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Parting Shot: A Green Christmas?

Kerri Thoreson snapped this photo and writes: The 22nd day of December and the Coeur d'Alene Resort Golf Course floating green is still green. Sigh.

Are you okay with a Green Christmas?

Monday Wild Card 12-22-14

Good grief! DFO goes on vacation and leaves me this note: For 2nd time, you might be in blog seat when hux passes record. I'll be about 16,000 page-views shy of 2.6M The record is 2,605,000. If you get huckleberries to record, I may have to say something nice about my grandcats.

Nothing like a little pressure. Let's see, to get the turnstiles spinning around this joint we need a Sarah Palin sighting, or a transgender restroom issue, or a CdA park remodel. Maybe a recall. Anyone know if anything like that is likely to happen in the next 2 weeks?

If not, just check in here early and often. Tell your friends. Tell your friend's friends. I really want Dave to post a picture of him cuddling his grandcats, don't you?

Dumb Criminals: She threw a brick

Police arrested a Spokane woman for assault after she allegedly threw a brick through the driver’s side window of an unmarked police car Friday.

According to court documents, Officers Ryan Jamieson and Erick Specht were conducting plainclothes surveillance in West Central Spokane at Boone Avenue and Lindeke Street when Christina A. Germany, 34, approached their car and threw a brick through the window from about three feet away.

Jamieson, who was in the driver’s seat, had several cuts on his hand from the broken glass.

Germany told officers she intended to hurt whoever was in the vehicle because she thought they were going to hurt her family, and said she did not know the men were police officers.

Officers found methamphetamine on Germany when they searched her.

She has been charged with two counts of assault, malicious mischief and possession of a controlled substance

Cowabunga busted

KPVI photo

POCATELLO, Idaho - Pocatello police say two cows that escaped from a meat-processing business have been captured.

The Idaho State Journal reports that officers were told by Anderson Custom Pack that employees found the missing cows and brought them back to the business Saturday.

A total of five cows fled from Anderson Custom Pack in two recent incidents.

One of the cows was recaptured on Dec. 15 and two were fatally shot_one by Pocatello police and the other by one of Anderson's owners.

Police said the cows recaptured Saturday were not injured.

Anderson Custom Pack has said the cow that fled the business Dec. 12 escaped on its own while the other four cows were intentionally released by a trespasser.

Which reminds me— Prime Rib, Ham or other for Christmas dinner?

North Korea experiencing severe Internet outages

WASHINGTON (AP) — North Korea experienced sweeping and progressively worse Internet outages extending into Monday, with one computer expert saying the country’s online access is “totally down.” The White House and the State Department declined to say whether the U.S. government was responsible.

President Barack Obama said Friday the U.S. government expected to respond to the hacking of Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc., which he described as an expensive act of “cyber vandalism” that he blamed on North Korea. Obama did not say how the U.S. might respond, and it was not immediately clear if the Internet connectivity problems represented the retribution. The U.S. government regards its offensive cyber operations as highly classified. More here.

Do you think the U.S. is responsible? What's the longest you've gone without inernet access?

War Bonds: Together again for Christmas

Without a doubt, the hardest part of writing a book like War Bonds: Love Stories From the Greatest Generation is saying goodbye to so many of these dear people.

So, sad to learn this War Bonds bride passed away earlier this month.
Laura and Walter Stewart’s story is featured in Chapter 13 of War Bonds, “A Seat Next to You.”
This picture was taken Christmas 1943. Walter was in the Navy and stationed in Hawaii.
Walter passed away last year and Laura hated to spend Christmas without him. I’m glad she won’t have to this year.
“I knew in my heart that the love we had for one another was something you don’t find in many marriages.” Laura Stewart

Have you ever spent a Christmas apart from your sweetheart?

Loyal Hucks reader threatened with outing

Spudbob reports:

I gave my cat an ultimatum that if he kept bringing rodents into the house I would “rat him out” on Huckleberries and reveal his screen name, I said that there would be no more Joking around for him unless he changed his ways.


Any guesses as to what moniker this furry fellow posts under?

‘Constitutionalists’ protest at Spokane Valley Police Precinct

Michael Poulin, left, and Jeffrey Brandt, right, hold signs along Sprague Avenue during a protest Saturday by self-labeled constitutionalists in the parking lot of the Spokane Valley Police Precinct. Jesse Tinsley, SR photo 

A protest spurred by a Spokane County sheriff’s deputy’s statement that angered self-described constitutionalists drew more than 300 people to the Spokane Valley Police Precinct parking lot Saturday afternoon.

Many of those in attendance carried rifles, handguns or both. A series of speakers criticized Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich and called on him to give back the mine-resistant ambush protected vehicle (MRAP) that the department received for no cost as military surplus.

A video of a deputy responding to a question about the MRAP went viral after it was posted on the Info Wars website, which is run by radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. The video shows a citizen asking why the MRAP is needed. The deputy’s response: “We’ve got a lot of constitutionalists and a lot of people that stockpile weapons, a lot of ammunition.” Full story. Nina Culver, SR

Do you understand what a “constitutionalist” is and what they believe?

H1 Unlimited sues Diamond Cup

Hydroplanes race on the straightaway during last year's Diamond Cup on Lake Coeur d'Alene.

COEUR d'ALENE - Diamond Cup LLC and its chief representatives Doug Miller and Keith Kroetch have been sued by hydroplane race-sanctioning body H1 Unlimited.

According to the lawsuit, Miller and Kroetch signed personal guarantees in March agreeing to pay H1 Unlimited a total of $65,850 in monthly installments, but then failed to make all of the payments.

The guarantees required Diamond Cup to cough up $7,000 per month through this month, and then finish with a payment of $2,850 on Jan. 1.

But by July, H1 Unlimited had already sent a letter to Diamond Cup saying Miller and Kroetch failed to make payments for May, June and July.

The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday in 1st District Court by Coeur d'Alene attorney Michael Hague on behalf of H1. Read more. David Cole, CdA Press



Stocking question

Arpie would like Hucksters to address this important holiday query: “This is a big one in my family- Do things put in stockings need to be wrapped?”

What say you? Stocking stuffers: Wrapped or unwrapped.

RIP Joe Cocker

LONDON — British singer Joe Cocker is dead at age 70.

His London-based agent, Barrie Marshall, said Cocker died early Monday of lung cancer in Colorado, where he has lived for the past two decades.

Cocker was known for a memorable Woodstock performance and cover of the Beatles’ “With a Little Help From My Friends.”

The ballad “You Are So Beautiful,” with Cocker’s voice cracking on the final emotional note, was a Top Ten hit in 1975. He reached the top of the charts in the 1980s with the duet “Up Where We Belong,” with Jennifer Warnes, that appeared in the movie “An Officer and a Gentlemen.”  Read more.

Favorite Joe Cocker song?

SR Letter: Hats Off

John Tuft of Spokane writes: When I go to a restaurant for dinner or any other meal, looking around I find that there are more and more men wearing hats. I guess that most of them wish they were women, so they wear their hats.

A gentleman usually will remove his hat before his meal is served, and will keep it off until he leaves the facilities. I was taught this as a young boy and never forgot that a gentleman removes his hat before he sits down to have a meal at a restaurant, or even at home.

I guess that most of them have never been taught to remove their hat before a meal is served in a public place. Please be a gentleman and remove your hat before ordering a meal at a restaurant.

My husband wears a ball cap frequently, but I can't remember a time when he didn't remove it at  a restaurant. Do you think most men understand hat etiquette?

He is a doctor and he plays one on TV but…

What do real-world doctors have to say about the advice dispensed on “The Dr. Oz Show”? Less than one-third of it can be backed up by even modest medical evidence.

If that sounds alarming, consider this: Nearly 4 in 10 of the assertions made on the show appear to be made on the basis of no evidence at all.

The researchers who fact-checked Dr. Mehmet Oz and his on-air guests were able to find legitimate studies related to 11 percent of the recommendations made on the show. Full story here.

How much attention do you pay to TV docs like Dr. Oz or those featured on The Doctors?

Court orders Idaho to pay more than $400K in attorney fees, costs

The state of Idaho must pay more than $400,000 in attorney fees and costs to the lawyers who represented the four lesbian couples who successfully sued to overturn the state’s ban on same-sex marriage, a federal court has ruled. “There is no dispute that Plaintiffs are the prevailing parties and are therefore entitled to an award of reasonable attorney fees and litigation expenses,” wrote U.S. Magistrate Judge Candy Dale, in an order issued late Friday. More here. Betsy Russell, EOB


Domination in the desert

Marshawn Lynch rushed for 113 yards and two touchdowns, including a memorable 79-yarder. 

GLENDALE, Ariz. – Seattle’s defense was stifling as usual and its offense had a record-breaking eruption against a defense that’s supposed to be one of the NFL’s best.

The Seahawks sure looked a lot like the Super Bowl champs of last season in their 35-6 victory over the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday night.

“I think it feels better than last year,” Seattle defensive end Michael Bennett said.

Russell Wilson threw for two touchdowns and ran for another and the Seahawks amassed a franchise-record 596 yards to close in on another NFC West title and the No. 1 seed in the conference.

Now, that was some fun football! I got hysterically excited when Marshawn Lynch followed me on Twitter. Then my teenage son informed me that his Twitter handle is actually Money Lynch. Sigh.

So, how likely do you think it is for the Hawks to make it to the Super Bowl again this year?

Idaho Secretary of State Ysursa to retire after 40-year career

BOISE - After 40 years in state government, Ben Ysursa has some strong opinions about how things ought to work in Idaho – and how, on occasion, they have.

For example, when both of the state’s political parties came together, working side by side, they successfully passed a ballot measure to create the College of Western Idaho, now the state’s fastest-growing community college.

“It was just gratifying to see it,” Ysursa said. “We need to get a cause like that again, that we can all agree on and go forward with. … It was a good joint effort to see how things can work when politics is out of it, so to speak.” More. Betsy Russell, SR


Family looks for “angels” from Saturday’s crash

COEUR d'ALENE - When Ronda Lyons heard that her dad rolled his Subaru Outback into Lake Coeur d'Alene on Saturday afternoon, she rushed from her Seattle home to Coeur d'Alene.

“It's awful timing,” she said Sunday afternoon. “It's always around Christmas that something goes sideways.”

Her dad, Dan Lyons, 66, of Coeur d'Alene, was unconscious when he was rescued from the submerged vehicle. Two witnesses saw the crash and jumped into the water to pull him out. He was transported to Kootenai Health by medical and fire responders and his condition was listed as critical.

But who are these two heroes who saved his life?

“We feel like there was a Christmas angel looking out for us,” Ronda said. “Two of them, apparently.” Full story. Devin Heilman, CdA Press

Feel free to share this story via social media so the family can thank those selfless heroes. Have you ever been a recipient of of roadside help from strangers?

Turnipseed: A Republican by any other name

On the Weekend Wild Card Turnipseed writes:

Years ago many southerners were called “Yellow Dog Democrats” because they would vote for a yellow dog before they would vote for a republican - I guess the opposite prevails today. Anyway, here in Kootenai County “we” elect republicans despite their qualifications and the quality of their opponents. What name should we use for these republicans? Be nice.



Yes, Kootenai County, there is a Millie Hayes

Pardon me while I interrupt the next round of letters to the editor firing back at Millie “don't ever call me Mildred” Hayes.

Not since Arfee, the dog that was shot and killed last summer in Coeur d'Alene by police, has the opinion pages of The Press and lit up with the same subject.

Millie, a single 79-year-old Post Falls resident, set off a series of explosions with her Nov. 16 letter stating that she likes “practically nothing” about Post Falls.

The wind, snow, right to work and a lack of department stores and medical specialists close by are among just a few of the reasons why she misses her beloved California.

The first returned fire from letter writers was shock and outrage. Kootenai County residents defend their home turf like they defend their freedoms. More here. Brian Walker, CdA Press

Are you “shocked and outraged” when residents criticize our area?

Hayden home aglow for the holidays

Jeremy Morris, his wife, Kristy, and their daughter, Savannah Claire, 3, are seen in front of their home in Hayden on Thursday. The couple enlisted the help of volunteers to direct traffic around their festively lit home. Kathy Plonka, SR, photo.

One guy’s dream of decorating his house and serving free hot chocolate has turned into an extravaganza of blazing lights, caroling choirs, a carrot-eating camel and visits by Santa in a Hayden subdivision.

Each evening, Jeremy Morris and his wife, Kristy, have invited the public to join them from 6 to 8 p.m. in their front yard for a dose of holiday cheer. Publicity for the festivities, which run through Monday at 1473 W. Cardinal Ave., took off on Facebook. Within a few days, hundreds of people had liked the page.

“We knew we were onto something big,” Jeremy Morris said.

Do you enjoy looking at holiday light displays? Do you light up your home for the holidays?

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