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TUESDAY, DEC. 31, 2013

Is it just me... 

...or do others who have noticed the bullet holes in rural road signs assume that at least some drone aircraft are going to get shot at? Sure, the drones might be harder to hit than a stationary sign. But they aren't the only things up...

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MONDAY, DEC. 30, 2013

A kid story

My friend Mildred Scheel shared this. "Years ago, after a move to Louisville, Ky., my sister Lane continued loyalties to some businesses in Nashville, Tenn. One morning before initiating a call to a department store in Nashville, she cautioned her young children to be quiet...

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Understanding the other choice  

Have you ever watched a TV series and more or less enjoyed it but understood all the while why many prospective viewers would regard it as utterly unwatchable? I had that feeling more than once while watching "Treme," which wrapped up Sunday night. Liked some...

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Two food questions

You know how packages of whole cherries or food products containing whole cherries often have "There may be pits" warning labels? Sure. Well, did you pay much attention to that before biting into something that felt like a ball bearing? And you know how whole...

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SUNDAY, DEC. 29, 2013

This date in Slice history (1997) And here's the next day's installment, also from California. And the next... And the next... And the next... And...

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SATURDAY, DEC. 28, 2013

FRIDAY, DEC. 27, 2013

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