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North and South

Do people who are now South Hill residents but who went to Shadle or NC ever find themselves pointedly alluding to their high school days when they sense someone is about to start bashing the North Side?

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What's going on here? 

Care to guess what this ad is suggesting? I realize the text is unreadable. But I don't think that's key to understanding the message.

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When timing bites you in the ass 

The Slice column that will appear in Friday's paper deals with some problems I am having with mail delivery at home. It's not a bitter screed. But you can judge for yourself tomorrow. I wrote it on Monday, which is my deadline for Fridays. But...

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Fact checking can ruin a good story 

A reader who had seen a reference in my column to families surviving home-remodeling passed along a story culminating in the birth of his daughter in 2003. I won't rehash the whole thing, but it was unusual enough that the S-R wrote about it. And...

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Dolly Parton 2004 tour dates 

Yes, 2004. You missed it. But I love lists that mention Spokane. And here's Jim Kershner's review. And finally...

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Somewhere in Spokane this afternoon...

...someone at a grocery store will buy ice cream on an impulse and then try to get home before it melts even though there is no ice chest or thermo-insulated bag in the car. Personally, I think Jim Brown had a better chance in "The...

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Here's a bit of useless trivia 

There is a Spokane Avenue in Detroit. Not to mention the one in Chicago. (Referred to here in the directions to the clinic.)

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Finally met Eleanor in person last night

She seems like a great kid. Practically all grown up though. Has three younger siblings now. And in case you want to hear the song...

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