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Wild Card/Monday — 7.28.14

I didn't catch the parade Saturday morning. But I did enjoy two nights of music and festival atmosphere at Hayden Days Friday and Saturday. Kelly Hughes & his western band drew a huge crowd Friday night. The Swing Street Big Band of Sandpoint attracted fewer on Saturday night. But put on a swell jazz presentation, featuring vocalist Maria Larson. I hadn't heard of Swings Street before, even though they've been performing locally for 17-18 years. They're worth the time to catch a performance. Now for today's Wild Card …

Parting Shot — 7.28.14

On his Facebook page, Robin Loznak of Kellogg, Ore., calls this viewtiful scenic: “Dog Days of Summer.” Can we all agree that we've reached the dog days of summer?

100 Degrees On The Way

Pretty hot!!! 99 degrees in NW Coeur d'Alene. Probably hit 100 tomorrow — Randy Mann, KREM2.

Question: How would you rate the weather this summer?

Top Comment: Frustrated In CdA

Kerri Thoreson (RE: Evening ends in parking ticket): To clarify, I wasn't angry, just frustrated. If, like with airport parking, you could receive a time stamped ticket when you enter the lot and then pay for however long you were actually parked, that would be well-received. I welcome you to read the many comments under that post to see that there appears to be many others frustrated not with paying for parking but with understanding what the process is now. I've also already written the check for the fine and will mail it today. I love downtown Coeur d'Alene, always have since growing up on 9th and Sherman. But a $20 fine on a citation written up after 10 p.m. at night in a mostly empty parking lot seems excessive. Had a nice chat with Mayor Widmyer yesterday after he'd read the post and comments. I'm thinking he was already on top of the issue.

Question: When did you last get a parking ticket in Coeur d'Alene?

OfCoffee:Joe’s Prophecy Comes True

OfCoffee (RE: Albertson purchase of Safeway OK'd): In a way, this is a prophesy come true. Joe Albertson started his company way back when he was fired from the company now known as Safeway. He was a middle-manager with my grandfather in Boise. Their company was purchased by what is now Safeway. Both men started their own grocery store chain. (My grandfather's was M&W in the Boise area. )Joe “allegedly” vowed to put an Albertsons across from every Safeway and put them out of business. It may not have worked like he foresaw, but it's funny how things come full circle.

Question: I worked my way through my senior year of high school and partly through college as a clerk in a grocery store. I enjoyed the experience greatly — the pace, the customers and the work. Have you ever worked in a grocery store?

Nesse Takes Stand On Minimum Wage

Anne Nesse, the Democratic opponent to state Sen. Kathy Sims, was on hand with a sign to demonstrate her support for raising the Idaho minimum wage from $7.25. She attended a Minimum Wage rally featuring U.S. Senate candidate Nels Mitchell and U.S. House candidate Shirley Ringo, both Demcrats, at Riverfront Park this afternoon. (Photo: Duane Rasmussen)

PM Scanner Traffic — 7.28.14

  • 5:26 p.m. Male van, wearing cowboy hate, may have watched kids @ Winton Park before leaving w/b on Linden/CdA.
  • 5:05 p.m. Coeur d'Alene Police Department activities report for July 27-28 here.
  • 4:46 p.m. 5-7, 140lbs male has fled on foot from therapy appointment  @ 2500 NW Blvd/CdA, on juvenile detention release; he's still wearing his detention center clothing.
  • 4:41 p.m. 56YO male is en route to Post Falls Walgreens, possibly driving while intoxicated.
  • 4:32 p.m. Female is in Post Falls business parking lot, screaming at customers.
  • 4:29 p.m. Female needs medical help @ Post Falls WalMart East, Row 4, after domestic fight; police are trying to shelter her & her 2 children while they look in WalMart for the male who battered her.
  • 4:27 p.m. Someone is suffering a seizure @ 14900 block of  Arbor/Mountain Brook, Post Falls.
  • 4:16 p.m. Rathdrum female has finally persuaded unwanted male to leave her home.
  • 3:37 p.m. Undisclosed parking problem reported @ 100 N4th Street/CdA.
  • 3:25 p.m. Firemen on scene decides smoke in Blanchard area (3:17 item) is dust from logging operation.
  • 3:22 p.m. A power line is down over unoccupied trailer @ 20632 Altamont Road/Rathdrum.
  • 3:17 p.m. Smoke reported @ H41/Clagstone Road, Blanchard area.
  • 3:14 p.m. Extra Coeur d'Alene Tribe patrol requested for Conkling Park/Worley area.
  • 2:48 p.m. Someone hurt in fall on Steamboat Drive is at dock on Kidd Island Bay, boat access only.
  • 2:42 p.m. 86YO male has fallen @ 8600 block of Harbor Park Court/Post Falls & needs help getting up.
  • 2:06 p.m. 25YO female is yelling at customers in parking lot outside Coeur d'Alene store.
  • 2:04 p.m. 61YO male is suffering chest pain in computer room near front lobby of Buck Knives.
  • 1:59 p.m. Driver of green pickup w/load of something beneath tarp in back is tailgating @ e/b I-90/NW Blvd.
  • 1:14 p.m. Local mother threatening to kill herself unless son brings back her dog.
  • AM Scanner Traffic

PM Headlines — 7.28.14

David Herbold and his son, Felix Herbold, march in an “animal parade” on Main Street in Moscow on Friday. The parade marked the conclusion of a children's Summer Art Camp at the University of Idaho's Prichard Art Gallery. David Herbold was one of four instructors at the camp. (AP/Moscow-Pullman Daily News photo: Geoff Crimmins)

Minimum Wage Rally Comes To CdA

Here's some of the political literature that was being handed out at the Minimum Wage Rally earlier this afternoon at Riverstone Park, by supporters of U.S. Senate candidate Nels Mitchell and U.S. House candidate Shirley Ringo, both Democrats.

Peterson: I’m Facing Hostile Takeover

Embattled Idaho GOP Chairman Barry Peterson says the Idaho Republican Party is faced with “two rogue members engaged in a hostile takeover,” who want to “usurp” his authority as party chairman. Attorneys for the two party officers he’s sued say Peterson, elected to a two-year term as state party chairman in 2012, is no longer chairman, and contend the fight over control of the party doesn’t belong in court at all. “This court should not interfere in a political party’s internal decision,” they wrote in court documents. “The Republican Party, whether on the state or national level, is perfectly capable and prepared to handle the issue, and in fact already has”/SR. More here.

Question: I don't think the political future looks bright for Barry Peterson. Do you?

Are Local Police Trained Well Enough?

Recent shootings and other incidents involving local law enforcement officers have some residents wondering whether those sworn “to protect and serve” are being properly trained. Two officer-involved shootings in June resulted in 14 local law enforcement officers being placed on administrative leave. Eleven of those officers are with the Coeur d'Alene Police Department, leaving the agency operating 15 percent under normal personnel levels. The fatal shooting of a dog earlier this month by a Coeur d'Alene police officer prompted that agency to initiate mandatory dog encounter training for all officers. Coeur d'Alene resident Jim Ballew worked for 30 years in the California justice system as a trial lawyer and a judge. Ballew said the statistics for officer-involved shootings in the area are “almost unheard of” for a city the size of Coeur d'Alene/Keith Cousins & Brian Walker, Coeur d'Alene Press. More here.

Question: Do you think local police officers are trained properly?

Hoffman Backs Road-Block Legislators

Wayne Hoffman/Idaho Freedom Foundation appreciates that Coeur d'Alene has legislators, like Bob Nonini, Vito Barbieri, Kathy Sims and Ron Mendive, who fought against a mental health center for Coeur d'Alene: “Ah, but fear not, Coeur d’Alene. More crisis centers are planned, and Otter press secretary Jon Hanian said the governor is watching for “local legislative champions.” Of which, apparently, north Idaho doesn’t have enough. So now cue the outrage and the finger pointing, with behavioral health advocates saying Sims, Barbieri, Nonini and Mendive failed to “bring home the bacon.” First, I don’t think the creation of so-called behavioral health centers was a good step for the state. The concept has the lofty goal of cutting down emergency room and jail commitments, but the idea depends largely on voluntary, short-term commitments to these centers. Additionally, because the Legislature decided that no one can be turned away because of inability to pay, the government-funded services will invariably crowd out other, arguably better, non-governmental services for people with mental health problems and drug addictions.” More here.


Hall: A Match Made In Computers

One day years ago, a young woman I worked with reported she had found a computer website where strangers could sort of meet each other and strike up online conversations. It virtually amounted to dating. The website found people out there in the electronic night and gave them a chance to discover like-minded potential mates. But that was a little tricky. That was mostly before matchmaking companies, who have some safeguards in place, pretty much took control of the process. So you throw your hook out there into millions of people of the opposite gender trying to catch a likable, lovable counterpart. And now such websites include matchmakers for gay people and matchmaking specifically for Christians, among others. But it's a little bit tricky, even with posted photos. For all you know the picture  is bogus and you are chatting with Bigfoot, although it could be a charming Bigfoot/Bill Hall, Lewiston Tribune. More here.

Question: If you found yourself single again, for whatever reason, would you try online dating?

HBO Blogosphere — 7.28.14

Miss Kea, a border collie owned by Marianne Love/Slight Detour, corners a short-horned, neighbor's cow near a wood pile on the Lovestead. Eventually, the collie escorted the bovine back to her place. You can read all about it & see more photos here.

HucksOnline numbers (for week of July 20-26): 42,925 page-views/27,049 unique views

Albertson Purchase Of Safeway OK’d

Safeway shareholders have approved the company’s $9.2 billion sale to Albertsons, a deal that comes amid fierce competition for the combined supermarket chains from a host of foes. About 96 percent of the outstanding shares of Safeway were voted in favor of the merger at a meeting Friday at Safeway’s headquarters in Pleasanton, Calif. The deal still needs to clear a review by the Federal Trade Commission, which could require Safeway, or Albertsons, or both, to divest some stores for competitive reasons. But Safeway spokesman Brian Dowling said, “We don’t expect any stores to close as a result of the transaction”/Contra Costa Times. More here.

Question: Which local grocer attracts most of your business?

Read more here:

On The Waterfront — 7.28.14

I notice that the city of Coeur d'Alene has installed a plaque acknowledging those involved in the decision making and vote casting that led to the giant makeover of McEuen Park, including the mayors and council members who guided the process — or were in office when the park opened. Right below Mayor Steve Widmyer's name? Councilman Steve Adams. Farther down the list is Councilman Dan Gookin. Adams and Gookin, of course, cast vote after vote against reconstruction of the park — often joined by Councilman Ron Edinger in a 4-3 minority. We have agreed here that the names of Gookin and Adams belong on the plaque because they served in office during the long battle that included a recall attempt against then mayor Sandi Bloem and three of their colleagues. I still think there should be an asterisk alongside the names of Adams and Gookin — and possibly Edinger — explaining that the new McEuen Park wouldn't have happened if they'd had their way. (File photo by Duane Rasmussen: Mayor Steve Widmyer and former mayor Sandi Bloem cut ribbon at McEuen Park dedication while former parks director Doug Eastwood looks on)

  • Also: Workers were busy today fixing the bog mess at the southwest corner of McEuen Park's large green area, next to the Harbor House. It was the first time in quite awhile that the area was dry.

Stransky Drums Up Votes

Democrat Cheryl Stransky walked the parade route at Hayden Days Saturday morning, drumming up support for her underdog challenge to state Rep. Vito Barbieri, R-Dalton Gardens. The two candidates will face off for the House District 2A seat in the general election in November. (Photo: Duane Rasmussen)

Reagan Repubs To Celebrate 5 Years

The Kootenai County Reagan Republicans will celebrate the fifth anniversary of its founding next week. The celebration is scheduled to begin with a social hour at 6 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 7, at the Avondale Golf Club, 10745 Avondale Loop, Hayden Lake, following by a meeting a half hour later. 

Question: Do the Reagan Republicans have as much clout today as they had 2-3 years ago?

SR News Quiz Has 2 CdA Winners

Two movie tickets and a $50 gift card to the Davenport Hotel are up for grabs in this week's Spokesman-Review News q\Quiz. Test your knowledge of current events and put yourself in the running for Friday's drawings. Take quiz here.

  • Answer to Question No. 1: Orchards.
  • Last week’s winners: Steve Sibulsky, of Coeur d’Alene, who won the $50 gift card, and Jordan Keough, of Coeur d’Alene, who won the movie tickets.

Fist Bumps Safer Than Handshakes

When it comes to preventing the spread of germs, maybe the president is on to something with his fondness for fist bumps. The familiar knocking of knuckles spreads only one-twentieth the amount of bacteria that a handshake does, researchers report. That's better than a high-five, which still passes along less than half the amount as a handshake. So fist bumps — popularized by Barack Obama and others - seem to be the wisest greeting, especially during cold and flu season, said researcher David Whitworth of Aberystwyth University in Wales/Associated Press. More here.

Question: I gave someone a fist bump less than 10 minutes ago, for giving me a good tip re: snow removal. When did you last give someone a fist bump? Why did you do it?

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