Anonymous Means Gutless


Sniveling Idaho schools superintendents and their willing accomplice, The Associated Press, violated Oliveria’s First Law of Public Criticism: If you’re going to write something nasty about someone, have the guts to put your name on it. (That’s why I like signed editorials.) About 40 percent of the state’s superintendents asked that their names not be used in an AP poll and story about state Superintendent Anne Fox’s performance. They feared their candor (sniff!) might lead to retributions against their districts (sniff!). And that people in their districts who support Fox might get angry and withhold their votes on funding issues (honk!). What poppycock! Most educrats had it in for Fox before she took office (and gave them legitimate reasons to gripe.) I rank anonymous phone callers, letter writers and school superintendents below pond scum. The AP should, too.

Bear hunters barking up wrong tree

Sportsmen, and I use that term loosely in this context, are way out of line stalking University of Idaho computer specialist Greg Brown. Some hunters have organized a letter-writing campaign calling for the animal hugger’s job. They’re upset that Brown has worked on a ballot initiative to stop unsportsmanlike bear baiting and hunting bears with hounds. (A poll shows most hunters question these practices.) But the hunters behind this punitive sneak attack didn’t stop with Brown. They also asked the secretary of state for the names of the 20 people who signed the original petition for the initiative. (I don’t think they’re compiling a Christmas card list either.) Such tactics are as indefensible as the bear-baiting practices these guys support. UI President Elizabeth Zinser is right to stand by Brown as long as he keeps his activism and job separate.

Give me replacement ball any day

Major League Baseball players and owners have had their nasty little strike. Now, it’s our turn. Fan Out America, a Baltimore-based group, has organized a fan boycott in four states: California, Florida, Maryland and New York. Fan Out America is encouraging fans not to attend the first seven days of the regular season to punish players and owners for taking fan loyalty for granted and threatening local economies by their disputes. Call Hot Potatoes if you think of any other ways we Inland Northwesterners can show our dissatisfaction toward the bozos (read Seattle Mariners locally) who ruined professional baseball. (1-800-344-6718 or direct, 1-208-765-7125.)


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