raul Labrador of Eagle to have secret ballots.
Raul asked to appeal to the body, but Davis is holding his stance, saying the rules say votes are made in public. He said if any change is made, he should just rip up the rules, which he did to make his point.

Idaho GOP: National Convention delegates approved

The convention just approved the slate of delegates to the national convention, including the six Ron Paul delegates and alternates.
The list of delegates is already posted on HBO.
The only addition is the four electors who get to cast Idaho’s electoral college votes Dec. 15 in Boise.
They are:
John Erickson of Jefferson County
Melinda Smyser of Canyon County
Gen. Ben Doty of Ada County
Darlene Bramon of Blaine County.

Idaho GOP: No to marijuana

The delegation just passed the anti-marijuana resolution, adding two new paragraphs to encourage alternative treatments for rehab and to encourage youth to learn how to enjoy a drug-free life.
The delegation also voted to support the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Yesterday the delegates on the Platform Committee voted 22-6 against going into battle “only when there is a clear declaration of war by Congress.”
This was perhaps the most lively debate Friday about how war should be declared—giving the President nearly unlimited powers or strictly following the Constitution.

Idaho GOP: Killing Fed Reserve will boost Silver Valley

That’s what Independent Shoshone County Prosecutor candidate James McMillan just argued about supporting a resolution to abolish the Federal Reserve and have all US dollars backed by gold and silver. “That gold and silver would come from Shoshone County, Idaho, which is the former silver capital of world.” McMillan said if this resolution passes and that they convince Congress to follow suit, Wallace and Shoshone County could again be the silver capital of the universe. These type of comments are bringing cheers from the Ron Paulers, who snicker every time opponents argue that the United States has the most stable economy in the world.

Idaho GOP: Primary vote shows party split

Republicans just narrowly voted to change their party rules and open the GOP primary, a reverse in course that shows the division within the party about the controversial issue. The recommendation passed by just seven votes and now will go to the state Central Committe, which more than once has voted for a closed primary and launched a lawsuit against the state in April.

Idaho GOP: Open primary vote winning local votes

Here’s the vote so far for the proposal to open the Republican primary, which the state central committee will have final say on.

Kootenai County: 13 no, 10 yes
Bonner County: 1 no, 9 yes
Boundary County, 4 no, 1 yes
Benewah County, 0 no, 5 yes
Shoshone County, 2 no, 2 yes
Dist. 1, 0 no, 3 yes
Dist. 2, 3 no, 0 yes
Dist. 3, 2 no, 1 yes
Dist. 4, 1 no, 2 yes
Dist. 5, 2 no, 1 yes

Idaho GOP: Already too much debate

Lingering debate over a housekeeping rule to ensure that county central committee meetings to elect delegates happen between within eight days of the primary and not later than 10 days. The crowd is getting restless and Vice Chairman Bart Davis, state senator from Idaho Falls, is about to cut off debate. There’s lots of joking about how tough it is to agree on these really tough issues.
Once this debate finally ends, the floor will move on to debate about the open primary proposal.

Idaho GOP: Fighting words

Delegate John Ferris of Benewah County let it rip on new Shoshone County Chairman Bill Dire after the meeting to reinstate the District 2 delegates. “Thanks for destroying District 2,” Ferris said angrily, loud enough for people still lingering in the room to hear. “I’m from Benewah County and I’m going to remember you.” A red face Ferris shot back, “Well if you would play by the rules.” Ahhhh, unity is in the air.

Idaho GOP: Primary update

This post is dedicated to Dan of the County. The Rules Committee did approve a resolution Friday to open the primary.
This will be dated on the floor as soon as Gov. Otter finishes speaking. But no matter what the delegation decides today, the state central committee has final say. That committee likely won’t meet to discuss it until January. The proposal is: “Article IX: Centeral Committee endorsement and Republican Party open primary election.” It goes on to state that “All legal Idaho voters will be allowed to vote in an Idaho Republican Party ballot in that primary election.” The current language approved at the 2006 convention, reads “Central Committee endorsement and Republican Party registration required to vote in a Repubican primary election.”

Idaho GOP: Special meeting for Spencer

Well the action is starting, the vice chairman just called a special meeting of the credentials committee most likely what to do with Larry Spencer and the other legistlative Dist. 2 delegates that were ousted yesterday. I’ll let you know what happens.

Car d’Lane Keeps Rolling Today

Dan Pelle/SR
Bonnie and Mark (driving) Potter of Twin Lakes, Idaho head down Sherman Ave in Coeur d’Alene with their dog Sadie as they participate in Car d’Alene Classic Car Show cruise Friday.

Dogwalk Musings: Dad

Dad. An engineer, he could build anything. A doll house for me from scratch. There were no kits in those days. It even had a table that served as the yard complete with lawn and flower beds. A basement beneath it. And, as houses in those days were, a detached garage. Completely furnished including the car. My Christmas present. When I was older he built me a play house. Ten by twelve with an eight foot ceiling. It was like a real one room house. He furnished it with a table, chairs made from barrels and we moved cots in so I could have my slumber parties there/Dogwalk Musings. More here.

Question: Do you have a story or reflection you’d like to share about your father?

Car d’Lane Kicks Off Summer Weekend

Dan Pelle/SR
Jared Gill, age 27 of Coeur d’Alene gets a front row seat aboard his powered Lazy Boy recliner as he watches Doug Standerfer, of Spokane, driving his ‘49 gasser along Lakeside Ave and Seventh during the Car d’Alene Classic Car cruise Friday evening. Gill built the recliner using an old wheel chair salvaged from a fire.

Item: Car d’Lane revs up weekend activities in Inland Northwest/Taryn Hecker, Coeur d’Alene Press

More Info: The owner of Athol’s Victory Auto Parts joined a half-dozen of his friends – fellow classic-car enthusiasts – in Friday night’s Car d’Lane Cruise in downtown Coeur d’Alene. About 2,000 cars were expected to participate. Today his car will be parked alongside Sherman Avenue for the 16th annual Car d’Lane Classic Car Show, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. A street dance will begin at 7 p.m.

Question: Which model and year is your favorite classic car?

Huckleberries: Different Land, Same Old Story

In his excellent new history booklet, “The Treasure Called Tubbs Hill,” CDA attorney Scott Reed recounts the story to preserve 34 acres at the hill’s top that applies today. Seems German investors were negotiating with a local group to develop the crown of Tubbs Hill. Their plan was to obtain crucial water and sewer service through a building lot developed on the north side of the hill under questionable circumstances by former city building inspector Ozzie Walch. Reed tells of the behind-the-scenes maneuvering involving a list of leading citizens that was necessary to block the development threat and to set the stage for the public to obtain title to the property for $250,000 (half of which was paid by Land and Water Conservation funds). Undeterred, Walch, who’d been fired from his city job for beginning to build a house on Tubbs Hill without a permit, lobbied in letters to the editor and newspaper ads against preserving the hill top for public use. In doing so, he offered the same lame argument that those opposed to the Education Corridor are using today – local governments would lose property tax if the top of Tubbs Hill was public. Some $135,000 per year. Remember this when some 21st century Ozzie Walch bellows that the proposed Education Corridor should be private rather than public to expand the tax base/DFO, Handle Extra Huckleberries. More here.

Question: What do you consider to be the greatest public treasure in Coeur d’Alene, excluding Lake Coeur d’Alene?

Idaho GOP: Here’s the nominees

As promised, here are the proposed nominees for the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis this September. The full state delegation will ratify the slate tomorrow. But first, here are a few tidbits about the national gig.For the first time the Idaho delegation gets to stay at the main convention hotel, which costs about $265 per night.

Parting Shot — 6/13/08

Pecky Cox/As The Lake Churns
Pecky snapped another shot of her neighbor’s dock on Priest Lake. Now, can’t you just picture yourself in that lawn chair?

Scanner Traffic — 6/13/08

5:23 p.m. 3-vehicle hit-and-run accident on Canfield, at Highway 95. Two vehicles hit possibly head on. The third left the scene.
5:16 p.m. Rear-end injury accident involving three vehicles in the westbound lane of Interstate 90 @ milepost 13 (Highway 95). Injured person possibly a 2- to 3-year-old female.
4:06 p.m. Female driver bleeding from the head after a T-bone accident at Appleway & Fruitland. The crash between a blue pickup and a white car is blocking the center and westbound lanes of Appleway.
1:32 p.m. Motorist reports that a gray car is driving southbound in the wrong lane of 15th Street near Best Avenue.
9:24 a.m. A Trailblazer sustained damage when the driver hit a deer at Highways 95 & 54.

Idaho GOP: Others Ousted w/Spencer

Thanks for your patience. Here are the names of the other Dist. 2 delegates ousted with Larry Spencer: Del Rust of Benewah County and Dan Thompson of Shoshone County. Spencer’s update is that he will get five minutes on the floor tomorrow. He’s pretty excited to get some exposure.

APhoto of the Day w/Top Cutlines — 6/13/08

David J. Phillip/AP Photo
Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, left, sits with his wife Carol before the start of a rally in Houston where the Texas GOP State Convention is being held Thursday. You write the cutline.

Top Cutlines:

1. Ron Paul sits amongst all the people who want him to be President — ThomG.
2. All those in favor of liberty and the Constitution please meet in the ballroom — Imagine.
3. Carpet design by Spirograph — Mike S.

HM: JeanieSpokane

Idaho GOP: Burns Lukewarm About McCain

Former Montana Senator Conrad Burns told the Idaho GOP today that Sen. John McCain wasn’t his first choice for president but now he’s backing the Arizona senator.He urged the Republicans to “keep it simple” and vote for real change, not the type that Democratic Sen. Barack Obama is pushing.

Sisyphus: Confronting Hatred In Idaho

Idaho has been branded as a haven for racists with the various groups who’ve deliberately chose Idaho because of its relative paucity of people of color. It began with the shameful notoriety of Richard Butler’s followers, termed neo-nazis or Aryan Nations, that chose north Idaho as their base of operations. Other less notorious groups have chosen Idaho for similar reasons bringing their hatred with them which they’ll share brazenly. But there are even more insidious, yet subtle examples of racism represented by large groups of suburban dwelling folks fleeing California and other states. They’re easliy identified by their excuses for coming here, the crime rates and the liberal policies/Sisyphus, 43rd State Blues. More here.

Question: Is there more racial and ethnic hatred in Idaho today than there was at the height of the Aryan Nations presence in the 1980s & early 1990s?

Idaho GOP: War Debate Gets Feisty

Perhaps the most lively debate today has been about how war should be declared—giving the President nearly unlimited powers or strictly following the Constitution. In the end, the delegates on the Platform Committee voted 22-6 against going into battle “only when there is a clear declaration of war by Congress.”

Idaho Dems: Can You Hear Us In Sandpoint?

(Boise Mayor Dave) Bieter told the crowded hall, “As mayor of Boise, it is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to Garden City,” drawing a big laugh. “We’re actually across the river from Boise,” he noted. Bieter led the crowd in a Democratic cheer in Basque, and declared, “The Republicans are going to hear this in Sandpoint, I think”/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here.

Idaho GOP: No Marijuana For The GOP

A resolution opposing legalizing marijuana, even for medical use, passed the GOP’s resolution committee this afternoon. Delegates voted 21-9 for the measure that Ada County delegate and former Deputy Attorney General Jeremy Chou presented. The move was seen by some as a direct attact against a Ron Paul supporter who has gotten three marijuana inititives passed in Hailey, just south of Sun Valley.

Radio Host Bell Will Let Guest Ap-hollow-gize

Item: Not my apology: Radio host Bell recants apology for alleged comments, said onus to apologize lies with guest/Cassidy Friedman, Twin Falls Times-News

More Info: Local AM radio talk show host Zeb Bell, who said Wednesday he would apologize for a guest’s incendiary, racial remark on his Tuesday morning show, now says he’ll have the guest apologize for himself. Bell said Frosty Wooldridge, who Idaho Democrats say racially slurred presidential hopeful Barack Obama, agreed to call in to the show on Tuesday and convey his condolences, Bell said.

Question: Are you satisfied with the approach talk show host Zeb Bell is taking to this Idaho controversy involving racial remarks?

SR Blogs: Why No Impeachment Coverage?

We published a lengthy Associated Press story in Thursday’s newspaper, reporting that the House has voted to send articles of impeachment against President Bush to a committee that is not likely to hold hearings before the end of the term. While the House floor debate may have been interesting, it’s pretty clear that the impeachment measure has little chance of moving foward. Nancy Pelosi, a leading Democrat and the Speaker of the House, has declared the prospects for impeachment hearings “off the table”/Gary Graham, Ask The Editors. More here.

SR Blogs:
*50 years of Avista Stadium/Nick Eaton, Video Journal
*And when they get behind closed doors/Gary Crooks, A Matter of Opinion
*A singing councilwoman/Thuy Nguyen, Daily Briefing

Question: Should the SR take seriously impeachment proceedings attempted by some Dems against George Bush?

Idaho GOP: Jorgenson Breaks Foot, Misses Out

Sen. Mike Jorgenson, R-Hayden Lake, is missing from the state GOP convention because he broke his foot and might have to have surgery.
Huckleberries hears that he misstepped two weeks ago but didn’t find out until yesterday that it was a pretty severe break. The doctors are waiting for the swelling to go down before deciding whether to operate or just cast the break.

HBO @ Noon: Eating Healthy Out

McDonald’s gets bashed for being a contributor to American obesity. I tend to think there’s personal responsibility involved. Case in point was today. I wanted to eat in Boise before heading on the plane to Sandpoint. However, amidst all the fast food on the concourse where could I find a South Beach friendly healthy meal? McDonald’s. Their Chicken Caesar Salad is awesome and fits right within the diet. There was a pizza place offering a Chicken Caesar for $1.80 more. With McDonald’s, it’s not the restaurant, but what you choose to eat there that causes problems/Adam’s Blog. More here.

Question: Do you try to eat healthy when you’re dining out?

Foggy Priest Lake Morning

Pecky Cox/As The Lake Churns

Pecky e-mailed this photo she took this morning of the morning fog playing off Priest Lake. Seems like Pecky lives in Paradise.

Political Game: Racist Rhetoric Must Stop

This is not the first time that comments made my Bell or his guests have been met with criticism. Bell’s controversial tirades have ranged in topic from xenophobic attacks of the Hispanic populations of both Cassia and Minidoka counties; unprovoked denouncements of the public education system; and, the constant belittling and berating of local residents with whom Bell disagrees, does not philosophically align with, or outright doesn’t like. Enough is enough/Tara Rowe, Political Game. More here.

Idaho Blog roundup:
*Idaho radio hosts show true colors during Obama talk/Serephin, 43rd State Blues
*Take the high road/IdaBlue
*The Walkscore metric/Randy Stapilus
*Rey tells his side of Montana land dispute/Rocky Barker, Idaho Statesman
*Mr. Obama, tell me how you’ll tax me/Scott Picken
*Racism alive & well in Idaho/Unequivocal Notion

Nonini Wants CDA Wastewater Report

On Monday, state Rep. Bob Nonini, R-Hagadone HQ, e-mailed a public documents request to the city of Coeur d’Alene, asking for a copy of the CDA’s wastewater risk management plan. He was told by City Clerk Susan Weathers that the plan is protected under national security laws. Therefore, he’d have to indicate which pages of the plan that he wanted and they’d have to be approved for copying purposes by the city attorney’s offer. What’s Nonini up to? As one city official quipped: “He’s carrying Duane Hagadone’s wastewater.” Nonini and Hagadone, of course, are strident opponents of the proposed Education Corridor.

Idaho GOP: Buzzin’ About North Idaho Beauty

The sun is shining here in Sandpoint as the GOP is gathering at the Bonner County Fairgrounds for the first day of real action at the state convention. The main exhibit barn abuzz about the beauty of North Idaho. But the underlying buzz is about what will happen today: Will Ron Paul delegates will get a spot at the national convention? Will anything blow up in the race for party chairman? What will former Montana Sen. Conrad Burns say in his kickoff speech?
Stay tuned HBO’ers.

Idaho GOP May Not Send Paul Delegates

Item: Idaho GOP may not seat Ron Paul delegates: Now that Texas Rep. Ron Paul has suspended his presidential campaign for the GOP nomination, what happens to his convention delegates?/Jill Kuraitis, New West Boise

More Info: Paul captured 24% of Republican primary votes, making Idaho his best state win and awarding him six delegates.

Question: Should Idaho Republicans send Ron Paul delegates to the national convention?

AM Headlines — Blackwater Deal Off

Don Sausser/Special to HBO
HBOer Don Sausser shot this photo of a motorcycle accident at 1st & Sherman. He e-mails that the injuries suffered by the biker appeared to be minor.

*Idaho Records/Sherry Atkins
*Area chiefs say no to possible Blackwater deal/Taryn Hecker, Spokesman-Review
*Idaho party conventions under way/Dan Popkey, Idaho Statesman
*Curtis to receive Chris Schenkel award: Ex-Vandal broadcaster honored by National Football Foundation/Mark Nelke, Coeur d’Alene Press
*Glory days of spring are finally here/Thomas Clouse, SR
*Otter touts schools change: Groups meet to present common-thread needs to Idaho Legislature/Brian Walker, Coeur d’Alene Press
*MLS: More than 4,000 homes now for sale: Latest report shows sales, prices down in cities throughout the county/Coeur d’Alene Press

Flood Damage Closes CDA Trail

Item: Portions of Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes closed by flood/Becky Kramer, SR

More Info: Each year, about 100,000 people travel the 72-mile asphalt trail on foot, bike and inline skates. The scenic trail starts on the Coeur d’Alene Indian Reservation, crosses Lake Coeur d’Alene on an old railroad bridge and follows the Coeur d’Alene River north to Mullan, Idaho.

Question: Have you ridden the Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes?

Signe: Educational Condoms

Signe Wilkinson/Philadelphia Inquirer

Dem Convention: ‘Enthusiasm Not Seen In 30 Years”

State Party Chairman Keith Roark, wearing an Obama T-shirt, stood out under the trees in the park and said, “This is fantastic, it is truly fantastic. I’ve been coming to these things for a lot longer than I like to admit. There’s a level of interest, a level of enthusiasm that I’ve not seen in 30 years. … We’re going to make inroads”/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here.

Wild Card/Thursday — 6/12/08

SR political scribe Jim Camden and his two Idaho counterparts — Betsy Russell and Erica Curless — are covering the three state political conventions of interest in the INorthwest this weekend — Donkeys in Spokane and Boise and Elephants in Sandpoint. You can follow Jim’s coverage at Spin Control 2.0, Betsy’s at Eye On Boise, and Erica’s here at Huckleberries Online. Blogmeister Ryan has enabled Erica to post directly onto Huckleberries. You can check out her reports this evening. Or … play this Wild Card …

GOP Convention: It’s A Revolution!

Revolution is one of Ron Paul’s favorite words and used in the title of his new book “The Revolution: A Manifesto.”
Seems one likely McCain supporter objected to the term prominately displayed on a book poster hanging in the Ron Paul booth today at the GOP convention in Sandpoint, reports Ingri Cassel, a Paul supporter from Spirit Lake and editor of the Idaho Observer.

Parting Shot — 6/12/08

Jason Palmer/Wichita Falls Times-Record-News, AP
A pair of young raccoons, one of them albino, lounge on a chain-linked fence near the Jasper Street Water Plant in Wichita Falls, Texas, Thursday.

Headlines @ 5 — Rock Creek Suit

Shawn Gust/Coeur d’Alene Press
Ali Fitch, of Darwin, Australia, swims in the cold, choppy waters of Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Wednesday as part of her training for the upcoming Ironman Coeur d’Alene. The lake water temperatures are 15-20 degrees colder than what Fitch says she is used to swimming in. Story here.

*Montana sued over Rock Creek mine/SR
*Authorities seek North Idaho sex offender/KHQ
*ISP may cut patrols due to high gas prices/KTVB
*Plans made to rebuild birth place of Osmond matriarch/IStatesman
*Idaho to receive federal grant to start more charter schools/IStatesman

Inside Huckleberries — 6/12/08

*Scanner Traffic: At 4:50 p.m., a complainant reported that a drunken man in blue jeans at the main baseball field at McEuen Park is trying to hug passersby.

*First post from Erica re: GOP state convention in Sandpoint: Organizers are trying to get the wi-fi network working, so bloggers and reporters can post from the fairgrounds.

*I’ve removed 2 posters from my blog roll because they haven’t posted in the last month — Happy Lists and Otis G Experience. A third poster survived because she posted in the last few days. Be careful out there.

*Scott Reed told Huckleberries Wednesday that he’ll be signing his Tubbs Hill history at the CDA library next Thursday. You might be able to get an advance copy from George Ives of the Tubbs Hill Foundation.

*Taryn reports from the Hampton Inn @ Riverstone that demonstrators have gathered outside to protest a possible pact between Idaho POST (Peace Officers Standards & Training) and Blackwater for training purposes. Stay tuned.

Boy Scouts Respond To Killer Tornado

Petrzilka Family Photo/AP
This recent undated photo provided Thursday by the Petrzilka family shows Ben Petrzilka. Petrzilka, 14, of Omaha, Neb., was one of four Boy Scouts killed after a twister flattened their camp in Iowa Wednesday night. Story here.

Semanko: Bridging The Gap

Norm Semanko, a candidate for Idaho state GOP chairman, has issued a statement saying he’s challenging current Chairman Kirk Sullivan for the post in an attempt to unify the party as Sullivan faced a challenge from Rod Beck. “I entered the chairman’s race to bridge the gap between the Sullivan and Beck factions and to offer an alternative to what was sure to be a divisive vote on the convention floor,” Semanko wrote. “Rod Beck has accepted the invitation to unify the party that I issued to both candidates on Monday. So far, Kirk Sullivan has been unwilling to do so”/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. Semanko’s full statement.

Eye On Boise — At The Demo Convention

Hundreds of Democrats are standing in wide lines to check in for the state party convention today, campaign signs and buttons galore are promoting not only election candidates but also the many state delegates who are vying for a chance to attend the national party convention, and it’s tough as can be to find a parking space at the Doubletree Riverside. That means the lower-key of the two state party conventions in Idaho today is off and running/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here.

Larry Craig’s Father’s Day Message

Father’s Day always has been a time of reflection for Suzanne and me - to look back fondly on our kids’ achievements and to take pride in how they handled life’s disappointments. I remember Shae’s first date and her first breakup, Mike’s first car and Jay’s first soccer game. But nothing affected me as emotionally as my children’s love and loyalty during the dark days of last August. When I was under siege by the media, by my political opponents and even by some I thought were my friends, it was my three children who surrendered their privacy and risked being tarred by those demanding my head, to take on their Dad’s critics/U.S. Sen. Larry Craig. More here. Post about this by The Sleuth.

Extra! Supreme Court Sides w/Gitmo Prisoners

Item: Top US court deals Bush blow on Guantanamo rights/

More Info: The US Supreme Court Thursday ruled Guantanamo prisoners have the right to challenge their detention at the US military base in civilian courts, dealing a stiff rebuke to the Bush administration.

Question: Do you agree with this decision?

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 6/12/08

Kyle Mills/Lewiston Tribune
An Idaho State Trooper and others investigate the ruts left behind after a tractor trailer used one of the runaway truck ramps on the Lewiston Hill as part of a training demonstration Wednesday in Lewiston. Story here.

1. Idaho is one of the cheapest places to vacation in the United States. AAA says two adults can expect to pay an average of $197 a day for food and lodging in Idaho. The national average is $244 here/KTVB.

2. A local family-owned radio network has lost advertising since Monday when a morning show personality on its AM station was charged by state Democrats with racially slurring Barack Obama here/Twin Falls Times News.

3. In the wake of a controversial decision to remove books with sexual content from the shelves of the Nampa library – a member of the board has stepped down here/KTVB. Equivocal Notion has more about this flap here and here.

4. A bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln that’s long been tucked away on the grounds of the Idaho State Veterans Home is believed to be the oldest Lincoln monument in the western United States here/Eye On Boise.

5. Orbusmax Special: Battered by a blizzard on the slopes of this mountain, Eduard Burceag lay down in a snow trench, trying to use his body’s warmth to protect his wife, Mariana, from the 70-mph winds. Rangers alerted to an emergency at 10,000 feet found Burceag in the snow Tuesday morning. He had no pulse and would later be declared dead here.

6. News Roundup: Kempthorne: Interior ready for 2008 fire season/IStatesman; UI farm gets first measureable snowfall in 109 years/IStatesman; Wolves kill guard dog in Montana/Billings Gazette; Moose visits Spokane elementary/KHQ; and Holmgren had surgery/Seattle PI.

Barker: Carole King Now Most Influential Idahoan

In this 2004 file photo by Jesse Tinsley/SR, Actress Patty Duke, left, and singer Carole King exchange kisses after Duke introduced King at a voter registration rally at the Long Ear record store in Coeur d’Alene. King has been representing John Kerry on the campaign trail.

The death of J.R. Simplot helped Idahoans recognize the immense influence the farmer, entrepreneur and humanitarian had on the world. When he was called the most influential Idahoan in history, no one rose to express doubts nor should they. Carole King is perhaps the only living Idahoan in the same ball park. Her album, Tapestry, was one of the top selling records of all time and the songs she wrote influenced a generation of girls and the songwriting of people like John Lennon and Paul McCartney. I know this idea will be derided and challenged. King’s life in Idaho has been long marked by controversy/Rocky Barker, Idaho Statesman. More here.

Question: Are you a Carole King fan?

Inside Huckleberries

*Taryn reports from the Hampton Inn @ Riverstone that demonstrators have gathered outside to protest a possible pact between Idaho POST (Peace Officers Standards & Training) and Blackwater for training purposes. Stay tuned.

Popkey: GOP Conservatives Playing w/Fire

Roark has no illusions Democrats will take over Idaho: “This is a red state and will be a red state for a time to come.” But he correctly observes that the savaging of Sullivan and the GOP move to kick out independents and Democrats who want to vote in GOP primaries will help Democrats. Republicans have controlled the Legislature since 1960 and dominated other offices because their party is home to moderates who control what Roark calls “the great center” of the electorate. “If you have to prove yourself to be a radical right-wing conservative, that’s going to damage them,” Roark said/Dan Popkey, Idaho Statesman. More here.

Related: GOP ready to rumble in Sandpoint/David Gunter, Hagadone News Network
*Folnagy father, son to be Dem delegates/Marc Stewart, Coeur d’Alene Press
*GOP establishment must be freaking out/James Bond, HBO

DFO: I agree with Popkey. The push for party purity by the GOP’s Far Right is a turn off. Ditto for the push for closed primaries. Ditto for the push in Kootenai County to oppose important projects like the Kroc Center and the Education Corridor. I’m the type of voter that the Idaho GOP is losing as a result of heavy-handed tactics by legislative leadership and this push for party purity. I don’t think I’m the only one either.

Remember The Roxy: 1960s Sherman Avenue

OrangeTV/Remember The Roxy

In his latest postings, OrangeTV/Remember The Roxy offers this snapshot of Sherman Avenue during the sunny 1960s.

JimmyMAC: Rocky’s House

I saw Duane’s old/Rocky’s new cabin today near Cougar Gulch along the straight stretch on HWY 95. It appears that might be the permanent spot? Can anyone confirm this? It pretty close to the HWY. I envisioned it being taken to some acreage somewhere/JimmyMAC.

Heller: Waste Not, Want Not

Joe Heller/Hellertoons

Hump Day Wild Card — 6/11/08

‘Twas the day before the Idaho conventions, and all through the Huckleberries blogosphere, not a wingnut was stirring not even a Ron Pauler … As you can see, I’m a lousy poet. Therefore, I couldn’t be The Bard of Sherman Avenue, even if I wanted to be. Or not to be. I imagine ThomG finally is en route to Boise for the Dem convention while my local GOP CC infiltrators are busy lobbying for their favorite party chair wannabe in preparation for their gabfest in Sandpoint. All the action starts tomorrow. Until then, you can play this Wild Card to launch your own threads …

TUBOB’s Entry In Worst Novel Opening Contest

Daedelus Jones stood up suddenly from the supper table, toppling the sugar bowl and plate of muffins, and with a furious quickness belying his 350 and some odd pounds of flabby girth, he thundered at his son, Daedulus Jr., “by God, I expect you to take your schooling seriously young man and if I must use my hard earned money to pay for another semester at the Pacific Tech School for Clowns, you will NOT make a mockery of it!”/TUBOB. More here.

Question: The worst novel I’ve read in recent years was “Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West” by Gregory Maguire (although I enjoy the music to the Broadway play). Which novel is the worst you’ve read in the last — oh, say — two years?

Headlines @ 5 — 6/11/08

Shawn Gust/Coeur d’Alene Press
Susan Francis, a retired educator, explains that the public was not included as part of the process in defining the recent Lakes Middle School levy proposition during a community forum held Tuesday at the Midtown Meeting Center in Coeur d’Alene. This is the first community forum to be held by the school district with Hazel Bauman (not pictured) as the new superintendent. Story here.

*WSU student recovering from jump/Seattle Times
*Spokane pastor found guilty of attempted rape/SR
*North Idaho campgrounds opening this weekend/KXLY
*Spokane Indians release 2008 roster/KHQ
*Holmgren back at practice after mystery ailment/KHQ

Bella Rose For Sale, Building & All?

Seems so, according to this link on Craig’s List (Spokane) here.

Hat Tip: DonS

Roxy: CDA’s Interstate 90 In ‘70s

OrangeTV/Remember The Roxy

In his latest Remember The Roxy postings, OrangeTV provides this 1950s aerial photo of Interstate 90. Looks like the overpasses to 4th, 7th, 9th & 15th streets, right? Anyone know when Appleway developed into a fast-food strip?

Extra! Sali Backs Semanko

Norm Semanko has picked up another prominent backer in his bid to oust Idaho Republican Party Chairman Kirk Sullivan. U.S. Rep. Bill Sali endorsed Semanko on Wednesday, adding more intrigue to what could be a battle for the party’s soul at the upcoming state GOP Convention/IStatesman. More here.

Question: Forget your bias — one way or the other — with Congressman Bill Sali for a minute. How much clout does he carry within the Idaho GOP?

Lawyer: Mississippi Duo Didn’t Do Nuttin’ Wrong

A Mississippi man facing charges of kidnapping and aggravated assault in Benewah County asserted his parental rights when he forcibly removed his children from a Sanders Road home, according to his defense attorney. Roger Shoemaker was arrested May 30 on Highway 95, along with his wife, Angela, after using a box cutter to threaten the guardians of his children before taking the two young boys away from their grandparents, Hal and Gladys Dennis. But the Shoemakers acts weren’t malicious, or in their minds, illegal, said defense attorney Dave Rogers, because they had no knowledge that the children were being held under a temporary custody order by their Idaho grandparents/Ralph Bartholdt, St. Maries Gazette-Record. More here.

AndrewZ’s Today In Pictures — 6/11/08

This photo provided by Image Box Inc. shows Google co-founder Sergey Brin, center, as he trains in zero gravity in airspace above northern California, earlier this year. Space Adventures, the company that sends wealthy tourists to the International Space Station, said Wednesday that Brin has paid $5 million to reserve a seat on a future flight. For Andrew Zahler’s SR Today In Pictures, click here.Story here.

Question: What do you think of the got-rocks crowd booking the ultimate thrill ride aboard space crafts?

SR Blogs: TXT Brings You ‘Netroots’

Netroots. (n. or adj.) Instead of grassroots politics, the new term is netroots politics. The word refers to political parties using blogs or Web sites to connect with the people. As in: “The campaign of Mike Huckabee worked hard with the netroots, but never got enough steam to carry on”/Tom Sowa, TXT.

SR Blog roundup:
*Boise’s Lincoln statue likely oldest in West/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise
*More wet dog fur/Thuy Nguyen, Daily Briefing
*Spread the wealth/Doug Floyd, SR
*Wednesday’s quickie political briefing/Jim Camden, Spin Control 2.0
*Doug Clark plays the “Gypsy Curse”/Thuy Nguyen, Video Journal

Question: What is your favorite Web slang word?

Online Poll: Coupons, Anyone?

Item: Higher gas prices, global demand push grocery prices up. One answer: coupons/IStatesman

Question: Are tough economic times affecting the way you use coupons?

*Using more
*(Using the same
*Don’t use coupons

HBO @ Noon: MamaJD Can’t Shake D-Backs

I didn’t think much of the initial texted scores that I received. Then I realized there was pattern: during every Diamondback game I received a score for the 4th, 7th and 9th innings. I can’t stop the texting. I deleted the text that provided the website, username and password. I am unable to block the text or unsubscribe from my phone. I can’t for the life of me remember the radio station that I was listening to in Arizona. I believe I am stuck with the ramifications of my blonde moment manuever. The Diamondbacks will play a minimum 162 games this year X at least 3 text messages = 486 times that I will be reminded that I am a ding dong/MamaJD. More here.

Question: What’s the worst you’ve been burned by an Internet come-on?

Tubbs Hill, Ed Corridor Value

This is for all the CAVErs who have been questioning the $10M value set by developer Marshall Chesrown on the 17-acre Education Corridor along the Spokane River. In his new history of Tubbs Hill, attorney Scott Reed includes a document from county Assessor Mike McDowell. Who estimates the 1/1/05 value of the 134 acres of Tubbs Hill/McEuen Field at $177M. The valuation a year later was set at $234M. Or $1.85M per acre. Compare that to Marshall Chesrown’s asking price of $588,000 per acre (delivered with an environmental stamp of approval). Next case.

Berry Picker: MamaJD’s Right! No More Snakes!

AP Photo

I am not about to comment on the blog my worst phobia because people who want to shake me … up will come at me with snakes! When I saw MamaJD’s post I thought…finally someone who will say NO MORE SNAKES!! I seriously cannot stand to even look at them or I have nightmares. I have come to understand you have no issues with snakes because you post a lot of them! For the past few days I have carefully scrolled through your blog and stopped at the top of the snake picture only to venture no further. I keep waiting for it to drop off. So anyway….how about photos of cute little kittens or puppies? No? Well then how about a warning from you of SNAKE PHOTO ahead/Berry Picker.

Question: Have you had an unnerving close encounter with a snake (the slithering kind, not the two-legged kind)?

IMHO: Why Pack Heat To Check Out BooK?

RE: Seattle gun ban causes stir/Seattle Times

Why in God’s name does anyone need to pack a handgun into a library? Seriously. Help me out gunslingers. Scary books? Dangerous librarians? Maybe you might get lost in the aisle with books on grizzly bears? Hell yeah, ban them. I don’t want to be in a city library with yahoos packing. If you concealed weapons guys are really so insecure about your masculinity or so damn afraid of the world you need to carry your guns wherever you go, then the problem is with you. It violates my rights to a free and sane society to have y’all lugging sidearms into public places. It isn’t the wild west anymore. Nobody’s going to shoot at you. Really/TUBOB.

*4 years for UI’s White not long enough/CDA Press
*Psst. Looking for salmonella-free tomatoes/Jim Fisher, Lewiston Tribune
*Workers, employers: Embrace bicycling/Idaho Statesman
*Public ready to plug into electric-car technology/SR

Question: How important are guns to you?

Idaho Blogs: Dream On, Dems — Adam’s Blog

Alan at Idablue is hopeful that the GOP’s current division over closed primaries and the chairmanship will mean Democratic victories in the Fall. Sorry, to disappoint you, but no. It’s not going to happen. Unlike the Democrats of Idaho, Republicans are a diverse party and we have many differences of opinion. That’s what happens when there’s diversity. There are places we handle these disagreements: the primaries and convention. After the convention is concluded, we will go forth. Regardless of who wins the Chairmanship, that will change nothing in the way I approach activism/Adam’s Blog. More here.

Idaho Blogs:
*Nampa Library board member resigns after anonymous post/Unequivocal Notion
*New light on Sali’s manipulation/Binkyboy, 43rd State Blues
*Deinstitutionalization & murder/Clayton Cramer

Question: Will the Idaho Republican Party emerge from its convention in Sandpoint stronger or weaker, as a result of partisan infighting among moderates, conservatives, and Ron Paulers?

Online Poll: Gassed

At what point will you start making changes in how you get around?/KHQ

*I’m making changes right now
*I’ll keep paying what they charge

CDA Schools Ask Foes What Went Wrong

Item: Forum tackles district woes: School leaders wanted to hear from opponents of recently failed $31M levy/Maureen Dolan, Coeur d’Alene Press

More Info: The informal meeting, planned in the wake of voters’ rejection last month of a $31 million levy that would have built a new Lakes Middle School, attracted roughly 20 people to the Midtown Meeting Center.

Question: What can the Coeur d’Alene School District do to regain public support?

Wild Card/Tuesday — 6/10/08

We’re at Convention Days, Minus 2, on this overcast Tuesday. I just talked to Betsy Russell, who plans to do some posting from the Demo convention, which begins Thursday in Boise. But the real action will be Erica’s, who’ll be the fights for leadership and ideological purity while covering the GOP convention in Sandpoint. You’ll be able to read about the action here. Also, Jim Camden will be covering the donkeys as they circle the wagons in Spokane. As you prepare for even more partisan politics, you can play this Wild Card …

UI Dean Daley-Laursen Named Interim Prez

Steven Daley-Laursen, University of Idaho College of Natural Resources dean, was named interim U of I president by the State Board of Education Tuesday. Daley-Laursen first came to the University of Idaho as a student in 1976. He earned a masters degree in forest services management and a Ph.D. in forest science from the University of Idaho in 1979 and 1984, according to a profile on Daley-Laursen on U of I’s Web site/IStatesman. More here.

Local Blogs: Indian Winter

Kerri Thoreson/OnLocation North Idaho
“In a little more than a week, we’ll welcome the first day of summer,” write Kerri Thoreson, OnLocation North Idaho. “The city beach at Q’emiln Park on the Spokane River is still posted for dangerous waters, alas. With the wide open dam at Post Falls in the background, it’s hard to imagine that any time soon we’ll be boating, swimming or floating in North Idaho.”

What could have gone on longer than the winter in North Idaho? Let’s see. It started in early November, and it’s now June 10. Schweitzer Mountain Resort, which is currently looking for its summer activity season–biking, hiking, etc., has new snow on the runs this morning. The snow level comes down to about 3,000 feet, maybe lower. Would ya believe, I waited the latest ever in putting out and planting parts of my garden this year? The melons went into the ground (actually the horse apple pile) yesterday, June 9. The tomatoes, over the weekend, as did the cukes and several posies planted from seed/Marianne Love, Slight Detour. More here.

HBO Numbers (for Monday, June 9): 9478 page-views/5274 unique views

*More photos of Toad’s dreadlocks/Synaptic Disunion
*Ethical Dilemma: The lifejacket on a sinking privatized ferry/TUBOB
*We should not be eating soup/Mrs. Mac Energetic
*To be young and dumb/Rants, Raves & Random Thoughts
*New photos from Remember The Roxy/OrangeTV
*Indian Winter/Notes from The ‘Kan EWA

Headlines @ 5 — Commish Stage Walkout

Robin Loznak/News-Review, AP Photo
An immature California gray squirrel , also known as a digger squirrel or gray digger, peaks out of its burrow in a field at Whistler’s Bend County Park near Roseburg, Ore., on Monday.

*Spokane commissioners walk out of meeting/SR
*Ex-Capital High QB Plummer to repay Tampa Bay $3.5M/IStatesman
*Priest Lake bust nets 329 marijuana plants/KREM2
*June blizzard kills man on Mount Rainier/KREM2
*Coldest June in more than a century/SeattlePI

Seattle Gun Ban Causes Stir

Item: Mayor’s concealed-weapons ban may land city in court: ‘We do have the authority,’ Nickels says; critics disagree/Seattle PI

More Info: But will Mayor Greg Nickels’ new gun ban lead to metal detectors at Seattle Center, neighborhood libraries and City Hall? Or pat-downs and bag searches at park entrances, festival gates and holiday events? Although resorting to such measures would be a “shame,” Nickels said, he would not rule them out during a Monday news conference to announce his prohibition of concealed weapons on city property.

Question: Would you support a ban on legally concealed weapons in your community?

Hat Tip: Former Mike

Family Phil: Moscow — On June Stinken 10th

Here’s what it looked like on the UI campus in Moscow today (according to Family Phil):

Moscow Private Schooler Nation’s Best Orator

Item: Holding court: Logos student takes top honors at national mock trial competition/Jenny Davis, Moscow-Pullman Daily News

More Info: Church was stunned. She stood and walked up to the stage to accept what turned out to be the most prestigious award of all: in all four rounds of the nationals competition, the judging panels had singled Church out as the best high school trial advocate in the country. “I just heard my name and stood up,” Church said. “It was kind of a blur.” Logos went on to place 16th in the national competition.

DFO: I had the privilege of judging the regional mock trial competition involving Logos School a few years ago. The students then — and obviously now — were superb orators. Logos, a classical Christian school in Moscow, has won the state mock trial competition 10 times in 14 years. Impressive.

SR Blogs — Mack Returns To Radio

We’ve got some good news to pass along. The Spokesman-Review will soon be expanding our programming, with a new local news and talk show. Rebecca Mack (yes THAT Rebecca Mack from the Mark Fuhrman show) will be the moderator for the program, which will combine a mix of talk, interviews and local news, using the resources of the Spokesman-Review. Stay tuned for more details…including our launch date on 790 KJRB/Dan Mitchinson, On The Air.

SR Blogs:
*Smells like wet dog/Thuy Nguyen, Daily Briefing
*Tuesday’s quickie political briefing/Jim Camden, Spin Control 2.0
*Those killer tomatoes/Gary Graham, News Diary
*Video: How to introduce your atheist partner to your Evangelical parents/Tom Sowa, TXT

Question: Did you used to listen to the radio talk show featuring Mark Fuhrmann and Rebecca Mack?

HBO @ Noon: Scott Reed’s ‘Tubbs Hill’

“In ‘The Treasure Called Tubbs Hill,’ Coeur d’Alene’s resident environmental gadfly, Scott Reed, recalls how ‘the past came forward to rescue the present.’ From geologic forces through political intrigues, economic convolutions to the unlikeliest turns of good luck, Reed lays a track through the machinations that have led to the preservation of this green blessing that now belongs to all. It’s a trail every reader will follow with fascination” — George Ives, retired NIC professor & Tubbs Hill Foundation member.

DFO: The Coeur d’Alene office of the SR has just received a copy of Scott Reed’s book, “The Treasure Called Tubbs Hill.” I grabbed it before Erica could get her hands on it. I’ve long felt that the history behind this community treasure should be compiled in one place. I’m indebted to Scott for doing just that. Can’t wait to read it.

Question: When is the last time you hiked Tubbs Hill.

IVA: Semanko Will Unify Idaho R’s

Semanko is an unapologetic fiscal and social conservative, is universally well-liked, and will make sure that everybody plays by the rules and is treated fairly and evenhandedly, whether they are party commanders or foot soldiers. This will ensure a level playing field for all and relieve the agitation among conservatives who watched as Sullivan blockaded the clear will of party regulars, refused to enforce party rules in order to help his favored candidates for office, and blocked others from full participation in the party process/Bryan Fischer, Idaho Values Alliance. More here.

EOB: Idaho Dems Don’t Expect Fireworks

With all the brouhaha about the factional fighting and leadership battle coming up at this weekend’s Idaho state GOP convention in Sandpoint (check out Dan Popkey’s latest article here about the newest candidate for state GOP chairman, Norm Semanko), there’s hardly been a peep about the state Democratic Party convention, which starts Thursday in Boise. The reason: No big fights, no big-name speakers, and low-key plans for the state’s minority party’s annual gathering. About 500 people are expected to attend the Dems’ convention, which will have a heavy focus on training for the campaign season ahead/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here.

Question: Idaho Dem bloggers barely can contain themselves as they watch the internal fighting among the R’s as each party heads to its state convention. Is this finally the year that the D’s grab a major seat and make significant inroads into the legislative R monolith?

MikeK Unveils Midtown Condo, Parking Plan

RE: Midtown owners focus on parking
If things fall into place as they are supposed to real soon, the old Ponderosa Motors building a few blocks up will be the new home of the Youth Ranch retail store, the attached Ponderosa parking lot that is now private will be public (LCDC buying it), and the lots that currently hold the Youth Ranch and the vacant space next to it will be developed into a workforce owner-occupied housing project. The development as envisioned in the very early stages could include between 25 - 40 condo units (studios, 1 and maybe 2 bedroom) specifically targeted to the pre-qualified worker making a household income of between 30-60K/Councilman MikeK.

HBO Poll: Most Powerful Female Pol?

Who do you think is the most powerful woman in the American government?

*House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
*U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton
*Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice


Semanko Challenges For GOP Chairman

Item: Eagle councilman Semanko launches last-minute campaign for GOP chairman/IStatesman

More Info: Sullivan on Tuesday morning rejected Semanko’s suggestion that he step aside. Semanko also urged the other announced candidate, former Senate Majority Leader Rod Beck, to withdraw. Beck could not be reached for comment early Tuesday.

DFO: Spencer tells Huckleberries (via Erica Curless) that Beck will step aside in favor of Semanko, a former Rathdrum resident. Erica, BTW, will be live blogging the GOP convention in Sandpoint while Betsy will live-blog the Demo convention. HBO, of course, will be featuring their feeds.

Question: Does it matter to you who becomes chairman of the Idaho Republican Party?

Online Poll: Tomatoes, Anyone?

As some restaurants decide sliced tomatoes don’t make the cut on their sandwiches and supermarkets pull some varieties from their shelves amid a salmonella scare, do you have plans to change your tomato-eating habits?/Idaho Statesman.

*I’ll grow my own.

Special Ed Spending Leads To CDA Shortfall

Item: District: Special ed led to shortage: Trustees unanimously approve 2008-09 budget containing $2M in cuts/Maureen Dolan, Coeur d’Alene Press

More Info: Trustees unanimously approved an amended 2007-08 budget and a proposed 2008-09 budget — including $2 million in cuts for next year — necessitated by unanticipated special education expenses since the start of the school year.

Question: Does it make sense to spend so much on special education?

Parting Shot — 6/9/08

Michelle Christenson/Corpus Christi Caller-Times, AP
Surf instructor Brittany Tupaj, left, leads Nicole Brien, 5, of Katy, Texas, to the surf for Brien’s first lesson of the day at the Texas Surf Camps Quicksilver/Roxy summer surf camp in Port Aransas, Texas on Monday morning.

Hump Day Wild Card — 7/9/08

Taryn’s covering the Education Corridor infofest as I write this. It’ll be interesting to see if the CAVErs behave themselves when they learn that the questions again must be submitted in written form. BTW, I didn’t realize that the Hobart Jenkins dredged up today by the press as an “expert” who’s against the ed corridor is that old codger from Bayview who led Spokane Community College 30 or more years ago. Dunno how the Press could run that story with a straight face. I’ll probably head to Riverstone Park this evening for its weekly concert series. Now, for your Wild Card …

EOB: Of Libertarians And Closed Primaries

Item: Libertarians join conservative Repub attempt to overthrow GOP chairman Sullivan/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise

More Info: So why would supporters of Paul, a Republican congressman who was the Libertarian Party candidate for president in 1988, want to close Idaho’s GOP primary, particularly when some feel a closer affinity to the Libertarian Party? “We’re looking for someone who’s philosophically more similar to our way of thinking than Sullivan,” Davidson said. “I just feel that with the closed primary rule, you may get more libertarian-leaning Republicans elected.

Question: Is it possible for the Idaho Republican Party to get even more conservative?

Headlines @ 5 — Spectacular Crash Claims 2

Jesse Tinsley/Spokesman-Review
Trooper Mark Baker of the Washington State Patrol stands Monday in the path of a car that crashed into a rural home Sunday night on Waukon Rd. near Reardan, killing the two occupants. He was explaining to members of the media how the car left Waukon Road at a high rate of speed, bounced across a large gravel driveway, slammed into the truck at right and flew into the side of the home. Story here.

*Snow could hit mountains tonight/KREM2
*New week, same old forecast/SR
*Idaho gas hits $4 for first time/KTVB
*Dog mauls sleeping child, no medical attention sought/KREM2
*Suspect stabs homeowner during burglary/KREM2

Online Poll: Most Still Back Ed Corridor

What do you think about North Idaho College and Coeur d’Alene’s intent to purchase a 17-acre former mill site for $10 million to expand the region’s education corridor?/Coeur d’Alene Press.

Agree (1146 Votes, 57%)
Oppose (702 Votes, 35%)
Undecided (164 Votes, 8%)

DFO: Despite the poison-pen editorial Sunday and constant sniping at downtown renewal efforts by the Coeur d’Alene Press, the community apparently still supports the Education Corridor by a wide margin.

Blogger Mangy Moose Loses Cancer Battle

Our hearts are heavy this morning (Friday), having received the news last night that Jenny completed her earthly journey late yesterday afternoon. We knew this was inevitable, but as Jeff said the other day, it doesn’t make it any easier. A visit to Jenny’s blog will continue to reveal the scope of her impact on countless numbers of family, friends and perfect strangers. I’ve lost students over the years. It’s tough. This one is one of the most devastating. Jenny was my student. Jenny was my friend. She was my confidante. She inspired me. She taught me/Marianne Love, Slight Detour. More here.

Archives: Film portrays cancer fight: Mom, filmmaker both Sandpoint High grads/Sam Taylor, SR; and: Sisters love spawns new cancer benefit/Kristin Mico, SR

Mickey D’s Pulls Tomatoes Over Salmonella Scare

Item: McDonald’s, others pull tomatoes over salmonella concerns/Seattle Times

More Info: McDonald’s said Monday it has stopped serving sliced tomatoes in its U.S. restaurants over concerns about salmonella food poisoning linked to some uncooked varieties. The grocer Winn-Dixie Stores said it was also taking some tomatoes off its shelves. Other restaurant and supermarket chains reportedly halted some tomato sales as federal health officials worked to trace the source of the outbreak.

Question: Have you ever suffered from food poisoning?

Eye On Boise: A 253-Vote Margin

The Idaho state Board of Canvassers has certified final, official election results from the May 27 primary, and in the final count, state Supreme Court Justice Joel Horton defeated challenger Judge John Bradbury by just 253 votes out of 151,129 cast. The closest legislative race was in Ada County’s District 16, where just 21 votes separated GOP primary winner Christ Troupis (1,187 votes) from opponent Dennis Warren (1,166 votes)/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here.

SR Blog roundup:
*Monday’s quickie political briefing/Jim Camden, Spin Control 2.0
*Are we alone?/David Laird, Community Comment
*Age appropriate vacations/Parents Council
*Casino update, Part 2/Parker Howell, Here’s The Dirt

Question: Did the Idaho elections, locally and statewide, turn out the way you wanted them to do?

HBO @ Noon: And Baby Makes 5 — Butterfly

Julianna is peacefully sleeping … on her brother’s lap. Neither of the boys can get enough of her after a week of her being here. They are always wanting to kiss or hold or talk to her. And they even want to help change diapers, which before her arrival, they were determined to avoid at any cost. They are in love with this little girl that they have waited so long for. And I love that they feel nothing but love for her right now. She is officially one week old. It doesn’t seem possible/A Butterfly Moment. More here.

Question: Which stage of life did you most enjoy your children? Baby? Pre-school? Elementary school? High school? Young adult?

MamaJD SOS: Hide That Snake Photo

Please, DFO, PLEASE … hide that snake picture behind the jump. I can’t take it — I won’t be able to read HBO today and possibly tomorrow until the picture is archived lower on the frontpage if it stays out front. I was on the phone when I checked in with HBO and I yelped pretty loudly. It took me a few deep breaths before I can say something more than “SNAKE!” And took me even longer before I could explain the picture and why I yelped. I know it’s silly but I am terribly phobic of snakes and snake pictures are the worst. I don’t know that I can put my feet down off my chair yet/MamaJD.

Question: Which spooks you most: Snakes? Spiders? Creepy crawly things? Other? (And should I hide that APhoto of the Day for MamaJD?)

Capt. Ben’s Warrant Roundup — 6/9/08

Top enrollees in sheriff’s Capt. Ben Wolfinger’s “honor roll” of missing scofflaws include (from left): Douglas Greg Dahlin, 47, of Post Falls (probation violation for failure to register as a sex offender), James Andrew Harris, 40, Post Falls (grand theft), and Leo Dustin Pfaff Jr., 22, of Rathdrum (felony eluding). You can read Capt. Ben’s complete warrant roundup here.

JimF: Sali’d Better Pray For Compromise

Sali and McMorris Rodgers will be on record voting against timber towns in their districts and for multinational oil companies - in an election year. That could be especially troublesome for Sali. He faces a strong challenge from Democrat Walt Minnick, yet he is not enough of a player in the House to be able to steer this dispute toward an acceptable compromise. He’d better hope that other Republicans will, because if the royalties-versus-drilling standoff ends up depriving Sali’s district of money it needs, he will have a hard time explaining why toeing the party line is more important than helping struggling constituents/Jim Fisher, Lewiston Tribune. More here.

IMHO roundup:
*Craig-Wyden funds are critical for rural counties/SR
*The nightmare team/David Horsey, Seattle PI
*When candidates get burned by religion/Joel Connelly, Seattle PI
*State board, universities need a working relationship/IStatesman

Question: Do you understand the timber-oil vote Thursday that left Idaho rural counties in a lurch?

AM Headlines — 6/9/08

Kathy Plonka/Spokesman-Review
“This is just fascinating,” said JoAnn Zavoral of Pacifica, California as she toured the Sierra Silver Mine in Wallace on Tuesday. She was visiting in the area. Story here.

*Idaho Records/Sherry Adkins, Spokesman-Review

*Heart, hospitality & hamburgers: Roger Hudson’s family and friends remember community icon/Marc Stewart, Coeur d’Alene Press
*Inland Empire Paper says it can’t meet accelerated river cleanup goals/Becky Kramer, SR
*New Red Hot Mamas group meets: Mamasboyz fall in at first practice/Patrick O’Brien, Coeur d’Alene Press
*Sandpoint named one of two U.S. ‘Transition Towns’: Group forms to promote local food, fuel independence/David Gunter, Bonner County Bee

Ex-Classmate Jabaay Not A Victim

I have also known Ryan Jabaay for many years, as I went to school with him. This is to everybody that is defending him and making him look like the victim. I have a friend that was hit by a drunk driver in October 07, he got brain damage and his girlfriend died. I don’t care how much of an alcoholic you are, you don’t drink and drive. If you need alcohol that bad, stay at home and drink. He is not the victim, he killed a human being and ruined the lives of a family. Ryan will get a second chance in life Sawyer won’t. You can’t bring him back. Ryan choose to get behind that wheel and for that he needs to pay for his crime, I just hope he learns from this/Jodi.

WND Poll: Domestic Oil

Should the U.S. dig for more domestic oil now?/WorldNetDaily

1. No, current methods of energy production are fine
2. No, the environmental risks are simply too great
3. No, it’s time to let other countries like China and India catch up to our superpower status
4. No, save the U.S. oil for future generations
5. No, we should focus on alternative energies such as nuclear, solar and wind power
6. No, I like the Jimmy Carter method of throwing on a sweater in cold weather
7. Yes, but only in areas that won’t threaten the environment
8. Yes, simple economics teaches that greater supply will lower the price
9. Yes, we need to be as energy independent as possible
10. Yes, I don’t know how much longer my family and I can hang on financially

For the WorldNetDaily news report, click here.

Wild Card/Sunday — 6/8/08

I was flipping through the channels tonight when I landed on the PBS special featuring the late Roy Orbison and a host of other superstars singing Orbison hits. It finished with Orbison’s signature song, “Oh, Pretty Woman.” That one used to stop me in my tracks when I was a teen-ager. I couldn’t get enough of the growl and the guitar in the classic. “House of the Rising Sun” was the other that I couldn’t hear then or now without stopping what I’m doing to listen and remember. You can use this Wild Card to reveal which songs have that effect on you. Or to start a thread …

Dogwalk: Hillary Most Powerful Female Pol

When Chris Matthews asked Representative Gregory Meeks, D-NY, what he thought of Hillary’s speech, all he could say was “Wow!” I couldn’t agree more. The speech was a barn burner! She struck just the right balance between the restatement of her goals, thanks to her staff and supporters and the endorsement of Senator Obama. It was the best speech I’ve heard her make and it will be talked about for a long time to come. She was more composed than one would have expected, she voiced no bitterness and cemented the fact that she is the most important woman on the political scene today. It will be interesting to see if Hillary has finally found herself. If she can leave her demons behind she will be a formidable political force for as long as she chooses/Dogwalk Musings. More here.

Question: What will become of Hillary Clinton now?

Popkey: Neither LaRocco, Nor Risch Regular Guys

But I must say there’s something odd about all this: LaRocco is among the powerful elite. He’s made it, just like Risch. LaRocco attended four universities, all private. He worked for U.S. Sen. Frank Church. He was a banker and a stockbroker before being elected to Congress in 1990, where he served two terms. He then became a lobbyist for the banking industry and helped pass a law loosening restrictions on banks. While his press release called Risch a “mega-millionaire,” it failed to note LaRocco’s $3.2 million worth. Risch is richer, with his disclosure report pegging his wealth between $16 million and $80 million, most of it in real estate/Dan Popkey, Idaho Statesman. More here.

Question: Has Demo Larry LaRocco been successful in convincing you that he’s an ordinary guy?

IStatesman: Next UI Prez Must Be A Salesman

White will leave the university this month in much better shape than he found it. This speaks to White’s candid capacity for recognizing the university’s challenges - and his willingness to make the tough decisions required to shore up the school’s finances. His successor will have a different job, but still a difficult job. Topping the to-do list is the sales job - to donors, alums, high school seniors and their parents. Over the past four years, donors have contributed $72 million to the U of I - and White is quick to say the university must do better. The next president will take over a fundraising campaign, now in its silent phase, that could set an ambitious $300 million goal/Idaho Statesman. More here.

Question: What quality do you consider to be most important for the next UI president?

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Jerome A. Pollos/Coeur d’Alene Press, AP
Josh Kirby, 9, stays dry under his improvised rain slicker while carrying the banner for Cub Scout Pack 13 in the Post Falls Days parade Saturday, June 7, 2008 in Post Falls.

Update: Hillary Concedes, Backs Obama

AP Photo
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., waves to supporters at the National Building Museum in Washington Saturday as she suspends her campaign for president.

Item: Ending her campaign, Hillary backs Obama/New York Times

More Info: Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton formally threw her support behind Senator Barack Obama on Saturday, clearing the way for Mr. Obama to head into the general election with a plan to challenge Senator John McCain in typically Republicans states. Mrs. Clinton, speaking here to an audience of advisers and supporters who had been invited to attend from across the country, used the final rally of her presidential campaign to end her barrier-breaking bid for the presidency and endorse Mr. Obama. She pledged that she would do what it takes to help Mr. Obama win the White House.

Question: What went wrong with Hillary Clinton’s campaign?

Post Falls Dedicates City Hall

Shawn Gust/Coeur d’Alene Press
Seth Hohenstreet, Kootenai County Fire and Rescue Honor Guard member, salutes as an American flag is raised Friday during the opening ceremonies at Post Falls City Hall in Post Falls. Story here.

Question: What is your impression of Post Falls?

Frisbies Forgive Driver Who Killed Son

Jesse Tinsley/Spokesman-Review
Christian Frisbie, 12, right, shows off a shirt signed by monster truck drivers, at the motel where he is staying with his mother and father, Kaye and Pat Frisbie Friday in Coeur d’Alene. Christian, along with Kaye, was seriously injured in a car accident that killed his younger brother Sawyer, 10, Monday, May 26. The Frisbies have received gifts and donations from North Idaho family, friends and even strangers since the fatal accident. Story here.

Question: Could you forgive a drunken driver who killed a member of your family?

LCHS Yearbook Gets Bad Reviews

Psychedelic yearbook w/drug, sex references upsets ‘quite a few”

Jesse Tinsley/Spokesman-Review

Students James Thomes and Jeremy Guzman (above right and left) pointed out several pictures and quotes in the book that they said have kids talking. One shows a swim team member holding a stuffed animal’s leg in a sexually suggestive manner. A quote near the end of the book features the yearbook editor saying, “Puff puff pass MOFO. Oops did I just say that in the yearbook?” One girl writes that her goal is to be a MILF, referring to a sexually attractive mother. … A photo of group of friends has “rolling with the homies” written across it, with “I need a glass of water” above. Ecstasy users often say they are “rolling” when high on the drug, which causes dehydration.

Question: How do you view this yearbook controversy? Youthful hijinks? Or not a laughing matter? Was there any controversy surrounding your high school yearbook?

Smart Bombs: M’s Play Worse Than Lesbian Kiss

Elaine Thompson/AP Photo
Sirbrina Guerrero stands in front of the Seattle Mariners’ ballpark Tuesday in Seattle. Guerrero was admonished while watching a game at the park a week earlier by an usher who told her and Guerrero’s date that it was inappropriate that the two women should be kissing. Story here.

So, what’s more offensive: The performance of the worst team in Major League Baseball or two fans kissing in the stands? Well, one Seattle Mariners fan thought it was the latter, so she complained to an usher, who then told the couple to cool it. Oh, by the way, it was a lesbian couple. It seems the complainer was with children and she said the smooching made her uncomfortable. Granted, it’s tough to explain to kids why the only SoDo mojo is in the stands, regardless of sexual orientation. It’s like trying to explain why a manager screams naughty words at the umpires. Or why the players chew and spit that brown stuff. Or cheat with steroids. Or get into brawls. Or “adjust” themselves incessantly. But somehow parents find a way/Gary Crooks, Smart Bombs. More here.

Weird: Counterfeiting In The Boys’ Room

Item: Cops flush out bathroom counterfeit operation/Jody Lawrence-Turner, SR

More Info: It might be a good thing they stopped him. Seems he doesn’t have too many more brain cells to kill. A homeless 19-year-old man who police say spent $100 on a color copier and paper to make counterfeit money so he could buy $90 worth of marijuana is in Spokane County Jail. Sheriff’s deputies arrested Calvin Robinson on forgery charges after finding him, the printer and counterfeit $10 bills in a River Park Square restroom Wednesday.

Question: Wouldn’t panhandling be easier?

Local Blogs: Hitchin’ Post Borrowed Bliss

Kerri Thoreson/OnLocation North Idaho
The windows of the rotunda in the new Post Falls City Hall are reflected in a stained glass panel. The building was officially dedicated this afternoon.

Of the myriad tiny joys embedded in my day like so many Easter Eggs in the green grass, one of the sweetest occurs in the early evening, when my route home invariably takes me past a little wooden-faced building nestled in the heart of Coeur d’Alene, a place called The Hitching Post. Often, especially in the summer, the golden rays of late sun illuminating the small brick and clapboard structure also fall upon a wedding party milling around on the lawn outside, where a bride and groom and their retinue of devoted friends are either coming or going from the short and intimate ceremony inside the small chapel/Kristina, Notes On A Napkin. More here.

HBO Numbers (from Thursday, June 5): 9316 page-views/5236 unique views.

*Family Phil has a quiz to see if you’re smarter than his fourth-grader here.
*One flew over the chicken’s nest/Marmitetoasty
*Earth to Mitt Romney/Arch Druid
*Chow down/Dogwalk Musings
*As the pendulum swings/From A Simple Mind
*Saying goodbye/Live, Love, Laugh, Hope

Question: Have you attended a wedding at the Hitchin’ Post? Whose?

APhoto of the Day w/Top Cutline — 6/6/08

Greg Kreller/Idaho Press-Tribune
Los Angeles conceptual artist Marc Horowitz offers free cheese puffs on Thursday. Horowitz was filming an show for Crackle Studios Inc., in downtown Nampa, where he put up a sign for an anonymous semi-nudist colony and encouraged people to put on ski masks and remove an article of clothing as he played yard games. You write the cutline.

Top Cutlines:

1. Blogger reunion — MikeS.
2. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have the pleasure of introducing the latest ex-husband of Britney Spears — Bronx Boy.
3. “I’ve already given you the shirt off my back. What else do you want?” — A Token D.

HM: Binkyboy

Crapo Opposes Global Warming Bill

Idaho Senator Mike Crapo said today that the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act was incomplete in its approach and too expensive to garner the support it needed in the Senate. Crapo, along with many of his colleagues from both sides of the aisle, found the legislation would raise energy costs too high for consumers. “I don’t believe that legislation which could raise energy prices by almost 140% is what we need at a time when we are already paying record prices for electric bills and at the pump,” Crapo said/Mike Crapo news release. More here.

Minnick: Sali Can’t Bluster Vote Away

Now the Minnick campaign has issued a statement in response to Sali’s press release, this time saying, “Bill Sali can’t bluster and shout his way out of his terrible decision” to vote against the timber payments extension bill/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here. And: SR story here.

Sandpoint Man Drowns In Lake

The body of a middle-aged Sandpoint man was recovered from Lake Pend Oreille Thursday. The Bonner County Sheriff’s Office says Morley Andrew “Drew” Horowitz drowned. His body was located about 30 feet from the shore, in the vicinity of Sunnyside Road, adjacent to a remote parcel of land owned by Idaho Fish and Game/KHQ.

SR Blogs: Radio Listening Habits

A research company found non college grads listened to the radio 18 hours, 45 minutes per week. College grads on the other hand only tuned in for 15 hours, 45 minutes. According to Mike Boyle’s article, the reason may be because “the non-college-grad group includes teenagers, who have always given significantly less time spent listening to radio”/Dan Mitchinson, On The Air.

SR Blog Roundup:
*Sandpoint cookbook recipes/Lorie Hutson, Fresh Sheet
*Flong time, no see/Thuy Nguyen, Video Journal
*Northern Quest casino expansion will open next year, sorta/Parker Howell, Here’s The Dirt
*Climbing the New York Times building/Gary Graham, News Diary
*Father Pfleger’s termination/David Laird, Community Comment

Question (from On The Air): College grad or not, do you find yourself listening more or less to the radio as an adult, and why?

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 6/6/08

Jerome A. Pollos/Coeur d’Alene Press, AP
Isabelle Facer keeps her eyes on her sheet music while playing “Rocket Ship Robin” on the piano at the Dalton Elementary talent show Thursday in Coeur d’Alene.

1. It’s not just plants and animals at (Yellowstone National Park) that are affected by dry weather but also the park’s geysers, including Old Faithful here/Billings Gazette.

2. Boise lawyer David Nevin said Friday that a military court’s decision to let the alleged mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks represent himself threatens a fundamental constitutional principle — the right to competent counsel here/IStatesman.

3. More than a week has passed since potato king J.R. Simplot’s hat disappeared from the main bouquet at his memorial service in Qwest Arena. The hat, a straw Western-style, its brand unknown, is still MIA here/IStatesman.

Roundup: Judge halts Flathead Forest spring snowmobiling/Missoulian; 2 members of hotshot crew survive lightning strike/Missoulian; Sale of Metropolitan Mortgage asset finalized/SR; Thieves rip off license plates to steal gas/KTVB; Idaho growth numbers fall from best to 28th/KTVB; and Bird’s nest triggers fire at Spokane elementary/KHQ.

Orbusmax Special: UW Study: Teens having safer sex in college here.

*Idaho Blog Roundup
*Opinion Roundup

When Gas Happens In Yoga Class

Item: When gas happens in yoga class/Brooke Hewes, New West Boise

More Info: I’ve certainly done it. You probably have. It is likely that someone, somewhere, is doing it right now…. The “it,” of course, is the inevitable passing of gas in yoga class. There’s just something about those restrictive clothes, those twisting postures and the quietness of it all that seems to entice farts. (As I recall, there is even a posture in Bikram Yoga called “wind-removing pose.)

Question (from writer Brooke Hewes): So what do you do when you let one slip? Do you acknowledge the flatulence by looking up, smiling, even giggling at what is clearly (and, remarkably I must add, after all these years of doing it, always) amusing? Or do you just continue your practice—dristi steady, breath uninterrupted?

IMHO: Obama, Sali Should OK Debates

It’s hard to tell if the main motivation is political posturing or true public service, but two recent invitations should be accepted by rivals. We’re referring to Idaho Congressional hopeful Walt Minnick’s offer to incumbent U.S. Rep. Bill Sali last week, and a very similar suggestion from presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain to Sen. Barack Obama on Wednesday. In both cases, the invitations are for the opponents to travel among constituents on a tour of town hall meetings/Coeur d’Alene Press Editorial Board. More here.

IMHO roundup:
*Humans should trump welfare of animals/SR
*Court won’t let U.S. Chamber of Commerce hide/Jim Fisher, Lewiston Tribune
*Welcome to ‘fat class’/Marty Fortier
*Sali helps kill timber payments to rural Idaho counties/Jill Kuraitis, New West

Question: Do you care whether Barack Obama and Bill Sali accept the debate challenges from their opponents?

AM Headlines: Idaho Surgeons Dump Blue Cross

Jerome A. Pollos/Coeur d’Alene Press, AP
Aeva Schrambach, left, Jackie Callihan, Kayla Fagan and Maysun Wellsandt, third-grade students from Dalton Elementary, wait to take the stage to perform their “Greased Lighnting” routine at the school’s talent show Thursday Thursday in Coeur d’Alene.

*Idaho Records/Sherry Adkins, Spokesman-Review
*Surgeons dump Blue Cross over rates/Kevin Graman, Spokesman-Review
*Rathdrum group: Don’t forget prairie option/Maureen Dolan, Coeur d’Alene Press
*Saving gas by riding a scooter, but breaking the law?/KREM2
*Rathdrum equine center land deal falls through/Brian Walker, Coeur d’Alene Press

Questions: Are you covered by Blue Cross insurance?

Butt Slap Lands Pair In Hot Water

Item: Bike rider doesn’t appreciate slap: Cd’A man cited for battery for allegedly swatting biker/Tom Greene, Coeur d’Alene Press

More Info: In all her years and miles of biking, Jennifer Gaertner has been yelled at, honked at and flipped off. But she said what happened Saturday was a first: Slapped on the butt. “It didn’t hurt me so much as startle me,” Gaertner said. A Coeur d’Alene man was ticketed for the high-speed harassment case this week in Athol. Justin Thomas Solomon, 24, was cited for misdemeanor battery on Saturday after allegedly slapping Gaertner on her buttocks while she rode her bicycle on Brunner Road.

Question: What should be done with the two rocket scientists in the pickup?

Wilkinson: All Can Dream Big Dreams Now

Signe Wilkinson/Philadelphia Inquirer

Parting Shot — 6/5/08

Michael Dwyer/AP Photo
Tampa Bay Rays pitcher James Shields, right, takes a swing at Boston Red Sox’s Coco Crisp after Crisp was hit by a pitch and charged the mound in the second inning of a baseball game today in Boston.

Headlines @ 5 — 6/5/08

Barry Kough/Lewiston Tribune, AP
Brenda Sullivan gets a group hug from her departing first graders at Camelot Elelmentay on the last day of school today in Lewiston.

*BSU gives basketball coach 3-year contract/IStatesman
*Caldwell alters school calendar/IStatesman
*Teen caught counterfeiting in boys’ room/KREM2
*Ruptured gas line forces school evacuation/KREM2
*Idaho asphalt company trucks fined for violations/KHQ

Scanner Traffic — 6/5/08

5:45 p.m. Two males and a female reportedly fighting outside the Shell station at 508 Northwest Boulevard.

5:27 p.m. Motorists reports that a young girl is riding on the back of a motorcycle, driven by a man, sans shoes or helmet.
12:48 p.m. Two-car injury accident in the southbound lane of US 95 & I-90.
12:21 p.m. 3 females involved in verbal altercation in front of TJ Maxx, 430 W. Wilbur.

Sali Votes Against Timber Payments!?

Item: Minnick condemns Sali for voting against bill crucial to rural Idaho

More Info: The House on Thursday rejected a bill that would have continued for four years payments to rural counties hurt by federal cutbacks in logging. A majority of lawmakers voted for the bill, but under special House rules, the bill was defeated. Supporters brought up the measure under rules that did not allow any amendments. The 218-193 vote in favor — largely along party lines — was well short of the two-thirds needed. The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., denounced Republicans who voted against the bill, saying the vote dealt a huge blow to rural counties in Oregon and other Western states/Associated Press. More here.

DFO: Congressman Bill Sali’d better have a good explanation for this terrible vote.

3 Prominent Bayviewers Die Tuesday

S&S Herb reports that three well-known residents of tiny Bayview died Tuesday: ex-American Legion commander Archie Orth and his brother-in-law, Cliff Hohnwaldt, as well as Ron Olson, ex-Waterford Park Homes sales rep. More here.

Mag: Obama Going To Challenge In Idaho

Obama’s task, however, is not just to flip states into his column, but rather to make enough areas competitive so that McCain and the Republican Party are forced to drain their resources. In this regard, Dean’s vision may prove more successful. Take Idaho. In 2006, the Democratic Party was able to field an aggressive challenger in what had been, since 1994, a safe GOP district. With help from on-the-ground staffers and the influx of small but strategic resources, Larry Grant forced his Republican opponent, Bill Sali, to turn to Washington for money and two separate appearances by Vice President Dick Cheney/Sam Stein, Huffington Post. More here.

Question: Good strategy?

Local Blogs: Some Nails — 6/5/08

Chris Peterson/Glacier Park Magazine
“There’s an interesting tale about the encounter I had with this griz in (Glacier National Park) in April,” posts Chris Peterson/Glacier Park Magazine. “Nothing life threatening, but those claws, well, those claws make you think about things … ”

Sometimes I just don’t know. I think, maybe I should just go and be a writer, or a plumber, or a whatsit-maker. People and their crazy behavior, their crazy wishy and washing and showing upping and asking and telling and wanting wanting wanting you to drop it all and do do do do do whatever it is they have going at the moment. But, I’m compliant. I’m complacent. I do/Toadman, Synaptic Disunion. More here.

HBO Numbers (for Wednesday, June 4): 9935 page-views/5114 unique views.

*Dealing with an anonymous crank/Slight Detour
*A remarkable and historical night/Wayward Episcopalian
*East Germans claim Berlin Wall was frat prank/PDX Pup
*A third blogiversary/Rants, Raves & Random Thoughts

Question: Above, compliant Toadman discusses the frustration he has when he can’t say no. Can you say no when you don’t want to do something?

Parents Council: Whaddabout Dad?

Guys are supposed to be easy, right? Compared to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day generally doesn’t have all the pressure of roses, chocolate and finding the perfect gift. At least that was my experience as a child. But now that my own husband is a father, celebrating the holiday isn’t quite as straightforward for me. I just never know what to get or how to celebrate “Dad Day”/Virginia de Leon, Parents Council. More here.

SR Blog roundup:
*Nurse, where are you/Rebecca Nappi, A Matter of Opinion
*Ride, Jilly, Ride/Jill Wagner, Out On The Town
*A word a day: Praetorian/David Laird, Community Comment
*Major League draft today/Sportslink
*And then there were 5/Jim Camden, Spin Control 2.0

Question (from Parents Council): Do you already have Father’s Day plans? How do you usually celebrate this holiday?

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 6/5/08

Christopher Anderson/SR
Elizabeth Phelps, biological mother of Summer Phelps, talks with media outside the Superior Court where Adriana Lytle was to be sentenced today in the death of Summer. Story here.

1. For more than 30 years, the Idaho Association of Business and Industry was the most powerful lobbying group in Idaho. Primary election results indicate the group’s clout may be fading here/Dan Popkey, IStatesman.

2. All of the children of a polygamist sect in Texas have been returned to their parents. That’s the word from Texas child welfare officials. But one woman living in Bonners Ferry says those kids should not go home to their parents here/KXLY.

3. Nearly two out of three of every Montanans who cast ballots Tuesday voted the Democratic ticket. Political party officials and political scientists disagree about the significance of that fact here/Helena Independent Record.

4. Blogs: Obama needs Sgt. Rock/TUBOB; Otter says kids have ‘nature deficit’/Eye On Boise; and Will judge issue split decision on wolves?/Rocky Barker.

5. IMHO: Idaho’s giant sucking sound: November ‘08/Nathaniel Hoffman, Boise Weekly; ‘Staycation’s‘ all we really wanted/Doug Clark, SR; Karl doing his part to help Lakers in finals/Brian Murphy, IStatesman; and Father’s Day at Denny’s? No thanks/Bob Wire, New West.

6. News Roundup: Spokane River finally below flood stage/SR; Deer strolling through downtown Spokane tranquilized/KREM2; Too much weed lands medical marijuana man in jail/KREM2; Seattle M’s brass fed up/Seattle PI; and Idaho businessman sues USFS over copter access/Twin Falls Times-News.

Huckleberries Hears …

… that the dozen or so Ron Paul precinct committeemen are trying to convene another Repub CC meeting Friday to review the delegate selection process for the state convention in Sandpoint. In fact, they hired a process server to notify the proper CC officials about it — prez Brad Corkill and secretary Tina Jacobson. And there’s the catch. Seems Kerri Thoreson is now the secretary. So party regulars quietly are saying that the CC hasn’t been notified properly. Therefore, they’re going to ignore the Paulie request, which otherwise was done properly. Meanwhile, the Pachyderm Club has invited Washington Paulie poohbah John Green to speak at its breakfast meeting Friday morning. Stay tuned.

Idaho Blogs: AdaCo R’s Buck Party Regulars

Ada County conservatives took a major step last night in returning the county and state Republican Party to its conservative roots. A packed house of Ada County Committeemen defeated efforts by the party establishment to get them to rubber-stamp an entire slate of pre-approved delegates to the state convention, and voted instead to take the delegate selection process out of the hands of party elites and put it in the hands of the individual districts in Ada County. Rep. Raul Labrador (R-Eagle) proposed this significant change in the delegate selection process/Bryan Fischer, Idaho Values Alliance. More here. And: Idaho Statesman story here

Idaho Blog roundup:
*Say no to religious censorship/Sisyphus, 43rd State Blues
*IdaBlue’s IACI story gets bigger/Unequivocal Notion
*Last postmortem on the campaign/Clayton Cramer
*Not all that excited/Political Game
*Obama keeps Dean, takes control of DNC/Red State Rebels

Question: Should Kootenai County R’s insist that the Central Committee reconvene to select its delegates the way that Ada County did?

Online Poll: Summer Jobs — For Teens

American teens looking for summer jobs to earn some spending money, cash for college and work experience face a job market with fewer opportunities than in years past. What was/is your summer job?/Idaho Statesman.

*Fast food
*Yard work

Burley Set To Ban Pit Bulls

Item: Burley City Council considers ban on pit bulls/Twin Falls Times-News

More Info: The Burley City Council on Tuesday authorized a draft of an ordinance that would ban pit bull dogs within city limits. If the ordinance is adopted, it will likely mirror a similar ordinance enacted in 1989 by the city of Denver. That ordinance has come under fire from dog owners and animal lovers, but has survived legal challenges.

Question: Should pit bulls be banned in your town?

Rathdrum Star Reports Crapo Departure

“(City Clerk Janet) Crapo held back from explaining her sudden departure. Mayor Don Werst expressed disappointment in losing a key employee. ‘She put in many hours for the city for which she did not ask to be paid. She was getting things organized,’ he added, ‘we’ll really miss her’ — Rathdrum Star, April 16.

Ex-Hauser Clerk Alleges Sexual Harassment

A former Hauser city employee accuses a city councilwoman of offering her a city job, then retaliating against her when she declined sexual advances, according to a complaint filed with the Idaho Human Rights Commission. In the complaint, often the first step in a discrimination suit, former City Clerk Janet Crapo outlines alleged sexual harassment by Carmen Miller, one of four City Council members in the 670-person lakeside town. The allegations include home phone calls, questions about sexual orientation and other salacious comments/Meghann M. Cuniff, SR. More here.

Full complaint here

Hump Day Wild Card — 6/4/08

Well, those who picked Obama versus McCain way back in the beginning were right. But you’d better have a sealed envelope somewhere to prove that you did. Wasn’t the conventional wisdom with Hillary Clinton in the beginning — and mebbe Mitt Romney or someone else other than McCain. Obama’s cult following worries me. As does McCain’s age and willingness to go with the flow. Then, when is the last time that I — or you — enthusiastically voted for a prez wannabe. With that thought, I’ll play the Wild Card …

Extra! Clinton To Leave Prez Race Friday

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton will leave the presidential race and endorse Senator Barack Obama on Friday, according to news reports. Story here.

APhoto Of The Day w/Top Cutlines — 6/4/08

J.J. Guillen/EFE, AP
Former Mayor of Madrid Alvarez del Manzano, first row, second left, shows his emotions as a bull jumps over the barrier during a San Isidro bullfight in Madrid Tuesday. You write the cutline.

From Pecky Cox/As The Lake Churns: Pajarito: The Flying Bull

Top Cutlines

1. Former Madrid Mayor caught in lap dance scandal! “It’s all bull!” he exclaims — Kevin Taylor.
2. “Yes, I know I said that I wanted my hamburger to go. Couldn’t you at least cook it first though?” — Shannon.
3. Man with orange tie: “Oh Sheet!” Man with blue tie: “Already did!” — Cabbage Boy.


A Glass Half Full

SR File Photo

Though the clouds and chill
may be a slight bummer,
those four days in May
were a lovely summer.

The Bard of Sherman Avenue

TUBOB: Obama, Hillary Not Meant Together

Hillary refuses to concede and now holds Obama hostage for the VP! She plays hardball and refuses to hit the kill switch on the once powerful but now clanking Clinton Political Machine. She is kicking Obama’s skinny long shins under the Democratic dinner table with her vicious toes while hiding the salt from him and eating with her mouth open. Don’t pick her! Pick her! She loves me, she loves me not, she loves me, she loves me not/TUBOB. More here.

IStatesman Poll: Hillary For Veep?
Yes: 311 (28%)
No: 720 (65%
No opinion: 75 (7%)

Question: Do you consider Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to be a Demo dream team?

Newsweek: Why Craig Hates Certain Airport

Newsweek: “Long-time index fave Sen. Larry Craig is now peddling a tell-all memoire in which he’ll discuss the U.S. Senate, the state of politics in America and, oh yeah, what really happened in those stalls. Score: 46 (on scale of 1 to 100, truly undignified)”

Hat Tip: Cis

Sunday Debate: Corkill Vs. George

The North Idaho Unitarian Universalist Church will feature an appearance of the two county chairs of each party at a discussion group open to the public on and will begin at 10:30 a.m. Sunday in the Harding Family Center gym on 15th and Wallace in Coeur d’Alene. The title of the program is “Who will Win? Who Should Win?” Representing the Democratic party will be the newly elected Chair, Thom George. The Republican Chair, Brad Corkill, is beginning his third term.

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 6/4/08

AP File Photo
In this 2006 photo, Minidoka Internment National Monument superintendent Neil King is shown surveying the remnants of a warehouse at the monument, at Hunt, Idaho. The Friends of Minidoka nonprofit group is pushing to bring a comprehensive history of the World War II internment camp into Idaho public schools. An estimated 10,000 Japanese Americans were detained at the site.

1. Tre Arrow, a radical environmentalist who was once one of the FBI’s most-wanted fugitives, pleaded guilty Tuesday to two counts of arson — and agreed to serve 78 months in federal prison here/Oregonian.

2. A teacher in the Oakridge School District has been placed on paid administrative leave after allegedly taping a student to a chair because he wouldn’t sit down here/Associated Press.

3. For months, a Boston-area woman thought she was dating a Sonics front-office employee and former NBA player named Jeff Turner, a handsome, 6-foot-8 40-something who was polite, compassionate and respectful. She thought wrong here/Seattle PI.

4. Blogs: The “Me” generation/Dogwalk Musings; The poohbahs strike back/Randy Stapilus; Craig Chronicles: A view from Washington Post/Kevin Richert; Idaho for Obama leader celebrates big night/Jill Kuraitis; and

5. IMHO: Baseball, birds and a single-horse hitch/Ralph Bartholdt, St. Maries Gazette-Record; Operating within a bubble/David Horsey, Seattle PI; Everything is the weatherman’s fault/Steve Crump, Twin Falls Times-News; and Weighing risk/Robert Herold, Inlander.

6. News Roundup: Idaho teacher finds loaded gun clip at school/IStatesman; Idaho Obama delegates lobby to make convention/IStatesman; Yellowstone remains ID’d as woman missing since 2005/KTVB; Airlines to cut hundreds of flights/KTVB; and Montana chooses Obama/Missoulian.

Missing Kayaker’s Body Found In Lake

The body of a 19-year-old missing kayaker has been found in Lake Pend Oreille after he went missing last week. Rene F. Behrens-Spraggins was found in 17 feet of water about 450 yards off shore, said Bonner County Sheriff’s Lt. Gary Johnston. The body was recovered about 7 p.m. Tuesday. Behrens-Spraggins went missing on May 28, officials said.

Is Obama Unstoppable?

Chris Carlson/AP Photo
Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Barack Obama D-Ill., gets a thumbs up from his wife Michelle in St. Paul, Minn., Tuesday.

AP: World welcomes Obama win?/Associated Press
George Lucas: The force is with Obama/
Condi: Obama win “extraordinary” development for country/Political Intelligence

Question: Is Obama unstoppable?

Court Gives Wal*Mart OK In Pullman

Item: Court gives Wal-Mart the go-ahead: Development alliance fails in its latest efforts to stop super center from coming to Pullman/David Johnson, Lewiston Tribune

More Info: Barring another legal challenge or some other unforeseen hurdle, the path appears clear again for the world’s largest retailer to move toward construction of a retail super center in Pullman.

Question: Do you support of oppose the construction of superstores by Wal*Mart?


Serephin/43rd State Blues

“In the e-mail swap, Rosebrock sends Poelstra a rough draft of the release and comments that he tries “to limit the release to a single page and then the press vultures can call you up to get more info, more quotes, etc” — Quote from “E-mail Snafu”/HBO.

Source: Waddaya mean there’s no UNSEND button?/Serephin, 43rd State Blues

DFO: Serephin; you nailed the eyes. Thanks for the coffee spitter.

KerriT: Fond Goodbye To Native Son

If ever a man deserved the title Native Son, it’s Roger Hudson. His passing on Friday leaves a large void in the Coeur d’Alene community. Roger was born in Coeur d’Alene, graduated from Coeur d’Alene High School and North Idaho Junior College. He worked the family business as the third generation and brought in his sons, Steve and Todd, as the fourth generation. Fifth generations of Hudsons can be seen carrying the Hudson’s Hamburger torch 101 years after the business started. While we’ll all miss Roger’s presence, no one will miss him quite as much as his wife, Barbara, and his sons, already are/Kerri Thoreson, Coeur d’Alene Press. More here.

Roger Hudson obituary

Flashback: Fish Inn

Thanks for the picture of the Fish Inn….that is actually the highway running in front of it - US-10. I lived out there (Alder Creek, near Wolf Lodge) in High School, and I have been trying to tell my kids what the Fish looked like - it’s hard to envision when you have no idea…this was before the freeway was put in…and now it is overgrown with many large trees, a beautiful piece of land, but floods in the spring. I used to eat at Frontier Pies, too!! TFS!/JeanneH

Christie: Another Side To Mary’s Story

RE: Sgt. Christie, Souza do lunch
Mary’s paraphrase does not surprise me. Maybe someday when I get time, I will do my own “paraphrase”. What I told Mary is no different than what I stated in our open public Board meeting last week prior to making the motion on foregone taxes. I stated very clearly my position on acquisition of the property and that we needed to move forward now with foregone in order to purchase it. She did not stick around for that portion of the meeting/Sgt. Christie Wood. More here.

Heller: Unequally Yoked

Joe Heller/Hellertoons

Parting Shot: Alton Kelley, 67, Artist, RIP

A poster created by Alton Kelley (left in photo at right) and Stanley “Mouse” Miller (right) is seen in this undated photo provided by Evolutionary Media Group. Kelley, who created the psychedelic style of posters and other art associated with the 1960s San Francisco rock scene, has died. He was 67. Kelley died Sunday of complications from osteoporosis in his Petaluma, Calif., home, according to his publicist, Jennifer Gross.

Local Blogs — JBelle’s Fave Summer Things

Remember The Roxy/OrangeTV
In his Remember The Roxy blog, OrangeTV spotlights The Pines in the 1960s.

In a recent post, JBelle/Notes from the ‘Kan EWA lists 10 of her favorite summer things, including a top three of: 1. Coeur d’Alene, 2. Biking, and 3. Oakleys. You can read the entire list here. Now, you can answer the question at the bottom of this post.

HBO Numbers (for Monday, June 2): 9584 page-views/5761 unique views

*An extra 17 cents to hand stamp?/Granati
*Lilac City memories/Silver Valley Stories
*Horse show, et al/Slight Detour
*Thyme off and Fillmore remembrances/Synaptic Disunion
*The graduate/Mrs. Mac Energetic

Question: What would you add to JBelle’s list of favorite summer things?

APhoto Of The Day w/Top Cutlines — 6/3/08

Jeff Horner/Walla Walla Union-Bulletin
Bobby Benfield, in gorilla costume, glances back at his friend Joel Galen, dressed as a chicken, while they cross the street in downtown Walla Walla Saturday. You write the cutline.

Top Cutlines:

1. Chicken Little whines and tries to pullet the map from his feathers, sniveling, “why, why, why, do we have to cross the road here.? Bobby the Gorilla taunts the poor chicken in his usual brutish bullying way, “You always, ALWAYS, fowl up by not reading the map! We are crossing the road to get to the other side, that’s why!” — JeanieSpokane.

2. Finally the answer to the eternal chicken and road question. He crossed because the gorilla was his friend — Cabbage Boy.
3. Why did the gorilla cross the road?
To get away from the chicken, of course — CindyH.

HM: A Token D

AndrewZ’s SR Today In Pictures — 6/3/08

J.J. Guillen/Associated Press
Former Mayor of Madrid Alvarez del Manzano, first row, second left, reacts as a bull jumps over the barrier during a San Isidro bullfight in Madrid. For the rest of Andrew Zahler’s SR Today In Pictures, click here.

Vanity Fair: Bill Still Stepping Out On Hill?

Purdum writes: “But four former Clinton aides told me that, about 18 months ago, one of the president’s former assistants, who still advises him on political matters, had heard so many complaints about such reports from Clinton supporters around the country that he felt compelled to try to conduct what one of these aides called an ‘intervention,’ because, the aide believed, ‘Clinton was apparently seeing a lot of women on the road.’ The would-be intercessor was rebuffed by people around Clinton before ever getting an audience with the former president, and another aide told me that the effort was not well received by either Bill or Hillary Clinton and that some Hillarylanders, in particular, were in denial about the continuing political risks that Bill’s behavior might pose”/Elizabeth Snead, The Dish Rag. More here.

Photo: Gina Gershon

1 Motorcycle + 2 Vehicles = Tragedy

RE: Chilco crash claims Priest River motorcyclist
As I type this my hands are shaking and I’m literally sick to my stomach. What had been a great day has ended terribly. My husband, the kids and I went to the local Theme Park (Silverwood) with friends, had a fantastic day. Not only did my husband and I see it happen, but so did our 7 year old son. And of course, we are answering so many questions. I was the person who called 911, my body and my voice trembling the entire time. (luckily our 4 year old daughter didn’t see it happen, she was looking out her side window) My hubby is even shook up from seeing it as well and not much gets to him/Bridget, Gather. More here

Question: Have you witnessed a serious accident?

SR Blogs: Freezing Rhubarb

A caller this morning wanted to know: “Do I have to pack rhubarb in a sugar syrup to freeze it?” The answer is: No. Rhubarb can be cut and frozen without adding anything to it. It’s called a dry pack. I usually cut stalks into 1/2 to 3/4-inch chunks and toss them into a zip-top bag and put them into the freezer. (My neighbor Rusty always lets me have his crop.)/Lorie Hutson, Fresh Sheet. More here

SR Blog roundup:
*Wanted: 25-cent gas memories/Rebecca Nappi, A Matter of Opinion
*Sex&City opinions betrays gender bias/Dan Webster, Movies & More
*News capsules & Bugs baseball/Thuy Nguyen, Daily Briefing
*The gas stories/Steve Smith, News Is A Conversation
*Tuesday’s Quickie Political Briefing/Jim Camden, Spin Control 2.0

Question (from Fresh Sheet): What’s your best way to eat rhubarb?

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 7/3/08

Bob Brawdy/Tri-City Herald
Juan Gomez, husband of slaying victim Araceli Camacho Gomez, looks around Benton County Superior Court on Wednesday morning before the start of a hearing for Phiengchai Sisouvanh Synhavong. The 23-year-old Kennewick woman is being held without bail on suspicion of aggravated first-degree murder. She is expected to enter a plea to the charge next week. Story here.

Flying High: Like many Americans, Kent Couch plans to settle into a lawn chair during the Fourth of July weekend. Unlike everyone else, his feet will dangle high above the lawn. Couch is set to launch himself skyward on Saturday aboard his lawn chair, which will be attached to 150 giant latex party balloons filled with helium. His goal: to fly more than 300 miles from his gas station in central Oregon to somewhere in Idaho, preferably Boise/KTVB. More here.

*Protesters target Lewiston Burger King/Lewiston Tribune
*Montana superintendent candidate stops selling illegal raffle tickets/Helena Independent Record
*Horseshoe Bend woman says mountain lion killed her miniature donkey/KCBI
*Yellowstone visitor numbers hit record in June/IStatesman
*Close encounter with snake leaves man with self-inflicted wounds/Lewiston Tribune
*Montana girl claims to be Lindsay Lohan’s half sister/Helena Independent Record
*Spokane asked to join suit by girl who claims fireman raped her/SR
*Montana senator tries to keep ‘last best place’ from being trademarked/Whitefish Pilot
*Idaho senator wants investigation of Tax Commission/SR

Orbusmax Special: Naked Ashland woman not joining 4th of July Parade here.

HBO @ Noon — What Kind Of Dog Are You?

What dog breed are you? I'm a German Shepherd! Find out at

DFO: German shepherd

Hat Tip: TUBOB

RTRoxy: Frontier Pies

Remember The Roxy/OrangeTV

From OrangeTV’s nostalgic Remember The Roxy blog comes this ad from the 1980s of the old Frontier Pies restaurant, where Doma just closed shop (at 5th & Sherman).