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Hump Day Wild Card — 10.1.14 Edit

Gov. Butch Otter & friends will be invading Coeur d'Alene in two days for a debate at the library community center room. I'm sure Jimmy Mac & Co. have everything under control as we move toward another gubernatorial election. The voters should begin awakening from their slumber to start paying attention. Or mebbe they'll simply vote straight ticket rather than think for themselves. Who knows? A number of favored candidates on the state, legislative and courthouse ballots are scary. But the shire will endure. Now for today's Wild Card …

He’s On His Way Edit

The sun is sliding southward,
the autumnal line's been crossed,
you better find your long johns
cause we'll soon see Old Jack Frost.

The Bard of Sherman Avenue

AM Scanner Traffic — 10.1.14

  • 11:14 a.m. 3 vehicles passed together unsafely @ n/b H41/Hayden, including black pickup & Chevy Nova.
  • 11:12 a.m. Dog running loose @ 3600 block of Adidas Lane/Post Falls.
  • 11:05 a.m. KCSO property crimes report for Sept 26-30 here.
  • 10:25 a.m. Caller from 20700 block of H97 reports someone is missing (no more information).
  • 10:08 a.m. Randall wants to speak to KCSDeputy re: property line dispute.
  • 10:04 a.m. Someone has fallen @ 1500 block of Stratford Drive/Hayden & can't get up.
  • 10:03 a.m. Someone is having trouble breathing @ Hayden Lake Dialysis, 7600 Mineral/Hayden.
  • 9:28 a.m. Friend is concerned re: medical condition of Post Falls male driving green Ford pickup w/brown trim.
  • 9:26 a.m. PFPD officers are looking for green Honda Accord, stolen in Post Falls about 9 PM Tuesday.
  • 9:25 a.m. KCSDeputies are looking for blue 2004 Jeep Liberty, stolen from Blanchard about 7 AM today.
  • 8:35 a.m. Officer has gone thru intersection of Atlas/Prairie twice w/o smelling natural gas.
  • 8:21 a.m. Caller reports male camped in sleeping bags on east side of Rathdrum RR tracks.
  • 8:19 a.m. Caller reports strong odor of natural gas coming from intersection of Atlas/Prairie, Hayden.

Poll: Regulate Food Trucks

  • Tuesday Poll: Hucks Nation sez the city of Coeur d'Alene should regulate the growing food truck industry in town, at least a little more. 55 of 152 respondents (36.18%) said the city should tighten rules for food trucks. 42 of 152 respondents (27.63%) said the city should tighten regulations “a little.” 43 of 152 respondents (28.29%) said the rules should stay as they are. 12 (7.89%) were undecided.
  • Today's Poll: Who's responsible for the culture of violence against women & children in the NFL?

Who’s To Blame For NFL Bad Boys?

Texas coach Charlie Strong met with embattled NFL commissioner Roger Goodell last Sunday and the two concluded that college coaches need to do more to prepare their players. Goodell has faced heightened scrutiny in the wake of a number of recent domestic violence scandals, most notably that involving Ray Rice and accusations that the NFL did not adequately investigate the incident or punish the player involved. Strong said that colleges were sending players of questionable character to the NFL. On Tuesday the head coaches at Washington’s two FBS programs offered dissenting opinions/Jacob Thorpe, SR. (SR photo: Mike Leach says any player who hits a female would be dismissed immediately at WSU)

Question: Who's to blame for the bad behavior of professional football players — the NFL or the colleges that nurtured them?

Portland Cops Chase Doughnut Truck Edit

Police chasing after doughnuts — am I stuck in one of Uncle Larry’s jokes? No, not this time: Someone stole a van full of doughnuts and led police on a merry chase for it through Portland, OR, before cops were able to apprehend the suspect and make him drop a pilfered pastry he was apparently munching on during the pursuit. No doughnut left behind. According to FOX 12 Oregon, a delivery driver from a local doughnut store had stopped his van at one point to make a delivery, leaving it unlocked with the keys inside. With such tantalizing treats sitting there for the taking, the van was stolen at some point. Police caught up with the vehicle, turning on the flashing lights to pull it over, but the driver instead sped off with officials chasing after/Consumerist. More here. (AP file photo for illustrative purposes: Bacon maple bars from Voodoo Doughnut in Portland are shown)

Question: Why do we have the impression that cops eat a lot of doughnuts?

Washington Drafts River Flow Rules

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent to improve the Spokane River’s water quality. Now state regulators say it’s time to ensure that the urban waterway has enough flow to support healthy fish populations and recreational uses. To help achieve that goal, the state Department of Ecology has drafted rules for how much water should flow in the river. They would apply to Spokane County and part of Stevens County. “It’s kind of like a water right for the public,” said Guy Gregory, a hydrogeologist for the Ecology Department. “It protects the surface water uses the public has an interest in.” Public comment will be accepted on the proposal through Nov. 7, with a decision expected by January. But critics already say the agency’s proposal isn’t adequate/Becky Kramer, SR. More here. (SR photo by Tyler Tjomsland: Gregory Arut fishes on a tranquil portion of the Spokane River on Tuesday south of Nine Mile Falls)

Question: Are you concerned that Washington is drafting flow rules for the Spokane River?

AM Headlines — 10.1.14

In this March 29, 2012, AP file photo, Floyd “Creeky” Creekmore puts on his makeup before a performance in Billings, Mont. Creekmore, the world's oldest clown, died Saturday night of complications from heart disease at his home in Billings, Mont. He was 98. Story here. (AP file photo: Matthew Brown)

Cutline Contest — 10.1.14

Facts: A pair of tandem surfers catch a wave at the Surf City Dog Surf competition Sunday in Huntington Beach, Calif. You write the cutline. (AP Photo/The Orange County Register: Ana Venegas)

Tuesday Winner — Charlie, with 7 likes: “Pull my finger, you'll get a bang out of it.” You can see Tuesday photo and all Cutline Contest entries here.

Denney, Moyle Target Majority Chair

Top House Republicans Lawerence Denney and Mike Moyle are trying to oust their own Majority Caucus Chairman Ken Roberts from the Legislature by directing thousands to a political action committee that supports Roberts' opponent in Tuesday's primary. GUNPAC, a pro-2nd Amendment PAC, endorsed Roberts' District 8 foe, John Blattler. Denney, the House speaker, gave GUNPAC $10,000 via a House GOP leadership political action committee he controls. Moyle, the majority leader, chipped in another $5,000. Moyle said Tuesday that Roberts opposes him in leadership, so he's trying to get him ousted/Betsy Russell, Eye on Boise. More here.

Question: And you really want Lawerence Denney to be your next secretary of state?

Breaking Down Wallethub Ed Numbers

According to a personal finance website, Idaho is the 12th best state in the nation to be a teacher. Let’s take a closer look at the survey, and the results. First off, what is Based in Washington, D.C., touts itself as “the Web’s best personal finance resource.” Wallethub calls itself “a one-stop destination for all the tools and information consumers and small business owners need to make better financial decisions and save money.” What about the No. 12 ranking? It’s a mixed bag, because the site ranks the states on two broad categories. What’s the good news? The site ranks Idaho No. 3 for what it calls “opportunity and competition.” … What’s the bad news? Idaho ranked No. 38 for its “academic and work environment/Kevin Richert, IdahoED NEWS. More here.

Question: Now do you know why ranks Idaho as the 12th best state to be a teacher?

GOP Guvs Attack ‘Politician’ Balukoff

The Republican Governors Association has launched an attack ad against A.J. Balukoff, Democratic candidate for governor of Idaho, calling him “a typical politician” who wants to raise taxes and “a perfect fit for California, wrong for Idaho.” Balukoff, a longtime Idahoan and Boise businessman, has served 17 years as an unpaid elected member of the Boise School Board, but other than that has never held political office. He’s running against GOP Gov. Butch Otter, who has held public office since the ‘70s and is one of Idaho’s longest-serving politicians. Otter has served eight years as governor, six as a congressman, 14 as lieutenant governor and four years in the Legislature in the 1970s/Betsy Russell, Eye on Boise. More here.

Question: Um, which side has the “typical politician”?

When Breast Cancer Hits Home Edit

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who do not have breast cancer and those who do. A subcategory exists for those who do: The people who don't know it yet. For the first week of October 2013, and likely months or even years before that, my wife, Tana, was in that subcategory. Whatever circumstances bring on a tumor, they were at work in her body, and we did not have a clue. She did regular self-exams but wasn't a big fan of medical visits and tests. Even though her sister is a breast cancer survivor and her aunt died following a bout with a variety of illnesses, including breast cancer, Tana and lots of others dread going to the doctor. Octobers and Breast Cancer Awareness Months rolled by like the train of time, never stopping to invite her aboard. Who wants a ticket for that trip?/Opinion Editor Robert Ehlert, Idaho Statesman. More here.

Question (for the Women of HucksOnline): Do you undergo regular screenings for breast cancer?

Read more here:

Handicap Parking In Short Supply

Jim Ackerman didn't make the trip to downtown Coeur d'Alene very often last summer. The lack of parking spots close to Sherman Avenue businesses was enough to keep the 68-year-old Ackerman - who is recovering from hip surgery — away. Before the summer months, Ackerman said, there were multiple options for parking for those with disabilities both on Sherman Avenue and its intersecting streets. However, according to interim City Administrator Troy Tymesen, renovations to downtown streets triggered compliance issues with updated Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines that forced the city to remove the spots. “I understand why they might have that kind of policy in other cities, but we're talking about the small town of Coeur d'Alene,” Ackerman said. “Unfortunately there's quite a few people my age that need the handicapped parking close to the stores or businesses they are trying to get to”/Jeff Selle, Coeur d'Alene Press. More here. (Coeur d'Alene Press photo)


Ebola Arrives In USA

This undated file image made available by the CDC shows the Ebola Virus. U.S. health officials have warned for months that someone infected with Ebola could unknowingly carry the virus to this country, and on Tuesday came word that it had happened: A traveler in a Dallas hospital became the first patient diagnosed in the U.S. (AP Photo/CDC, File)

Question: Are you concerned that an Ebola outbreak could take place in this country?

Bujak: Shades Of Jesse Venture?

John Bujak, the Libertarian Party candidate for governor, is making the effort to pull off the biggest political upset since Jesse “The Body” Ventura went from the wrestling ring to governor of Minnesota. But if he doesn't win, he'd be fine if Democrat A.J. Balukoff did. As Bujak sees it, four years of gridlock from a Democratic administration would be preferable to electing Gov. Butch Otter to a third term in office. “After so many years, being in government for so long and now running for a third term, he's simply out of touch,” Bujak said. “And he has turned a blind eye to the corruption going on in his administration.” Although Bujak prefers Balukoff over Otter, that's hardly an endorsement for the Democratic candidate. Bujak offers himself as a “conservative alternative” to Otter and a choice for disgruntled Republicans. He's also trying to appeal to independents that are fed up with the two major parties/Chuck Malloy, former Idaho Statesman opinion editor, Coeur d'Alene Press. More here.

Question (for Independents): Does Bujak interest you as a Libertarian candidate for governor?

Trib: USFS Botches Photography Rule

The U.S. Forest Service could not have done a better job blowing out the candles on the National Wilderness Act's 50th birthday cake if it had tried. Rather than focusing on this uniquely American endeavor — no other nation on Earth has preserved portions of the natural world untouched by civilization - it has decided to reinforce every possible negative wilderness stereotype:

  • Wilderness is elitist. It favors the trust fund baby who can afford to hire an outfitter to haul his fat butt across the Frank Church wilderness over working-class Idahoans who have to walk in.
  • Wilderness areas are treated as a private preserve by an unelected federal bureaucracy or judiciary.
  • There's something secretive about lands the public never sees or learns about.

Fueling those impressions is a Forest Service directive that - until it blew up last week - was on its way toward transforming the agency into the arbiter of news coverage in those areas. Anything that was not breaking news, an interim rule four years in the making said, was commercial photography or filmmaking in nature and therefore subject to permits/Marty Trillhaase, Lewiston Tribune. More here.

Question: Do you think this rule will ever go into effect?

Bigger Boat Edit

Joe Heller/Hellertoons

Wild Card/Tuesday — 9.30.14

I received my annual flu shot this morning. I always get them, sometimes later than earlier. I generally get through the winter without flu or even a bad cold, on flu shot years. Knock on wood. Am I the first in the Huckleberries Online crowd to get a flu shot this year? Do you get them, too? You can answer that question — or start your own thread with this Wild Card …

Parting Shot — 9.30.14

Sandy Morden holds her granddaughter, Camryn Thrushman, 2, as they blow a steam whistle together during the Whistles on the Water event at Palmer Park in St. Clair, Mich. (AP Photo/The Port Huron Times Herald, Jeffrey M. Smith)

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