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Spokane Mayor David Condon, right, and street maintenance worker Dan LaPorte fill a pothole on North Belt Street after a Monday news conference about street maintenance. City workers patch potholes with a cold-weather mixture when weather permits and switch to hot asphalt when road-building season starts in the spring. (Jesse Tinsley)

Condon announces re-election run 

Spokane Mayor David Condon announced today he will seek re-election. The announcement was unsurprising, as Condon had said before he would run for the city's top office, and has already raised $193,000 toward that effort.

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Spokane Citizen Hall of Fame nominees

If this list of nominees to Spokane's inaugural Hall of Fame is anything, it's a sign we have people to celebrate. From artists to political leaders to doctors to developers to one call Auntie's Bookstore employee, we love our people. Now, judges for the hall...

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SATURDAY, FEB. 28, 2015

FRIDAY, FEB. 27, 2015

WALeg Day 47: Senate could vote on gas tax proposals

OLYMPIA -- The Senate is likely to vote on proposals to raise the state's gasoline tax, a Republican version that includes changes in transportation policy their caucus says are needed reforms and a Democratic alternative without those changes that caucus refers to as a "clean" proposal.

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THURSDAY, FEB. 26, 2015

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 25, 2015

TUESDAY, FEB. 24, 2015

SATURDAY, FEB. 21, 2015

Sunday Spin: Some bills on life-support 

OLYMPIA – Friday was a cut-off day for the Legislature. That’s not to say the weather has been so good that we can shed our raincoats and don jeans that have been shortened by scissors. Rather it is a term for deadlines the Legislature imposes on itself to pare down the hundreds of bills that get introduced.

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FRIDAY, FEB. 20, 2015

WALeg Day 40: Selling body parts would be a felony. . .  

OLYMPIA – Selling or displaying human remains for commercial purposes would be illegal under a bill approved Friday by a House committee – except if it’s being done for educational reasons or by a museum. The Public Safety Committee was told this week sales of skulls and other body parts on the Internet is increasing "for some macabre reason."

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WALeg Day 40: Short day on deadline 

OLYMPIA -- Today is the last day for policy bills to get out of their first committee, but almost all that are getting out have already got out. The House has a smattering of committee meetings this morning. The Senate is absent with leave. Along with being the first cut-off day, it is, after all, Friday...

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