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Get your own Inland Northwest-inspired emojis!

Monroe Street Bridge Riverfront Park's Skyride The Gonzaga Bulldogs The Washington State Cougars Eastern Washington University Eagles

In mid-December, Apple released the latest version of its operating system for iPhones, which included a whole bunch of new emojis.

Yes, there are now way more diverse characters, activities and expressions. There are even a bunch of new professions, all finally as both men and women. Firefighter. Teacher. Pilot. Farmer. But still not a journalist.

We now have emojis for an eagle, bacon and sneezing, which is important because there are a lot people currently running around the Inland Northwest with the sniffles.

But something important was missing in this emoji update: Us!

So, we’ve gone ahead and fixed that for Apple. Please follow the directions below for new emojis that are the perfect mixture of the Palouse, the Monroe Street Bridge and the best college basketball team in the nation that’s based in Washington.

We’re planning on adding even more custom emojis over the next year. (Which reminds us, if you have some good ideas for emojis, you should totally tell us. Email our editor.)

Text away!

The Instructions

There are basically a couple of different ways you can begin to use the best emojis ever built by a newspaper based in Spokane. And, yes, our emojis will work on both an Apple or Android device.

  • You can save them directly to your cell phone or tablet like you would a photo from the interwebs. (If you don’t know how to do that, we’ll tell you in just a second.) Then when you want to use one of these emojis, you simply send it like you would a photo in a text message. And if you don’t know how to do that, please ask the closest 10-year-old around you. Seriously.

  • Or you can get really fancy and save these images to your device and then use one of the many custom-emoji apps available for Apple and Android devices. But we're not gonna lie. This is hard. Please just do it the first way we suggested.

But if you're brave, here's a link to a custom-emoji app that does kinda what we said above:


“Hey, you promised you would tell us how to download stuff, right?”

Yes. Yes we did. Look, we get paid to tell the truth and we didn’t fib to you about that.

That being said, we are about to give you an awesome power. And just like being Spiderman, with awesome power comes awesome responsibility, so please behave like a law-abiding Spidey. Your Uncle Ben told you that in the first movie, remember?

Here goes …

  • If you’re on a PC desktop or laptop computer, you simply right click on an image to save it. The computer is going to tell you what to do next. Just listen to your computer. It knows the ways of the download. So, basically that’s what you’re going to do below with any of our emojis that you want. Go ahead! They’re yours! Forever! Because we love you.

  • If you’re on a Mac computer, you click on the image you want while holding down the [control] button. Boom. Just follow the prompts. You got this. We believe in you.

  • If you’re on a mobile phone or tablet, hold down on each image you want. On an iPhone/iPad, you will get a prompt that says “Save Image.” That’s totally what you want to do to. On an Android device, when you hold down on an image you want, you’ll get a prompt with a couple of different options. You want the one that says “Download Image.”

If none of this works, you can call our customer-service team here at The Spokesman-Review. They can’t actually help you with any of this, but they can help you subscribe to our newspaper, which you totally should do.