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Secretary Couldn’t Find Index File

Two former secretaries in the White House counsel’s office said Tuesday that tension was high the day Vincent Foster’s suicide note was found in 1993.

Officials displayed surprise when torn paper scraps were found in Foster’s briefcase six days after his death, the witnesses told the special Senate Whitewater committee.

Foster’s secretary, Deborah Gorham, said that in searching records in Foster’s office at the request of former White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum, she could not find an index of the files she had prepared.

An index that does not mention the Whitewater Development Corp. or President Clinton’s 1992 tax file - two cases that Foster reportedly was working on - was given to the committee by the White House. Gorham said she could not be sure it was the one she prepared.

She said she knew files on those two subjects were in a drawer of Foster’s desk, but said she could not remember whether she ever included them in the index.