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The great 1968 play at the plate 

Passed by a Spokane ball field and one of the kids there reminded me of my junior high friend, Ron Catallo. Ron was bright and funny. He was one of Michigan's most animated second-guessers of Detroit Tigers manager Mayo Smith. And as boys that age...

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FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 2012

We need a pie chart 

Some segment of the Spokane area's population loves mega-gatherings in downtown. Another portion would not go anywhere near Bloomsday, Hoopfest or Pig Out even if you prodded them with a pitch-fork. Then there are the people in between. If you had to assign percentages, what...

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This date in Slice history (1997)

(Here are a few snippets from a bonus Slice that ran in the sports section. It was dedicated, top to bottom, to Hoopfest coverage.) Out of the way or you'll get vaporized: In places, the sidewalks were so crowded it was hard to move. But...

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When real life resembles a movie scene 

Once I was outside the San Marco Apartments on Riverside when a young woman on the second floor was chucking clothes out a window while screaming rebukes at a young man standing out on the sidewalk. I don't recall the exact articles of indictment. But...

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Pizza for breakfast: Yes or no?  

After asking what readers have for breakfast that many might find strange as start-the-day food, I got emails from a couple of local people who said they sometimes have leftover pizza. I assumed everyone had done that. But maybe I am wrong. So I wonder...

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Most of us survived sparklers

But you have to assume that had a lot to do with luck. These things (below) were safer. Though certain dads were known to take exception to the unsightly burn marks that snakes left on the driveway.

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