u 2012 Washington General Election

Mark Schoesler

A candidate for State Senator, Legislative District 09 in the 2012 Washington General Election

Party: Republican

Age: 958City: Ritzville, WA

Election results

Mark Schoesler (R)    
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Capital gains tax would fund school reform

OLYMPIA – The Senate’s top Democrat will propose asking Washington voters to approve a capital gains tax on the wealthy to help pay for better schools and more affordable college tuition. Senate Minority Leader Ed Murray, of Seattle, said Friday he will introduce a bill next week for a 5 percent excise tax on capital gains that would hit an estimated 3 percent of the state’s population. It’s an attempt to get what he called a “grand bargain” on education that would link school reforms to the money to pay for it. Read more

Could abortion bill split Senate coalition?

OLYMPIA — A bill that would require parental notification when a woman under 18 seeks an abortion in Washington could divide the Senate’s “majority coalition” intent on passing bills on jobs, budget and education. The notification bill, with strong support from Senate Republicans opposed to… Read more

New Washington state governor is sworn in

OLYMPIA – The first day of Jay Inslee’s governorship was marked by agreement that Washington needs more jobs but not more taxes, and some disagreements over environmental and social issues. Read more

Sunday Spin: A seniority gap for Spokane?

OLYMPIA – When the Legislature opens Monday, Spokane will be in a demonstrably different position than recent years. The years of experience among the area’s delegation will be almost half what it was four years ago, and it will have no one in a top… Read more

Republican finds himself as head of coalition majority

An evening last March in the state Senate was definitely a milestone for Mark Schoesler, and possibly a foreshadowing. With the help of a few defecting Democrats and a parliamentary maneuver, Schoesler and fellow Republicans wrested control from majority Democrats and passed an alternative, more conservative budget plan. Read more

Republicans to lead Washington Senate

OLYMPIA – In a move variously described as an exciting opportunity for bipartisanship or a political coup, a pair of Democrats announced Monday they are joining forces with the Senate’s 23 Republicans and plan to run the chamber through a bipartisan coalition. “We want this to be a cooperative arrangement, governing from the middle,” said state Sen. Rodney Tom, of Bellevue, one of two Democrats who joined Republicans. Read more

GOP takes control of state Senate

A coalition of 23 Republicans and two Democrats said today they plan to take control of the Senate when it convenes next month. Read more

Senior legislator Morton to retire at end of year

OLYMPIA – Eastern Washington lost its most senior legislator Wednesday but held onto a leadership position as members of the Senate began preparing for the 2013 session. State Sen. Bob Morton, of Kettle Falls, a 22-year veteran of the Legislature, announced he will retire at the end of this year, halfway through his current term. “I thought it was time to vacate that seat and leave it to someone else,” the 78-year-old Republican said in an interview. Read more

Schoesler named Senate Republican leader

OLYMPIA — Mark Schoesler, a Ritzville area wheat farmer, was named leader of the state Senate’s Republican Caucus Wednesday. Schoesler, 55, has served 20 years in the Legislature, was elected by other Republicans to take the place of Mike Hewitt of Walla Walla, who stepped… Read more

Special Session: Lunchtime drama in Senate

OLYMPIA — A bit of drama this afternoon before the Senate broke for lunch, with plans by Democrats to go “at ease” in the afternoon while the Ways and Means Committee holds a hearing on the budget and reform bills connected to it…and possibly come… Read more

Special Session Day 1: Don’t blink…

The special session opens. …Or you’ll miss it. The Special Session of the Legislature opened and quickly adjourned for the day. Total elapsed time: About one minute. In the Senate, Sens. Debbie Regala, D-Regala, and Mark Schoesler, R-Ritzville, were on hand to see Lt. Gov…. Read more

Santorum looking for caucus support

Under the watchful eye of Ronald Reagan’s portrait, Rick Santorum holds a press conference in the House Republican Caucus Room OLYMPIA – Looking for a chance to “plant a flag” in Washington for the March 3 precinct caucuses, Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum stopped by… Read more

Worth a look: Initiatives that are paid for

Although the Legislature is on break, new legislation continues to pop up. Among ideas is a proposed constitutional amendment from Sen. Dan Swecker of Rochester and other Republicans like Mark Schoesler of Ritzville and Mike Hewitt of Walla Walla. It requires any initiative that starts… Read more

Spec Sess Day17: Padden ‘hazed’ by other senators

OLYMPIA — Newly elected Sen. Mike Padden of the Spokane Valley received his traditional hazing by colleagues today as the Senate wound down toward adjournment of the special session. After passing a $480 million partial fix to the budget and some bills necessary to make… Read more

Budgeters put tough decisions on hold

OLYMPIA – For two weeks, legislators have heard emotional, sometimes angry testimony against major cuts to state programs and in favor of raising taxes. Monday, it became apparent they will do neither. At least not this month, in the special session called to address the shortfall. Read more