Monster Trucks Tour Roaring Back Into Town

FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 1995

The gargantuan, roaring monsters of steel will continue their rampage at the Spokane Interstate Fairgrounds as the Rolling Thunder Motorsports Tour continues today and Saturday.

The three-day monster-truck event kicked off on Thursday. Its star performers are some of the biggest names in all of monster truck driving - Gravedigger, Blue Max and Bounty Hunter.

All of these trucks will go head-tohead in many engine-revving, duststirring, gas-guzzling, car-crushing races.

Monster truck racing is similar to drag racing. Two trucks line up side by side and race down a straight course. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Really, it’s not. To get to the finish line, these trucks that reach up to 10 feet in height must first plow through a bed of old jalopies.

It’s not just the screaming sounds from the trucks that excite people. The sounds of breaking glass and tearing metal also spawn applause.

Sometimes during a race, one of those giants actually tips over, which generates even more cheering from the crowd.

The weekend event also features the Tuff Truck Competition.

During this portion of the show, local drivers and their trucks will compete through an obstacle course. This entails mountains of sludgy mud, an abundance of axle-busting logs and many other obstructions.

The show starts at 8 both nights.

Advance tickets to Rolling Thunder are $11.50, $5.50 for children. They are available through all G&B; outlets. If tickets are bought at the gate, they are $13.50 for adults.


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